Last name: Morgan

This is a truly famous surname whose Gaelic-Celtic ancestry pre-dates Christianity. Originally, the name was purely personal and spelt as "Morcant", the change to Morgan being medieval. The exact meaning is uncertain but "sea chief" or "sea defender" are the generally accepted interpretations. The importance of the name is shown by its incorporation in the ancient Welsh kingdom of Glamorgan, a corrupt form of "Ap Morgan", the son of Morgan. The first true recording as a surname is however English (see below). In Wales the first recording may be Thomas Morgaine, Knight of Monmouth, in 1538, whilst in Scotland, one John Morgane was a burgess of Glasgow in 1419. In Ireland the name is popular in Leinster and Ulster, and in some cases is an Anglicization of Merrigan and Morahan, the first recording being that of Edward Morgane, of Dublin, on April 26th 1654. Not only does the name indicate a sea warrior, it is with the sea that the Morgan name has won most renown. Amongst these famous people was Sir Henry Morgan, Governor of Jamaica and the epitome of the privateering buccaneer of the 17th Century. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John Morgan, which was dated 1214, in the "Curia Regis Rolls of Berkshire", during the reign of King John, known as "Lackland", 1199 - 1216. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Todd Gartner

when my mom was 18 about 45 years ago she got knocked up by a young man named Robert Irving Morgan from parksville BC. I am this kid if you know him get ahold of me at Thanks

thomas morgan

i am from the morgan family from ireland

Bernard Morgan

Which part?

Josh Morgan

I have been looking to trace my family history back as far as possible but I can't find anyone past my grandpa Ronald Morgan. We are from Michigan in the Detroit area. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Eric Morgan

My line of Morgans arrived in Virginia from Wales in the mid 1600s William Morgan 1630 - 1720

Sabrina Morgan

I am a Morgan by birth and this is really confusing lol but in the end it doesn't really matter where you came from as long as you know who you are

Harry Morgan

Wow there are alot more Morgan's in the world than i thought and i was born in Cardiff and now in austrlia :D

Just to add....
My paternal grandfather was Dai Morgan from West Glamorgan, South Wales.
His family were sent to Patagonia (argentina ) in the late 1800's. My grandfather was a baby and left behind in Wales because his parents did not think he would survive the ship to Argentina. He was adopted by his aunt who was married to a Jenkins so we became Jenkins. My father is David Jenkins. we were all born in Wales. I came to Canada in 1980.

i think its funny because my moms a morgan who married a jenkins lol

Linda Lloyd Jenkins
I was Morgan before marrying a Jenkins. Have researched my family tree and the Morgans have been marrying the Jenkins for 200 years. We came from Llanon near Aberystwyth - my great grandfather, David Morgan married catherine Jenkins . Mostly sailors and farmers.

Jennifer Jenkins Morgan
I am a Morgan through my father and from Wales


Same! What's up cuz? :)

I think this is confusing

Fonda Morgan Pringle
I am Morgan by birth and have been trying to find out which relations could be mine....I have no real starting point other than my parents and grandparents name. Have tried ancestory sites but I end up with several possibilties...any suggestions on how to find the right family line

kemar morgan
i'm a morgan from jamaica now i'm wondering if i'm related to Henry Morgan

Alan Morgan

Doubtfull Henry Morgan did not have any children I believe he had sisters brother not sure now a long time since i read about him on the web .( iwondered the same as do alot of others )

My mothers surname was Morgan before she married my dad whos' surname is Watt. I am looking very urgently for her sister Ethel and her brother Alan. Their fathers name was Ernest Morgan and their mothers name was Nora (but she passed away when they were very young). Can anyone assist as it is very important and extremely urgent that I find them. All were based in South Africa, born in Johannesburg I think. Please???

My Link to the Morgans Family is through My Grandfather Aeulfryn Arthur Morgans It is said that some of his Family went To Pensylvania Any Information would be appreaciated. My Family are from the Aberdare Area near Merthyr Tydfil Glamorgan South Wales

Maria Morgan
I don't know much about my fathers side of the Morgan family but just found out the other day that it was originally spelt Morgans from Aberdare,we may be related some how.

Karen Shelton
My mothers name was kathryne Morgan. My three times great grandfather, George Morgan supposedly movrd to ky in the 1800's from Pennsylvania. I need to find out more. Who knows, we could be related.

