Last name: Daniel

This very early patronymic surname, now recorded in over hundred different spellings from Daniel, Daniels, and Danielli as examples, to Danelet, Danilevich, and Daszkiewicz , and found in every European country from the medieval period onwards, derives from the Hebrew male personal name "Daniel". The name means "God is my judge" and its long popularity is associated with the famous biblical story "The book of Daniel", and in particular how his life was saved in the lions cage. The personal name was born by both a second century Christian martyr and a 9th century hermit, but its greatest growth period is associated with the famous "Crusades" of the 12th century. Soldiers or pilgrims, returning from the various unsuccessful expeditions to free the Holy Land from the Saracens, named their children with biblical names, as a reminder of their fathers exploits. The result was an explosion in names of Hebrew origin, which themselves developed quickly into surnames, many traditional names being lost for ever. Rather confusingly these early (sur)names which include spellings such as Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph, were therefore Hebrew but not Jewish. England was the first country to adopt both surnames and register recordings, and it is in that country that the earliest recordings are to be found. The very first recorded spelling of the hereditary surname anywhere in the world, is believed to be that of Roger Daniel, in the famous Domesday Book for the county of Sussex, England. This was during the reign of King William 1st, known as "William, The Conqueror", 1066 - 1087. Throughout the centuries surnames have continued to "develop" in almost every country, often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Bridgette Daniels
So why does my last name have the s instead of Daniel like everybody else?

Larry Daniels

Bridgette, your last name probably was at one time O'Daniel or Daniel. Families used to get together and decide how they wanted to spell their name, they may have just decided to drop the O and add the S. Look into your family surname and find out what you can, first talk to the oldest members of your family. Ask such questions as who are my great grand parents and where were they from. Then look at census record for more information. good luck from another Daniels.

Rob Daniel

Bridgette, My surname does not have the s. I always comment that I am from the pedantic branch that insist there is no s as people always want to use DANIELS, those less pendantic, now have the s permanently appended.

Richard L Daniel
My father was Leo Clifton Daniel, his father was Thomas Milian Daniel born 1875 Bowie Texas. his mother was a Duke. We don't know when they moved to Purcell Oklahoma. But heard they where Welsh or from Norway. The Daniel goes back before the Alamo, which would make my family, Son, Daughters of the republic of TEXAS.

janet daniel
My grandfather, Robert Daniel lived in GA~ said we were of Scots~Irish descent. His father was John Daniel also of GA .Nearby was a small town named Danielsville

Geneology Theophilus Daniel SC & AL
Excellent geneology on the Internet, Tales of Old. Traces SC to AL move and split with portion of family moving to TX. I am William Daniel, Jr, Theo's father supposedly William Daniel. One web page states he came from Ireland. No confirmation. Any help appreciated

Elizabeth Daniel
For all who replied to Richard: I am Elizabeth Daniel. I'm into geneology and Daniel is Scottish and the sept it belong to MacDonald. Also go to Read more: I traced my fathers surname to the UK and every "white" Daniel, Daniels or McDaniel all have that Celtic look. Irish and Welsh is Celtic as well. Read how a Clan was formed back then, it is so fasinating! You're all got some Scot in ye! Slainte`

T Daniel
I come from a long line of Daniel, and my grandfather who carried the Daniel name was Irish, his father being Charles Daniel. They came from England in the 1600's, then eventually moved West as the lands opened up in America. My grandfather's family all settled in Missouri eventually, but he being the only one that came to Oklahoma - settled there before it was a state after meeting my grandmother (he was a cattle rustler though, so he traveled throughout Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas). They ended up having a farm in OK until the War.

K Danielou
In Brittany we have the surname Danielou (which literaly means Daniels, -ou being the plural in breton), and those are the old breton-brytonic famillies. And I really don't mind having some scot in me.

M Daniel
reply to T Daniel, I am a Daniel from Oklahoma and have traced the family name back a few generations and have found the same as you. As close as I can tell, from records online, I've traced the family back further to Georgia pine barons in the mid 1800's. I don't pretend to be an expert on the subject, though. Hope this helps.

Hello, My original surname is Danielyan. This is Armenian variation of the name/surname since most of Armenian surnames endings are -yan or -ian.

jeremiah g
David in the bible second son was named Daniel. 1Chronicles chapter 3

armira hinojos
I too am curious to find out why my maiden name is 1CDaniel 1D, and I being of Mexican/American (long story) descent. I 19ve heard different many stories but they are stories. I have a friend that is looking into it 26 This all came about because he is convinced of my 1CIndian features 1D to which I find interesting. Many of my uncles/aunties either have blue, green, or hazel colored eyes 26 As for the hair, it is either curly, wavy, course, or thick. I know my dad 19s family is from the Coahila area of Mexico 26if that helps anyone. And from my internet readings Coahila was occupied by the Aztec 19s which was conquered by the Spaniards. So 26to all who are interested 26I hope this help. You may contact me at or aahinojos@gmail GOD BLESS!

My surname is Daniel and from the Uk. My surname originated from Romania (Grandfather immigrated from there).

My last name is Daniel and I was born in guerrero, Mexico I dobt have a clue how I got that last name.

Daniel is a Muslim name too. Spelled Danial.

Joshua Danie
My name is Joshua Daniel, and my last name hails from Spain. I was told that after the Muslims left Spain, my family discarded the Islamic surname that was forced upon them and donned the new surname of Daniel. This was done to reestablish their Christian identity and speak of their faith and thankfulness to God for allowing them to survive as the biblical character had. Later, when generations of Spaniard settlers came to Mexico, an ancestor of mine with the surname "Daniel" had an illegitimate child with a native American in New Spain (present day Mexico), who then became my Grandfather. He was half Spaniard and half Native (Aztec). Students of Central American culture, will tell you that this is where the "Mexican" decent came from; it is a combination of Spanish and Native lineage. Two generations later, I came along and still bear the name Daniel. I'm half Irish and half Mexican. There were Irish who left the Union army to join the Mexican side (during the Mexican-American War) because they were both from strong Roman Catholic cultures, and America was a widely Protestant nation at the time. As a result, history had a brief merge of Irish and Mexican lineage in the south-west. Hence, I'm a red-headed, English and Spanish speaking man of 29 years. If you have any further info on this or just a comment, email me at :)

sam daniel
Im sam daniel but all i know is tht i have nigerian blood for the 3 haha

Jerry Daniel
I am jerry Daniel and i have no clew where it originates from. please help.

Elizabeth Daniel
I am Elizabeth Daniel. I'm into geneology and Daniel is Scottish and the sept it belong to MacDonald. Also go to

jennifer daniel
my name is jennifer daniel, and my fathers sur name is daniel. i know my family line is recorded all the way back to william wallace. if you know history you know who im talking about,(brave heart). scottish/irish and my mothers sur name was mcknight and than changed to just knight when they landed in new york. irish/welch

Contact me Jennifer for more info on the Daniel family line as they traveled/lived in France and traveled/lived in NY, IL, MO.

Hi. I only know my G. Grandfather came to the states from Paris. He was Lutheran. Not very tall and had somewhat dark features. I've heard many stories for the origin of the name in France. Some say it began in Wales. Some say it comes from Arnault Daniel. Some are saying from Scotland. Confusing.

Roger Daniels

My name is Roger Daniels. I wonder if I am related to Roger Daniel? My earliest relation named Daniels, was William Daniels, who immigrated to the US around 1800. On my mother's side, my earliest ancestor was Richard Risley, who immigrated to Boston in 1633.

my name is daniel trifonov and my name is daniel so plz send me e mail with any thing new my e mail is thank you.