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Recorded in the spellings of Jackson, Jacson, Jagson and Jaxon, this is a famous English and occasional Scottish, surname. It is a patronymic formed from the personal names Jaques or John, both originating from the ancient Hebrew "Yochanan", meaning "Jehovah has favoured me (with a son)". The name as a personal name was first introduced by returning Crusaders from the Holy Land in the 12th century, and grew rapidly in popularity. Early recordings include such examples as William Jagge and Robert Jacke in the Pipe Rolls of the counties of Huntingdonshire and Staffordshire in 1251 and 1302 respectively. Medieval examples of the slightly later patronymics include: Adam Jakson, a witness in the Assize Court of Staffordshire in 1351, Willelmus Jacson or Jackson, was listed in the Poll Tax returns of the county of Yorkshire in 1379, whilst Andrew Jacson was admitted to the rank of burgess of the city of Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1409. An early settler in the New World colonies was Henry Jackson, aged 29. He embarked from the port of London on the ship "Elizabeth and Ann", bound for Virginia on April 1635. Amongst the many interesting namebearers was Andrew (Stonewall) Jackson (1767 - 1845). He was the seventh president of the United States of America, from 1828 - 1836, but earlier he became a national hero when he successfully defended New Orleans against the British in 1815. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Adam Jackessone. This was dated 1327, in the Subsidy Rolls of Suffolk, during the reign of King Edward 111rd of England, 1327 - 1377. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Thomas Jackson
Hello to all Jackson researchers ...I've recently begun my research on family history and have been able to get back to my great grandfather Frank Edward Jackson, born 1845, in County Mayo, Ireland. His father was James Jackson , but I have no other info on him or his ancestry. Frank Edward married a woman by the name of Margaret Theresa Grady, born in Yorkshire, England in 1851, in January of 1870, at a church by the name of St. Patrick's, in Yorkshire. They came to America in 1873, eventually settling in Avoca, Pa........would love to get some info, for both sides, on their past. Anything that can be shared would help. Thanks.

richard jackson
hello i am looking fo 1790r info on william jackson born 1819 in armagh,ireland would like to know more about his father born abt.1790 in ireland .. some trees have the name william but it is a question i am a direct decendent the 1819 william moved his family to canada they settled in parry sound district .my grandfatld her alexander was born in parry sound and moved to cleveland where i was born any info would be helpful thanks :)

My maiden name is Jackson. My father was an immigrant from Poland (Galicia) that part under Austro-Hungarian rule. He emigrated with the name Jaksan, a very un-Polish name. Someone doing research for me in Poland has said that Scots by the name of Jackson came to southern Poland in the 1600s. These Scottish and English colonists were heavily taxed by the Polish King and eventually called heretics. Most converted to roman Catholicism. Can anyone veryify this information? I would never have thought my Polish relatives would have had their origin in Scotland. Would appreciate your response.

mark jackson
The Jackson name originated from the English Scottish borders.they were seated.people of wealth and landowners.strongly linked to the crusaders who fought for the holy grandfather was a vicar as was his father his father etc.I know the strong religious aspect running through the family and with the family staying in northumberland I'm glad to say I'm the real deal.I have also Scottish and Irish relatives which all links up to the info concerning Jackson

Andrew Jackson
This article has an error. The 7th president of the U.S. was Andrew (Old Hickory) Jackson. NOT "Stonewall". Stonewall Jackson was the Confederate General Thomas Jonathan Jackson.

Desmond Barnard
My maternal grandmother was Elizabeth Fredrika Theneustina Jackson & married my maternal grandfather in Saint Pauls Church in Port Elizabeth on the 27th August 1890,. I find her 3rd christian name very unusual, Iwould be interested to see if there are any other people who have a relative with the same "Theneustina". (taken from a copy of the church register.)

