Last name: Davies

Recorded in the spellings of Davis, Davies, Davie, and several others, this is an English patronymic surname, although much associated with Wales. It means 'the son of David', from the Hebrew male given name meaning "beloved". The name is not recorded in any part of Britain before the Norman Conquest of 1066, and is regarded as being a 'Crusader' introduction. In the 12th century all the parts of Christendom joined in expeditions to free the Holy Land from the infidel. Although all the crusades were militarily unsuccessful, and have remained so to this day, the returning soldiers 'adopted' certain biblical and Greek names, of which David was one, and gave them to their children, particularly their sons. Amongst the very earliest recordings of the given name predating the surnames is that of 'Dauid clericus', (David, the clerk), in the rolls of the county of Lincoln for the year 1150, whilst Richard Davy appears in the Subsidy rolls of Worcester for the year 1275. Further examples include Thomas Dayson in the 1327 Pipe Rolls of Yorkshire, and Richard Davys is listed in the Register of the Freemen of the City of York for the year 1402. An interesting bearer of the name was Sir Thomas Davies (1631 - 1680), a bookseller, who became master of the Stationer's Guild in 1668 and was Lord Mayor of London in 1666, during the Great Fire of London. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John Dauisse, which was dated 1327, in the Subsidy Rolls of the county of Cambridgeshire, during the reign of King Edward 111, known as "The Father of the Navy", 1327 - 1377. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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jacky Davies

Father: Keneth Edward Bertrum Davies b 10.08.1908 His father: Percy John Davies His father Philip John Davies I cannot find any info on Percy - anyone come across him?

In the United States Davies is pronounced Dav-eez.

So, Davies is Welsh, Davis is English? In 1851, Davies Male Heads in Wales outnumbered their English counterparts 3 to 1. Conversely, Davis Males Heads in Wales were outnumbered by their English counterparts by more than 6 to 1. Data for 1851 Census in England and Wales Male Heads of Households. Data: England Wales Davies 4,703 11,924 Davis 6,950 1,169

gemma Ferguson
Can i ask ..... Is it pronounced in the UK dav-ezz or dav-is?

Stephen Craig Grant-Davies
Mostly dav-is (thats the way we like it said) but there are some English people not all who say it dav-ezz , which we have to correct them. I think both spellings Davies, and Davis, are just spelling variants of the same name, and origin son of David.

day-viss is how it is pronounced if you don't mind me saying.

D J Davies
Having originated in the S Wales vallies my name was always pronounced Day-viss however having lived in various parts of England for the last 27 years it is common for it to be pronounced Day-veez. Like Mr Grant-Davies above I originally tried correcting everyone that mispronounced my name but decided it was a waste of breath so I now just ensure they've spelt it correctly. The fun starts when I tell them my first name IS David

to throw another spanner into the works .. in early Wales there was also the "Kingdom of Dyfed" it is possible that people from this area took on the name Dafydd .. becoming Davy, then Davies etc etc.

M. C. Davy
The name Davy essentially comes from the name David, or in Welsh "Dafydd". The Welsh always use the Fathers first name as the sons Surname .. so a person named Owain ab Dafydd would have had a father with the first name Dafydd . .. So basically anyone today with the surname Davy/ Davies / Davis .. had an ancestor with the first name of Dafydd. Does this mean we are all related? .. not at all, that's the problem with tracing welsh genealogy . . the surnames only lasted one generation. But is it Welsh? yes at least back until around 1100 .. we see the Prince of Wales in 1170 is named Dafydd ab Owain .. his son named Owain ab Dafydd (or Owain Davy). Prior to that the name David is essentially Jewish (have you ever read the bible? King David ring a bell? ) and was brought in with the coming of Christianity. Either that or with the Normans or Crusaders.

Kathi Haslam-Murray
My "Davis" family comes from Lavington, Wiltshire, England so far. I am stuck on Richard Davis born 1545-1550. I am not sure where he originates. It could be Wales or Ireland. I have found members of my ancestry who have the surname Davis, Davies, Davys, Davy, etc. Does anyone have my same line, or close to it? I originate from Thomas Maroni Palmer Davis who immigrated to the United States and landed in Utah as a Mormon Pioneer. I am on and my tree is "Kathi Haslam Family Tree" and it is public. My son's Murray lineage is from Scotland and I have traced it back to Elizabeth Mure, wife of Robert Stewart, Robert the II, King of Scotland! Love doing ancestry!

sarah davies
my family are in west midlands strange as it seems

Howard Davies
American-born Welshman. Our family came from Llansbrynmair, nothern Wales. We pronounce it Dayvees.

