Last name: Donaghy

This interesting surname, of Irish origin with variant spellings Donaghie, Donaghy, Donagy, Donaghey and Denaghy, is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic "MacDonnchaidh", meaning "son of Donnchadh", a personal name composed of the elements "donn", brown, and "cath", meaning "battle". Traditionally, Irish family names are taken from the heads of tribes, revered elders, or from some illustrious warrior, and are usually prefixed by "O", meaning grandson or male descendant of, or "Mac", denoting "son of". The Ulster surname Donaghy is found mainly in Counties Tyrone and Derry, and the first recording dates back to the late 18th Century (see below). Recordings from Irish Church Registers include: the christening of Anne, daughter of John and Margaret Donaghy, on October 23rd 1803, at Donaghmore, County Tyrone; the marriage of Betty Donaghy and John McCarley in 1829, in the Diocese of Down and Connor and Dromore in the Ulster Province; and the christening of Barbara, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Donaghy, on July 31st 1840, at St. Anne's, Shankill, Belfast. Michael Donaghy, aged 26 yrs., a famine emigrant, sailed from Liverpool aboard the "John-Baring" bound for New York in April 1846. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Nathaniel Doneghy, which was dated 1798, witness at the christening of his daughter, Ann, at Donaghmore, County Tyrone, during the reign of King George 111 of England, known as "Farmer George", 1760 - 1820. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Donaghy is Scottish in origin, from clan robertson

Caine Donaghy

I am Caine Donaghy, born in Derry N. Ireland. We live in Philadelphia. I am one of 4 children. We come from a very well respected family and would like to know more about our past.

Lorraine Donaghy Owen

Hello from Alabama. My name is Lorraine Owen, nee Donaghy. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. My father's name is John Donaghy, son of George and Emma Donaghy. His siblings were Lorraine Donaghy (my namesake) and Nelson Donaghy. Love my maiden name and heritage island of Ireland. Greetings and blessings to all. One thing I would absolutely agree with - wit is the breath of the Irish.

Erin Donaghy

Anyone? Please..I need to know my family...I'm very lost and very sick.....please. I'm from Hamilton, Ontario...

Erin Donaghy

I need my family badly.

Susan Donaghy
I am a granddaughter of Robert and Edith (from Armagh) Donaghy from Derry. They came to the states in the early 1900's. Hello to any kin from Derry :)

Brian Donaghy
Born Cookstown, County Tyrone 1951. Parents Bernard and Isabella (Bella) nee McCaughey from Ballnagilly. Sister Anne, currently lives in Perth W.A. I now live in Salford, England, home of the mighty Red Devils.

Michael Donaghy
Hi all, Be interesting if I could find some info about my ancestors. My father was born in 1935 to Michael Brady Donaghy & Bridget Donaghy (nee Mallon) My dad was the second youngest of 14 siblings. I believe my grandfather (who passed when my dad was 13) was from the Antrim. Area. My Nanna from Belfast. They moved to Glasgow when they married. Unfortunately both my parents are long gone. Do these names mean anything to anyone?

Robert Brendan Donaghy
John Bee, Where are you?

Timothy Donaghey
Australian born Donaghey from Irish lines reporting for duty

annmarie donaghy
I was born on a farm called bardahessiagh my dad was called leo francis donaghy , we moved to the north east of england in the mid 1970s only went back once after my dad died to see the farm so much has changed iam very proud to have been born there

kevin donaghy
after reading all your comments i would agree with robert donaghy from canada of how our clan move throughout the world from this tiny island. we are not a lazy clan but we do have a bad temper (some times) handed down i beleive. our good points are we are strong willed enjoy a good laugh and hard working, which brings me back to why so many of our clan left - work, bettering ourselves and family. I have more history if anyone is interested god bless yee all

Just describe my family quick temper! All my family are in Scotland.We are in Donegal-Some Donaghys there too.Get about this clan!

Barney Donaghy
I live in Perth Australia I was born in Burnley England my family come bessbrook in Armagh northern ireland trying to find out history of my family

Luke Donaghy
My family come from close to Armagh. My father and his father were both from the nearby village of Moy. We could be related.

Philomena Quigley
HI, I am from ardmore, co Derry, my fathers name is Micheal Donaghey and my grandfather was James Donaghey, my greatgrand father was called Michael and greatgranny granny was called Cassie nee Quinn, and their other children were called Michael, Patrick, Daniel, John, Mary, Maggie, Sarah and Rose

Aidan Donaghy
hi all donaghys my father name is james a donaghy from ardmore derry my grandfather was daniel donaghy from ardmore. so hello to all the donaghys from the donegal side of the family

We have Daniel Donachie-Scots spelling in our family.

