Last name: Ferguson

This most interesting surname is of Old Gaelic origin, found in Ireland and Scotland, and is a patronymic form of "Fergus", from an Old Gaelic personal name "Fearghus", composed of the elements "fear", man, and "gus", vigour, force, with the patronymic ending "son". This Gaelic personal name was the name of an early Irish mythological figure, a valiant warrior, and was also the name of the grandfather of St. Columba. Ferguson is by far the most popular and widespread form of Fergus. Some Irish bearers f the name "Fergus" claim descent from Fergus, Prince of Galloway (deceased 1161). Ferguson is widespread in Ireland in Ulster, where it is of Scottish descent. The surname is first recorded in Scotland in the mid 15th Century (see below), where the Fergus(s)ons are classed among the septs of Mar and Atholl, according to the Acts of the parliaments of Scotland, 1124 - 1707. King Robert 1, Ruler of Scotland (1306 - 1329) granted certain lands in Ayrshire to Fergus, son of Fergus. James Ferguson (1710 - 1776) presented to the Royal Society (1763) a projection of the partial solar eclipse of 1764 and lectured on electricity. Patrick Ferguson (1744 - 1780) invented the first breech-loading rifle used in the British army. A Coat of Arms was granted to Major James Ferguson, in 1691, which depicts a silver buckle between three silver boars' heads couped, within a silver embattled bordure, on a blue shield, with the Motto "Arte et Animo" (By skill and courage). The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John Fergusson, which was dated 1466, in the "Scottish Records of Kilkerran", during the reign of King James 111 of Scotland (Stuart), 1460 - 1488. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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kaylie ferguson
this is so interesting iam still young and i have so much to learn abou my family ancestors i get my last name from my mom and my mom gets it from her dad and his name was charles wayne feguson but my moms mom(grandmother) last name originats from almost the same place both scotland and ireland so very cool :)

We are all from the same,I have Norse blood too,only because we married Norse women when the Vikings started settling in scotland

Cameron Furgeson
We're dose the spelling if Furgeson come from I can't find it anywhere, I've look and can't find anything?

kaleb ferguson
i am from the Bahamas and i wanted to know were the last name Ferguson came from and it is very interesting for some one young like me

Kevin Ferguson

I love reading about my family's history. I'm 32 yrs old and can't wait till my 2 children starts asking about our history. I'm headed to Scotland in may for 2 weeks. I would love to possibly run into someone of my family.

Emily Dinwiddie-Cole
My maternal grandfather's name was Donald Everett Vergason. I'm hoping it's a variation of Ferguson. I have only traced back as far as John Vergison b:1636, Norwich, Connecticut, USA. Can't find anything past that. Anyone have any help or suggestions? Thank you in advance.

Nikole Ferguson
Hey fam!!!

Jimmy Glen Ferguson
Would love to visit Ireland and Scotland to see where my family originated from.

Christine Ferguson
So where in Ireland do we come from?

George Ferguson
I started off by being interested in SCA which also lead me to finding a period correct name so i searched google and here I am. I have alawys kinda wondered my nationality because I was raised by foster parents and know very little of mt bio parents lineage. So im hoping I can find some cool stuff about my name here.

i knew i was scottish

Francene Ferguson
Greetings All!!!

Nashena Ferguson
I guess I'm just curious about where my ancestors came from. I want to know more about my family history.

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