Last name: Gorham

This is a very old English surname. It is locational, and may have originated from the 'lost' village of Gorehambury near the town of St. Albans in Hertfordshire. The derivation is from the pre 7th Century Olde English word "gor" meaning "muddy" and "ham", a farm or homestead. Some five thousand British surnames are believed to derive from 'lost' villages, of which the only public reminder in the 20th century, is the surviving surname. Locational surnames are 'from' names, and were usually given to people after they left their original homes and moved elsewhere. Certainly we know from research that the surname is one of the first in the medieval records. The first name holder, as shown below, being renowned for his good works. These included the founding of the leper hospital of St. Julian in Dunstable, and a nunnery at Sopwell in Bedfordshire. Other interesting recordings include George Gorham (1787- 1857). He was a famous protestant divine, and Vicar of Brampford Speke, in the county of Devonshire. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Geoffrey de Gorham. He probably lived from the year 1080 to 1146. He was the abbot of St. Albans during the reign of King Stephen of England, who reigned from 1135 to 1154.

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Tina Gorham

Have been tracing my Gorham line back to Miles Gorham. Year 1661 appears in Northumberland co Virginia. Death approx. 1693. Wife Alice. Son John 1. Am looking for parents of Miles . Probably from England. Any Ideas would be welcome.

Dianna Gorham Geisert

My siblings are currently working on our family line. I would appreciate any information you might have and willing to share.

Mark Goreham
Hello all, this is probably not the place to do it but; I emmigrated to NZ in 2008 from the UK, I believe I am the only Goreham in NZ, I too would love to piggyback on some of the research done into our common history!


Emily Goreham

Hi you seem to be the only person on here who's last name is spelt the same as mine do you know if the information above still applies to us as the name is spelt differently

David Gorham
John, my name is David. I'm an American and with the uncommon nature of this surname, I wonder if you could share some information with me.

john Gorham
Hi Dave, are you still interested in this surname as I have extra info, please email me and we can exchange what we know, cheers John Gorham Perth Western Australia

Jennifer Alkire
John and David, I have been working on the Gorham lines and I would love to collaborate with the two of you. John I have been trying to look you up in Perth, and quitefrankly I was delighted to only miss your comment by one month. Hope you find me - Jennifer Gorham Alkire

Jina Gorham
Hello Jen, nice to see you here. I'd like to collaborate with you on the origin of Gorham. You'll hear from me soon! xo

John Gorham
Not correct!, firstly Gorhambury is an historic house not a village and secondly Geoffrey de Gorham of La Tanniere in France was invited to be the successor Abbot at St Albans, the Gorhams are from this ancestral line. Regards, John Gorham Perth Western Australia

Mark Goreham
As I understand it 'Goreham' is derived from the descriptive 'Homestead on a triangular piece of land' but if we are truly Anglo-Saxon in origin then the Vikings mangled the meaning of our name.

Heather Hough

I recently am plagued by an unearthly drive to find out about my grandpa donald edwin green's family. My mom found a picture of my gpas grandparents on the back is mr.& mrs. Samuel gorham. If you have any insight please help me!! My gpa's parents are jesse & margret (gorham) green my gpa' bday is 4/7/1021 born in fort wayne indiana thanks for any help I might possibly get...