Last name: Fulton

This name is of Scottish locational origin from an old village of the name in the parish of Bedrule, Roxburghshire, so called from the old English pre 7th Century "fugol", bird, plus "tun", an enclosure or settlement. The surname first appears on record in the mid 13th Century, (see below). In 1272 a quitclaim of the land of Fulton was witnesses by one Thomas de Fulton, and in 1273 a grant by Malcolm, earl of Levenax to Paisley, was witnesses by an Alan de Foulton. Henry de Foultone of Lanarkshire rendered homage to Edward 1 of England in 1296 and Thomas de Fougheltone of Lanarkshire rendered homage in that year also. 16th Century records show that one, Robert Foultoun possessed a tenement in Irvine in 1506, and John Fultoune possessed one in Glasgow in 1554. An interesting namebearer was Robert Fulton (1765 - 1815), of Ulster Scottish descent who was the first to successfully apply steam to navigation in the United States. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Thomas de Fulton, witness to a donation, which was dated circa 1260 - "Register of the monastery of Paisley", during the reign of King Alexander 111 of Scotland, 1249 - 1286. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Kelsey Fulton

Robert Fulton was my great great great grandfather. :) The Robert Fulton name has been carried down to my dad, who is Clifford Robert Fulton. I always thought it was a German Surname but it's so awesome to learn I'm Scottish!

June Nolan

Hi there my great great grandmother's maiden name was Sarah Jane Fulton, She married John White and lived in NewtownStewart County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Sarah and John had 5 children that i can find, Sarah originally came from Scotland and the family was involved in the linen trade. I am seeking any information which may help me to further trace my ancestors. I am from Australia, four of Sarah's children emigrated to New York state USA in the mid 1800's and 1 to Melbourne Australia.

Warwick Fulton

Gary Fulton My father has been searching extensively into our family tree and has found this information also. it may well help both our searches. there was confusion as to which Robert Fulton (from memory) was indeed our family line as several Immigrated to Australia around the same time. please if you see this contact me on and I will get you in contact with my father to start sharing what we know. We may be distant relations.

Donovan fulton

Are there any Fulton's who served as a British officers, raised from the ranks or bought commission's? that'd be great to find out. I'm not to educated in the geography of Scotland, but a fulton that served in the 92nd or any highlander regiment would be an interesting find.

Clarke Fulton
I am in possession of documents tracing the decendants of Archibald Fulton born in Ayr., Scotland circa 1670 through my direct US decendant James Fulton born in Scotland in 1753 and immigrating to the Americas arriving in July 1774 to meet his brother who was already here in Bedford County PA. threw current day. It's really amazing to read about all they endured through the revolutionary war, 1812 war, civil war and such.

Dale Slocock, born Fulton
See my previous post below........ I have traced my grandmother, Elizabeth Mitchell Fulton, born in Paisley in 1893. She was a nurse at a hospital in Grays, Essex when my father was born in 1916 - don't know which hospital. My father was John Thomas Stillwell Fulton and his birth was registered in Orsett. Elizabeth married James Fraser in 1922, marriage registered in Wandsworth. There is no fathers name on my Dad's birth certificate and the name for father on his Baptism certificate is David Fulton. This name puzzles me but I do also believe Dad was illegitimate so could be a David ? Does anyone have the name Elizabeth Mitchell Fulton, born 1893, Paisley, in their ancestry. She is the person I would like to trace.

Dallas Fulton
Its nice to see people that i share this great last name with. i have no idea about my family but i would love to find out more.

Robert Fulton
Hello everyone, Just reading all your comments and I live in Paisley scotland. Our family has been here since the 1600's and our business dates back to then. I always find it amazing where we all get our name from and what connection we may have.

