Last name: Montague

This name is of Norman locational origin, from a place in La Manche called Montaigu, so named from the Old French "mont", a hill, plus "agu", pointed; hence, "pointed hill". The name is first recorded in England in the latter half of the 11th Century (see below), the namebearer being a follower of William the Conqueror in 1066, who was granted lands in England. In 1255, one William de Montacute appears in the Assize Court Rolls of Somerset, and in 1273, William de Montagu was recorded in the Hundred Rolls of Buckinghamshire. The Montagu family in England have held many titles including Earls of Halifax, Beaulieu and Sandwich, and also Dukes of Manchester. On August 11th 1621, Monsier de la Montague, a French surgeon resident in England, agreed to settle in Virginia "a land under his majesty's (James 1) obedience". The Coat of Arms most associated with the name is on an azure shield, a gold griffin segreant. Azure signified Loyalty and Truth, while gold denoted Generosity and Elevation of Mind, and the qualities of Valour, Vigilance and Perseverance were often associated with the griffin. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Drogo de (of) Montagud or de Monte Acuto, which was dated 1084, in the Domesday Book of Somerset, during the reign of King William 1, known as "The Conqueror", 1066 - 1087. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Aaron Montague
They're becoming rare because of the fact the the name was anglicised by an imperialistic nation to lazy to learn the history of its subjects ..! Many traditional Irish names were dragged into the montagu/Montague family tree through the ignorance of the English and their lack of understanding of cultures they are dilly ting through they're imperialism. The amazing paradox of a nation trusting the judgement of the bethrined yet overthrowing them as suited still hasn't occurred to these people so the effects of their historical elitism probably never will either. If your curious read read over the curriculum for their history lessons and note the lack of reference to where they went wrong in educating the savages of foreign nations, and the divides that those mistakes have left behind..! A nation of gullible fools

I believe it's Basque.


My grandmother was from Asturias...she was a Montes, which is related to the Montague name. We had relatives in Basque country.

Warwick Montagu
It seems that Montagu's spelt without an "e" are becoming increasingly rare these days. They have always been rare :-)

Daniel Montagu
haha ironically i try to look for montagu on this site and nothing comes up and then when i look at the variant of montague spelt with an "e" i find it... It seems that Montagu's spelt without an "e" are becoming increasingly rare these days.

Eleanor Montague
I am having trouble trying to find anything on my husbands grandfather Peter John Montague. As far as I know according to a 1930 census he was divorced from his wife Sadie/Sarah. They had 3 children Sadie/Sarah, James, and Catherine/Betty in the Philadelphia area. My husbands parents are both dead, so can't ask them for information. Had to send to Washington for copy of husbands Dad's social security form to even find out grandfathers name. The census claimed he was from an Irish free state. We know nothing about this man. I could use any help. We don't know anything about him except what I have written.

Deb Montague Eberly
I come from a long line of Peter Montague's. have you tried or The History and Genealogy of Peter Montague of Nansemond and Lancaster Counties, Virginia, and His Descendants, 1621-1894

Caitlyn Montague
I totally made a typo in my last name XD

Caitlyn Montauge
I have no idea how to track back my family. My dad is 100% German and so is that whole side if the family, then on my mother's side they're all Norwegian.

Warwick Montagu
Tom - it is only inaccurate in minor ways.. I have the family tree going back to 1040 - the most obvious is the spelling (original) of Montagu is without the "e" - the "e" was added as a result of a family split between Catholic and Protestant. Warwick Montagu.

Rob Montague

Does anyone have any information about how Jewish families in England acquired the name? My great-grandfather Alfred Montague emigrated from England to the US. He seems to have been born in Germany and went to England as a young man where he took the name Montague, possibly borrowing it from a family of Jewish jewelers named Montagu or Montague in Manchester, to whom he may have been related. This must have been in the last half of the 19th century. I don't know if there are records or registries of name changes in England in that period. We would like to learn Alfred's original name. I have found the record of his arrival in the US. He sailed from Liverpool and arrived at Castle Garden in New York, already using the name Alfred Montague with the profession of watchmaker. He went to New Orleans where he married and was in the antiques trade in his later life.

The Celts all came from France anyway, Tom.

Rob Montague
actually they came from western spain.

Northwestern. Galicia, Asturias and Pais Vasco.

My great grandfather has a German first name of Janus and the last name Montague.