Last name: Hardisty

This surname is of Yorkshire, West Riding, origins. It derives from the two places called either Hardisty in Nesfield, near Ilkley, or Hardisty Hill near Fewston, in the same area. The origination is Norse Viking and the hamlets names mean "The sty of Hardolf." The word "sty"` had a completely different meaning to today (20th century). Now it describes a small building in which an unfortunate pig is kept, then in the 9th Century it described a farm of some size. "Hardolf" is made up of two compounds - "hard" which describes somebody who was hard and brave, and "ulf" - a wolf. The Norse- Vikings loved names which reflected their attitudes, and this is a good example. The name is first recorded in the 14th century (see below) and a Coat of Arms was also granted to the Yorkshire family, being a blue field charged with a lion rampant between three fleur de lis, this blazon implying victory over the French. Examples of the surname recording include William Hardosty in the York Rolls of 1450, whilst in the church registers An Hardisty married William Sligsby at Fewston Church on February 1st 1600 in the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1 (1558 - 1603). Amongst the early settlers to New England in 1635 was one John Hardisse, as recorded. It is possible that he was originally a "Hardisty" who fell foul of 17th century spelling. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John de Hardolssty, which was dated 1379, The Friary & Poll Tax Rolls of Yorkshire, during the reign of King Richard 11, known as "Richard of Bordeaux" 1377 - 1399. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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fred hardisty 13/9/12
my family have lived in leeds dating back to 1689,william hardisty. some time ago a friend told me that he believed the coat of arms given to the family name was "for making armour for the king".

Our Surname is Fleming and we have a match with the surname of Hardesty at SMGF. Also the Hardesty coat of arms looks very Frenchy Flemish. Makes me wonder about the truth of viking connections for this surname

Robyn hardisty
My name is Robyn hardisty, i am related to the vikings, i have it running through my blood

Robert Hardesty
I have often wondered where our surname originated. As a child my father had the coat of arms in our home. I one day hope to visit Yorkshire and Hardisty Hill with my son.

Jane Hardisty
Hello,I married a Hardisty and later we went to visit Fewton.We came across a small church built in 1692.There were many headstones with Hardisty on them.We decovered Hardisty Hill where a Hardisty Hall used to be.We met a man called Alan Dickinson who repairs Dry Stone Walls on the land there. He had an old book that he showed us the next day.The first thing he said was 'We're related',in his thick yorkshire accent.This can only happen in Yorkshire!A william Hardisty married an ancestor of his family.I dont remember her name,and the Hardistys used to own Harrogate,North yorkshire aswell!Oh well!

stan hardisty
Hardisty or Hardistie according to William Grange in1895.
This is one of the family names that appear to have sprung up on the forest soil in (Knaresborough forest).It has a war-like sound with it, like the battle-cry of an old Norse sea-king, or Danish warrior.In the Poll Tax Roll 1379 we find in Villa de Tymble John de Hardolfsty & Stephen Hardistie yeomen and in 1651 William Hardistie was one of the selected trustees. and Arthur Hardistie one of the feofees for purchasing the manorial rights of the forest of knaresborough. in 1672 Stephen Hardisty, Francis hardisty, william Hardisty, senr,& William Hardisty paid
hearth tax in Timble -cum - Fewston. In the Fewston parish register the name appears among the first, and continues down to the present time.
in 1596 there were six families of that name residing in the parish of Fewston. In 1616 death was busy amongst them. Hardisty Hill
This place is in Festoon Tonwship , but whether they gave name to the hill or received their name from it, is not certain.
Most of the Hardistys I'v found 1700 to 1600 came from this area.
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