Last name: Lestrange

Recorded in various spellings as shown below, this is a confusing surname of great antiquity. It can probably be best described as of French origins from the time after the Norman Conquest of 1066, when for three centuries French was the language of England, and in effect this surname like the surname Newman, was a nickname for a comer-in to an area. The early recordings of the name are found in the county of Norfolk, and later in Yorkshire. It should not be assumed that these necessarily described Frenchmen, although this is likely. In the modern idiom spellings include Le Strange, L' Estrange, Strainge, Strange, Stranger (England), and in France Lestrange and Letrange. Early examples of recordings include John Lestrange in the tax rolls known as the Feet of Fines for the county of Norfolk in 1195, Ralph le Estrange, in the Curia Regis Rolls of Suffolk in 1199; Hugh le Strange in the Assize Court rolls of Salop (Shropshire) in 1221; and Fulco Strange, in the records of the Abbey of Ely, Cambridgeshire in the same year. Roger le Strange who died in 1311, filled various important judicial, military and administrative posts for King Edward 1st (1272 - 1307). A coat of arms associated with the name has the blazon of a red shield charged with two silver lions passant. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John Lestrange. This was dated 1192, in the Pipe Rolls of the county of Norfolk, during the reign of King Richard 1st, known as "Lionheart", 1189 - 1199. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was sometimes known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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John Lestrange
Hi My name is John L'Estrange from Swindon Wiltshire My Dad was Oscar James L'Estrange his father was John Seymour L'Estrange both he and my father was born in India My Great great great Grandfather was Major Edward L'Estrange my father traced our family tree back to him, I am still trying to research who his parents are but I know they originated from France came with the Norman conquest and became Lords of Hunstanton and Knockin any body have any more info on Major Edward L'Estrange parents please it would be interesting to know if you would like to contact me my e mail is Thanks John

Marian L'Estrange

Well.Edward L'Estrange was also my great great great grand Father. I shall look up my family records & see where you fit in. I think. He Had about five children ( two died young )

John McEwen
Hello all, I`am also a LeStrange descendant but ancestors were Sir Fulk & his wife Eleanor Giffard & they were known as Lord & Lady Blackmere ( Blakemere ) of Shropshire,England.

Jesse Andrew Strange
the crest of Strange, LeStrange, etc. has altered over the years. My immediate family has possession of a copy of the crest from the 14th-15th century. I will have a tattoo of a futher updated design soon. It will mainly keep with the traditional symbolism with more modern "pensmanship" From word of mouth my clan has been said to have come from Scotland and Ireland. I am American with a mutt mix of Irish, Scottish, English, American Cherokee Indian, and possibly French ancestry. Jesse Andrew Strange son of Steven David Strange son of Jesse Collen Strange

Lu Tyree
Great to hear all your comments, thanks as always for the updates.

Liz L'Estrange
My maiden name is L'Estrange. My father told us that our family dates back to the days of William the Conqueror and came across from Normandy with his army. My father is a descendent of Edward L'Estrange, who was a Major General in the British Army and was stationed in India. Does anyone know of this person?

I am a descendent of Major General Edward L'Estrange - would be interested share details.

Gary Coleman

I am also a descendent of Major General Edward L'Estrange on my Mothers side, one of my uncles has traced the family tree happy to share. We are part of a large branch based in the Swindon Wiltshire area and returned to the UK after Indian independence.

John Lestrange

Hi my name is John L'Estrange Gary yr my cousin do you know who the majors parents were please?

John Walker
I am not a descendent but I have been researching Major General Edward L'Estrange as he appears in one of the many stems of my family tree, from the time he bought a commission as an Ensign in the 14th Foot to when he retired as a Brevet Colonel 70th Foot with the honourary rank of Major General. He fought in the Peninsular War, 14th Foot seconded to the 70th Foot and then went to India with the 14th Foot. Sometime between 1815 and 1818 he married an minor Indian princess with whom he had one son Frederick James. Frederick James was married 5 times and had about 21 children through which there were many descendents. Gary above could be a descendent of Frederick James. I have a public family tree in

I am descended from another son of Edward and the princess, Francis John L'Estrange. My branch settled in the Liverpool area in the mid-nineteenth century.

I have just come across your post re Francis John L'Estrange. He is buried with ancestors of mine - Ann Hardmand 1844 - 1897 & Elizabeth Hardman 1849 - 1933 plus infant William Hardman Rule died 1/4/1914 age 10 months old. their grave is in Toxteh Park Cemetary No 572

Paul Bommer
A friend of mine is descended from the Norfolk Lestranges. She told me about the legend of a haunted tapestry or rug belonging to the family's Hunstanton estate and guarded by the ghost of one Armine Le Strange. Perhaps this story is the origin of the embroidered Lestrange/ Black (deatheaster) tapestry family tree in Harry Potter?

My name is Nadine, My Grandfather came to America through ellis island but I have not been able to track my geno. All I know is that his parents came from Kings co. Maybe someone can help me?

Diane Lestrange
My name is Lestrange, but it was originally spelt L'Estrange. My father is from Co. Offaly, Ireland. Interesting to read about your origin @JerryL'Estrange because my mother is from Co. Westmeath. The only decendants left to continue our family name is my nephew. We were told the name is french-canadian?

Sarah H
My mother's family is from Co. Offaly Ireland, and is spelled L'Estrange. Her grandfather settled in Cumming Iowa.

Melissa Stone
One of my grandmothers was a LeStrange. Family lore traces our last known steps back to a cheese import business in Elizabethan London. For Harry Potter fans, the name LeStrange may have been used because it is firstly a strange name and secondly, one of the Lestrange baron's property later became White Hall, the hunting grounds of Jack the Ripper. Thirdly, we Normans have been the bad guys in English literature since 1066.

Adrian L''Estrange
My name is L'Estrange and i live in hampshire uk.i have family ties in australia,canada,india and maybe france or ireland. Adrian L'Estrange

My name is L'Estrange. Family is from County Westmeath,Ireland. Grandparents immigrated thru New York abt. 1850-55. Settled in the Irish enclave in Milwaukee,Wi. My last count there were 48 L'Estranges alive in Ireland. The family spread to Australia,England.Still working on the geneaolgy,lack of records in Ireland is daunting. Gerald(Jerry) L'Estrange

Lu Tyree
I am new to the family ancestry thing and see the name L'Estrange appear back in the 1850s, relatives in Australia. Anyone have any leads here by chance?

Jose F. Besa
L'Estrange is the name of my mother. She came to Chile,S.A. with my grandfather Francis L'Estrange and grandmather Lillian L'Estrange nee Henshaw, in 1916. I was told the name was tracable back to William the Conquerer, the Normand invader that ruled England at the begining of the 11th century.

Beatrix R. Greer
My surname is not Lestrange, but I'm curious now: why did J.K.Rowling choose to give a death eater the surname Lestrange?

Angela Deare

Possibly because my great uncle Cecil L'estrange Ewen wrote many books on witchcraft origins of names etc. I would like to think JK was aware of all his works/ books many being reprinted now in America