Last name: Palmer

This ancient Anglo-French surname recorded in the spellings of Palmer, Palmar, Parmer, Paumier, and the dialectals Pymar, Pymer, and Pimer, is a medieval descriptive nickname. It is one of the sizeable group of early European surnames that were gradually created from the habitual use of personal descriptions or characteristics. The derivation, in this instance, is from the pre 10th century Old French, "palmer or paumier", and derives from assumed or perhaps in some cases, actual, pilgrimages or crusades to the Holy Land. Such pilgrims, who often wore suits of armour and carried some very unfriendly weapons, generally brought back a palm branch as proof that they had actually made the journey. A quotation from a medieval writer reads, "The faded palm-branch in his hand, showed the pilgrim from the Holy Land". In its various spellings this was one of the earliest of all surnames. Early examples of the surname recordings include such as Wiger le Palmer of Lincolnshire in the 1191 rolls, and Richard le Paumere of Middlesex in the year 1198. Ricardus Palmer appears in the 1379 Poll Tax rolls of Yorkshire, whilst Joseph Pymer was recorded in London in 1665, at the height of the 'Black death'. John Palmer, aged 18 years, who embarked from London on the ship "Primrose" bound for Virginia, in July 1635, was one of the earliest recorded settlers in America. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Barrie Palmer

My Grandfather George Palmer lived in Quebec Canada. 1907 to 1941. He was a shoe maker from Leicester England. He fought in the First World War and returned to Canada where he died 1941. I live in Leicester was born1937.

Barrie Palmer

I was born in Leicester England 1937 my Grandfather was born 1881 also in Leicester. He took my father Henry to Canada 1903 and lived there until he died.1941. My father returned to England 1910. My grandfather served in the Canadian army he lived in Quebec untill he died.I want to know what happened to him between 1910 and1941 if possible

Talycia Bryan

My name is Talycia Bryan and my fathers name is Joseph Bryan but his father was eric/erik palmer from the blue moutains, new south wales and that is all me or my father know

daniel adams

My mum was a Palmer.Miriam Ada Palmer.Her gt grandad was a Charles Palmer.think he came from Bramford.

Marion Palmer-Dickinson

My maiden name is Palmer. My father was Frederick Moses Palmer, grandfather was George Arthur Palmer. Grew up in New Hampshire,USA. Any other Palmers out there I need to know about?

George Christopher Andrew Palmer

All of the men on my mother's side have the name George Palmer, however, all of the middle names differ...and there you have it....have a great day!

George Palmer

P.S I forgot to say that my great grand father was John.

George Palmer

Hi, My name is George Palmer and I live in Western Australia, originally I lived in Melbourne. My Great Grand father father was born Parsonstown County Offaly in 1820. At some time he moved to Birmingham England and married a Sarah Lea, they had James 1846, Thomas 1848, Bridget 1851, Margaret 1856, John 1858 my Grand father, Mary 1860, Sarah 1856, all born in Birmingham England. My Grand father came out to Australia in 1884 and married a Jane Neil. It has taken me about 50 years to get this far, so, if it rings any bells please contact me. My Email is

George Christopher Andrew Palmer

I seem to come across the first name George alot when researching information on my last name, Palmer. FYI, all of the men in my family have the same first and last name, George Palmer, yet we all have been given different middle names, my Uncle is George Timothy Palmer, my Grandfather is George Samuel Palmer, a cousin named George Andrew Palmer, and so there ya have be with you!!!

Tiffany P

Hello everyone, I live in Missouri(USA). I don't know much about my family on the Palmer side, but I know that my grandfather, Curtis R Palmer Sr., married Anita Faye Smith. Curtis's mother's name is Thaddie May(unsure of maiden name) and his father is Floyd Palmer. I believe Curtis was born in Wright City, Oklahoma. I haven't been able to figure out much past that. Any help would be much appreciated :)

George Christopher Andrew Palmer

My family is from the Northeastern part of Oklahoma. Mostly residing in Henryetta, OK. There are 2 sets of Palmer family trees that are not related. I would bet, rather confidently that you may have some relation in Henryetta. I know that I have a relative named Floyd Palmer...not too sure, but I think it is an Uncle of my Grandfather.

penny fullard

Hi everyone, I have just started doing some family research. I have found out that my great-nanny, was Elsie N. Palmer. She married Ernest Wormald(great granddad), in the months between Jul-Aug-Sep, Year: 1912 , Bromsgrove,Worcestershire , England. They had two daughters, Evelyn N. Wormald in 1913, and Mary May Fullard( my nanny), in May of 1914. Not sure if this information is helpful to anyone, but I thought I would pass it on.


