Last name: Bass

This famous surname is both English and occasionally, Scottish. In the first instance it may have Olde English pre 7th century origins, or it maybe French, and as such was introduced by the Normans after the 1066 Invasion. Taking the latter first as this is the most satisfactory explanation, the derivation is from the French word 'basse' meaning somebody who was both broad and thickset. This word itself is a development of the Latin "bassus", meaning wide, as opposed to tall. As such it was a descriptive nickname, ostensibly for somebody of that description, but given the sardonic humour of the Middle ages, quite possibly the reverse! The second possibility is that the surname is a metonymic occupational name for a fishseller, as with the surname 'Herring'. Medieval job descriptions were generally specific, although it is difficult to imagine that people lived by selling or catching only one type of fish. However if this was the case the derivation is from the Olde English pre 7th Century "baes", meaning bass. Lastly, if Scottish the name may be locational from a place called Bass in the Grampian region of Scotland. In this case the place name derives from the Gaelic word "bathais", meaning front or forehead. Early examples of the name recording include Osbert Bars in the pipe rolls of Gloucester in 1205, whilst Andrew de Bas of Aberdeen was a juror there in the year 1206. A notable namebearer, listed in the "Dictionary of National Biography", was Michael Thomas Bass (1799 - 1884), a brewer, who was an active social reformer, and M.P. for Derby. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Aelizia Bass, which was dated 1180, in the "Pipe Rolls of Warwickshire", during the reign of King Henry 11, known as "The church builder", 1154 - 1189. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Janine Bass

I've tried to grow my family tree though can't get passed my grandad who came out to Australia from England in the 1940s when my dad was a child. My grandad grew up in a poorhouse/workhouse in London and we only have a birth extract for him. Really frustrating as none of my aunts and uncles (or my dad for that matter) remember too many details of family stories, seems like it was a time he would have rather forgotten.

Michael Bass

Bass is also Jewish family name

Daniel Stanwix

My name is Daniel Stanwix and I have a family name in my street who's surname is Bass

Matthew Bass

My sisters name is Alisha but she's currently living over at Wyoming and playing soccer over there too and my parents names are Margaret and Craig

William Cody Bass
What I've researched I've found out tha the name Bass is actually french and also Huguenot name. The Huguenots fled France during the war and settled around ireland,Scotland, and England.

RJ Bass
I'm from merry old England as my father is adopted I have inherited the name from my adoptive paternal grandfather who originates from south London been told its Portuguese in origin also and to clear this mix up of pronounciation people have what's your preferred way bass as in music or the fish?

Stacey Nicole Bass!/photo.php?fbid=2919902057259&set=a.2921423855303.100646.1852041408&type=3&theater This here pic is me and my Grandpa Albert Edward Bass

Stacey Nicole Bass My father Edward Wayne Bass and my mom Connie Jean Skirvin Bass The 2 ladies holding the baby boy. My Grandma Woodward, my Grandma Hattie Woodward Bass's mom and her grandma. My great, great grandma is full blooded Cherokee Indian.

Stacey Nicole Bass
BTW, Bass Families, I'm thinking just maybe it is an Italian name from BASSO. My dad was told growing up Bass was German, but if they lived in Germany, I imagine they started out in Italy. This being said only because their skin is dark, dark like golden Italians, all year round. Dark features, pronounced chin, rounded shoulders, and short. I remember family get togethers and one of my dad's uncles looked like Dustin Hoffman and another looked like Robert De Niro. My Aunt Joyce- Uncle Ralph's wife has a genealogy book and told me a story that one of the Bass women ran an underground laundering service in Germany, where she was from. I would be surprised to find out my dark complected Bass family was from England.