Morgan Decker
I am descended from the Morgans, the last of whom died shortly before my birth. I have always heard from Wales, but cannot get a clear trace. My family goes back at least four generations in Maine, USA, and some parts of the family from Canada. Anyone know anything about this?

Maria Morgan
I am also a decedent from the Morgans in wales but don't have much info,live in Canada

Elizabeth Werner
My Great Grandfather Morgan Morgans was born 1847 in Llanwonno Glamorgan and my Great Grandmother Elizabeth was born 1847 in Brecknock Breconshire and my Grandmother Elizabeth was born 1874 in Llanafabon Glamorgan. I have traced them through to the present, they left Wales in 1883 also with a son John David; They moved to Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania. Do you have any connections to this Morgans?

Joan Morgan
I am a Morgan who lives in Wilkes Barre Scranton area and i believe one of my ancestors was named John David.

Alan Morgan
Hi just found this site .my name is Morgan being doing my FH on and off for a while . I have so far gone back to 1759 with a John Morgan born in Rumney Monmouthshire married a Mary Morgan ?.down the track they moved up to the Bolton district in Lancashire district.One lady who married a Edward Morgan one of my decendents cousin wise moved to America with another man and took two sons and a daughter with her she then married the man over there and settled in Salt Lake City .i do have more detail if any one is interested but have to lay my hands on it .i have done this off the top of my head .I know they must have become mormoms as it confused me with the children they had .

shirley morgan

Hi Alan, My sister has been tracing her welsh relatives back to 1790. My grandfather was David Lloyd George Morgan, grandmother Mary Morgan nee Hall and hail from Rumney moved to Redditch after my dad, Danny and his brother David were born. My Dad was born in 1934. I have recently seen pics of my dad's uncles; Dan and Terrence. Mt grandfather and brothers were all boxers, my grandfather was Welsh Lightweight Champion - not sure of year but guess around 1934. I believe I still have family in Rumney Valley/Merthyr Tydfil area. I am hoping to take my dad back to this area in the summer, so if anyone has a relative that remembers my dad or grandfather/mother I would love to hear from them on this site. I will check weekly for any response. Thanks.

Priscilla Breakspear,nee Morgan
I have now recieved a marriege certificate for My Greatgrandfather Eugene Morgan/Sheehy,he married Maria Donovon i hace found a John Sheehy on the 1851 census,born in Limerick but i don,t think it,s the right John Sheehy,Eugene,s Father.

Rachel Morgan
My name is Rachel Morgan, from Tinty City, County Redy. I believe I have a distinctive look of Piers Morgan, the English journalist and broadcaster. Anyone else from Tinty? Would love to hear from you many times over many months :)


My great grandfather came to South africa, married an "Boermeisie" and had seven children. The womans surname was "FOURIE" names unknown. They settled in the Pretoria/ Johannesburg area. .His name JAMES HENRY MORGAN . and that is all i know about both of them. I do have the childrens names as the one girl SUSARA PETRONELLA ELIZABETH MORGAN married a CRAEMER and eventually became my grandmother. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

My great grandmother was a Morgan out of eastern Kentucky. Her mother always told her that he was cousins with John Hunt Morgan from the Morgan raiders.

Robert Morgan
Greetings- fellow Morgan, There were two main Morgan clans in Wales, the Llantarnum Morgans, of which I am a member, and Tredegar Morgans, of which John Hunt Morgan , and Sir Henry Morgan the Privateer and possibly yourself are members. John Hunt Morgan was from Alabama, a maternal grandson of John Wesley Hunt, an early founder of Lexington, Kentucky, and one of the first millionaires west of the Allegheny Mountains. He was also the brother-in-law of A.P. Hill and of Basil W. Duke.

Jennifer Morgan
My husband is a morgan from South Eastern Kentucky as well

McKenzie Gamache
this helped me a lot with my school project

My mother's last name was Morgan (before she married my father). But we're from Slovenia. There's a small village called Grintovec (near Koper - Capodistria) and there were almost all families Morgan. We would like to find out when did the first Morgan came in this part of Europe. All the documents were in a church nearby but it was burned during WW2.

Borris Morgan
My family is German-Jewish they had the last name Morgenstern and changed it to Morgan.