Hello I am trying to find information for my Dad if name is Ivor Charles plamer originally from Grafton Nsw. He is now 62 and was adopted at a young age and is now Ivor Charles Faulks. Any help in to finding his family would be great. Thank you.

Cathy Palmer
Hi I am trying to get information on my Palmer line, my father was Harold Daniel Palmer, died in 1972 and I would like more information on his father. I do have some census records that indicate my grandfather was married before he married my grandmother, at age 26, and that he was widowed. I know nothing about this prior family. Anyone doing research on ancestry of Palmer in Missouri or Oklahoma I would love the help.

George Christopher Andrew Palmer

Hi Cathy, I come from a long line of Palmers from Northeastern Oklahoma....most of that side of my family reside in Henryetta, Oklahoma and have been there for many generations. There are 2 Palmer family trees in Henryetta, and claim no relation to the other. I bet you will find relations on either side. Both Palmer families are well known and respected members of that community. My Great Grandfather owned a small grocery store, closed during his lifetime. My Grandfather, Rev. George S. well known for his role in the Christian community and had a charming and memorable personality. Knowing one's ancestry seems to be of interest to those on that side of my family, so, again, start there if you haven't already found the information you seek...peace be with you.

Kimberly Palmer Hasty
WoW! This is interesting. I thought my name was if Italian descent shortened from DePalmer. Thanks for the page!

Ray Palmer
Hi fellow Palmers! I'm from a line of Palmers from Cardiff, S Wales, going back to the late 1800s, and before that back to the Middle Ages in Wiltshire, mostly the village of Coombe Bissett. I've been researching the family history for several years, but am always happy to learn about new relatives, no matter how distant!

c palmer
i meant i am from cardiff in south wales jjpalmer i also have many relatives in wales too

c palmer
i am from cardiff in soth wales and have many relatives in wales


I'm a Palmer from Philadelphia, PA. My grandfather was Edwin Matthew, 1910-1984. My father was Edward Joseph, 1933-1994. Don't know much else from that side. They were both born in Philadelphia. Oh, and my great-grandfather was Charles. He died in 1972, don't know when he was born, or where.

I am a first generation Australian Palmer, with my father's family coming from Wales, UK. I'm interested in finding any Palmer connections in South Wales. Philip, Charles and John are all well-represented in my family through the generations as family names passed from father to son. I have few relatives that I know of, so therefore am really keen to try and trace some more information. We had a 19thC male relative go from Wales to the USA, but died with no heir. Other than that and my direct family in Australia, the remainder would still be in Wales and the UK. Any South Welshmen Palmers??

Martin Clemett
Hi I was born in Bridgend south wales and have been researching my family tree for a while now. I have recently found out that I descend from the palmer family of south wales my fifth great grandmother was Mary Palmer who was born 1783 in Llanilid, South Wales she married Evan Griffith at Llanilid. She is descended from William Palmer who was from Llanilid also. I have not traced all my Palmer cousins as of yet but it would be brilliant if we were related My email is I have managed to trace the palmer family quite extensively and if I can help in anyway let me know I'm more than willing to send you a copy of the family tree for you to look at.

Hi Martin, thanks for your kind offer to share information, it is very appreciated. I will email you and look forward to hopefully filling in some more of the very sparse details I do know. Again, thanks so much. Kindest regards, Jo.

I am from the US. Have you any relatives in the US?

Max Palmer

I have recently started searching through my ancestry for fun, so if anyone thinks they might be related, please reply!


Hi I may have some intrest of information for you. my email

Te huri nui Paama
Kia Ora ( hello) I am a Palmer from Tauranga New Zealand We are descendents of James Palmer of the ship Primrose. He migrated from America to New Zealand and married two woman of Maori descent . The first Kere rangi ki waho and the second my ancestor Hiria Te uru tawera. Some of our family have changed the name to Paama . We are Maori and we are Palmers( Paama) too

Victoria Joe (Wihongi)
We must be related then. My Grandmother is Erana Jean Palmer, I am researching my family tree and I believe that makes Kererangi ki waho would be my great, great, great, great grandmother!

Christian Palmer
Awesome. I got Crusader blood in me.

C Palmer
My family has forsaken it, we're Muslims.