Dale Slocock born Fulton
Hello Robert. My father John Thomas Stilwell FULTON always told us that his family came from Paisley. Evidently during WW1 his mother, Elizabeth, went to Essex for his birth.He was born 22 September 1916. His fathers name on his baptism certificate is stated as David Fulton. Dad told us that when he was about 12 years old he boarded the Carnarvon Castle on his own, to come out to South Africa to join his mother who had married a Jock Fraser. Dad told us his family were blacksmiths. I am desperately looking for any family history that may be found in Paisley or Kilbarchan. My e-mail address is

Dave Fulton
I too am looking for Fulton history, and also end up in Bedrule, Roxburough but uncertain. My desire is to find the original Coat of Arms and Tartan. Best linking information so far is that William Allexander Fulton sailed to South Africa in the 1700's. Both these names werein my family, and we are from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia). As usual any information would be well received.


Dave, did you find any more information on Doug Fulton from Rhodesia. I went to school in Rhodesia with a Doug Fulton in the 1970s. I wouldn't mind catching up with him again. Brian Carson

Elaine Brown nee Fulton

My great grandfather was born in Kimberly,South Africa, William Alexander Henry Fulton on 5 May 1874. I would love to know more about his father and those before him. My grandfather was William Alexander Fulton, born in Zimbabwe on 6 October 1916. My father is Matthew Vaughn Fulton, born 20 January 1960 in Zimbabwe. Anyone with more info, please contact me.

Well i have always knew that the Fulton name was a great name . My Fulton family came from Pittsburgh but know we live in Delaware.I thought the name was from Germany.I am 46 and love my name.Well i am Scottish decent good .

Thomas Fulton
Thomas Fulton in California here. My grandfather was from Pennsylvania but that's all I know.

Jason Fulton

Many Fulton's settled in Penn from Scottland. James b.1690, son John came to the Pennsylvania in 1753. John had a son Thomas.

Terry Fulton
Hi Sarah, where have you traced back to in Scotland? The original Fulton name hails from a place called Bedrule in Scotland. There is the remains of Fultons tower not far from the village.

Sarah Fulton
Hello! I'm Sarah Fulton and I'm from the southwest US. My grandmother traced our family line back to Scotland.

rowan fulton
Hi Chris, good to meet you and hope you find the kind if info you want

rowan fulton
Hi Terry thanks for your interest and its great to read about, thank you

Chris Fulton
I'm Chris Fulton, and I have no idea where my family came from, but I have been very curious about my last name and heritage for a very long time, and am glad to see your stories.

doug fulton
what is your location chris? i am in central ontario , canada. my grand father archie had seven siblings and only have info on a couple of them. his father archibald sr. was born in paisley/glascow in 1818 and thats all i can find out. i remember my dad saying we had relatives in florida. i seem to recall dad saying one of grandpa's brothers had moved to wisconsin and became a sheriff or bailiff or something similar.

Rowan Fulton
I'm Rowan Fulton and my father is scottish, called Duncan Fulton and his father was scottish called James Fulton and his father was Louis Fulton. I have a gold ring that was my great granfather Louis Fulton's and engraved on the ring it says L.F. to J.F. 1937 and it's 14 cgold. I love it. It's a man's ring and I'm female but I still love it. My sister is Tam Fulton and she lives in London and I live in Salisbury, Wiltshire. I am 35.

Sam Goddard-Wright
My Fathers Mothers maiden name was Fulton, she was from London-Derry in Northern Ireland. She only came over here to London during the war. She came from a large family, so i believe there's a few Fultons in Ireland!

William Fulton
My name is William Fulton my parents were both from Londonderry where I was also born but we left when I was a young child. I live in Portadown N Ireland maybe we are related. My two daugher's both live in GB stayed after completing University.

Ross Fulton

Hi, just noticed this and thought I'd mention that my father's name is Robert Fulton and was born and raised to a young age in Derry with his Brother Arthur, and sisters Roisin, evlyn, and Rose. Before all moving to Luton, Bedfordshire.

Steven Witthar
My mother's father (my grandfather) was a Fulton and his ancestory was from Ireland. He was born in the northeast US around 1870 and his father came from Ireland sometime prior to that time. Fulton was also on the registry of Ireland but probably of British origin.