Last name: Mason

Recorded in a surprising number of different spellings as shown below, this is a medieval surname of French origins. It is a status and occupational surname which originally described a skilled stone mason, one who had served his time as an apprentice to a master craftsman. The derivation is from the pre 8th century Old French word "masson", probably introduced into England by the Norman-French after the conquest of 1066. Indeed before that time few places in Britain were built in stone, so the French largely introduced both the word and the skill. The surname is one of the earliest recorded and early examples include: John Macun in the building accounts of King Henry 1st of England in the year 1130, and Ace le Mazun, in the Pipe Rolls of Lincolnshire in 1193. Spellings of the surname both in Britain and France include Macon, Mason, Massen, Masson, Machen, Machent, Machin, and Machon. Early examples from surviving church registers are those of Elizabeth Masson christened at St. Margaret's Westminster, on July 21st 1540, and Awdry Mason who married William Elyat at that same church on June 10th 1548. Among the many prominent figures with this surname was George Mason (1725 - 1792), the American statesman who framed the Virginia Bill of Rights. This was later was used as a model by Thomas Jefferson when he drafted the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The first recorded spelling of the family name is possibly that of Richard Machun. This was dated about the year 1120, in charters of the Danelaw, for the county of Lincolnshire, during the reign of King Henry 1st, known as "The Lion of Justice", 1100 - 1135. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Cassidy Mason
I am going to tell my dad to do our geneology. I have no idea where I'm from! haha

Robert James Mason Esquire
I have spent vast hours and expense researching my origins on all sides of my family and been pleasantly surprised with a good few results. On the Mason side I have discovered that I am a direct decendant of a William Mason who fought as Man at arms at the battle of Agincourt on 25 september 1415. William Mason was from the Parish of Hemingbrough in the East Riding of Yorkshire which is only 20 miles from where I live today and although many branches of the family had moved from the region over the last 600 years few of us remain close by. At last I can fully understand why I enjoy using the two finger gesture (Agincourt salute)

Jaime Popplewell
My mom's maiden name is Mason, I have no idea about her ancestry. I only know a small bit about my dad's which is Popplewell, which is supposedly a very rare surname descended from Yorkshire.

marie mason
my father name is George mason and his family stay in Glasgow Scotland I would like to trace any of this family he did have about 3 brothers and 2 sisters

megen mason
my dad is shane mason and i have a grampa his name is jean mason

Justin Mason

My last name is mason, but i always thought my surname was named after a slave because i am black.

Vivian Marie Mason

My great-grandfather's name is Oscar Mason and he's from the West Indies. I know that I am family to the former New York Knicks player, Anthony Mason. But I'm looking for the history of my family and where we come from right before my great-grandfather was born. I know enough, but I really need to know more. If anyone knows anything, with proof, please message me on FACEBOOK. Thank you!!!

Hello everyone, I am looking for information on Hannah Mason born about 1780 possibly in Lancashire,England. She married Thomas Dagnall in 1796 in Winwick,Lancashire. They had five children and lived around the Warrington area in Lancashire. Any info would be appreciated.

Shantel mason
Hi i am african american my fathers name is amos j mason and my granddads name is amos mason senior my grandmothers name is georgia ann mason

Mason Dineen
Hi i am mason named after George masons his father was a german immigrate he was born in Virginia but at the start of revolution he lived in Pennsylvania he joined the war with the Lawrence brothers and was stationed in Indiana he was captured by indians and brought up to a pow camp in Canada he would of died if it wasn't for an Indian chief who wanted the killing to stop he and the Lawrence brothers were spared and when back home when they got there George married the Lawrence brothers sister Elizabeth Lawrence

We are belong to mason Hindu family. I think mason caste is under including rajput. Pls give me some information about Mason caste.

Janet Faulkner
I belong to birthfamily of the Mason.. bm Ruth Mason born in Wyoming 1943,,, can't find her parent's name been looking for them Ruth birth me as her first born daughter named me Elizabeth born in Denver county, Colorado NOv. 1958 ... can you help me search for her? thank you

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