Last name: Logue

This interesting and unusual name is of usually of Irish origin, and is now almost exclusively a Derry and East Donegal name, where it is the Anglicization of the Gaelic "O'Maolmhaadhog" (formerly Anglicized phonetically as Mulvogue), and derived from a personal name, with the first element "maol", meaning "blunt", and the "O", denoting "grandson" or "male descendent of". Traditionally, Irish family names are taken from the heads of tribes, revered elders, or from some illustrious warrior, and are usually prefixed by "O" (as above), or "Mac", denoting "son of". However, it is thought that this name originated in County Galway, where it has been Anglicized as "Leech", and the family were first recorded as chiefs of a district between Athenry and Athlone. However it may also be a middle English nickname for a 'big eater', in this case deriving from the French "L'ogre". Examples of recordings include Elysabeth Logge who married Richard Battersybe in London on January 18th 1584, Margaret Logue, who was christened at Derry Cathedral, Templemore, on October 13th 1654, whilst Marguerite Logue, christened at West Street French Huguenot church, London, on June 29th 1715, had earlier escaped from France. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Logue, which was dated 1337, recorded at New Ross, County Wexford, during the reign of King Edward 111, known as "The Father of the Navy", 1327 - 1377. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Fintan Logue
The above information is entirely incorrect. The name Logue is of Scottish origin and I confirm the above information as utter rubbish. Fintan Thomas Gerald Logue

Fintan Thomas Gerald Logue
The name Logue is certainly an Irish one and although you will find the name in Scotland, that is because of Irish emigration to Scotland in the 19th and 20th century. Whoever wrote this is incorrect and appear to have used my name to make their erroneous views known. As the old saying goes, fools rush in, where angels fear to tread.

Andrew Stead
I'm the grandson of a Logue, who considered herself both firmly Scottish and a member of the McLean clan. That said, the tartan shops we spoke with all traced the name Logue to an Irish origin. Beyond that, we don't know much.

ross logue
Love my name its Irish but there is a Scottish version

ross logue
Logues are truly nice people God bless u all!

Susanne Logue

My name is Susanne Logue. My grandparents came from County Donegal. My grandfather was James J. Logue. He was one of 10 children. He lit the buoy light every evening on Mulroy Bay, and his father was Patrick Owen Logue, sea captain and pilot, who drowned in a storm.

Lisa Logue

My father's name is William interesting.

Robert Emmett Logue Jr

Hello, I thought you may find this interesting
Hi friends, Recently I contracted with Lyman Platt, Ph.D. of Electronic Family Lineages, to compile a report, from his data base sources, on the Logue family. I found his completed report to be ...

Lisa Logue

I dont know much about my Logue side of my family history, but I find this artivle father's name was William Logue. Hello fellow Logue's!

Vince Logue
Hi my Great, Great, Grandfather was Patrick from Donegal

Brenda Logue
Hi, Would like an answer to the Irish/Scottish. I have William and Samuel in every generation. the last is 7th gen. Samuel 1732-1805 Bath Virginia. 1806 the family(flax growers) moved to Ohio.

Charlotte logue
hi, my great great great great great great great great grandad was a king

Jennifer Kofler
Hi, I'm Canadian. My great grandparents' name on my Mothers' side is Logue. Their ancestors came to Canada on a ship from County Donegal, Ireland in the 1700's. There are several Logues who lived/are living in New Brunswick.

Spencer Logue
Logue's are the best

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