Last name: Hicks

Recorded as Hick, Hicke and the patronymics Hickes, Hicks and Hickson, this is a famous English medieval surname. Derived from the given name Richard, this was a personal name that was occasionally found in England in the pre 10th century, but was mainly popularized as Ricard by the Norman-French invaders after the Conquest of 1066. However the ulimate origin is perhaps surprisingly pre 7th century Old German, and it was then composed of the elements "ric", meaning power, with "hard", brave or strong. The personal name became a firm favourite amongst the native population of England after the reign of King Richard 1st, known as "Lionheart", (1189 - 1199). It was felt by many, erroneously as it happens, that the king represented Anglo-Saxon values against those of his brother Prince, and later King John (1199 - 1216). Be that as it may, the relative success of Richard lead to a major development of his name into a bewildering number of diminutive and patronymic variants, which in time became surnames. These include Dick, Dicks, Dickson, and Dixon, as well as Hick, Hicke, Hicks, Hickson, and Rick, Ricks, and Rickson. The substitution of "H" as the prime initial resulted from the early inability of the native English to cope with the Norman pronunciation of "R", so arguably Hick is English and Rick is French! Early recordings of the personal name include Richard Hick in the Subsidy Rolls of Yorkshire in the year 1302, and William Hickys as spelt in the pipe rolls of Warwickshire in 1309. Amongst the recordings of the name in church registers of the diocese of the citty of London is that of the marriage of William Hicks and Margery Allen, at All Hallows church, London Wall, on July 17th 1559. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Georgia HICKS!

Hello fellow Hicks! Originally from Georgia and now live in Virginia. My Grandfather. He was Gordon Pal Hicks, who I think grew up in the north Georgia mountains before marrying and moving to Lithonia. A sibling had a DNA test that shows us to be 89% British Isles. I know my Grandma, Gordon's wife, was 1/4 American Indian, and there is also American Indian on my mother's side. Would really like to find out more about where my ancestors (and 89% of my heritage) were from. Not just for me, but my children as well. My wife has Irish/German ancestry, so knowing the mix would be fascinating.

Georgia HICKS!

My mistake, Granny is 1/8 American Indian not 1/4.

Myfanwy Hicks

I was born in Zimbabwe to Charles Arthur Hicks and Elsie Hicks (nee van Niekerk). My father was born in Wales in the UK, and he moved to Africa. My dad wanted at least one of his children to have a welsh name, thus my name, Myfanwy. If anyone knows anything about my dad or his ancestors I would love to hear about it.

Son of Charles

I am Charles Stewart Hicks, Son of Charles Baxter Hicks.. Born and raised in ohio, My father was adopted and now passed away. He always insisted the blood of the Scottish bore us.. He certainly looked the part, as did my brother. I have absolutly no clue to my Ancestry.

Russell rico

My mother was a hicks, born on Washington state. Her mother Marie was born on Oklahoma. I live in enid ok

A. Hicks

Was your grandmother, Marie, born in Enid? Was she a Hicks? My dad was born in Enid in 1949, Bruce (goes by "Chip"), his dad William W Hicks, and before him William W Hicks. I don't know when the oldest of the line moved to Enid, but he was born in Missouri in about 1866.

Laura Hicks

I married a Hicks. He has no clue where his family came from and I am just curious to find out. Anyone know of any Hicks in AL? My father in law is Dwight Leon Hicks. He passed away a few years ago near Henager AL. If that helps

dylan hicks

Dylan thomas hicks son of Murray thomas hicks jr. Son of murray thomas hicks all born in toronto canada. My great grandfather thomas hicks is from england

Ethan Hicks
Its a small world after all. Born and raised in Huntington, WV.

sara hicks
Dose anyone know my mom Ann Hicks or my dad Scott Hicks???

John William Hicks
Whats up boys and squirrels
My name is John Hicks} Im from NC my dad was born in Texas
his fathers lastname was mcnally} but after his death his mother maried some one else with the lastname hicks
other than that i dont know to much about my family

Craig Hicks
Hello, my ancestors evolved out of the Texas mud sometime during the 19th century

Bill Hicks
Ok really small world. I was looking up the origin of the name Hicks and the first thing I read is about people from West Virginia where I grew up. And even smaller world since I grew up in Scott Depot, West Virginia. My father's name is Earl Hicks (as was his father) and still lives in Scott Depot. It is good to be a Hicks indeed.