Jeff Morgan
I've been researching my branch off and on about three years. I have been a commercial fisherman ( shrimp) , blacksmith / weldor , and transportation engineer . Ten generations down from Morgan ap Rhydderch ( brother of John the poet ) who was ordained Deacon at Rhydwilym baptist church 1669. His father was Rhydderch ap David , whose father was Daffyd ap Gruffyd 1580 Denbigshire Wales ( author of didactic verses ) , and his father was Gruffyd ap Llewellen. Last I heard , Hugh Evans was the owner of the family's land and rather decripid castle in Wales. My grandfather told me stories of his visit in the 1950s . I hope I helped some. Jeff

Eleanor Geraghty
My grandmother was called Margaret Violet Morgan and her family were originally from Wales but they moved to London, I'm not sure when but I know that her father was from Bow and I think that her uncle or a close family member was an antique dealer. I was wondering if anyone knew what part of Wales Morgans are or were generally in.

The Morgans family come from Monmouth or Glamorgan many of my family were in the mining industry in the County District Rhondda Cynon Taff

Elizabeth Werner
Hi my great grandparents come from Glamorgan and am looking to find the rest of their family in Wales. I have traced them to the present but cannot find any information about their parents, brothers, sisters:/ Do you have a website I could investigate? Any information would be very helpful. Morgan Morgans B. 1847, Llanwonno, Glamorgan wife: Elizabeth B. Jan 1847, Brecknock, Breconshire two children: John David, 1869 and Elizabeth Ann 1874 in Llanofabon, Glamorgans.

elizabeth sherrington
Priscilla it might be worth trying Baptismal records . Although many people were cautious about recording themselves, legally, most were happy to be in church registers.

Priscilla Morgan
I,m interested in any Morgans in Ireland before 1835,My Great Grandfather was Eugene Morgan and says he was born in Ramsgate Kent ( i think they were travellers) i cannot find a birth of him or a marriege certificate,and my Grandfather who was born in Nottinghill London has no birth certificate.he Married in 1910 to Caroline Prestonfrom Croydon.they were irish catholics so his parents must have come from Ireland,but,i do not have any names.

Walter F. Palmer
my 2nd grt. grandfather's name was Edward J. Morgan from Crown Point, NY and his wife was Julia S Taft. I am searching for his father and beyond. I would like any help that I may get. Thank you


Larry Conroy
Mogan Surname: Maskoka Country( Huntsville, Ontario Canada) Religious attendance " Anglican'' church building builders of both Wales - ( Malvern ) - and Huntsville Ontario . Hotels and homes on Lakes in the area. Larry Conroy ( Grandson of Morgans) " There 's No Fun.... like More Fun... and trust in Isaiah 53 too "

Hello there. I am actually of mixed African descent. My family has everything from North African(Berber/Arab/Iberian mix) to Western African. We also have a lot of mtdna commonalities with people in the Americas, including Venezualians and Panamanians. I say this because I have traced my ancestry back to Wales, yet have been unable to find out any particular details about certain people. Besides, of course, originating on the African continent, a certain (Mary Morgan- Born about 1760 in Glamorgan, Wales.), Eleanor REES-Related to a Mary Rees Born: 3 May 1816, Llanwonno, Glamorgan, Wales Christening: 17 Jun 1816, null Marriage: 7 Jul 1834, null Burial: 4 Sep 1884, Bedwelty Churchyard, Bedwelty, Monmouthshire, Wales, and (Margaret Thomas Born: ABT 1782, Llanwonno, Glamorgan, Wales). Does anyone know where I might be able to find out some information about them? I would love to know. Thanks. -Nadia

I've been able to track them from Wales to Salt Lake City, Utah, for the most part. A good majority of them became involved in the Morman faith. I am also thinking that they got to SLC by ship, given the time periods listed about. But I have been unable to find any specific references to Morgan as a passenger upon any ship headed to Utah or Salt Lake City.

Jeff Morgan
Hi Nadia . Looks like we're distant cousins . I've traced my Morgan line back to Gruffyd, third great grandfather or Morgan ap Rhydderch . Still searching thru more info with google. Contact me if you wish. Jeff.

Renee Morgan
I'm looking for family from county monaghan.

David Morgan
Hello Renee I am David Morgan,my grandfather was Felix Morgan from grandmother was Elizabeth O'Hara. I live in Glasgow Scotland.

Larry D Conroy
My Grandfather: William Henry David Morgan was married to a Anwyll Matilda and believed to be from Malvern Wales. Church Builders - Carpenters and Violin/piano musical also. Believed to have come to Ontario Canada approx 1850-1860. Settling in the Maskoka County -Huntsville. Daughter Anne Matilda Morgan married John Edward Conroy of Peterborough,Ontario logging and violin hobby. Morgans built DeerHurst Lodge Huntsville circ 1893 Penninsula Lake and several nearby Churches.

