Last name: Middleton

This distinguished surname, of Anglo-Saxon origin, borne by the Barons of Barham, the Earls of Middleton, and having no less than forty-two Coats of Arms, is a locational name from any of the various places, at least twenty-five of them, throughout England named with the Olde English pre 7th Century "midel", middle, and "tun", a farm or settlement. These places are recorded variously as "Middeltune", "Middeltone" and "Mideltuna" in the Domesday Book of 1086 for Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Shropshire and Sussex. Locational surnames were developed when former inhabitants of a place moved to another area, usually to seek work, and were best identified by the name of their birthplace. Early examples of the surname include: Umfridus de Midilton (Arbroath, Scotland, 1221) and Gilbert de Middelton (Yorkshire, 1273). One of the earliest of the name to settle in America was John Middleton who embarked from London on the ship "Assurance" bound for Virginia in July 1635. Charles Middleton, second Earl of Middleton and titular Earl of Monmouth (1640 - 1719), was secretary of state to James 11, and secretary of state for England in 1684. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Robert de Mideltone, which was dated 1166, in the "Eynsham Chartulary", Oxfordshire, during the reign of King Henry 11, known as "The Builder of Churches", 1154 - 1189. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Sean Middleton

Im family are middleton from Belize, central america

melissa palmer
my father was a middleton most of his sisters and brothers are still i illinois

Hi, My mother was a Middleton from Marlborough, Wiltshire, England. I've been researching my family tree for a few years now and have quite a few Middleton's from Wiltshire & Berkshire, England. Jim

Darvette Marie Middleton -Kelly
,Hello my name is ^^ I live in Chicago IL I have always been proud of the name Middleton. Mu four-father is of Author Middleton who signed the Declaration of Independence.My grandfather was Joseph . Middleton. My father was Joe-ree Middleton. My fathers mother was Dodie. I'm 50 yeas old and i do not know any of my cousins, i have not seen them since i was eight or nine. I originally resided in the south shore area of Chicago. I have two sons and one daughter everyone is older then 18 now. My memories are an Aunt Aretha, an uncle name Johnny kerry.

Joseph Aaron Middleton III
Hi I'm Joseph Aaron Middleton the third after my father and grandfather and my son will be the fourth. It was interesting to hear we all share the same name with your father.

Nathan Huntley
Hi Darvette, I am also a descendant of Aurthur Middleton, through his son Alexander. My family hails from the line that left South Carolina and moved into Tennessee.

Vicki neilon
I am supposed to be related to Arthur Middleton through his son Edwin but there are no records that he hsd a son Edwin. Do you know anything about Edwin?

amber kelly
all my family on my mother side are midlleton's which is my mother's father i have the book of family Middletons at home. My father is Jamaican and my mother i just classify as american because my grandmother is Irish and black she's a kilpatrick.

Pamela Middleton Toczylowski
My maiden name is Middleton. Our Tree goes back to England and Wales. My grandfather was Kenneth Middleton and my great grandfather was Peter (Deed) Middleton. Supposedly one of my ancestors was with Cadillac when he founded Detroit (not sure if it was a Middleton or a Chene (possibly Michael or Gabriel Chene). Any additional information will be greatly appreciated.

Ruthanne S. Holder
MY Benedict Middleton b ca 1697 d 1840 m Hannah Harrison in 1792 Westmoreland Co. VA. The wind came along and blew the rest of their life away !! Benedict & Hannah went to Guilford Co NC and a big flood came and washed them away. I have worked over 50 years on these two and this is all I can come up with on their lives. I had to make any ending !!

phillip holder
the holder and middleton (variations of spelling abound) names are apparently linked in England according to my 90 year old father and are cousins where a middleton married a holder. The holder name also has many variants which makes checking things very difficult.

Marcia Middleton James
Hi, My maiden name is Middleton. My Father's name was Frank Middleton. His Father's name was John Middleton. My grandfather's father was white from England. But, I am part African American and Native American. To my knowledge, we all hail from Virginia.

Darlene Middleton
Hi, Marcia my grandfather was born in VA and he married a woman by the name of Carrie they moved to Harlem NY. One of my uncles names was John we are african america and native american.

Benjamin Middleton
Hi, I'm Ben. My family pretty much started in south dad is from there and the farthest back I got was a Joseph Middleton in like 18??. I'm pretty sure we got this name through slavery, but I'm still interested in seeing how far back I can go with this. Haven't found any direct Anglo-Saxon heritage as if yet but I know it's inevitable given the circumstance. I'm just curious to know where it all came from.

Charlie Middleton, Glasgow, Scotland

Hi Ben, although originally an English name there are many Middletons in Scotland going back to saxon times. We have our own tartan, we come under the clan Forbes from the north east of Scotland (Aberdeen area). Many of the tea plantations were owned by both English and Scots but most plantation foremen were Scottish, they abused their power with the women slaves, many had children together and they took the foremen's name so that maybe the origin of your name.