Paula Davies-barrett
My family is from LLandryssil..

Anybody have Davies family from Llandyssil or Berriew?

My Davies's Charles 1836 , son Charles Willian 1870 are from Berriew

Charles is a common Davy name .. I have 6 generations of XX Charles Davy back to Cardiff in Wales.

I have David Thomas Davies born in Llandyssil in 1831, married Susannah Thomas in 1857, and died in Wisconsin in 1893. His parents were Thomas D. Davies (1786) and Margaret Thomas. Are there any Davies remaining in Llandyssil?

ethan davies-goff
my branch of the davies family moved to liverpool (more specifically everton) from northern wales in the 1800's, sorry but thats all i know

alan ronald davies

all the davies from my family are from liverpool west derby everton richard davies my grand father his father samual rosscomon st

Danny Davies
Although the names is popular in Wales, its not actually Welsh, it was a name adopted by a lot of English people that fled to Wales during the English Civil War in which the laws in Wales act was created around 1535-1540. Its a very popular name in Wales, Welsh people are very proud, the name Davies is associated with Wales but the truth is i does not originate from ther. There are just as many people with the surname Davies if not more in England. Do your research.

Wrong .. .who do you think Dafydd ab Owain (1203) is? ,, or his son Owain ab Dafydd (Owen Davy - 1212) ... None other than the Princes of Wales. YOU need to do some research.

andrea frances walkden nee davies
my father was john davies born in workington to thomas davies and mary davies nee walton. they married in 1919 and had my father in 1922. thomas had been married before and had three children betty or elizabeth. earnest stanley and edith. i would like to trace any other relations or anybody who knew them. my father and his siblins were fostered out when thomas died approx 1928.i woulld like to kniw what happened to my biological grandmother. it is suggested that she remarried and had more children but this may be hearsay. my email address is

John Davies
My name is John Brynley Davies ( I am 64 years young) and my brother is Keith Benjamin Davies. My mother was very defiant in the pronounciation of our surname being Day-vis and not Day-vees, being a hand me down from my great grandparents. Our parents, grand parents and great grand parents were all born in South Wales around the Swansea area. We are trying to follow our family tree further back than our great grandparents. If anyone has any ideas that would help in our search, they would be very much appreciated.

Yes I'm descended from the Davy family in south Wales (Cardiff/ Swansea) .. Daffyd was a very common name in Wales from as early as 1200 - (e.g Dafydd ab Owain Prince of Wales 1170) .. there are a lot of Davy/ Davies/ Davis originating from Wales.

emma carter
Davies is actually an English patronymic name that is wrongly assumed as being of welsh origin. my maiden name is Davies and we are all from the north, east and greater london area if that's of any help.

Calvin Davies
You cannot possibly prove this, I am Davies and absolutely none of my family as far back as I can trace are English. I am interested in the true origins but to write it off as strictly an English name.. I don't see how you could have any information to come to that conclusion.

I agree .. the name Dafydd (hence Davy/ Davies) has been well known in Wales from at least 1100 .. eg. Dafydd ab Owain - Prince of Wales in 1170) .. The name was adopted by the Welsh probably from the Plantaganets (who intermarried into the Welsh line through King Henry - Plantaganet bloodlines).

Jan Ackrill nee Davies
Always thought my family (Davies) originated in Wales, but recent research has taken me from Wiltshire to Cumbria. Sixth, seventh and eighth generation (1730's) all from Dacre in Cumbria. Spelling of the name varies throughout the census records from 1841 to 1911 from Davies, to Davis, and back again to Davies. Rather disappointed as I was always told as a child that we originated from Wales. I have always felt linked to that country and know the Welsh national anthem - in Welsh - which I was taught as a child by someone in the family. Really odd to find no link in my ancestryto Wales - anyone else have Davies roots in Cumbra?

Your family still could be from Wales (they may have emigrated to Cumbria from Wales). The name Davy/ Davies/ Davis .. originates from the name Dafydd .. as in Dafydd ab Owain (Prince of Wales 1170) .

Sallyanne Davies
My grand father Eugene john James Brinsdon Davies was from Swansea. His father, My Great Grandfather Thomas Davies was living there too he was married to Sarah Brinsden they married in neath 1911, but he died in the war when Swansea had its 1st bombing, he was out all night and died from hyperthermia but I know nothing more about him. there is a whisper that his brother may have been called William Davies and was the Mayor of Swansea in later years. IF ANY OF THIS SOUNDS FAMILIAR to you Davies can you let me know.