Michelle Kolano
The Morgan name is also associated with years of Black history but I don't understand how or when that intersection occured, anybody know? (my maiden name is Morgan so I count somewhere right?)

December Morgan-Black
My mother's maiden name was Morgan, and she was from Sunderland :)

kevin morgan
what were her other names and birth date? a lot of my family are from sunderland

My paternal grandmother's maiden name was Morgan and she was from Dublin :) She and my grandfather (who was from Newry, a town an hour or two from Belfast) emigrated to Canada in the 1950s.

I am decended to Sir Henry Morgan, I win :)

Alan Morgan
Sorry Luke Sir Henry Morgan did not have any children so not a diirect decendent .

Robert Morgan
Sir Henry Morgan, had an adopted son who as a term of Sir Henry's will had to adopt the Morgan surname to inherit Henry's estate. Sir Henry had no children of his own- he was a member of the Tredegar branch of the family.

David Morgan
I have traced my ancestors (Morgans) to a village in Hampshire called Broughton, where generations lived between 1650 - 1900. They were farm workers or shepherds. My theory is that the original Morgan in the village was a drover from somewhere in Wales. Sheep and cattle, were required by the Navy at Portsmouth, for 'processing' into on board ship - food stores. From Wales, the sheep or cattle being 'driven' would have to cross the river Severn at Gloucester. The village of Broughton is close to a straight line between Gloucester and Portsmouth. So did one of my ancestors (a drover) meet a girl when staying overnight in Broughton and on the long walk back to Wales, decided to walk no further ?

Dennis Morgan
My Morgans are from Loughglynn and surrounding townlands like Ballyglass East in Co Rosccommon. They live on the Lord Dillon estate. My great grandfather, John Morgan came to the US around 1847 and settled in RI. His parents were Walter and Mary (Crane) Morgan. Anybody out there connected to this family or has a family who came from this area of Ireland?

If you look more on the morgans Family here something you might want to read cause the Morgans are related to the Boones family by blood SARAH MORGAN, wife of SQUIRE BOONE: "Every effort has been made to learn something of the ancestry of Sara Morgan, but without appreciable results. It is claimed, of course, that Sarah's father was Edward Morgan of Gwynned, Philadelphia, PA., and her marriage record shows that fact beyond all doubt. It is also reasonable certain that her brothers and sisters were the young Morgans, whose marriage records like her own, state that they were children of Edward Morgan of Gwynedd. Beyond these facts there is nothing authentic upon which to base any statement connecting Sara (Morgan) Boone with any other Morgan family record. In "Life of Gen. Daniel Morgan of the Virginia line" by James Graham , "It is interesting to know that these two famous fighters of the Revolutionary period, Daniel Morgan and Daniel Boone were first cousins, have found no adequate proof of this connection." The marriage of Edward Morgan's children into the great Welch families indicates that they, Daniel Boone and Gen. Daniel Morgan, are connected by blood."

Robert Morgan
Sarah Morgan was absolutely the daughter of Edward Morgan of Gwynned Pa. this has been established beyond all doubt, this information is to be found in the Quaker church records of the marriage of Squier Boone and Sarah Morgan. There were many Morgans and Boones in attendance, there were some Boones who married Lincolns (President Lincolns ancestors) who also lived in the community. I am a 1st cousin of Daniel Boone 7x removed-

Trina Hoffman
I have a John Gaylon Morgan b. Oct 1837 d. July 1928 in South Carolina. That is as far as I can get. Some say his dad could be a George Morgan. Johns mom was Levenia ( also see it as Lavinia or "Viney" as a nick name maybe) her maiden name was Eubanks. John has a brother named William also, any help would be so great. Thanks :)

nancy mills
John Gaylon Morgan is my grandmother's grandfather. Have a little information to share.

Brian Morgan
I'd always thought of Morgan being Welsh, but I understand that there was a clan McKay or 'Morgan' in northwest Scotland. Amazingly, my mothers name was McKay (from Glasgow) and my fathers name was Morgan (from Bolton)!

James Morgan
I come from the Morgan Clan in scotland... at least i think either my Great Grandfather or my Great Great grandfather came from Scotland.

Hi there funny reading your post both my parents were the same mum a morgan and dad a mckay.. But both from australia.....