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This famous surname is popular in all the counties of the British Isles. It is however arguably French, and as such derives from the personal name "Maurice", itself from the Latin word "maurus" meaning moorish, or dark and swarthy. Introduced into Britain by the Normans after the Conquest of 1066, the name was first recorded in England in 1176 when Mauricius de Edligtona appears in the documents of the Danelaw, for the city of London. The surname dates back to the end of the12th century (see below), and further recordings include: John Morice (1275) in the Hundred Rolls of Buckinghamshire; Simon Morys (1296) in the Subsidy Rolls of Sussex; and Robert Morisse (1308) in the Chartulary of the Priory of St. Thomas, the Martyr, near Stafford, Staffordshire. Early London church registers include exasmples such as the christening of William Morris, the son of John Morris, on August 15th 1563, at St. Andrews Undershaft, and the christening of Sara, the daughter of Robart Morris, on June 21st 1590, at St. Botolph's, Bishopsgate. Davie Morris, aged 18 years, was an early emigrant to the New World. He embarked from London on the ship "Truelove" bound for the Bermudas, in June 1635. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Jasce Mauricii. This was dated 1191, in the Pipe Rolls of the city of London, during the reign of King Richard 1st, known as "The Lionheart", 1189 - 1199. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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I am a Morris. My grandfather has traced back our family tree into the 1700s. I have found out through him that we are related to Robert Morris, who signed the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution. He was a very influential man during this time. I have been wanting to try and trace back my family farther than that.

My great grandfather whose name I am not sure of moved to Canada from Ireland. He was a Morris as am I. Unfortunately I'm the last person in my family to have the Morris name. It's so nice learning about family background.

Mario Morris G.
Morris Clan from Ireland and Wales through my maternal grandfather Hugh R. Morris, son of Joseph Morris. Ontario, Canada

Holly Morris Johnson
I am a Morris (married now so I am a Johnson too I guess). My father is Phillip Morris and his father is Charles D. Morris (from upstate NY). My grandfather's father ended up in Canada as an indentured servant when he was a tween after his parents (John Morris and Mary Ann Cripps) both died in England just outside of London. He and his brother were willed to an orphanage and I have no idea why since both sides of the family had relatives in the area. Their sons, my G-grandfather Charles E. Morris and his brother David Morris, were separated and never saw each other alive again.

My grandfather's family ended up in New York and I have been told we still have family there. My father grew up in Cali (near LA) and I still have family down there. I have two brothers who are carrying on the Morris name and they are in WA state. I thought it interesting that Morris can mean 'dark and swarthy" because those of us that look like the Morris side are just that.

William Patrick Allen
Want more about welsh Morris's,please.

Phillip R. Morris
Hello, I just started looking into my fathers name (Phillip Dale Morris) he was born around Roswell, NM in the early 1950's. My father wasn't close to his family so I don't have much info to go on, just wondering if anyone of the Morris's here any have additional information.

Therese Morris Dixon

My father's family can be traced back before the War of independence. My father is from Arkansas and there about a million of us. My dad is on of ten children and his father was one of had many siblings as well. We are not dark and swarthy, if fact there are many redhead and blonds in my dad's family.

Job Morris

I have hit a brick wall, I have my grandmother Elizabeth Ann Morris 1898 Bradford Ontario her father was George Edward Morris born in Bradford Ontario George's father was Job Morris born 1825/26 in the Canadian 1851, 1861 it says he was from England, but after his death in 1869 (Bradford belfry cemetery) his wife Ann claims the children as being Welsh descendant.. Dar

Keith Morris

I know my great grandfather Fredrick morris left his wife and kids including my grandfather Loren morris in a trailer outside of Philadelphia I assume he was of the Philadelphia line... Supposedly we are of the welsh morris'.. My father Garrett morris has dupuytrens contracture a hand condition which afflicts only people of viking ancestry so it would make sense if I have Norman genes in me but who knows?

James Morris
Hi all. I'm British. Enjoyed reading these comments. I like to think it could originate from the latin word "mores", meaning "morals". Perhaps our ancestry comprises persons of exceptionally high moral calibre!

I am a descendant of David Morris of Waxhaw,N.C. and on my mother's side James Morrison of Conover,N.C.

karen morris
from scotland any more scottish fathers father was welsh

Albert Morris
The first record I have found of the origin of the surname Morris is - Saint Moritz (a leading Roman soldier from Thebes, Egypt, whose actual name was Maurice). The surname Morris originates from the Muslim converts to Catholicism,in Spain known as Moriscos. They probably came through France as Huguenots. I'm from Manchester, England.


Jennifer Lynn Morris
My Morris family can be traced to 1750 in Ireland. Richard Morris was my 5th great grandfather. He joined the 33rd Regiment of Foot and fought for the British in the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution. He was evacuated to Nova Scotia in 1783 with many others. My 2nd great grandfather moved to Pennsylvania in the late 1800s. We cannot find any family information on Richard in Ireland. If anyone knows anything, we would certainly appreciate it. :)

who is the parents of Esau D Morris. can't find nothing on this guy other than land that was purchased in Illinois in the 1822

"Of the English families of that name," observes Burke, "there are two classes, those of native, and those of foreign, extraction. The latter came over with the Conqueror. Of the former, the most ancient are derived from Wales. One section of the foreign class had a Moorish origin, as indeed the name expresses, and crossed over from Africa to Europe by way of Spain, whence were introduced into England, and other European countries, the Morrice dancers, who were accustomed to perform various feats of dancing. From the same source is derived the name of Montmorency corrupted from De Monte Moriseo, "of or from the Moorish Mountains," and thence abbreviated into Moris — Patronymica Britannica, written: 1838-1860 by Mark Antony Lower

Chris Morris
I had a DNA ancestry test last year, as a present, and although I expected some Celtic origins on the Y chromosome. It turns out that this is totally Germanic. So it may be back to the drawing board on the origins of the Morris surname

Jeff Morris
Through the family bible I can trace my family back to John Morris of Earls Heaton England 1815.

I be read that Morris is a French name

To find my great grand father and where we are.from

Carlin Morris
I am a swarthy Morris from Scotland and I am looking forward to finding a link dating a little further back than mid 1800s. I would like to know where the Welsh Morris of William Morris ( the atisan) came from. This would please me. Good day to you

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