Last name: Fawcett

This interesting name is Anglo-Saxon in origin and is a locational name which can derive from the place called "Fawcett" in Cumberland or from "Facit" in Lancashire. "Fawcett" is recorded in 1247 as "Faxide", and in 1282 as "Fausyde", while "Facit" is first recorded in the Records of Whalley Abbey, Lancashire circa 1250 as "Fagheside". Both places share the same meaning and derivation, which is the "multi-coloured hillside", derived from the Olde English pre 7th Century "fag", "Fah", brightly coloured, variegated, flowery with "side", slope. The modern surname, which can be found in a variety of forms, ranging from "Fawcett", "Fawcitt", "Faws(s)ett" and "Faucett" to "Fausset(t)", "Fasset" and "Fossitt", may also derive from the place called "Forcett" in North Yorkshire which derives from the Old English "ford", ford and "sete", house, settlement. The marriage of John Fawcett and Mary Chater was recorded at St. Mary's church, Aldermary London in 1723. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John del Fawside, which was dated 1332, The Cumberland Subsidy Rolls, during the reign of King Edward 111, known as "The Father of the Navy", 1327 - 1377. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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martin fawcett

I'm a Fawcett born in1965 in Yorkshire. My father traced the family back to the 1600s. All interesting stuff especially when I see the global list below Cheers

Alex Fawcett
Fawcett is originally of Danish origin not Anglo-Saxon.

Hi everyone, Really interesting to see so many variants of Fawcett! A cousin of my dad's, George Stewart, is really into his genealogy, and was conducting loads of research into the Stewart family in Ireland. His mother was my father's aunt, Lilian Fawcett - and so the beginnings of the Fawcett family history records began. He records it all on his website here: - funny that Faucet (ie, the tap) is actually related to Fawcett, considering my dad's a plumber! Ha!

Anson Richard Fawcett
My Dad was Arthur Reginald Fawcett his Dad was George Anson Fawcett , who I was name after .He was born in 26 Jun 1864. Drayton Wellington County ON Canada. My Dad B 1903---D 1943 I was B 1937 ---- Still Here LOL

Gary Fawcett
Well, I am another Fawcett from Texas. My Uncle is a FBI Agent and we were on a search for our family genealogy. Glad to see so many Fawcett s on here. It would be great to get all the info on this family.

Heather Cole
Heather Cole 16 July 2012 I was born a Fawcett in 1945 in Victoria Australia. My grandfather was born in Gilesgate, Durham in 1859. I have my grandfathers birth certificate and his parents marriage certificate from 1858. Wow!!!! I have just looked at the date and it is JULY 16th, how amazing is that. In Australia that is.

Elsie Lowe
My Fawcett came from Ireland guess it is not an Irish name wonder were they were before

Rosemary Fawcett
I was told many years ago Fawcett has something to do with foxes, one said "Fox " family, another said "Fox on the hill." I thought that was a good explanation, at least I liked it. I now live in Canada also, and being 80 I often refer to myself as a "Silver Fox", for password etc.

Vincent Wesley Fawcett
Originally from South Yorkshire but now living in Dorset I have found my surname to be the butt of many a joke but have always been proud of the fact it seemed quite a unique surname. It now seems we number many and I take comfort in knowing us Fawetts get about a bit!

Aaron Fawcett (2)
I think some of you are getting way too caught up with the fag thing... It's the 21st century, if homosexuality makes you uncomfortable, grow up!

Marilyn Morrow-Fawcett
Rob Fawcett - not sure when my Roberts family came over to work for HBC .....there are some other ''artistic'' type cousins in Canada....

Robert Fawcett (Rob)
My great uncle George Fawcett emigrated from England to Canada around 1900. He ended up in the USA and his son Robert became a well known illustrative artist.

Fawcett - forget to mentiion we live in Canada and they came over from the old country (as we call it) to work for the Hudsons Bay Company......anyone??

Bill Fawcett
As far as i can tell my name fawcett came over in 1754-55 maybe to halifax and took part in the over running and explusion of the acadians. 3 generations are buried in the family plot, my great grandfather 1800s my grandfather and father, my father passed away in 2007 age 91

My husband Robert Fawcetts family came over from Scotland (or England) with the HBC (Hudsons Bay Company) other relatives name was Finlalyson. Also we had believe they were all of Scottish descent?

Rachel Fawcett
when i serch up my full name i can never find me or my family

Lorraine Fawcett
There are many, many Fawcetts out there, and many, many stories attached. It's nice to know how far back the name goes. I am having trouble locating my ggrandfather in the scheme of things. He was from Westmoreland according to the birth cert of my grandfather, but I can't find any record of him.

Ben Fawcett
Im Ben Fawcett and the "fag" pronounciation makes feel a bit better too. It is nice to know that there are other Fawcetts out there.

David Fawcett
That's no good-I'm english, I don't smoke or have a fire in my house, don't live in the village of Forcett (Nth Yorks). I did work for many years in the water industry however. I was of the belief that the name derived from the Scandinavian name of Forsvick, but never mind. I live in Durham (nth-east england) which has a window in its world heritage site cathedral that was erected by Rev John Fawcett, who also owned the land that the courthouse stands on.

Tiffany Fawcett
the pronounciation correction makes me feel better. we must all have similar blood running through us cause that is like totally the first thing that stood out in my mind, too!!! hahaha

Aaron Fawcett
The "fag" wouldn't have been pronounced the same way. "Fag" would have sounded like "fah", if that is any consolation.