Last name: Ashworth

This name is of English locational origin from a place thus called in the Parish of Middleton, Lancashire. Recorded as Assewrthe in the 1236 Pipe Rolls of the county and as Asheworth in the 1347 Fine Court Rolls, the name derives from the Old English pre 7th Century "aesc" meaning "ash" plus "worth", an enclosure or homestead, hence "homestead" by the "ash trees". The surname from this source is first recorded towards the end of the 16th Century, (see below). In 1611, John Ashworth of Wolfenden, Lancashire, appeared in the Wills Records at Chester and on September 7th 1624 Abell Ashworth and Grace Lees were married in Middleton by Oldham, Lancashire. Sir Charles Ashworth (deceased 1832) was a Major-General who served in the Peninsula Wars, Knight Commander of the Bath (1831). The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Abell Asshworthe, son of Robert Asshworthe, which was dated December 12th 1596, christened in Rochdale, Lancashire, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1, "Good Queen Bess", 1558 - 1603. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Katherine Ashworth

Dark brown hair, olive skin, and hazel eyes.

Lucinda Renee' Ashworth

I'm from southern ohio. Ashworth is my maiden name. I'm 19 years old. 5'11". Black/brown hair, Brown eyes with a touch of black. Tan all year round. my brother is 16 years old and is 6'2" with blue eyes and brown hair. all the ashworths in my family have either brown or blue eyes and dark colored hair. we are all tan and can see resemblance. im just trying to find extended family that might be related to us by blood.

Hayley Ashworth
I'm a recent Ashworth by marriage, but my husband and his family all originate from Oldham and most are still there . :) They are all brown or blond haired but the eye colour varies a bit x

What's with the "blue eyes blond hair" comments made with a tone of relief that the "Ashworth law" of texas did not apply to you all?

Nathan Ashworth
Nathan Ashworth from Rochdale. Blonde hair blue eyes, same as the rest I my immediate family.

Sarah Ashworth
I was born in oldham lancs its about half an hour journey from where the name orginated from and its weird as my brother has blonde hair blue eyes and is receding but me and my sister both have brown hair ( although hers is alot darker than mine is) and i have have blue eyes where as she has brown eyes and its amazing to know that our surname originated from just basically around the corner :) x

tom ashworth

born birch hill grew up r/dale 1951 nice to hear im not alone bye

john ashworth
Louisiana born. always tan, 6' 5" tall, 230 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes

john ashworth
no receding hair line

William McDonald
What part of Louisiana? My Grandmother's maiden name is Ashworth and we are from Rapides Parish...

Lauren Ashworth
My maiden name is Ashworth and all of my family are african american. We reside in northern california and originated from louisiana. It's not very many of us here, but its nice to see decendants of all kinds fall under the same last name. My great-great grandfather was african american and lived in louisiana. His children were raised in baton rouge. My grandfather and his siblings migrated to northern california in the mid 1950's

american ashworth brown ,blue eyes

Pearl Natasha Ashworth
Hi as you can see i`m a Ashworth as well but from port Elizabeth south Africa. Green eyes and natural blonde hair - however my late sister and my brother has blue eyes - all our children has blue eyes and blond hair - all the Ashworth men has receding hairlines and big foreheads.

For anyone who is interested, have a look on internet for the Ashworth Act of Texas. Try the following site If you want to see another side to the Ashworths, look up "pirates of the americas ashworth" on Google. Let me know your reactions.

William Ashworth
Ashworth from Atlanta, GA, USA. Black hair, hazel eyes, 6', 175 lbs. I've never measured my forehead :D

John Graham Ashworth
Hi, An Ashworth from Derby, my grand parents were millworkers in Chadderton who moved to Derby in the 1930's. Grey/Green eyes and a large forehead :)

Garth Ashworth
Rawtenstall. Walking distance from Ashworth. Barrowford. I went through it two days ago. Very pleasant place.