Christopher J. Hicks
I am the first son of Roger Lee Hicks My Grandfather was Dennis Hicks, a coal miner from Charleston, WV My Great-Grandfather was Charley Hicks from Scott Depot, WV My Great-Great Grandfather was Calvin Akilles Hicks from Ohio. Going back further, I can recount now back to relations from Scotland clearances and English Nobility. It's good to be a Hicks. :-)

Rachelle Miller-Hicks
I've always been proud of my surname. Born 3rd child of Ronald Hicks, grandchild of Roy and Mary (Dimmig) Hicks, great grand daughter of John Hicks, all Lee County, IL. I do know that the ancestry on my father's side is British but not much more unfortunately.

Tambre Hicks Marshall
My name is Tambre Hicks Marshall. My father is Dewey Allen Hicks, Jr., son of Dewey Allen Hicks,Sr. and Ruth Haning Hicks, all from West Texas. I was told that a few generations back, an irishman traveled to united states and married a Comanche indian woman in West Texas. His last name was Allen. They had a daughter named Mary Allen who is the Grandmother of my fathers father, Dewey Allen Hicks, Sr. Is anyone out there in West Texas who knows anything about this lineage?

George Edward hicks jr.
My name is George Edward Hicks Jr. From jacksonville Florida, son of George Edward Hicks Sr. Grandson of Ethan Hicks and Lydia Hicks, I am very interested in learning my family name.

There is a family cemetery in Bryceville, Florida (close to Jacksonville, Florida.). It is the Conner and Green Cemetery.

Sue Hicks McCormick

My father was George Edwin Hicks, Sr., born in 1916 in RI, My brother is George Edwin Hicks, jr., Ny Hicks relatives were all from New England, with whaling captains in the mix.

William Osborne
this information was sent especially for James Eugene Hicks,Janine Hicks and Richard Hicks(above); the next time you hear a derogatory remark,....shove this in their face!...the Hicks were of the aristocracy and nobility,rubbing elbows with the royal families; Baptist Hicks,1st.Viscount Campden was born abt. 1551. He died on 18 Oct. 1629 at St. Lawrence,Old Jewry,London England,and was buried on 4 Nov1629 Campden,Gloucestershire England;(thus,Viscount Campden); He amassed a large fortune by trade and was invested as a Knight on 24 July 1603. He was held the office of Member of Parliament for Tavistock between 1620-1622. He was created 1st. Baronet Hicks on 1 July 1620. He held the office of Member of Parliament for Tewkesbury between 1624-1626,and 1628. He was created 1st. Baron Hicks of Ilmington,co. Warwick on 5 May 1628; He was created 1st. Viscount Campden on 5 May 1628; His daughter Hon. Juliana Hicks married Edward Noel,2nd.Viscount Campden,son of Sir Andrew Noel; She was styled as Baroness of Ridlington on 23 Mar. 1616,and Viscountess Campden on Oct. 1629;...these are the same Hicks(early pioneers of 1600's Virginia) that migrated into Tennessee(Hicks & Hillbilly's),my stompin' grounds and birth place of my grandmother ''Susan Hicks'';

I am a hicks and live in central va. The earliest ancestor i can trace is william hicks, immigrated from england or about 1771. there is a large contingent of us in the area. I am also descended from alexanders and austins.

Barbara HIcks
Hello William, You seem to have a lot of information. My Hicks are from Tenn to Arkansas. I'd like to share information, granted you probably have more than I do. If you can give me you email or how to contact you I'd appreciate it. My email is ba rbara.hicks8@gm Leave out the spaces though. Barbara

Kevin John Hicks
My peeps are from NY city and the earliest Hicks in my family in America was Rholabart Hicks ( yeah, I never heard of a name like Rholabart either) who owned a store in Esopus NY, which I still live by. It seems my family has stayed in this area since they came here from England in the 1790s. I only wish I had the wealth they seemed to have back then LOL.

Richard Hicks
This is my first time ever looking up my family's history, and I must say, I am amazed at everything that I have found.

My name is Rebecca Hicks of Australia. Daughter of Martin Hicks, Grand daughter of Eric Albert Christopher Hicks, Great Grand daughter of Christopher Hicks - all from Waddesdon, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England. My grandfather came to Australia with his family in 1947. My father turned five on the ship.

