Last name: Morgan

This is a truly famous surname whose Gaelic-Celtic ancestry pre-dates Christianity. Originally, the name was purely personal and spelt as "Morcant", the change to Morgan being medieval. The exact meaning is uncertain but "sea chief" or "sea defender" are the generally accepted interpretations. The importance of the name is shown by its incorporation in the ancient Welsh kingdom of Glamorgan, a corrupt form of "Ap Morgan", the son of Morgan. The first true recording as a surname is however English (see below). In Wales the first recording may be Thomas Morgaine, Knight of Monmouth, in 1538, whilst in Scotland, one John Morgane was a burgess of Glasgow in 1419. In Ireland the name is popular in Leinster and Ulster, and in some cases is an Anglicization of Merrigan and Morahan, the first recording being that of Edward Morgane, of Dublin, on April 26th 1654. Not only does the name indicate a sea warrior, it is with the sea that the Morgan name has won most renown. Amongst these famous people was Sir Henry Morgan, Governor of Jamaica and the epitome of the privateering buccaneer of the 17th Century. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John Morgan, which was dated 1214, in the "Curia Regis Rolls of Berkshire", during the reign of King John, known as "Lackland", 1199 - 1216. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Morgan Decker
I am descended from the Morgans, the last of whom died shortly before my birth. I have always heard from Wales, but cannot get a clear trace. My family goes back at least four generations in Maine, USA, and some parts of the family from Canada. Anyone know anything about this?

My Link to the Morgans Family is through My Grandfather Aeulfryn Arthur Morgans It is said that some of his Family went To Pensylvania Any Information would be appreaciated. My Family are from the Aberdare Area near Merthyr Tydfil Glamorgan South Wales

My mothers surname was Morgan before she married my dad whos' surname is Watt. I am looking very urgently for her sister Ethel and her brother Alan. Their fathers name was Ernest Morgan and their mothers name was Nora (but she passed away when they were very young). Can anyone assist as it is very important and extremely urgent that I find them. All were based in South Africa, born in Johannesburg I think. Please???

kemar morgan
i'm a morgan from jamaica now i'm wondering if i'm related to Henry Morgan

Fonda Morgan Pringle
I am Morgan by birth and have been trying to find out which relations could be mine....I have no real starting point other than my parents and grandparents name. Have tried ancestory sites but I end up with several possibilties...any suggestions on how to find the right family line

I think this is confusing

Jennifer Jenkins Morgan
I am a Morgan through my father and from Wales

Just to add....
My paternal grandfather was Dai Morgan from West Glamorgan, South Wales.
His family were sent to Patagonia (argentina ) in the late 1800's. My grandfather was a baby and left behind in Wales because his parents did not think he would survive the ship to Argentina. He was adopted by his aunt who was married to a Jenkins so we became Jenkins. My father is David Jenkins. we were all born in Wales. I came to Canada in 1980.

Harry Morgan

Wow there are alot more Morgan's in the world than i thought and i was born in Cardiff and now in austrlia :D

Sabrina Morgan

I am a Morgan by birth and this is really confusing lol but in the end it doesn't really matter where you came from as long as you know who you are

Eric Morgan

My line of Morgans arrived in Virginia from Wales in the mid 1600s William Morgan 1630 - 1720

Josh Morgan

I have been looking to trace my family history back as far as possible but I can't find anyone past my grandpa Ronald Morgan. We are from Michigan in the Detroit area. Any help would be greatly appreciated

thomas morgan

i am from the morgan family from ireland

Todd Gartner

when my mom was 18 about 45 years ago she got knocked up by a young man named Robert Irving Morgan from parksville BC. I am this kid if you know him get ahold of me at Thanks

Auburn morgan
My name is auburn Morgan, my father is Joseph Dennis Morgan and his father was Larry Dennis Morgan , They are from cedar town Georgia I am trying to find more family members

Lartharie morgan
Well you know my name. My father was Oscar Lewis Morgan he was from Birmingham Alabama I believe I know none of his family. He lived in New York New York last known in the 70's he married my mother Christine. I am looking for any possible family members. Please help

Kayla Morgan
Hi, I am a Morgan and I just started looking into this a day or so ago and I was curious to know how many more morgans were out there possibly in my family tree. I was born in Evansville, IN in 1990 My mom's name was Lisa Morgan and the time but is now Lisa Hargrove and my fathers name is Barry Morgan.

