Last name: Martin

This interesting surname recorded in some two hundred forms from Martin and Martini to Marti and Martinovich, is of Roman origin. It derives from "Mars", the god of fertility and war, although it is claimed that "Mars" itself may derive ultimately from the word "mar", meaning "to gleam". The original given name has been used in every state in Europe since the 12th century crusades to free the Holy Land from the Moslems. However the main impetus which gave the name such popularity was as a result of the good works of the 14th Century Saint Martin of Tours, in France. It is sais that Martin is one of the few saints names which the protestants accepted after the reformation. There are many patronymic forms such as Martinez (Spanish) or Martenssen (Swedish), and diminutives such as Martineau (France) and Martinelli (Italian). Curiously the Polish spellings of Marcinkowski and Marciszewski are locational, originating from a town called Martin, as is the Czech Martinovsky. Examples of the surname recordings taken from authentic registers of the period include John Martin of Plymouth, England, who was navigator to Sir Francis Drake, on his first "Round the World" voyage of 1577, whilst Christopher Martin was a member of the Pilgrim Fathers in 1620. Suarez Martinez was christened at Asuncion, Mexico, on October 2md 1774, whilst Jack Martinet was registered at Berkeley, California on September 27th 1909, and Jeffrey Lynn Martineau at Los Angelos on April 10th 1948. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Walter Martin, which was dated 1166, in the charters of the county of Northampton, England, during the reign of King Henry 11, known as "The Builder of Churches", 1154 - 1189. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Jennifer Martin

I am not sure about all this but all i know is i have family in Colorado and west TX. I know we have native American and maybe German

Brodie Martin

I'm quite surprised by how far spread our name is.


Martin is in the top 10 of Europe's surnames.


hey to all the martins my names ebony martin from ohio just looking up info so theres a slue of martins


My name is Brennan Charles Martin. I live in Washington State. I'm trying to trace back my lineage, but I'm having to start from scratch. So my father is Thomas Martin he was born in Tacoma Washington. His father's name was Robert Charles Martin and was an attorney for the state of Washington. He died when my dad was 16 buy left my dad before that. So nothing is known of my Martin heritage!!! If anyone knows anything please give some help. I live in USA fyi

Walter R Martin

Hello Brennan It is very difficult to determine which branch of the Martins you come from and I would suggest you employ a qualified genealogist to assist in tracing your forebears. At least as far back as a ships manifest of passengers coming from Europe. There are so many instances of Martins leaving in the 18th and 19th (1700 - 1899) centuries especially from Ireland and Scotland. My own family left Northern Ireland in early 1800's and travelled to North America and Australia, just about as far away as they could go, and some got lost or waylaid on the way. If you are successful in your North American search there are a few very well qualified genealogists in Scotland who may be able to help with your search. They specialise in Scots abroad and actually use the "Records Office" in Edinburgh for their research. There are many commercial organisations who profess to have all the records already available but my personal experiences were unfortunately incorrect in comparison to the information already certified. Goo Luck in your search Walter Martin Vancouver Canada And Glasgow Scotland


wow thats my grandfathers name


robert charles martin he had a son wit det name 2

Martin kanev
Using this for research for school,

sophie martin
its quite cool that they are thousands of martins

I dont know anything about my last name or if any of you are related to it

Roderick Martin
My name is Roderick Martin and come from the outer hebrides of Scotland. There's not many of us there but according to Historians we arrived there during the Spanish Armada unsuccessful means of escaping around the North of Scotland after Nelson blocked the English Channel. Quite a lot of Spanish ships were wrecked in bad weather and some of the sailors came ashore and settled in the Islands marrying local girls. I had my DNA tested by a canadian company and was told my DNA was from North Portugal

anouska ireland

My great grandmother was a martin, her family originated of scotland on an island away from the main land. My mother says she had lovelt dark hair eyes and skin. This fits with the spanish getting washed up there!

John that article is complete nonsense on so many fronts.

John C
From Wikipedia: "The English surname of Martin is a variation of the habitational one Marton, from any of several places (principally in Hampshire, Lincolnshire, and Worcestershire, named in Old English as 18settlement by a lake 19, from mere or mær 18pool 19, 18lake 19 + tun 18settlement 19) or as 18settlement by a boundary 19 (from (ge)mære 18boundary 19 + tun 18settlement 19) called firstly Marton and after Martin." If you're English then this is what your last name means.

Jennifer martin

I would not believe everything you read on wikipedia

gloria hobbs
they're are also martin's in tepatitlan, mexico from where my ancestors came from...looking for more info on this family, if anyone can help...

Martin guyvato
I too am of Mexican ancestry, and have always been curious about my last name. Every time I know of someone with that last name they happen to be white, if you find anything tell me, who knows we might just be related

its amazing.

Mexican guyvato
Found anything yet? My grandpa is from Jalisco I think, or somewhere around there

Martin guyvato
Martin guyvato*

my family is also from tepatitlan. my sister did some ancestry research for both sides of our family. My grandfather, Alexandro Martin was born in 1892 in tepatitlan. From what my sister traced, our last name was shortened from Martin del campo to martin. looks like we are from southern spain region, where you can still find Martin del campo's still living there. We have a family tree going back a few generations. if you would like i can post it at a later date. email me at and i can send it to you.

Karla Martin
Hi, i am a my last name also martin, from what i have asked around, my dad was born in guadalajara, jalisco. His grandparent are spanish native, and we can directly trace to spain. Thats all i know....

Ad Martin
Hello my surname is also Martin and I came from the Philippines, my great grand pa has a spanish blood and that the entire clan claimed that Martins came from Spain.


Hello, my father is from Tepatitlan. Jose Luis Martin. This was my grandfather's name as well. I would definitely love to know more about family history

John marshman
Let's not forget that many names are based on a resemblance to wild creatures, and birds in particular. Our ancestors were much more in tune to the species than we are... Hence names like finch, fox, sparrow, etc... Just a thought ! John Marshman, with Martins on Dad's side....

Martin is based from the Greek God Mars, the God of War. translated it means one accustom to war, war like and warrior. in earlier translates it can also mean, one who brings war, one who lives by it, one born of war or even desendants of Mars. but the latter is just a Greek translate and is ancient and sketchy at best.


Another martin from tepatitlan jalisco