Louise Selby
Philomena, I am seeking info regards my Donaghey side of the family. So far I have very little but my great grandparents, Sarah and Michael Donaghey were from Armagh. Their daughter Elizabeth went to New Zealand and married Corporal James Huckstep at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Auckland 18th January 1854. That's all I know and would love to get back further if possible. What dates would the Michaels in your family be born? Thanks. Louise

Philomena Quigley
Hi Louise, my father is Michael and he was born in 1932, his uncle Michael died young so I am fairly sure that it is a different family.

Kathryn McGarvey
Hi Louise, do you know if your Elizabeth Huckstep had family called Daniel & Margaret Donahy? I am researching Daniel & Margaret Donoghue in Auckland and found an 1859 baptism at St Pats for a child of Daniel & Margaret Donaghy and Eliz. Huckstep was the godmother, just wondering whether it might be a mis-spelling of Donoghue or is in fact an entirely different family. Thanks, Kathryn

Louise Selby

HI Kathryn, I have just 'met' Matt Zielger online and he tells me my G Grandmother Elizabeth Donaghey (is how our family spells it) had 3 siblings, James, DANIEL and younger sister Annie Agatha who is his G. Grandmother. So "YES" it makes sense that your Daniel is the same one. please email me. I have more info but find email so much easier for my "old" mind.

Louise Selby

Hi Kathryn I have just met "Matt Ziegler" online and he tells me my G. Grandmother Elizabeth Huckstep had a brother Daniel so this would be the same family. please email me

Catherine Donaghy
My father's family is also from Derry, I was born and bred in Belfast, but now living in the States .My father's name was Robert,his brothers and sisters were James, Maggie and,Charles. So hello fellow Kin.....

Gary Donaghy
My family travelled over from Ireland to Liverpool during the potato famine. I have no idea where my Irish roots lie but I am at least 6th generation Liverpool based Donaghy. It's interesting to read everyone's blogs. Donaghy and proud of it.

Robert Donaghy
Pleased to meet you all, my brothers and sisters. My name is Robert Donaghy. I grew up in Ballycastle, Co. Antrim. Moved to Canada in '68... i.e. 1968! Second bloody millenium!! "Jaysus!" I hear you say, as you give a quizzing scratch to the left side of you head, about twenty-six hairs back of the advancing, or retreating, widow's peak. "I tott dat was way before dere wur ackual peeple on de fookin planet." At the risk of bursting a bubble or two... Yes. The Donaghy Mob has been around for some time. A thousand years or more. County Cork. Galway. Sligo. Roscommon. Tyrone. Derry. Antrim. And Scotland, where many an irish family made its home. T'was easier for those from the north-east of Ulster to take a currach across the Sea of Moyle to the Mull of Kintyre than it was to make one's way through the dense forests which once covered the island. Easier for trade. Pillage and plunder. And power through strategic liaisons by way of marriage. The struggles and battles around the glens of Antrim between the irish and the scots are legend. And the Donaghy name, in one or other of its variants, was never far from the fore. Interesting point, I think... In Ireland, at least in my little corner of the island, the pronunciation of the name is quite different from that in North America. "Don" sounds as "dun" and the "gh" has a definite guttural tone. Cool or what? Slainte.

Michael Nicol
Am descended from Donaghy's of Armoy but were all mostly baptised or married in Ballycastle, any connection?

John Bee
Hello to the above Robert Donaghy in Canada. Would you be the same Robert Donaghy who misspent his youth in an establishment where a table was refered to as a ”Mess“, the toilets were known as the ”Daffs“ and all the teachers had exotic nicknames like Tosh, Hadrian, Beef and Suds? If so, what buttons do you have to press here to PM someone?

Robert Donaghy
On an afternoon in Belfast. Circa 1966/67. The Kinks-Sunny Afternoon. The Monkees-I'm A Believer. And The Beachboys-Sloop John B. Say it ain't so!?!

R. Doneghy
Glad to see that at one time someone did spell their name with an E

karen donaghy
Karen Donaghy - traced family tree back to 1775 where the name Donaghy is listed in records from Maryport and Cockermouth Cumbria where my great grandfather x 6 moved too, a Barnard Donaghy,from there i have no idea of the previous generations,im assuming Tyrone etc like the rest of you. A couple of members of the family then became shipwrights and moved to other ports like Liverpool where i am from,also Newcastle.Interesting reading above :))

Patricia Donaghy
Hi Karen, I also trace my family back to Barnard in Cumberland.His son John was my grandfather x5 He also moved to Liverpool

Caroline Fitzsimons
also we have connection with germany..reasearcing this at moment.celtic mythology is also big with me at the anyone feeling psychic vibrtions..i walk round in my bare feet all the time and feel a lot of energies from the earth..