Wayne Morgan
Another Morgan, but we come from Jamaica

Sidney Lee Morgan
Looking into my family history, but can't find anything past my grandfather, Edward Francis Morgan. If it helps, my father's name is Gregory Thomas Morgan, and I'm in the San Antonio region of Texas.

Dwight Morgan
I am a proud Morgan also. Don't know much at all about my lineage other than my father Raymond Morgan was from 1920s Oklahoma and my grandfather Roy Morgan was either from Oklahoma or Arizona...anyone here hail from the Oklahoma area?

Suzanne Taylor
My grandfather was john thomas morgan born to richard morgan and margaret mary morgan ( strutt) parents divorced and margaret strutt remarried george ivory migrating to nz. What happened to richard, as I have not been able to find anything n my free search.

Dustin Morgan
I am a Morgan my family settled in new Mexico and Arizona and some around Dallas texas

suzanne Taylor
I did write that George and Margaret Ivory and family migrated to NZ but I have since found out that it was on a ship called the "Darra" to Australia in 1883

Kellie morgan
I am a morgan too from surrey in the uk would love to find my family that lived in canvey island in the 80s or somerset

Cory McMeekin
My grandmother was born as Joyce Morgan. Her grandfather Alfred Morgan was born July 1884 in Levuka, Fiji. Our family can't find anything about Alfred's parents. We are guessing his parents must have been some of the very early UK settlers to Fiji in the mid 1800s. I can't find any information anywhere on settlers to Fiji, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Nicole Morgan
How are you coming to the conclusion that Morgan and Morgaine are the same name? There are many similar names from different Celtic languages, but that does not mean they would be interchangeable... that's a huge assumption to make. You're basically 'just guessing' that all these names grew out of the same origin, and I don't think that is plausible at all. I wouldn't trust your website's claims, much less buy one of your silly scrolls.

Cassandra Morgan
I am trying to trace/ find my family also! My dad was Lawreance Morgan and his mother was Joan Morgan. She lived in the Blue Moutians of NSW, Australia. My dad passed away when I was 18 and have never had contact with his side of the family since then. I would love to find them though. He has two brothers. Kieth and Alan Morgan

Carol Darby
I would like to find out more info on Robert Darby b1493 Askerswell l Dorset married 1520 Askerswell don't know wife's name , he had a son Robert (Derby) Darby b1515 Askerswell

Andrew Morgan
Another Morgan here in Glasgow Scotland. Can trace the family back to Nairn , then Edinburgh and Glasgow. Scotland . My father was named Henry C Morgan which always raised a chuckle , but never seen him swashbuckle. ! The family has always had an Andrew , William, John and David in their christian names as far as I can trace them back. Nice to say hello to all you other Morgans from around the 4 corners of the world and know the DNA is alive and well.

Teresa James
I am related to an Ann Morgan b 1844 who married a Nathaniel Williams in 1864. The family lived in Tredegar and Nathaniel worked in Trevil quaries. They apparently had 17 children although I only know the names of 10. I'd love to know more about Ann and whether she is related to the Morgans of Tredegar or Henry Morgan.

Gavin Morgan
I'm related to Henry Morgan

Jacquie Mitchell
I too have descended from a Morgan. My Gran5was Joseph Charles Morgan b 1906 in England. His father is John Morgan and John's father is a William Morgan. Williams father is Daniel Morgan and Daniel's father is David Morgan, all from England. This is where I am stuck. Stories are that were belong to the same family that Capt Henry Morgan belonged to which is a very large family of Morgan's. The Morgan's from Tredegar have died out according to the history books in England. But I have also read that during the 1700-1800's the country seen great poverty and records were not all collected and some records have been destroyed due to the wars and fires over time. So I am stumped. I did a DNA test and have some Morgan lines but many profiles are private and many profiles not completed either. Then there are those who only believe their families come from the United States but these people emigrated to the US from other countries so. Unless your indigenous then your ancestors came from another country first. So if anyone understands or thinks any of my ancestors names are familiar I would be interested in hearing from you. Thanks

This is a Jewish name. Welsh = heavily Jewish. It's where Jews descended to when they immigrated to England.

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