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When the final definitive history of famous English surnames is written, the surname of Howard will surely be near the head of the list. It appears no less than seventy-five times in the British National Biography, whilst thirty-seven coats of arms have been granted to the name holders. The highest heraldic rank in England is that of Earl Marshall, responsible for all events in which the monarch takes a ceremonial role. This title is held by the Duke of Norfolk, whose family descend from Sir William Howard who died in 1308. Lord Howard of Effingham was the victor over the Spanish Armada in 1588, not Sir Francis Drake as is popularly recorded. There are two possible originations for the surname. It may derive from the Norman-French personal names Huard and Heward, introduced into England after the Conquest of 1066. These were originally adapted forms of the pre 7th century Germanic personal name "Hughard", composed of the elements "hug", meaning heart or spirit, and "hard", hardy and brave. Alternatively it may derive from the Anglo-Scandinavian personal name "Haward", composed of the elements "ha", meaning high and "varthr", a guardian. The names Huardus, Huart and Houardus, all appear as land owners in the famous Domesday Book of 1086, which predated most surnames by at least two hundred years. In the modern idiom the surname has several spellings including Howard, Howerd, Heward and Huard. The first recorded spelling of the family name is probably that of Robert Howarde. This was dated 1221, in the rolls of Ely Abbey, Cambridgeshire, during the reign of King Henry 111rd, 1216 - 1272. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop," often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Teresa Harrell
My Howard line is traced back so far to Ocracoke NC. My ancestor was William Howard, his son George, Corneillus, Martin, Daniel, Benjamin are my grandfathers'. As well as Henry Clay Howard my grandfather. My father is Noah Howard. I have been told all my life that we are descendants of the Duke of Norfolk. don't know for sure. We believe that Philip Howard is William's father and that his father was also named William. I have been told that this set of Howard's have always been a mystery to people. Don't know why. We also think that our William, Philip's son, was Blackbeard's quartermaster. Another tibbit you might like to know is that Lady Godiva was married to a Howard. He was the ruler of Mercia, I think that is the spelling. If anyone has information on my William would love to know about it. Also my father has done the dna test with family tree, would be great to have more Howard men do this with them. So far he has only matched a Howard in Florida, none of the Howard's from Maryland.

Brandy Howard
I'm a Howard a full blooded one at that. I'm just trying to learn about my family

hollie howard
I'm a howard as well

Tamatha Howard Castle
I am a Howard from Mississippi. My father is Harold Howard and his father is Douglas Howard from Arkansas and His father Captain Jim Howard. Road stopped there.......but still looking.....

peter howard
my grandfather, Phil (not Phillip) Howard was born in Stotfold in 1873. His sons were Phil and James Albert (my father) and daughter Coleta. I am Peter James Howard, born Whitchurch Hants 1/7/42. more if you wish from :-

Michael Howard
My great gran uncle owned 126 acres of land in 1873 in County Cork Ireland. Thats where I live at the moment with my parents. Its as far back as i can go. i dont know how he came to own this land or where he came from!!! Dead end.

Martin Howard

I share the name of another person on this site. However, I reside in Australia. John Howard arrived in South Australia aboard the Hooghly in 1839 from London. John was a baker by trade but he and his family became pioneering farmers and major land holders in New South Wales. John was the son of Henry Howard based in London and believed to be a caterer to Royalty. It has been said within the family that our family are descendants of Howards of the Dukes of Norfolk.

Coral Paige

I am a Howard. My great great great grandfather was Alfred George Howard, born in Lambeth, Surrey, England in 1825. I can not find his parents or siblings. Alfred George had Alfred, my great grandfather, who had Vivian, my great grandfather, who had Harold, my grandfather. He was born in 1905, in London and emigrated to the United States around 1929. I have heard family rumors that we are relations to the Boleyn Howards and Lord Howard, Duke of Effingham. (My grandfather used to say, "I'm descended from the Duke of Effingham, and I've been Effingham (f-ing 'em) every since! Haha!


I would appreciate any help with tracing my Howard family back to England. I have stopped at Thomas and Letty Durham Howard. All help appreciated.

ann henderson

I'm descended from Howards in Churchtown, Southport,Lancashire, uk 1720-ish

Paula Howard Hardin

I come from a line of Howard's and have traced my great great granddad his name was John Thomas Howard born 12/1831 in Ireland and he died 2/3/1907 and was married to Florence Elizabeth James Howard. I would love to find some of my relatives who have any additional information on the family.

William Howard
My father and I have been looking into family history , our ancestors for years . We have not had any luck finding where Ezekiel Howard was born or who his parents were . He was married to Margret Newman in Lynn , Massachusetts in 1741 . I've found her parents and family , but not his . Does anyone have any information to share ?

Helen Howard
My great grandfather was Charles henry howard. Born in 8 August 18??.He stay in boksburg.gauteng. South Africa. Can't find anything will appreciate if I can get some help.thanks

Ricky Howard
--Of the Howards' on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Just trying to find some information about our history and its getting so confusing where it seams to be that everyone had the same name back then.... ughhhhh! so frustrating but still interesting just the same even if its not my "Howards'" I'm finding. In my research however i found that the Howard name might have been changed from the former name -Howell- many many years ago; that is at least for my set of the Howards.... any help? Great grandfather was John Hilton Howard (Howell)?.

Mercedes Howard
I never knew my last name was originally from Germany... Well then... I am confused...

Jonathan Howard
My grandfather Bertrand John Howard came to Canada from England after the first world war. They landed in Hamilton Ontario and moved to northern Ontario. We were always told we had blue blood and that we were related to Catherine Howard Queen of England the 5th wife of King Henery the VIII.

E S Howard
Trying to help my husband find the link to his family name Husband: John L. Howard Father: Jose L. Howard Jr. Grand Father: Jose L. Howard Sr. Great Grand Father: Arthur Howard We would like to learn more about his great grand father from Great Britain. He travelled to Asia to build streets and bridges. Any leads will help.

Neil Howard
Im a Howard and from the Liverpool region... Dad was George Howard he had 7 brothers and 4 sisters

C. Howard
If it's any help, my father's Y DNA is R1B2. It appears his line came to the US somewhere in the 1600's while many remained in the U.K. Virginia and MA were where they started but one line settled in KY and another headed south to GA and the Carolinas.

Stephen W. Howard
My ancestor Jeremiah Howard was born in NH 1795 and married Sarah Brown(in1824) they settled and died in Bangor, ME. Their oldest son David F. was born and died in Bangor he married Martha Rich, two of Davids' daughter's married into the Peavy family

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