Caroline Fitzsimons
The name was first seen in cork we originate from the high chietans of ireland.

caroline fitzsimons nee donaghey
my father is john donaghey born waterside derry.grandfather john donaghey,grandmother henrietta donaghey nee duffy or worskey,,not sure..she was psychic can anyone shed some light on this??? sally donaghey is coming to me,she married patton who are cousins of my mother anne bradley..annie and willie patton lived in parkhead glasgow.

bob Donnachie
I have researched the family from Ireland through to glasgow/springburn during the 1850/1864,and then down to Ffylde in Lancashire during the 1870/1897 in that area and the marriage of there son Owen in 1881 to a girl called Mary Jane Cochrane,and again back up to Scotland 1n the late 1890s,then to Barmill in Scotland and finally through to Stewarton,and ends there,however I have been trying to find there roots in Ireland with NO success,I know they were married there and had 4daughters when they moved to Glasgow.and had a son born there called owen,and ended up with 19 Owens in the family,is it true that a lot of Irish recorde were lst during the Rebllion,so if anyone can help I should be obliged. Bob Donnachie.

Kiera Donaghy
Proud to be a Donaghy Took an interest in researching my family history after Peter Donaghy contacted us from England looking to see if we were related and we think we are. Was so weird finding out you have relatives that you didnt even know about. Kiera Donaghy, daughter of Arthur Donaghy from Cappagh Co. Tyrone

John James Donahy
Wow, didn't know SO many people had the same last name as me. I wonder if some of us are related. I can use anyone's help. My names John James Donaghy the third. I was born in Woodbury New Jersey. I have no idea where my family comes from. They are very shady about telling me any history and always say . . i don't know the answers. I met my dad, hung out with him a handful times. Don't really know much about him. I talked to my Grandfather on the phone about 19 years back and he lives or was living in Florida. He said he is missing a leg from a motorcycle accident. I have no idea anything beyond what i just told you. If you can help me figure out how to research this further please help me. I been on a QUEST to find out about my family and our origins. Also if you read this and think you know my dad or grandfather please contact me at . I would appreciate your help or advise. Thanks for reading and good luck to all!!!!

Padraig Mac Donnchadha
I am a Duncan of Clann Dhonnchaidh. Although I am Irish (Derry) born and bred, my father came from West Aberdeenshire. Donnchadha is an ancient Gaelic name, regarded as the oldest clan in Scotland but with origins in Ireland. We regard ourselves as the Cinneal (or Síol) Challum . That is the Kindred of Colmcille and claim blood ties to him. Like the Irish Donagheys, we are descended from Niall of the Nine Hostages.

Sheridyn Donaghy
From Melbourne, Australia, my grandfather John Donaghy came to australia in the early 50s I think, from Coalisland, co Tyrone.

Peter Donaghy
calling all donaghys--a Catherine McGartlany married Edward ak Ned Donaghy in Pomeroy near Dungannon in 1846--any further info or links to these descendants would be well received--I'm hoping that they had a son called Arthur who I suspect would be my great grandfather. Irish World sadly can't help me further my search.

peter donaghy
please help me to find edward donagy whose son arthur was born in tyrone in 1852-3

Maddie Donaghy
Donaghy from Australia...our name came out with my grandfathers family from Derry Ireland...

Patricia Donaghy
this is not correct. Donaghy has its roots in Scotland,spread to Ireland. It comes from Donnachaid,and belongs to the clan Robertson. I say this as a Donaghy from England whose own ancestor came here from Ireland in the late 18th cent, but they always knew their roots were in Scotland

John Donaghy
Hi, was just researching the origins of our mutual family name. You are correct in that there is indeed a definate Scottish Origin, however there is also a well documented Irish Origin form pre 11th century deriving from the 'McDonagh' clan as opposed to Robertson. It appears we have two distinct families (although both Celtic) that share the same name!?! Am trying to figure out which origin our family derives from as we are originally from Belfast??

Padraig Mac Donnchadha
Sorry Patricia but I must disagree with you and I am part of Clann Donnchaidh. There are some Ulster Scots of our clan here but the majority of Donagheys in Ireland are indiginous and from a number of Irish locations. Indeed even Donohoe and Donnaghue are versions of the name. As it is a very ancient name amongst the Gaels it would have originated in Ireland and was carried across the Moyle to Scotland with the Dal Riada clans.

Thomas donaghy
Donaghy from Sunderland in England,my grandfarther's parents came over on the boat and settled in Liverpool

Seamus Hall
Looking for irish roots , GG grandmother was Johannah Donaghy (sp ?) Arrived in Canada 1830 ish . Married to Martin Dwyer. Family lore suggests that she was a Squires daughter.

david donaghy
one of the many Donaghys from NW Durham England. We're a proud headstrong bunch whose forefathers came over from Tyrone.

peter donaghy
now then our lad, what is a Finley doing on a Donaghy site

from edinburgh and proud

caroline fitzsimons nee donaghey
anything to do with the donagheys of watrside in derry ???

Proud to be Texas Donaghey

Stuart donaghy
Donaghy in Scotland