Last name: Hicks

Recorded as Hick, Hicke and the patronymics Hickes, Hicks and Hickson, this is a famous English medieval surname. Derived from the given name Richard, this was a personal name that was occasionally found in England in the pre 10th century, but was mainly popularized as Ricard by the Norman-French invaders after the Conquest of 1066. However the ulimate origin is perhaps surprisingly pre 7th century Old German, and it was then composed of the elements "ric", meaning power, with "hard", brave or strong. The personal name became a firm favourite amongst the native population of England after the reign of King Richard 1st, known as "Lionheart", (1189 - 1199). It was felt by many, erroneously as it happens, that the king represented Anglo-Saxon values against those of his brother Prince, and later King John (1199 - 1216). Be that as it may, the relative success of Richard lead to a major development of his name into a bewildering number of diminutive and patronymic variants, which in time became surnames. These include Dick, Dicks, Dickson, and Dixon, as well as Hick, Hicke, Hicks, Hickson, and Rick, Ricks, and Rickson. The substitution of "H" as the prime initial resulted from the early inability of the native English to cope with the Norman pronunciation of "R", so arguably Hick is English and Rick is French! Early recordings of the personal name include Richard Hick in the Subsidy Rolls of Yorkshire in the year 1302, and William Hickys as spelt in the pipe rolls of Warwickshire in 1309. Amongst the recordings of the name in church registers of the diocese of the citty of London is that of the marriage of William Hicks and Margery Allen, at All Hallows church, London Wall, on July 17th 1559. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Rachelle Miller-Hicks
I've always been proud of my surname. Born 3rd child of Ronald Hicks, grandchild of Roy and Mary (Dimmig) Hicks, great grand daughter of John Hicks, all Lee County, IL. I do know that the ancestry on my father's side is British but not much more unfortunately.

Christopher J. Hicks
I am the first son of Roger Lee Hicks My Grandfather was Dennis Hicks, a coal miner from Charleston, WV My Great-Grandfather was Charley Hicks from Scott Depot, WV My Great-Great Grandfather was Calvin Akilles Hicks from Ohio. Going back further, I can recount now back to relations from Scotland clearances and English Nobility. It's good to be a Hicks. :-)

Bill Hicks
Ok really small world. I was looking up the origin of the name Hicks and the first thing I read is about people from West Virginia where I grew up. And even smaller world since I grew up in Scott Depot, West Virginia. My father's name is Earl Hicks (as was his father) and still lives in Scott Depot. It is good to be a Hicks indeed.

Craig Hicks
Hello, my ancestors evolved out of the Texas mud sometime during the 19th century

John William Hicks
Whats up boys and squirrels
My name is John Hicks} Im from NC my dad was born in Texas
his fathers lastname was mcnally} but after his death his mother maried some one else with the lastname hicks
other than that i dont know to much about my family

sara hicks
Dose anyone know my mom Ann Hicks or my dad Scott Hicks???

Ethan Hicks
Its a small world after all. Born and raised in Huntington, WV.

dylan hicks

Dylan thomas hicks son of Murray thomas hicks jr. Son of murray thomas hicks all born in toronto canada. My great grandfather thomas hicks is from england

Laura Hicks

I married a Hicks. He has no clue where his family came from and I am just curious to find out. Anyone know of any Hicks in AL? My father in law is Dwight Leon Hicks. He passed away a few years ago near Henager AL. If that helps

Russell rico

My mother was a hicks, born on Washington state. Her mother Marie was born on Oklahoma. I live in enid ok

Son of Charles

I am Charles Stewart Hicks, Son of Charles Baxter Hicks.. Born and raised in ohio, My father was adopted and now passed away. He always insisted the blood of the Scottish bore us.. He certainly looked the part, as did my brother. I have absolutly no clue to my Ancestry.

Myfanwy Hicks

I was born in Zimbabwe to Charles Arthur Hicks and Elsie Hicks (nee van Niekerk). My father was born in Wales in the UK, and he moved to Africa. My dad wanted at least one of his children to have a welsh name, thus my name, Myfanwy. If anyone knows anything about my dad or his ancestors I would love to hear about it.

Georgia HICKS!

Hello fellow Hicks! Originally from Georgia and now live in Virginia. My Grandfather. He was Gordon Pal Hicks, who I think grew up in the north Georgia mountains before marrying and moving to Lithonia. A sibling had a DNA test that shows us to be 89% British Isles. I know my Grandma, Gordon's wife, was 1/4 American Indian, and there is also American Indian on my mother's side. Would really like to find out more about where my ancestors (and 89% of my heritage) were from. Not just for me, but my children as well. My wife has Irish/German ancestry, so knowing the mix would be fascinating.

James Hicks
Son of murl lee hicks,from topeka ks, Grandfather is albert hicks from ohio

Joel Hicks
My grandparents came from the Weston Super Mare in Somerset. My grandfather was from a farming family. My grandmother was a Hunt and her family made cheese.

Michael Hicks
My 6th grade daughter had an assignment to research the etymology of our last name. I knew my parents had studied it out at one point, so I had her reach out to them. This was their reply to her: "Long ago, the Vikings, who came from one of the Scandinavian countries, traveled by sea, and some were pirates. One by the name of Swykus settled with a group of other Vikings in England and settled down to farm. His name changed to Hykus, meaning "tiller of the soil" or farmer. That later became Hicks, and it was pronounced like "Hikes." It eventually became Hicks, pronounced as it is today. Grandpa says the pronunciation to Hicks occurred when they immigrated to America."

Jacob Hicks
I like my last name!!!

james hicks -- ohio
all in good time - RULE HARD

James Hicks
Hello Hicks' it's not that often I get to say that. I'm from Oxford England, I've managed to trace my side of the Hicks family tree back to George & Sarah Hicks, their children were William T, Mary S, Anna P and Lizzie all I know is that they Migrated to Morristown Lamollie Vermont around 1880-1890. Hopefully I've still got relatives living in the US still

Tammy Hicks
I am from NC Mountains my fathers name was Carl Hicks his father was Conley but my great grand parents names are David & Lizzie Hicks, I would love to find more info if possible, I do know that hicks' belong to the Clan Sutherland.

Amy hicks
I'm daughter of Richard David oliver hicks in Britain we have connections with Cornwall London Wales and Hythe new forest any relations out there? He was born in Herefordshire his dad Kenneth hicks was born in Hythe new forest but parents and family grandparents were London way think tommy hicks (steele) may be related?

Eddie Hicks
I was only able to go back 5 generation but found all came from around Trigg county Ky. Fathers name Eura Edward, Grandfather Finis Hicks. Any one from Kentucky?

Malinda Hicks
Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world 🎀🎢🎢🎢😊

Jessica Hicks
Loving England. I haven't been able to pin point the actual location in England as to where my ancestors are from. But I'm sure I will.

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