My davies roots so far are in wheathampstead 1861 census my g g grandfather William had a Farm there. Can't get further back. Any info would be welcome

Graham Davies
Hi if you haven't guessed im a Davies lol Graham Davies i kind of like the whole post from Michael Davies though from what i have read it seams Davies came in to being during the crusades but not what im here for im hoping that such a vast array of Davies will give me a hand tracking down my family's past I have managed to get back to John Davies born 1855 who marries Mary ? but cant find his birth records only the massive amount of children he had helped some 11 or 12 he was from flintshire i think but dont know the best way of tracking him down. Though family history has it that 7 brothers sold there valley and moved away.

Hi Graham, I too am a descendant of the Davies family from John Robert born in 1855 who married Mary Ann Christie born 1858 both from Flintshire but moved to Birkenhead in the late 1800's. It would appear they had 13 children all together and John died around 1914-1916 and Mary in 1941. Its all we can find at the moment. Would be great if you knew anymore at all ?

It's fun to see another family besides mine had Davis' and Christies' married. My great grandfather was Able Davis. He raised his family in Birmingham, England. He married Mary Johnstone and had 5 children before emigrating to Canada with most of his family, in 1924. Able Davis had an early ancestor also named Able Davis that was married in the village church in Wootten Wawen, UK, where he was also buried and his gravestone still sits. I wish I knew my history farther back than that. My grandparents married in 1934 joining the Davis family and the Christie family. However, we all identify as Davis' as the last 3 generations have been largely matriarchal.

Woops. Correction... Wootton Wawen.

ellen davies
i too am a davies,though my roots go back 8/9 generations in cromer norolk. we originaly came from bristol? or there abouts and my family were drovers...we have strong family traditions and insist on our name being pronounced dayvis not dayvies

Ellen did you used to go to Cromer junior school and in mr Blois -B class?

hello peter.....yes i did go to that mr. bois brookes hey what crisps lovl..........william of orange come to mind too......hope youre well.....

Alan Morse Davies
Look at the 1881 UK census, 51% of all Davies' in the UK were from Carmarthenshire and Cardiganshire, that should give a pretty clear clue as to whether it's a Welsh name or not, at least in terms of ancestry. Where the name originated is neither here nor there, if you have the surname Davies, your ancestors were almost certainly Welsh and they are most likely to have lived in the South West.

davies is welsh

absolutely !

anne davies

Bill Walsh
My Grandmother was Ada Frances Davies born in Rhyl, her father was William Isaac Davies who was born in Bombay, His father was also William Isaac Davies who was in the Indian Army, do we share an ancestor ?

My grandmother was Muriel Lucy Ada Davis, born in Birmingham, England, 1914. Just wondering if you knew if Ada was a Welsh name.

Keith Davies
My family started life in north wales,st asaph,then slowly moved through to garth then welshpool and ended at wolverhampton,very proud to be a Davies no matter where the name derived from.

History is indeed a mystery. Originated in England? How come this is my middle name and my citizenship is Filipino from the Philippines. I don't of any of my ancestors who are from the west, and my physical characteristics is so Asian. Maybe surnames don't tell correct lineage.

Typo correction: "I don't *know* any of my ancestors who are from..."

Maybe one of your ancestors slept with a Welsh sailor

My name is spelt with a Y

Mine is too .. Davy. . not Davies, Davis .. etc. I think they are all variations of the Welsh "Dafydd" though.

martin anthony ap davies
my name's davies and there are many people in wales with this name.It's nice to see many reply's on here! from so many davies! hello! to all you davies out there!

jo nee davies
my dad's family of davieses was from marshfield and peterstone wentllooge, near newport, wales. There are also alot of davids there. Is it possible that it may have been the same name at one time; at least, in this particular area??

Gwyneth Shirley
Re Gwyneth Davies Shirley my parents came from Carmarthen.

gwyneth shirley nee davies
I was born gwyneth davies (can't get any more welsh than that!!) in 1927. My Parents left wales in the 1920/30 depression to find work in Birmingham so you could say they were immigrants. My father's family were all welsh speaking and I have endeavoured to learn the language but it is not an easy language to learn. I was told it is the only language spoken in heaven so I might miss out when the time comes. Although I was brought up in Brum I have a special affinity with Wales. Must be in the blood. I married an english man and my surname is now Shirley and has been for the last 62 years. But I still feel like Gwyneth Davies!!

