Last name: Daniel

This very early patronymic surname, now recorded in over hundred different spellings from Daniel, Daniels, and Danielli as examples, to Danelet, Danilevich, and Daszkiewicz , and found in every European country from the medieval period onwards, derives from the Hebrew male personal name "Daniel". The name means "God is my judge" and its long popularity is associated with the famous biblical story "The book of Daniel", and in particular how his life was saved in the lions cage. The personal name was born by both a second century Christian martyr and a 9th century hermit, but its greatest growth period is associated with the famous "Crusades" of the 12th century. Soldiers or pilgrims, returning from the various unsuccessful expeditions to free the Holy Land from the Saracens, named their children with biblical names, as a reminder of their fathers exploits. The result was an explosion in names of Hebrew origin, which themselves developed quickly into surnames, many traditional names being lost for ever. Rather confusingly these early (sur)names which include spellings such as Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph, were therefore Hebrew but not Jewish. England was the first country to adopt both surnames and register recordings, and it is in that country that the earliest recordings are to be found. The very first recorded spelling of the hereditary surname anywhere in the world, is believed to be that of Roger Daniel, in the famous Domesday Book for the county of Sussex, England. This was during the reign of King William 1st, known as "William, The Conqueror", 1066 - 1087. Throughout the centuries surnames have continued to "develop" in almost every country, often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Geneology Theophilus Daniel SC & AL
Excellent geneology on the Internet, Tales of Old. Traces SC to AL move and split with portion of family moving to TX. I am William Daniel, Jr, Theo's father supposedly William Daniel. One web page states he came from Ireland. No confirmation. Any help appreciated

janet daniel
My grandfather, Robert Daniel lived in GA~ said we were of Scots~Irish descent. His father was John Daniel also of GA .Nearby was a small town named Danielsville

Richard L Daniel
My father was Leo Clifton Daniel, his father was Thomas Milian Daniel born 1875 Bowie Texas. his mother was a Duke. We don't know when they moved to Purcell Oklahoma. But heard they where Welsh or from Norway. The Daniel goes back before the Alamo, which would make my family, Son, Daughters of the republic of TEXAS.

Bridgette Daniels
So why does my last name have the s instead of Daniel like everybody else?

Mary-Ann Daniels
I am from South Africa a coloured and I want to find out more of my family origins

Justin Daniel
Have done some research, I'm from the Chicago area. It seems as though the Daniel name is of Irish descent

Matteo DanieI
Hi, my name is Matteo, i'm Italian. In the beginning of 1900 a part of my family moved to South-America

Michelle Daniel
My earliest ancestry goes back to Amedee Daniel, Lord of Desvres,Cambrai France 1420ad. He was of Norman decent. I am trying to find earlier records of my line of decent, but many records were destroyed during the hundred year war and during Nazi occupied France. If anyone has any information that could help link me to that I would greatly appreciate it.

Jane Gordon Cox
Our family mystery has been who Green Daniel was? He likely fathered the last three of my gggrandmother's children but she gave them her husband's name. All this took place in South Georgia in the 1800s. My grandfather was named Green Starling and Green Daniel lived on his property. Lately I have become aware of how likely it was that he was old Spanish from Florida.The majority of the descendants have fair skin and blue eyes with a scottish nose. The ones with darker skin and coarse black hair, have narrow faces that seem to be of Spanish origin, not Latino as we think of it today. Anyone have a similar story? We always thought he had a family that he had deserted some place.

Laura L Daniel
My "DANIEL" are from Buckhorn KY

Margaret Daniel
My great great grandfather was John Daniel (Wiltshire, UK records show spelling as Danils) born in 1786 outside side the county. He was a silk weaver. Family story has it that he came from France. He also lived in Bethnal Green, Middlesex in 1852. Would love to connect with family.

david roy daniel
I would like to know my family family is from east Tennessee and north Georgia. I am getting ready go to We will see what happens.

Kimberly C. Daniel
I've been told that I come from basically Scottish descent or Irish but looking up McDonald which is what i was told to look into by our family ancestry keeper it turns out to trace back to the Celtics and the Gaels.

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