Last name: Lockhart

This very unusual and interesting surname, is generally accepted as being English and specifically from the Midlands. It is certainly a midlands surname, but its origins are in fact French! It derives from 'loche', and old French word which describes a fresh water fish, and presumably was applied as a nickname surname to a fresh water fisherman. This is to some extent proven by the coat of arms granted in Brittany, France, before 1792, which has the blazon of three silver fish, palewise two and one, on a black field. Quite when the name appeared in England is not certain, although it was well established in Warwickshire in the 16th century. There may be some connection with recording such as for instance, Robert Atteloc, recorded in the year 1300. In this case the 'lok' apparently refers to a stretch of fresh water, used for fish farming. Examples of the surname spellings include Loache and Loach in England, and Loche, Lochet, Locard, and Lockhart in France. The latter also being a prominent Scottish clan surname - although like 'Loach' it originated from France in the 12th century. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Loache, which was dated February 3rd 1593, recorded at Alveston, Warwickshire, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1, known as 'Good Queen Bess', 1558 - 1603. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Kalem lockhart
hmmm i am the last one on my family tree good to see the name being used here the meaning Lockhart Name MeaningScottish: of uncertain origin, probably from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements loc ‘lock’, ‘bolt’ + hard ‘hardy’, ‘brave’, ‘strong’.English: occupational name for a herdsman in charge of a sheep or cattlefold, from Old English loc ‘enclosure’, ‘fold’ + hierde ‘herd(er)’.Americanized form of German Luckhardt.

Matthew Lockhart
Never until now have I dug up any History on my Surname....but what I found is soooo Freakin, stories.....Family crests,....This gave me a newfound respect for my name....and a drive to keep the tradition of such a prestegious name...Bravery....

Lockhart, i have heard, is from Newtongrange in Midlothian. So scottish it is then

sean lockhart
That would be because the name is European in origin...surnames were not 'given' because of so called taxations as stated in the opening description of the name...they already existed many centurys before.....they usually described where one was from or their occupation etc Incidently, Lockhart is recorded in the 12th Century as a Scottish name. I'm sure William Shakespeares ancesters would be surprised to know they weren't called Shakespeare before 1558, or the Tudors; Plantaginates etc

mary lockhart
I am mary lockhart and have been told all my life that it is from american indian descent??? we all look like indians, dark skin, dark eyes, large noses, some more dominant than others. so confused :(

Surnames can have multiple origins, this site is biased towards explaing the european origins.

cindy pritchaard
I also have been told my Lockhart greatgrandfather was an indian from tracy city tn and his last name was Lockhart.

Otis Lockhart
It doesn't matter where it came from, we have it now. And it's up to us to make sure we do something worthy of leaving it behind in legacy to the world that we were here and that our lives made this planet a better place for others. Who cares what the right story is, make sure you tell your children why they have it, i.e., to produce the highest good a human can deliver while seeking a life greater than was given.

Sean Lockhart
The Bruce connection is strong, hence the reason so many Lockharts were transformed into Bruce Lockharts...

Andrew Greenfield Lockhart
Peter Bruce Lockhart is pretty close. The name is actually much older. Locards came from mainland Europe, possibly Belgium or France though they may have been spread more widely, eg Germany as someone has mentioned. The family had settled in England before the Norman Conquest and was probably driven north by the Normans. I recommend 'cousins' read 'Seven Centuries' by Simon Macdonald Lockhart (1976 and 2007).

peter bruce lockhart
What a load of bollicks! The name lockhart originates in the kingdom of Dalriada,scotland, with sir Simon locard.(1272)Sir Simon was in the crusades with sir james douglas carrying the heart of robert the bruce in a locked chest.This is where the coat of arms originates.The original Lockharts lived in Leih (lee) castle.Lockharts immagrate all over the world,many to ireland,various parts of europe,and england.Later to america,australia,and new ancestors went to england then australia to new zealand,where im now 5th generation.

For your possible interest "The Lockhart Family is also of Scottish origin and are of great importance as may be judged from the fact that there are no fewer than ten different Coat of Arms set out for the various branches of the family. They would occupy too much space to give here in detail. But if some idea could be given as to the particular branch in which you are interested, the particular Arms will be given with pleasure. It may be stated as a matter of interest that part of the arms of the Chief Family of the Lockhart clan is a Man's Heart Gules and the origin of this is as follows. - After the death of King Robert the Bruce in 1329, a member of the Locard Family, Sir Simon Lockhard of Lee accompanied Lord James Douglas to the Holy Land with the heart of the deceased Monarch for Interrment. From this circumstance the Douglas Family have in their Arms a Ground Heart. Sir Simon changed his name to Lockheart. The spelling has been changed in later years and for part of his Arms got a Heart with a Lock. The above was copied from the Weekly Irish Times of 13 October 1934. Asked by Latta Edmonton Alberta Canada."

Jim Lockhart
The info I have found Lockhart come form Scotland ,Lockhart took the hart of William the Bruce to the holy land.keeper and protector of the hart.

Sean Lockhart
Drunken Anglo Irish Scots hooligan if you don't mind!

Sean- how does someone putting a surname article make we Americans gullible, you drunken Irish hooligan?

Sean Lockhart
What a load of tosh!....check out the Lockhart connection in Scotland and it's well recorded for the Hart/ Lockhart connection...false. I am a Lockhart of Scottish origin, my Father infact and a Harte from Ireland on my Mothers I am a Harte Lockhart. The Midlands English connection is completely wrong, I sometimes think a lot of this family history crap is made up just to suit the gullible americans. Yours truly An Anglo Irish Scotsman

Mike Lockhart- Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Hello all. My aunt did a pretty thorough geneolgy study about 12 years ago. Turns out I am a 5th generation American. The Lockhart origin for us traced back totally to Germany. Specifically to the Hamburg area and thereabouts. My ancestors settled in the area of Cincinnati known as Over-The-Rhine, known for it distinct German architecture (which sadly is now known as one of the most crime-ridden neighborhoods in the country which is a shame because it could be one of the coolest neighborhoods anywhere).

Sue D.
Mike, I just read your posting about the name "Lockhart" tracing back to Germany. I was adopted, and my limited info on my birthfather says he was named Willie, born in Alabama in 1917, and traced his family back to German roots. Does any of this match up to your Lockhart info? Email me at

Sarah Lockhart
Im 5th generation Lockhart in Australia.. we hail from Scotland apparently but I had heard the name was originally from the German. Btw two Bruce Lockhart's in the family !!! One being my father:) Lol

Shelly Lockhart
I have always been told that we are from both Scotland and Germany. That the Lockhart's married into the Ross clan in Scotland. That we fought alongside Robert the Bruce. That we indeed took his heart to be interred. It's all so cool just to read about, very fun.