My Mother's middle name is Gwynn. She's a Davis and a Christie. If you are Welsh and spell your name Gwyneth, then maybe Gwynn is also Welsh. Perhaps my family came from Wales before raising families in Wootten Wawen and Birmingham. That would make me somewhat Welsh. Wonderful!

Christopher Davis
Hey I like that! I'd rather be known as "the devils people" than some crap biblical name like "David"

Davies is my family name, through Welsh origin and I was told by my G Grandmother that the name was originally given to people who lived in the mountains, these where basically medicine people who collected plants and herbs to mix various potions, because of the distrust of people to their methods, they became known as the devils people, this derived eventually in to Davies

T Davies
The text at the top is factually incorrect Sir Thomas Davies was Lord Mayor of London in 1676 not 1666 as stated. So if the researchers of this database can make such a huge cock up then perhaps everyone should take what is written above as codswallop. 1666 Sir William Bolton (however this database claims 1667) Numpty Mugwump researchers.

Trevor Davies
Thank you Michael for that extremely interesting piece of information, being of Welsh birth I kind of got the impression that our name origin was related to the Tuatha De Danaan, exiled tribes of Isreal though I find your well researched theory very plausible.

Michael Davies
By the way, this is pasted from an alternative site, I found this very interesting being a welsh Davies.

Michael Davies
It is unlikely that the surname DAVIES is a patronymic of David, not only is it too simplistic and etymologically 'lazy' but there are too many differences to make this a natural etymology. There is a more rigorous and scientific method for securing, if not proving, its more plausible derivation. DAVIES is a common surname in Wales and therefore amongst the Welsh, wherever they live. Like any nation on the move, the Welsh inhabitants of Wales brought with them the names of their homeland or from the stops en route, particularly the toponyms and hydronyms. I realised when researching Etruscan history in Italy that they too brought their names and language from their homeland, which happens to be a homeland shared with the tribes who later became the Welsh. Like the Pelasgic Etrusci, the Cimmerians, Cimbri or Cimmri peoples originated in the territory of Ukraine - this is well attested (I translated the books and know their home sites). Whilst en route to the small country in the west of Britain where they eventually settled and made roots and became known as the Cymric peoples, some of the tribe followed a route through Northern Italy. Inevitably some settled there - they are today known as the LIGURIANS - this is again well attested. The settlement patterns I describe are similar to the forementioned Etruscans but the latter tended to settle far further into the land they knew as 'the Land of the Long Horned Cattle' and we know as Italy. They settled principally along the coasts of Lazio and Tuscany and inland to Umbria. The Etruscans were talented builders and civilisers, they were the early kings of Rome when Rome was little more than a village and they were responsible for building the early city and the unglamorous but essential city drain, the Cloaca Maxima. However, the greatest city of the powerful Etruscan federation was undoubtedly the magnificent VEIO. It was so remarkable in every way that the inhabitants of the minor town nearby longed to have its location, its agriculture, its fine buildings and high culture - that minor town is today called ROME. When the Romans finally overthrew VAIO the Senate debated whether to move their capital to VAIO but instead heeded an early oracular warning about abandoning Rome at their peril, so they stayed. It is not commonly known that the original name for VEIO was VEIS or VIES. Inhabitants of this city could therefore proudly be termed of-Vies or to put it into their language Da-Vies in the same way that Leonardo was better known by his surname or city-name of Da Vinci - i.e. Leonardo from the city of Vinci. I located, and visited, a great tomb of the VIES or Davies family at the remarkable abandoned Etruscan Rupestrian city of Norchia, nor far from the old papal city of Viterbo.

Wow. Whatever you studied at University is exactly what I want to study. Will you please tell me how you became the translator of Cimmri, Cimbri books?

Scott Davies
Erm, the fact that it appears in no records prior to the norman invasion in 1066 and yet there is plenty of evidence that the name Da Vies (of life) was quite common in Brittany and Normandy at that time suggests to me that it is not of Welsh origin.

Rebecca Davies
I've heard, like Kathleen, that Davies was a name descended from the Prince of Powys, but I've also read that it actually came from Flintshire (north east Wales), which is where I currently live. It is one of the most popular surnames in the county, which leads me to think there may be some truth in this. There are lots of variations on the name and its pronounciation. Regardless of how it is spelt, last century Welsh speakers would probably say Dafis (much as they changed Evans to Ifans and Jones to Jons) and in Wales, this colloquialism has stuck. Although it probably should be pronounced Daveez, everybody I know sayd Dave-is.