Stacey Nicole Bass
Hello Bass Families=D I have lots to write about! I don't know where to start. I haven't signed up or logged in so we will see if my comment even posts. I'll start out with a little then later more so. I come from a Bass Family where anyone distant never seemed to stay close or in touch. My dad is EDWARD WAYNE BASS. My dad's dad, my Grandpa, Albert Edward Bass lived and died in Missouri. Albert Edward's parents were John Bass and Mary Prahl Bass. Prahl being Mary's maiden name, she was full blooded German, refused to speak English. John and Mary Bass had 5 children; Albert Edward, James Michael(they called him Jr.), Ralph Eugene, Billy Ray, and Mildred. My grandpa was General McArthur's radio man in World War 2. My dad told me a story that grandpa told him, a war story. Grandpa remembered having to have to deliver a message to General McArthur. He walked into his tent, and woke him up by grabbing General McArthur's big toe and pulling it=D I remember grandpa telling us a gruesome war story at the dinner table when I WAS 5! I may tell that one later on down the line. I don't think John Bass was a nice dude. James Michael didn't turn out good neither. Just know about grandpa and his siblings. Grandpa evidently never spoke much of his father. Grandpa and siblings live or died in Missouri. Anyone take a gander at this and help me out. Would love to find distant family to Facebook. I have pictures to.

Steven T. Bass
My branch of Bass is kin to the outlaw Sam Bass. My grandfather to me a story his grandfather had told him. My great great grandfather's great aunt had died and the family gathered for her funeral. Following her funeral the family went to her house to divy up the belongings amongst the family. After everything had been passed out all the children were made to go outside and play and the women were made to stay in the living room. The men then went into the back room of the house. Most of the children did play, however my great great grandfather and his brother and cousin went around the side of the house and looked into the window of the back room. From the door to the attic in the back room two of the younger men brought down an old trunk covered in an old quilt. They set the trunk down on a table and pulld the quilt off. On the front was burned in "PROPERTY OF S. BASS". The men pulled papers and clothes and other items from the trunk and passed them out. Then something different was pulled from the trunk. Several WANTED posters and a gunbelt on which a brass buckle with the initials S.B. were on it. Then men fell silent in the room as the oldest man in the room took the WANTED posters and placed them into the furnace in the backroom. He then told the other men to put the gunbelt back into the trunk and to make sure it did not come back. He then said that they should not speak of this as to be rid of the association to the bad seed of our family. Now whatever that happened to the trunk and gunbelt I do not know but when my granfather died my great uncle gave my father something he said he had benn holding for my grandfather and said it had been in the family for a long time. It was an old falling apart trunk that was missing the namepiece on the front. My dad asked were it came from and my great uncle said his great grand father passed it down through the family.

aaron t bass
I too was told my family with sam bass i attended a family reunion and saw posers of sam bass. my dad is a ralph bass and from georgia

stuart bass

My grandfathers name is ralph bass from ga and was told sam bass is in family also Where in ga id your dad arron

Kelton Bass
From a clan of the Bass family in Louisiana. There's little doubt that the family is Irish/Celtic in origin. Redheads and creamy skin abound. My mom is of French and Indian stock (Choctaw). I got the skin, but VERY black hair and black eyes. My sis got the dark red hair, skin, eyes and temperament of the Celts. Family history claims a connection to Sam Bass, but that may just be a family legend. We've been in the states since the late 1700s, so anything is possible.

David Bass

My great granfather, William Edwin bass was Sam bass brother. And my father William Holland Bass said the bass' have been in America since 1634. Had one of those dna tests done for the human genome, said I was 42 percent german,26 percent northern eropean, and 24 percent southern asian, or native american as it is. that's my personal lineage, but the name Bass, passed down to us by our fathers has an origin mine originates in germany who knows how many generations ago. red hair runs in my family too. so does black hair.

David Bass

My grand father also came from a family of thirteen brothers and sisters. so, it is possible we could be cousins, but I don't know.

Clint Bass
I did some research on and found out Captain Nathanial Basse was one of my ancestors. I forgot how many "great"s to stick in front of grandfather, but he was one of mine. The name had an "e" on the end of it and I found that the name is also from Germany.

my grandfather was bobby joe bass, all i know is he was from arkansas

My last name is Bass. I don't know a whole very lot about my last name. I am told that I am the last living male that can carry on the name. I would love to find out more about my families name. If someone could, please help point me in the right direction. I have been told that some of my family is/was located in Orange County, NC.