My name is Johnny Jackson I did some research, it seems that my ancestor (Elder William Jackson) from northern ireland in 1721. My GGG grandfather was born on the mayflower and settled in North Carolina or Virginia? and spread from there. I cannot get any info for Elder William Jackson? can someone help?

Tony Jackson
How do I find where my Jackson name came from in Columbia SC.

Richard Patrick Jackson
go to your main library in your county and do your search for your Jackson info. My Jackson roots are very deep in W.Va .

Waldemar Jakson
Name - occurring laterally - as Jaksan , Jakson , Jakson comes from the name of the male is already known in the Middle Ages, " Jaksa " ( dawn.Jaxa , Jaxo , Jacza , Jaczo , Jazko ) , some researchers argue that it comes from a personal name John . Others advocate the view that we are dealing here with a shortened version of the name James . It is difficult to prove that the root of the "how" is derived from this name , because there is a Slavic word " like" s , meaning a man brave , strong . Both from the name of Jacob, and apelatywu "how" could therefore arise word form , or name Jaksa . The suffix " - sa" ( derived from " -st " ) occurs in Polish extremely rare ( eg Borsh , Radsza , Bogusz , Nietyksza ) . Still others believe that the name Jaksa is probably polonized form of the name Jason . Name Jaksa , now completely forgotten , was in use even in the sixteenth century.
Data from the "Dictionary of the names used today in Poland, " edited by Prof. . Casimir Rymut , issued by the Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences show that the etymology " jaks " comes a lot of names : Jaksa, Jaksik, Jaksonek, Jaksan, Jakson, Jaksoń.
1398 r.
6026. Acta feria scxta die beate Lucie virginis (Dec. 13).
Testes Czirchowski contra Dqbkonem de Karsnice: primus Janussius de Lubiszewo, Jaxon de Masovia, Gosek, Kruk de Lub- nicza, Andreas de Glupyewo. Rota: sicut sciunt et testantur, quod antecessores affinales Johannis Czirchowski nunquam re-
spondebant coram burgrabio, sed nisi coram persona domini capitanei ab antiquis annis.
Ks. Sadowe łęczyckie, t.4,wyd. A. Pawiński, Warszawa 1897, s. 711

Łęczyca, wiece gen. d. 26 lutego r.1409.
Testes ducit Albertus de Michalouicze contra Grzimconem de Komaszicze pro
vituperio: Philipus Menczicz , Jakszon de Szelazna de proprio cleynodio dicto Ve-
nawy. Mlkel subcamerarius Dobrinensis, Andreas de Szacouicze de cleynodio Cho-
lewa, Mathias de Thymenicza, Pelca de Goscziszeuicze de clenodio Nalcow.

Waldemar Jakson

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Surname Database: Jackson Last Name Origin
Last name meaning Jackson: Recorded in the spellings of Jackson, Jacson, Jagson and Jaxon, this is a famous English and occasional Scottish, surname. It ...

Barbara Kemper

President Andrew Jackson was "Old Hickory" General Thomas Jackson was "Stonewall"

Suzanne Kilfoy

My late mother's surname was Jackson. She was born at Carragh Maxwell, County Monaghan Ireland. How did the Jackson's arrive in northern Ireland?


I recently signed up with and out of all my family tree Jackson surname is the strongest dating back to early 1500's to Edingburgh Scotland . With the first to arrive in Virginia in the 1600's. Code of arms is a knight with the shield having three eagle heads and three saint symbols with yellow and red striped back ground.