George C A Palmer

I would like to think that, given the history behind our Surname, we would have evolved beyond semantics...all the major religions teach the same core beliefs. Unfortunately we are often lost in the details that "man" has included to obtain goals that are not necessarily beneficial to the core beliefs and end up leading us astray from the reason we find such comfort in belief there is a higher power, or something greater than this worldly existence. BTW, I was raised by my Grandparents, of which my Grandfather was a Reverend in the Methodist Church...If I am able to evolve my belief from the "cartoon-ish" image one is presented as a child to be "God"...then anyone with the slightest bit of an open mind can also grow and become enlightened. peace be with you. remember we all come from the same place and return there after this existence. Our Spirituality is what is important, not who we call what, and so on....i say this with the greatest respect for all beliefs. My hope is one day, we will wake up and finally realize what is most we treat other human beings!...thanks for your time.

Noel Symons
Hey, My mother was Mary Palmer (also Pama) Kati Mamoe, (southern Maori Tribe in New Zealand) The Palmer comes through a Richard Palmer and Elizabeth Titley (convicts, Austrailia) 2 of their sons (Edwin and William) and a nephew Edward (son of George) were some of the first settlers in the south of NZ (Sealers) they married into the Maori down here, I come through William and his third wife, Heni Parera, or Anne Holmes, Would be great to get some links back to Richard Palmers family. Cheers, Noel.

michelle johnson

hi Im Annes great great great granddaughter would love to catch up

Chris Palmer
I'm from Carlisle and have just started my family tree. Does anyone know of Palmers in Cumbria?

keith palmer
my dad was born in carlisle but moved with his parents to torquay devon in the late 1930s my dads name was alexander palmer but i dont know anything of his family apart from they were from carlisle so dont know if any link

mark palmer
Theres only 1 set of palmers from burnley

barry palmer
being a palmer from burnley perhaps I can help


Pfft don't think! I'm a Palmer from burnley

Clive Palmer
Hi Kimber, A group of men, known as a "Press Gang," would abduct a man, probably when he had had a little too much to drink and take him back to their British warship, which would have been a square rigger and happened during the 19th century. He would then have to serve on that ship and the press gang would receive a sum for each man pressed. The pressed man may never have seen his loved ones again. You may be lucky in tracing your forebear as the Royal Navy is extremely well documented. If you know his name and about the time he was born and the area he lived your first contact would probably be the Maritime Museum at Greenwich, London. I obtained a photo of my gt grandfather's ship of 1860 from them. There are also the census details which are available up until 1911. Best wishes to all. Clive Palmer

Retta Palmer
Hi Clive I am descended from James Palmer who came to Australia (Yarraville VIC), from England, in 1857 with his 2 brothers, wife and 2 children. I am trying to trace his father, Simon Palmer, I believe from Middlesex and James' brothers Simon and John's descendants. I believe John never married as it is recorded that he died an old man while living with his brother James in Footscray. Can you help at all, where does your line come in? Retta Palmer Perth WA

Nancy Dunn
My grandmother was a Palmer, descending from John Palmer, 1760-1833,from the First Fleet traveling from England to Australia. There used to be a John Palmer society in Australia and some info can be obtained from the net and the following site gives some info about my great, great etc. John Palmer, of the Serius ship of the First Fleet. Just google Biography John palmer au

vanessa chivers
PS Palmers were from around landrake Cornwell England

vanessa chivers
I am in Brisbane, Australia, my connection to Palmer is on my grandmother side, we go back to Rev Philip Palmer(1799-1853) who went to Cambridge to study, left England on the Ship"Warrior" for Van Diemans land in 1833, became charge of St Trinitys Church(Rural Dean) His father was jonathan palmer and mother Ursula Blake(born 1790) of St Erney, England. If anyone has a family tree, could you let me know, thanks.

Doreen La Bastide (nee Palmer)
My maiden name is Palmer, daughter of Norah, grandaughter of Alfred Thomas and Emma Elizabeth (nee Dicks) Palmer, great grandaughter of Joseph John and Elizabeth (nee Goodwin) Palmer from the London area. Does this ring a bell with anyone?????

im palmer from rep dominicana

Karen Palmer
I am Palmer in Ohio! I'm looking for my family roots from Greenville, Alabama. My great -grandfather Robert Palmer moved from Greenville to Barberton, Ohio around 1940. His fathers name was Fred Palmer. They were known for bringing fresh farm vegetables to Ohio! Where they later stayed. If you have any information please contact me and I can also give you more information to link together! Blessings to All

roberto palmer jr
My names Roberto Palmer Kristin was curiousabout mmy last name BC im cuban american and I know Palmer's noy a Cuban last name and saw ur grand fathers nname was robert Palmer I have cousins I Jersey with last name palmer and im from florida

My grandfather's name was Walter Robert Palmer born in 1900. I am from Virginia.

brian palmer
I'm Brian Palmer, now in Canada, but lived in Bourton-on-the-Water Glos in my youth. My mother's name was 'Sewell' - think I have relatives in New Zealand ???

