Last name: Laverack

This unusual and interesting name is of medieval English origin, and is a peculiarly northern English form of the nickname surname 'Lark', usually found in Northumberland and Yorkshire. The modern surname, found as 'Laverick', 'Lavarack', ' Laverack' and 'Laverock' is in fact very close to its original form, since the derivation of the name is from the Old English pre 7th Century 'lawerce', in Middle English 'lavero(c)k' and 'lark'. As a nickname the term was used of someone noted for being a good singer and of a cheerful, blithe disposition, perhaps too an early riser. It could also have been a metonymic occupational name for someone who trapped the birds and sold them for the cooking pot. One, Richard Laverock was recorded in "The Hundred Rolls of Nottinghamshire", dated 1273, and a Willelmus Laverok in the 1379 "Poll Tax Returns of Yorkshire". On February 18th 1677, Francis Laverick and Elizabeth Ridley were married in Lythe, Yorkshire. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Juliana Laveroc, witness, which was dated 1243, in the Assize Court Records of Co. Durham, during the reign of King Henry 111, known as the Frenchman, 1216 - 1272. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Malcolm John Laverack

Am 67 years of age, born in and still resident of Sydney Australia. The first 'Australian' Laverack was John Boulton, born 1818 Hull, Yorkshire. His father named Martin


I went to school in Hull with a Laverack, that was in the1950s, so the name still lingers.

My great grandfather was John Laverack and he was from Yorkshire

marc laverack
my grandfather is the great Jack Laverack from leeds 1901.

Bog man
The Laveracks are Jews I believe

Marcia Laverack
Only a few Laveracks in the USA. My family lives in Michigan, and all of the Michigan Laveracks are family. My Great Grandfather's name was Samuel Laverack born about 1861 to 1864 in Pollington, Yorkshire, England. I found his name on the 1871 Census of Residents of the Goole Union Workhouse. He was only listed as 8 years old and along with him two other Laveracks, George age 10, and Harriet age 5. I am assuming that they were siblings. I would like to find there birth record so I can find the record of there parents.

Val Laverack
My Great Grandfather was Thomas Laverack. born in Pollington, Yorkshire in 1857. I found his family in the 1901 census. They lived at 16 Rose Hill Terrace, Rawcliffe near Goole, Yorkshire. At the same address were his wife Harriet age 49, daughter Eliza age 16, sons Arthur age 14, Walter age 12 ( my grandfather ) Thomas age 11 and Clayton P age 9. My father was George Laverack born in 1924.I can't believe this is coincidence! We might be long lost cousins.

Natalie Laverack
I believe I must have some connection to you, too. My grandfather, who sadly passed away this year, was William Laverack, a Yorkshire man born in 1927 and grew up in Goole. He did a great deal of research on the Laverack family tree and I am hoping to see his records soon. Lots of our immediate family remain in Yorkshire, now in Moorends and Doncaster, however I am now living in Berkshire with my sister, Charlotte.

john white
Lots of Laveracks in Hull and surrounds. I thought laver was linked to flowing water. We need a genetic base!

Anne Marie Callaghan
Laverack is, it seems an old English surname linked to lark. It was a name of bird catchers, metonym for this occupation, also referring to people who rose early and were of cheerful disposition. I'm a name fanatic so had researched this one as I know someone with this name and it is so unusual and found in specific areas of the country. It is not French in origin.

Matthew Laverack
Brittany is not a place near France. It is a part of France. North west. Juts out into Atlantic. Rugged and remote. Bit like Cornwall. Not many Laveracks there.

donna laverack
I live in perth, western australia, my father was born in townsville im pretty sure thats in qld. Im pretty sure the name "LAVERACK" is from "BRITTANY" its a place near france as im doing the family tree im finding out more and more information and am pretty sure i have a lot of "LAVERACK" rellies that i dont know about !!!! but im still searching as my grandfather had i think quiet alot of brothers and sisters and some still alive in sydney area i think !!! If anyone knows of a rolland or sidney or keith or wilfred you could well be related !!!

Matthew Laverack
I live in York, England. There are loads of us here. Sometimes spelt Laverack and sometimes Laverick. Even in the same family tree. My tree has been traced back so far to around 1700 in Yorkshire. It is not Jewish. We do not have that honour.

kirsty laverack
im in hull would love to know about ancestors were they came from

Mark Laverack

I'm Jewish!

Shaun Laverack
My last name is Laverack as well and im in Australia, Perth. I always wandered where our name origionated from.

Scott Laverack

I too share this last name Laverack. Grandpa bill and Nana Freda (both passed) were in the battle of Britain. I live and breathe in the prison colony. Apparently, the name is welsh/northern England.