Hi fellow jacksons my nans brother has done some research and believes we are descendants from the king of munster Ireland how true this is I have no idea but would be interesting to find out

Alan Norman Jackson
In fact I go by my middle name --Norman- I travelled from Western Australia to England on May 28, this year (2015) to ascertain if my father is alive or not.mhis name was/is George Alan Jackson and he was a soldier in WW2. Stationed in Mauritius during the conflict he met my mother, a local lass and they were married in Mauritius on 31/10/1942. I was born on 29/7/1943. My mother and I travelled to Port Mulgrave when I was 3 years old and we stayed with my grandparents in Port Mulgrave. My father came back from the war with a hearing disability and my younger brother, Denis, was born on 12/3/1947. Unfortunately the marriage broke down and the 3 of us travelled back to live in Mauritius. They divorced in the early 1960's and he remarried a lady by the the name of Patricia Harrison in 1962. I have endeavoured to find out if he is still alive or not but unfortunately to no avail. I am positive that I may have some other relatives in the UK but need assistance from anyone who may be able to provide me with other details pertaining to my father. He was born in 1918. When in 1918 remains a question. I can be contacted at I will be most grateful for any information.
I am looking for info on the Jackson Name. I keep hitting a dead end and was hoping someone could help or know anything. My great grandfather was Calvin Jackson born 1870 died 1936.(wife Lena Phelps) His father was James Jackson born 1830( wife Deborah Vacluven) Calvin Jackson was born in Augusta Township had 7 children one was my grandmother Hilda Jackson(Pople,MacDonald,Card) What info I am looking for is that it shows my Great grandfather Calvin Jackson Nationality Indian. has anyone else come across this in the Jackson name and if so can you direct me where I could dig deeper on this. or provide me with the information you have already found. Thank you

David L. Jackson
Looking for more information on James Jackson1742-1805, marrying Elizabeth Hair (1740-1792) on 13-05-1766 at Holy trinity Micklegate, York, Yorkshire. I need to know more details of of Jame's family or relatives.

Jeremy Jackson
I am Jeremy Jackson. I am the last remaining Jackson on our branch of the tree. I do not have any kids. And my dad had no others after me. And my aunt and 2 uncles never had kids.

marilyn stroud
this is a Good name, for my maybe grandson

Andrew jackson and stonewall jackson are 2 completely different people

What does Searcaigh mean or stand for

Holly C Jackson
From the Jacksons of W.Lafayette Indiana. Looking for my father Jay Lee Jackson----Help!

Lyle w jackson
Considering the global locations of the Jackson clan might it at all possible that some of us are viking

Linden B Jackson
I really found this interesting but I wonder if we have a crest.

Susan K. Stacey
I am researching Elizabeth Jackson who, in 1851, lived at 47 East Bank Lane (later East Bank Street), Southport, married to Ralph Jackson. He marriage cert. indicates her maiden name was McKue, but could be a variant of this, ie. McHugh; McKew; McCue; McKee, McKie; or McKay. She originally came from the Wigan area (possibly Blackrod, Standish) and was a coal miner when she was young (possibly child labourer) and had a bad accident, which left her with some disability. According to Census results, from 1841, she may have been born anytime between 1806 and 1814. She appears to have had a nephew called John Heaton (shown in this Census, also from Wigan), and at this time (1841) a Thomas Heaton (also a collier) was living with the Jackson family in Southport. I have found the records of an Elizabeth McKue (b. 26.1.1804) baptised 26.2. 1804 at St John RC, Wigan, dau. of Ann and Andrew McKue, with sponsor (Godparents) Daniel Heaton. However, this date doesn't tie in, but perhaps she didn't know her true age? This child MAY have died (smallpox) in October 1804 as there is a burial of a Betty McCowan, in Haigh, near Blackrod, dau. of Andrew (a miner). There is also a birth of an Eliz. Miccone (also spelt Miccoone) dau. of Andrew and Ann, bapt. 5.6.1808 at same church (St John). This Elizabeth could be another child they named Elizabeth (Godparent again Daniel Heaton). Elizabeth married Ralph Jackson in 20 Dec. 1830, at St. Cuthbert's Church, Churchtown, Southport. Ralph died in 1869, and Eliz. died sometime after 1871. She had become a shell-flower maker in Southport, and hit the big time when she exhibited at the 1851 Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace. ANY links or further details would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Susan K. Stacey.

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