Ian Palmer
I'm a Palmer from the North West of England, UK. My fathers family lived in and around the city of Liverpool for at least five generations.

robert palmer
im a palmer robert joseph just like my father befofe me originate from a big palmer family from birmingham erdington area

My Grandfather John Palmer was from Clifton on teme Nr Worcester Worcestershire UK.

Clive Palmer
I have records of Palmers from Stoke sub Hamdon,Somerset, going back to mid eighteenth century.

Retta Palmer
Hi Clive , my Palmers also come from Somerset. My grandfather was William Frederick James Palmer from Footscray and Yarraville Aust. His grandfather was James Palmer, who ran the first Yarraville Post Office. Are you from our line??

Kimber Palmer
I am a proud Palmer as well-- family legend has it that our original Palmer was kidnapped and forced to work on a ship--- that is how this branch came to America. I wish I could prove it.

Lyn Smart Chester
Hi, I have heard that myself. I`m sure there was a Captain Palmer but don`t have any proof, just hear say! My ancestors were Palmers originally from Cork, Ireland, but had some Palmers born on Island of St. Helena.

Yazmin Palmer
well i am a palmer myself and proud to be but y can we find anything on palmers. I mean i looked every where and I havent found not one piece of info on us. What is up with that?

Wendy Palmer
My name is Wendy Paklmer I have found a lot on my family history. My grandfathers brother was a caption who sailed to austrila* another to florida. The kin in ohio came from a different line 2 brothers that ran a train they named a place in Ar remlap which is palmer backwards I have spoke to a few Palmers in remlap good info but not mine hope this helps.

I'm Michael, from everything I've been told about my past families history, we did in fact get to America on what my grandfather referred to as "labor ships" after being taken captive from Ireland. Still trying to hunt down my families true last name.

Michael john palmer
I am a Palmer born in Tipton which in the Black country my father was moses Palmer, my mother was Vera Mary Daws who came from essex ours was a big family my dad was a royal marine commando in the second world war.

bout ye martin lol my family are mainly the portavogie side hope ur injoyin the good ole norn lreland :)

Jeremy Palmer
Did he offer discounts for "family"?

martin palmer
Tina I am from burnley but me and family live in glengormley now fir the last 7 yrs ... wot about ye!

Any Palmers from Birmingham????

David Palmer
There were some Draymen from Birmingham then moved Wolverhampton way

Neil Swift
My Grandfather was John William Palmer work as a stoker on trains,the family was from Wolverhampton,John moved to Ladywood,Birmingham.

my fathers family was from birmingham

Clive Palmer
One of the most famous families were the Palmers of Long Sutton, in Somerset. They were the people who started the buscuit making and went into partnership with the Huntley's to become "Huntley and Palmer's Bucuits." Long Sutton is just a few miles from South Petherton and Stoke sub Hamdon, where my family originated. The buscuit makers were "Quakers" or "Religious Society of Friends" to give the correct title.I beleive they became "Barons" at some point. There are many Palmers in Somerset and probably many are related in some way but it is difficult to find a link. Incidently the gaves at the Quaker meeting house at Long Sutton contain mainly two families: Palmer and Westlake It is avery interesting place to visit. Best wishes to all.

My maiden name is palmer & im from northern ireland there is still alot of palmers near were i live it is lovely to find out the facts about our name i would never of thought it was french but im interested in finding out more now :)

Craig Palmer
Craig Palmer. I'm a Palmer and I'm proud of it. I'm nearly 70 living in Yorkshire. My dad was born in 1917 and lived in the Dartmoor area of Devon. My Grandad, William Palmer was born in Bath in about 1885. He was decorated in WW1 with the MC and DCM. I believe from my research that his father was Born in Bradford on Avon. I cant go back any further without spending a lot of money.

Jeremy Palmer
Don't we all!!