Hi I'm brad Middleton from Illinois now residing in Kansas by way of the military, my parents have our family tree back home in Illinois but I know my great great grandfather came from England somewhere but not 100% sure where

amber kelly
im from illinois too my mother is originally a Middleton her maiden name

Evan Middleton
Hello Middle of a tons! Evan Middleton from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. great grandparents came from britain!

Michelle Middleton
Hi Middletons, I'm a Middleton and I'm Chilean. My grandfather was John Middleton and he Came here before the second world war he arrived to Valparaíso. I'm proud to be a ChileanBrit!

Melanie Middleton (Nevens)
My maiden name is Middleton (father's side) my father has told me most of the Middleton's came over to the States and resided in NC. Don't know much more of my geneology on the Middleton side. My mum's side is all from England and my father's mothers side is of German Descend. Would love to know more on both sides of my family. But as another said there are so many Middleton's.

Burkhart Newsome
Did any of them from NC settle in Leon County, Texas in the 1800"?

David Middleton
My great-great-great grandfather (five generations) was John Middleton Sr born in NC in 1793 and settled in Tennessee after the war of 1812. From what I understand, land was given to those who volunteered and served a set time of enlistment to pay for their service during this war. Not sure when the first ones came over.

Linsey Middleton
hi im Linsey Middleton, my immediate family are from Liverpool England but my grandfathers family were from Wales,beyond that i don't have a clue i tried reseaching but their are too many Middleton's to do so, and have never met any of my grandfathers family, would love to know more?????

Burkhart Newsome
I am an African-American male, researching my family's history. My great-grandmother's maiden name was Middleton (Izelia Middleton), born in 1881???. Her father's name was Stephenson (??) Middleton, born in 1825???. She married George Hailey (Haley??). They lived in Leon County, Texas. If you have any information, please email me. Thank you.

Tanesha Middleton-Shell
Middleton, I am a African American female, and I will assume that my family have this last name due to slavery??? Can never really tell.

Marcia Middleton-James
Nods at Tanesha. My grandfather's (John Middleton) father was a white man, whose last name was Middleton. However, his mother was an African-American (possibly a slave). It was said that she was a French African American woman.

Darlene Middleton
My grandfathers name was Aristole Middleton we are African American , He lived in Brooklyn NY never had a chance to meet him.

Charlie Middleton, Glasgow, Scotland

Hi Tanesha, please look at my reply above to Ben Middleton

Andrew Miffleton
I'm wondering myself, as I cannot find much information, if my surname, Miffleton, is a derivative of Middleton?

Steve, people move around to different places over time due to work or famine. Also the Middleton name is about a thousand years old - so obviously far older than your grandad's father. So you can add 20 males or more in that space of a thousand years along the direct male ancestory line before your grandad's father even existed.

Nah - no German ancestry in the Middletons :) My Grandfather and his Father hail from Scotland

Hi Middletons, Ross Middleton here, my family are mostly from London, although im a direct decendant of John and Charles Wesley as well

What part of London?

My mother's mother's surname is Middleton. I'm very proud of all my white European ancestry! :)

Benjamin Middleton
Where are you from? You do know there are African-American Middleton's that you should be proud of too...

Marcia Middleton-James
Smiling...I too am an African-American Middleton.

amber kelly
lol im African american Irish Indian and Jamaican but over all to make it easy ill just say African american my mother is a Middleton and all of my family on her side

Charlie Middleton, Scotland

My brother, Norman (Norrie) Middleton has lived in Thailand for the last 13 years and he has a five year old Thai/Scots son. (Ross Middleton) It doesn't matter what our parent are, ten fingers and ten toes matter more, we're everywhere! Ross is the only child I know he has in Thailand, there may be more, I'm going to China to teach English soon so we may have a wee Chinese Middleton running about soon, keep you all updated.

I am an Australian who has a Middleton ancestor from England.

Hi fellow Middletons The surname Middleton is of Germanic origin/Anglo Saxon, the name originates/started from the Anglo Saxon area of "Angeln" a district in "Schleswig-Holstein" in what is modern day Germany and stretching into South Denmark, current cities in that area now in modern times include Kiel, Lübeck and Flensburg. Before being rounded to English to Middleton and Middelton once the family name was established in Britain, the Olde English and particularly Germanic forms beforehand which were used was "Mideltun" and "Mideltunn" likely pronounced as Mi* del* tunn*, which would sound Germanic. Paul in Whixley, N Yorkshire.

Christine originally from the Northeast
My 2x great-grandmother was Hannah Middleton of 'Thorpe,' County Durham she married Thomas Honeyman of Hutton Rudby, North Yorks. Both died within weeks of each other in 1871 leaving 3 children.

Christine originally from the Northeast
In reply to Paul of Whixley, North Yorks- forgot to say that I know Lubeck- one of my favourite German cities.

i'm a middleton of sunderland, northeast!

Hi I;m Arturo Middleton, born in Panama City, Panama, I hear from my grand father, the his father were from England a Vessel Captain, who come to Panama to work in The Panama Canal, his wife were from Jamaica last name Anderson. At this days we all mix: White. Black, Indian, Latino, etc. PROUD TO BE MIDDLETON!!!!