David Hick

What about anyone with the name Hick? My family has no S on the end. I have never met, or heard of another "Hick" that wasn't directly related to me.

ian hick hughes

Are you from reading in england I have a cousin called david hick who lives there .

Sontrina Hicks
Hi my name is Sontrina Hicks the daughter of Willie Lee Hicks Sr(dec) and Jerilean (Ruff) Hicks. I dont know much about my grandparents they died before i was born. But my dad was born in Slyvesta, GA and was raised in Florida. I didnt know much about the Hicks name but after reading this information and everyones post i know a lot more. I havent met many people with the Hicks last name in my town. Its good to know it

joanne vertigan
my maiden name was Joanne Hicks, father was Arthur Blamey Hicks, we live in Melb, Australia. very interested in Hicks ancestry.

Peggy Sue Hicks
Hicks Coat of Arms You can see the HICKS Coat of Arms at my ancestry family tree.

Peggy Sue Hicks
Hi All I'm daughter of Thomas Jackson Hicks, son of Joseph Wilson Hicks, son of Thomas Carter William Hicks of MS, son of Andrew Jackson Hicks of SC, son of James and Sarah Jane Hicks. If anyone has a connection please message me here at Have a blessed day

Jim Hicks
Look at the entries of Elvin Farris in for the Hicks family. Another way is to look for his entries under Jesse Hicks. I did a lot of Hicks research years ago before personal computers and computers in libraries. Later I found that Elvin, my first cousin on my dad's side, had taken up researching the Hicks family. I visited in person many times, before Hurricane Hugo, the Williamsburg County, SC cemeteries, libraries, and govt buildings, as well as talking with people. I know the names Andrew Jackson Hicks of SC. I know where they are buried. I have seen the markers. I know the lineages.

Chelsea Hicks
*Southern, sorry.

Chelsea Hicks
My name is Chelsea Hicks. My dad is Gary Dale Hicks Jr. and My grandather is Gary Dale Hicks Sr. My great aunt is Sharon Hicks. They're from Sothern Michigan and Tennessee. I'm really interested in finding out my family origins.

Andrew Hicks
Hi, I'm Andrew Hicks, 3rd son of Henry Charles Hicks, grandson of Henry Hicks of Belfast Ireland. I am investigating a Viking connection with a derivative of the surname Hicks. Would be interested in any other investigations into this origin.

Bryan D. Hicks

Hi my name is Bryan Hicks, I am from central Texas, all of my family have been told through the years that we are of Viking orgin. I am digging further into this. Any info would be helpful

Sara Rice
Our Hicks family is from Arkansas and now live in Michigan descended from Roy Richard Hicks down to my 4 year- old grandson Carson Hicks. I just read an article last night about Ray Hicks of North Carolina. I thought it was good. It has photos of him too.

Mima Hicks
My father is called Richard Hicks!

Jim Hicks
I am James Hugh Hicks Jr., son of James Hugh Hicks Sr. and Elizabeth Josephine Drinkwater. I was born in Norfolk Va. Both of my parents are from North Carolina. Father from the Salisbury area and Mother is from Manteo. There were 16 children in my Fathers family. If you are from N.C. with the last name of Hicks I believe there is a good chance we are realated. I have been in South Florida since 1960.

Richard Hicks
hello, I am Richard Hicks son of James Ewing Hicks III. I am in Norfolk Va. There is nothing wrong with being a country Hick

Looking for Paul Hicks from South Carolina, my father's father whom he never met. He was in the military, apparently.

Janine Hicks
Hi, I am Janine Hicks Daughter of William Thomas Hicks (Dec) Family originate from East Woodhay, Hants. Have also been told that Hicks is a reference to a Country Hick (yokel/bumpkin)!

Charles S Hicks
Charles Stanley Hicks, Here, Son of Charles William Hicks and Eva Louise (Gribble) Hicks. Uncles, Stanley Hicks, Kenneth Hicks, Russel Hicks. Their sister Ida Hicks. Grandfather John Hicks, Grandmother Belle Hicks. Nice info here, looking for more.

Jim Hicks
See Peggy Sue Hicks (above). She is of the branch of Hicks that I could not attach to the Jesse Hicks tree for lack of direct evidence. You and I are of the Jesse Hicks tree. I think your immediate family might be somewhere around Lynches River and Pamplico, SC, and I have seen the cemetery of Hicks across from the white church that Baker Hicks founded (I think.).