Clive Palmer
I have also seen the meaning of the name as a lowly person who is likely to "palm of" something. Meaning to sell you something not up to standard. Also a connection with Palermo. I of course come from the pilgrim faction.

lyn smart chester
My GGG Grandmother was a Palmer, was born and lived on St. Helena Island, where Napoleon was exiled.

robert palmer
My dad's name is Edward palmer. he currently lives on St Helena.

Christine Duffy
Hello everyone - what a surprise to find Palmer's together. I was born a Palmer in Coventry England. I descend from John Palmer bn c 1790 (not sure where) but he lived and worked in the Long Acre area of Westminster as a cutler. He married a Sophia Biggs of Widcombe Somerset (in Widcombe, Bath) 20 October 1814 - they had quite a brood, all born in the Long Acre area and then dispersed into now the Greater London area, Wales, South Africa - more nomadic tendencies.

Neil Swift
My moms name was Palmer and came from Birmingham,found the family moved from Suffolk to Shropshire in 1700's,then her grandfather moved to Wolverhampton in mid 1800's !!!

Nicole Sullivan
i just found out that my great great great grandma Iram maiden name was Palmer she married a Mel Anglin and they had a son name Mark Anglin who was born in Hamilton Alabama does anyone know of a Iram Palmer back in late eighteen hundreds? if so contract me at

Derek Palmer
Interesting point, whilst in the military both my dad's and my nickname was 'Pedlar' or 'Peddlar'. I remember seeing an old B&W movie showing a 'gypsy' cart selling pots and pans, the name on the side was 'Palmer', the implication being that the Palmers were travellers, which would follow through from the pilgrimage idea. Also, do a 'google' for 'Pedlar Palmer'

My dad was also peddlar palmer and was ex army ( comes from the boxer i believe)

Martin Palmer
i am from yorkshire, with family in perth australia and now have 2 sons to keep the family name!

amanda palmer
I can't believe how many palmer's there are. I wonder if any of us could be related some how. Im from Indiana

I have palmer ancestors and living relatives. Im from brisbane, Australia

Stewart Palmer
I am Stewart Palmer from Plymouth traced family back to 1768 in Devon

Jeremy Palmer
Hi all, I'm another Palmer living in Bridgwater, Somerset. Been here all my life, and my father and his father too!! Sad really. (P.S. Must get a photo of that street name in South Petherton).

Robert Palmer
I am another Palmer. My father came from near Cleobury Mortimer in Shropshire.

Derek Palmer
Another Palmer here, strangely enough living in Bridgwater, Somerset...coincidence though, my hometown is Weymouth, Dorset.

My Great nan's maiden name was Palmer. She lived in Bridgwater, Somerset. She married an American GI whos last name was 'Arnsdorf'. Thats my last name. Anyone heard of it?

Darren Palmer
Me too guys! my branch moved fromm Suffolk up to Yorkshire in the early 1800's and we've remained here ever since. Did you know Dick Turpin was a Palmer - he used his mother's maiden name, calling himself John Palmer when he came up to Yorkshire in hiding. I'm trying desperately to prove a link to me and mine!!!

Im a Palmer as well. In good ole' Illinois Keeping the family name goin

Ryan Palmer
Im a palmer as well. its nice to know it has holy term to it. almost a holy warrior feel to it. very cool and unique. im lovin it. :)

Me too I am proud of my name Palmer I live in hull

tammy palmer
Hi my name it tammy palmer I live in hull as well where about u from

Beverley Ramsay

Hi Tammy just came across your comment. My mother surname was Palmer and her family all came from Hull, Yorkshire.

I am a palmer too. The last in my family now my grandfather pased. And clive, I'm from bridgwater, so close.

I am a Palmer. One of many in Somerset. My father was born at Palmer Street, South Petherton.

Clive Minchin
Hi Clive, my name is also Clive. My last name is Minchin,but my mother was a Palmer,& I believe that her mother's name was Ware. I live in Canada. My mother once told me that we may be related to Dick Turpin,(through the Palmer name) the infamous highwayman, who was hanged for his crimes in 1739.

Clive Minchin
I forgot to mention that my Grandfather's name was George Palmer, and he was a sailor in the Royal Navy,during the steamship era.His daughter, my mother was born in Plymouth, and she served in the WRENS during the second world war.

sharon palmer
Extremely proud of my surname, nice to know were it comes from.

Crystal palmer
Im a palmer :)
My mothers maiden name was Palmer. Descended from Walter Palmer 1585 - 1661. I would love to know more about him before coming to the US.