Last name: Ashworth

This name is of English locational origin from a place thus called in the Parish of Middleton, Lancashire. Recorded as Assewrthe in the 1236 Pipe Rolls of the county and as Asheworth in the 1347 Fine Court Rolls, the name derives from the Old English pre 7th Century "aesc" meaning "ash" plus "worth", an enclosure or homestead, hence "homestead" by the "ash trees". The surname from this source is first recorded towards the end of the 16th Century, (see below). In 1611, John Ashworth of Wolfenden, Lancashire, appeared in the Wills Records at Chester and on September 7th 1624 Abell Ashworth and Grace Lees were married in Middleton by Oldham, Lancashire. Sir Charles Ashworth (deceased 1832) was a Major-General who served in the Peninsula Wars, Knight Commander of the Bath (1831). The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Abell Asshworthe, son of Robert Asshworthe, which was dated December 12th 1596, christened in Rochdale, Lancashire, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1, "Good Queen Bess", 1558 - 1603. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Pearl Natasha Ashworth
Hi as you can see i`m a Ashworth as well but from port Elizabeth south Africa. Green eyes and natural blonde hair - however my late sister and my brother has blue eyes - all our children has blue eyes and blond hair - all the Ashworth men has receding hairlines and big foreheads.

american ashworth brown ,blue eyes

john ashworth
Louisiana born. always tan, 6' 5" tall, 230 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes

Sarah Ashworth
I was born in oldham lancs its about half an hour journey from where the name orginated from and its weird as my brother has blonde hair blue eyes and is receding but me and my sister both have brown hair ( although hers is alot darker than mine is) and i have have blue eyes where as she has brown eyes and its amazing to know that our surname originated from just basically around the corner :) x

Nathan Ashworth
Nathan Ashworth from Rochdale. Blonde hair blue eyes, same as the rest I my immediate family.

What's with the "blue eyes blond hair" comments made with a tone of relief that the "Ashworth law" of texas did not apply to you all?

Hayley Ashworth
I'm a recent Ashworth by marriage, but my husband and his family all originate from Oldham and most are still there . :) They are all brown or blond haired but the eye colour varies a bit x

Lucinda Renee' Ashworth

I'm from southern ohio. Ashworth is my maiden name. I'm 19 years old. 5'11". Black/brown hair, Brown eyes with a touch of black. Tan all year round. my brother is 16 years old and is 6'2" with blue eyes and brown hair. all the ashworths in my family have either brown or blue eyes and dark colored hair. we are all tan and can see resemblance. im just trying to find extended family that might be related to us by blood.

Katherine Ashworth

Dark brown hair, olive skin, and hazel eyes.

Renee Ashworth
I'm the youngest grandchild of the Ashworth's in Southern Virginia (and northern North Carolina.) I live in Texas now, but was born in California. I have fair skin, blue eyes, and reddish brown hair. All the Ashworth's in my family have either red, dark blond, or brown hair (mostly red) and blue eyes. Yet my older sister does have hazel eyes. Interesting to hear of other Ashworth's of darker completion and eye color.

Rebecca Ashworth
jet black hair, hazel/yellow eyes and dark tanned

Allan Ashworth
I live in York, but my grandfather came from the Rossendale Valley in Lancashire.

Neil Ashworth
My parents are called Keith and Melanie ashworth and my uncle is called Stephen John Ashworth.

Carole Ashworth (nee Smith)
from Blackburn, Lancashire UK. Ashworth is my married surname. Our Ashworths were from Darwen, Lancashire as far back as we know and will be carried on through my son and his 3 sons - all Ashworths!

Sharon Molloy
My Grandma was Amy Ashworth, sisters Hilda and Elsie, Dad James a Grocer all in Preston, Lancs. Love to hear from anyone connected. Thanks Sharon

Rachelle Ashworth
My father's entire Ashworth family are all in West Virginia. I'm live in Colorado. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. All my brothers and sisters have blue eyes but dark to light brown hair. I am the only blonde one.

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