Last name: Fulton

This name is of Scottish locational origin from an old village of the name in the parish of Bedrule, Roxburghshire, so called from the old English pre 7th Century "fugol", bird, plus "tun", an enclosure or settlement. The surname first appears on record in the mid 13th Century, (see below). In 1272 a quitclaim of the land of Fulton was witnesses by one Thomas de Fulton, and in 1273 a grant by Malcolm, earl of Levenax to Paisley, was witnesses by an Alan de Foulton. Henry de Foultone of Lanarkshire rendered homage to Edward 1 of England in 1296 and Thomas de Fougheltone of Lanarkshire rendered homage in that year also. 16th Century records show that one, Robert Foultoun possessed a tenement in Irvine in 1506, and John Fultoune possessed one in Glasgow in 1554. An interesting namebearer was Robert Fulton (1765 - 1815), of Ulster Scottish descent who was the first to successfully apply steam to navigation in the United States. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Thomas de Fulton, witness to a donation, which was dated circa 1260 - "Register of the monastery of Paisley", during the reign of King Alexander 111 of Scotland, 1249 - 1286. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Well i have always knew that the Fulton name was a great name . My Fulton family came from Pittsburgh but know we live in Delaware.I thought the name was from Germany.I am 46 and love my name.Well i am Scottish decent good .

Dallas Fulton
Its nice to see people that i share this great last name with. i have no idea about my family but i would love to find out more.

Dale Slocock, born Fulton
See my previous post below........ I have traced my grandmother, Elizabeth Mitchell Fulton, born in Paisley in 1893. She was a nurse at a hospital in Grays, Essex when my father was born in 1916 - don't know which hospital. My father was John Thomas Stillwell Fulton and his birth was registered in Orsett. Elizabeth married James Fraser in 1922, marriage registered in Wandsworth. There is no fathers name on my Dad's birth certificate and the name for father on his Baptism certificate is David Fulton. This name puzzles me but I do also believe Dad was illegitimate so could be a David ? Does anyone have the name Elizabeth Mitchell Fulton, born 1893, Paisley, in their ancestry. She is the person I would like to trace.

Clarke Fulton
I am in possession of documents tracing the decendants of Archibald Fulton born in Ayr., Scotland circa 1670 through my direct US decendant James Fulton born in Scotland in 1753 and immigrating to the Americas arriving in July 1774 to meet his brother who was already here in Bedford County PA. threw current day. It's really amazing to read about all they endured through the revolutionary war, 1812 war, civil war and such.

Donovan fulton

Are there any Fulton's who served as a British officers, raised from the ranks or bought commission's? that'd be great to find out. I'm not to educated in the geography of Scotland, but a fulton that served in the 92nd or any highlander regiment would be an interesting find.

June Nolan

Hi there my great great grandmother's maiden name was Sarah Jane Fulton, She married John White and lived in NewtownStewart County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Sarah and John had 5 children that i can find, Sarah originally came from Scotland and the family was involved in the linen trade. I am seeking any information which may help me to further trace my ancestors. I am from Australia, four of Sarah's children emigrated to New York state USA in the mid 1800's and 1 to Melbourne Australia.

Kelsey Fulton

Robert Fulton was my great great great grandfather. :) The Robert Fulton name has been carried down to my dad, who is Clifford Robert Fulton. I always thought it was a German Surname but it's so awesome to learn I'm Scottish!

Warren Fulton (Asutralia)
Henry Fulton was deported to Australia in 1799 for being involved in the Irish Rebellion - he was in effect a political prisoner and sent to Australia. He had a remarkable life, including a member of the clergy, a pardon from the Governor, a grant of land, made a magistrate, and establishing the first college in Australia. I am very proud to be a descendant of this remarkable family - despite the English attempts to erase us from history. See about Henry Fulton -

Jessalyn Fulton
Trying to do a lot of research on my family especially from the Fulton last name, which is more common then I thought. Any Fulton's who see this and think we could possibly be related. Feel free to email me and tell me about your family and where they are from. Thank you have a great day!

Mary Louise McCahill
My grandfather was Jacob Fulton whose father was John Fulton.i know two of his relatives were in what is now Western Pa trapping game and that they were brothers. I also have the family tree back to James Fulton 1763 (Ireland) m Agnes Thompson 1762 their son was John. My grandfather was Jacob Fulton born in what is now Butler Co Pa . My Mother talked of being related to Huey's and Hays families of Middelsex Co. But Jacob was left off of the Fulton family tree when the book of Merry Olde Middlesex was published in 1976 probably because the younger Fultons weren't aware of our branch. Jacobs children were France's , Ralph, Helen & Walter. Jacobs wife was Edna May Mahon. I have the family tree for both families.

linda horsburgh denver
hello june nolan my great great gran was rebecca rossiter buried in warracknabeal vic contact 7 lauriel avenue tarneit vic

linda horsburgh denver
my great gran agnes jane rossiter was married to david horsburgh and farmed near warracknabeal vic cousin to thomas watson snr

The meaning of name

My first ancestor from Scotland arrive in Annapolis? Maryland in 1734 and moved to Pennsylvania and North Carilina.

UJ FULTON, of New Orleans, LA.
I am a person of color. I know their was no original black Fultons, in Scotland, so I must assume that we was given this name by our slave masters. So it is truly good to know were our slave owner was from. That is a beginning, to really finding out were are name truly originated from. Does anyone have any more documentation on Fulton, slaves owners with slave names. Who may have owned or purchase slaves. I must assume that's how the people (Black People)of color received there last name of Fulton.🤔😐 I am truly proud of my Family Herritage, on how far the Fultons, of color ( Black People) have reach. What we truly accomplish in Our Generations. Including the new generations, in all of our endeavors. God Bless all the Fultons, for united we stand divided we fall. In Jesus Christ Name Amen

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