Andy Ashworth
Hi -Yet another Ashworth, this time from Barrowford, Lancashire the same blue eyes

Hi - An American Ashworth here by marriage. Husband's grandfather came here from Rawtenstall, Lancashire, England in the 1920's. His name was Irwin Ashworth, and his father and grandfather were Richards. Irwin's mother was Jane Evans from Wales, and Irwin's wife was Alice Crosthwaite from Liverpool. Both my husband and his twin brother have the large foreheads and blue eyes, as does my son. Wonder if there were any related Ashworths out there.

Blue eyes, blonde. I think a natural heritage. Through DNA comparisons, I have found that we came over from Saxony well over a thousand years ago. My full DNA match is with the family Eske (still in the original place) The old German name is Asche. One of the original words for the first part of our surname is "aesc" or "Assehe" In both old English and old German the meaning is "ash" as in tree and definitely not as in cinders!

Sandra Ashworth
Hi, I am American Ashworth also. Trying to put together my family history. Blond, bye eyes

Bill Ashworth
I am an American Ashworth, I was just looking to see where my last name came from, I have a big forehead, as do my father and grandfather. We all also have blue eyes. If this is true, then this is really cool.

andrew john ashworth
i'm an ashworth from rochdale and have green eyes and auburn hair, have already traced family back to early 19th c., shoemakers on drake st.

Garth Ashworth
I am an Ashworth from Ashworth and there are, of course, many Ashworths around the area. Blue eyes - often but I've never noticed particularly large foreheads.

Sarah Ashworth
I'm an Ashworth from Rossendale, Blue eye but I like to think not so large forehead :) Anyone local?

Stephen Ashworth Rodda
I, Stephen Ashworth Rodda of Memphis, TN, have hazel Blond hair and hazel eyes.

Steven J Ashworth
To add to my previous email, my dad and I have large foreheads with receding hairlines. My daughter and two granddaughters have beautiful blond hair . Most of my offspring start with blond hair and blue eyes and then by one or two their eyes and hair darken .

blue eyes, blonde hair, from Lancashire

Steven J Ashworth
Obviously through migration to America eye colors can change. I have hazel eyes and brown hair. I'm planning to do a DNA analysis soon with a Christian organization and want to find my familys' true history . I intend to document and make the findings permanent . My grandfather moved to Florida from the virginas back in the 40's I believe . Any one out there that can help?

gerrick ashworth
I'm an american I have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and dark brown skin. I'm currently in houson. This the wrong ashworth site.

michael william ashworth
yeah i guess forehead is kinda large especiallyn because i shave my head.i have the name ashworth in old english letter tattoed across upper back

michael william ashworth
hello im an ashworth from houston texas 3rd genaration from eyes blonde hair 190 lb frame.

Toby Ashworth
I also have blue eyes and a large forehead...but are there any ginger ashworths? if not then my brother is an impostor :P

jeremy ashworth
Me: American blue eyes: check large forehead: check

Estella Ashworth
I have blue eyes and a large forhead, but I was born in London and my dad is from Lancarshire

anthony ashworth
hi i have blue eyes an large forehead an i was born in rochdale now ive moved to blackpool.

James Kenneth Ashworth
Coming from the Rossendale valley, I heard that we started out at Ashworth Moor, which does seem that it could be correct, with Robert Asshworthe's son being christened in Rochdale during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1, also have Blue eyes

Marcus ashworth
Ha my birthday is on the 14 th of December close to that guys n also iam from Chester but the ashworths who I dnt live with live in rochdale lancs so this must be true very cool oh n I have blue eyes :)


I don't know how old this thread is, but I am thoroughly enjoying it! My maiden name is Ashworth, and we're from the Native American line of Ashworths. My grandfather was part Cherokee and lived in Oklahoma. He died before I was born, but my father, my siblings, and me all have very dark brown hair, brown eyes, tan easily, and have tiny foreheads! I want the big forehead I deserve!