Anita Bass Berry
I'm not sure what part of NC Orange County is in. What I know about my Bass family comes from NC as well. The counties I see where they came from is Person and Wayne. The Bass family that I come from went to Georgia then to the southern part of Arkansas, Ouachita/Calhoun County area. Relatives that came received land in other counties as well. I am looking for Bass family before this time, if anyone knows.

Lee E. Bass,Jr.
I was born a Bass and will die as a Bass my family is big and world wide I probably have cousins everywhere if you wanna find im on facebook Lee E Bass

David Bass

Amen brother! To the Bass family name!

Pamela Chatham Medina
My great grandfather was Samuel Franklin Bass from Orange County, North Carolina. He died in El Dorado, AR in 1910.

Lee Williams, Jr.
My ninth and tenth great grandfathers were Nathaniel and his son John Bass. Nathaniel, wife and infant son John immigrated to Jamestown, Virginia in 1619. Nathaniel and wife returned to England to care for ailing mother, while John was left in the care of fellow colonists.. During the "Good Friday Massacre," John Bass (age 5) escaped to the forest or was captured by Nansomond nation and was raised as one of there own. He was married off to the king/chief's daughter and later sued to establish that his bloodline was English and his children were descendent of Nathaniel Bass and native kings, Robin the Elder, and his father, Peter the Great Nansomond Warrior. It is really fascinating colonial history. My family of Davis and Parker from Rocky Mount/Nash area of NC, desend from this Bass family. Nathaniel Bass was a founding member of the House of Burgess, the first governing body in the New World.

My Bass family came from Shoreditch,London in the early 1800s, before that not sure.

William H Bass
David Bass MY Ancestor came from Ireland during the potato famine became a member of the union navy and was awarded the metal of honor during the civil war. Died in his 40s and is buried in little falls, N.Y.

David Bass

My brother, and father and granfather are named William Holland Bass. Or William H Bass as it were. and this story of David lee Bass is very important to me. He was awarded the medal of honour for his bravery in the naval battle there, Postumously. Good man! Ironic aint it?

That's cool Cindy. It's been told to me that the Bass Family came from Germany, then to England, then to North Carolina, and then moved out to Missouri and Oklahoma...Which is where I grew up

Stacey Nicole Bass
Hey Wayne,,, My dad is Edward Wayne Bass. His mom & dad and his father's siblings all lived or died in Missouri. My dad was also told the family came from Germany but I beg to differ=D Sooo not England,,, my father, grandpa and his siblings had dark golden skin and dark features. You gre up in Missouri orrrrr,,, Oklahoma????

My ancestors were from a Bass line that originated out of England and immigrated to North Carolina then migrated to southern Georgia. It's an old family name and I'm quite proud of it.

Cindy,I am a Bass.I was born and raised right here in Western North Carolina.Our Bass line also originated from England..

My grandfather Joseph Bass, was a German Jew who fled Germany in WW2 to south Africa. I would love to know if I have exteneded family out there...

David bass
hello I am David bass and live in Missouri. I think my bass line came from Tennessee and before that north Carolina back in the 1800s but I can't seem to find where we came from before that lol

Hi There i was just after some of your perspectives. i am considering naming my son Bass as his first name. Any thoughts ? Have you seen this before ? Any thoughts on how you'd spell it. Thanks in advance

Was a Bass :)
Growing up with it as a last name was bad enough. I wouldn't wish it on a kid as a first name.

david Bass

It is a name of honour! and it makes people strong! every one is always glad when there's a Bass around, makes em feel safe.

If using it as a First or middle name, I would probably spell it "Basse" But it is an interesting idea:-) I love my family and I am proud of my name. Although, I might like to hyphenate to represent my mothers side of the family too.