Last name: Pearce

Recorded in many spellings forms including: Pearce, Pears, Pearse, Piers, Peers, and Peres, this is regarded as a European surname as it is found in almost every country, and largely a 12th century Crusader introduction, but ultimately, of ancient biblical origins. The modern surname is a variant of the popular personal name Peter, which in medieval England was more usually found in the French form of Piers. Whatever the spelling the origination is from the Ancient Greek "Petros", meaning rock, and was the name given by Jesus to Simon, to be steadfastness in faith, and the rock on which the Christian church was to be created. With a build up like that, it was hardly surprising that St. Peter was the favourite saint of the medieval church, and his name hugely popular throughout Christendom. It is said that the name as "Piers" was brought to Britain by the Normans at the time of the Conquest of England in 1066. However we can find no definate proof of this claim, and our research suggests that it was a century later at least. Even then it was at first a personal name, but within a short time it had become one of the first surnames. Early recordings taken from authentic surviving rolls and charters of medieval England include: Robert Peres of Somerset in the register known as 'Kiby's Quest' in 1273, and Adam Pierce of Sussex in the Subsidy Rolls of 1327. Later examples include: Captain William Pearce (or Peerce) who held 1700 acres of tree plantations in 'James Cittie' the original centre of the new colony of 'Virginea'. This was in the year 1626, whilst Danyell Pierce is recorded as having left Ipswich in England, on the ship "Elizabeth", bound for New England, in 1634. The first recorded spelling of the family name anywhere in the world is believed to be that of Gilbert Perse, which was dated 1198. This was in the pipe rolls of the city of London, during the reign of King Richard 1st, known as "The Lionheart", 1189 - 1199. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop", often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Crystal Pearce Gladden

Long line of Pearces in Beaufort SC. My father Paul, his father Charles. I have researched twice and surprisingly never heard of English connections. I had found Italy and Greece. Crazy.

Rebecca Pearce

I'm from Somerset, England, my grandpa John Pearce was from a farming family in Cornwall xx

emma boot

my maiden name pearce and i have just found my 6 x great grandad john pearce in cornwall

Rebecca pearce

My grandad John Pearce was from a farming family in Cornwall xx

Dale Pearce

From Illinois, US. My Pearce family comes from Detroit, Michigan though. I have poked around in records, and found a whole cemetery full of Pearces in Detroit, but can't trace back further than my great-great Grandfather (buried there). I've got a possible clue to a link to Cornwall from this cemetery... very curious.

Carl Pearce

I'm from a long line of Pearce's in Wales.

Michael Pearce

My ancestors also came from Cornwall and migrated to Colorado. Most of these were mining families and settled there during the gold and silver rushes of the late 1800s.

Catrina Pearce

I'm from Wisconsin, USA. My ancestors came here from Cornwall, England.

Rebecca pearce

I am from Somerset, England, my grandpa and his predecessors were farmers in Cornwall xx

Anthony Pearce

I'm a Pearce from AL in America

lynda pearce

I'm a Pearce from leeds, west yorkshire uk. Didn't realise it was such a popular name

Gemma angharad pearce

I'm just starting out tracking my family history. I live in Hertfordshire, my father Gwynn Owen pearce is as you can guess by the name welsh, predominately most of the Pearce's in my family are welsh, however I have recently found a link to Greece! Thanks

Edison Pearce
Our family has been in the USA since the early 1600's and now reside in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, and California.

Sandra Pearce Barlow
My Pearce family has been in the Buckinghamshire/Hertfordshire area of England since at least 1700--- my husband has a Pearce ancestor, totally unrelated to my lot, in Cornwall at about the same date. The family certificates, wills & papers over the years have many spellings-Pierse,Peers,Perce even! Seems to depend on who is doing the writing, so if you can trace your family back far enough it probably pre-dates spelling rules, and we're probably just one big happy family anyway! (-- Lots of my family in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and the US from way back)

Charles Allen Pearce
I'm new to the crew. I've traced ancesters from Tennesee to Missouri in the mid to late 1800's, Lots of Pearces in Virginia but haven't made the connecction.

Curtis Pearce
Man We Share A Pretty Historic Name *rock* lol

Daniel Pearce
I'm a south london pearce, there's alot of us here.

William Pearce
William Pearce Hi Audrey, Thanks for the hello and Happy Holidays to you from Doreen, Janet and I. Will be phoning you soon.

Audrey Pearce
Hi:) Just a hello to you all:)

Megan Pearce
proud to be a Pearce i wonder if im ifim realted to any of you

Cavan Pearce
very proud of my name have a grow son named Brendan Patrick Pearce named after Brendan Behan

Rina Pearce

Hi My maiden name was Pearce and I come from London.

Adam Stevens.

Hi i think I might have known you!

ben pearce
Im a pearce from bristol, uk

Steven Pearce SC USA
Ben mi 6 great grandfather was George Pearce he was born in Bristol England in 1640. maybe we are kin>

David Pearce
Very Prominent Name in Texas and Oklahoma Wide-Spread Family throughout Texas-Arkansas-Oklahoma and Missouri. Often thought of as Texas Royalty with ties to a lot of Texas oil Money. Annually there is a Large Pearce family reunion in Minneola Texas Area. Many off shoots of a very Large family.

Seán Pearce
Seán Pádraig Pearce from Dublin, Ireland here, currently living in Sheffield, UK and have been for several years. Plenty of "Pea" Pearces on both sides of the pond. Was born with a full head of spikey hair & was almost named "Spike" at the last minute. If only!! Spike Pearce would have been legendary, but in the end I was named after my late Uncle (Father's brother) & Great Uncle (Father's Unlce) respectively although a lot of my Irish family now spell their name Pearse (an Irish language thing).

Cheyne Pearce
Classic! My brothers nick-named me Spike as a kid because my hair was always sticking up! Ive taken to the name again recently. Its funny we share more than just last names in common,eh!

Anya Pearce
Where i live, there are not many people with the last name Pearce. I am constantly askes where i'm from lol ! This helped a lot.

Stacey Pearce Wallencheck
We are having a difficult time finding anything after my Great-Great-Grandfather William Edward or Edward William Pearce born 19 Mar 1831 in Coventry, Warwickshire, England. According to my grandmother he has been married once before he married my Great-Great-Grandmother Ann Maria Thacker who was born 1 Mar 1849 in Willenhall, Stafforshire, England. They both emigrated to the US before they met and married. Please respond if you have any information that may help me trace further back. Thanks!

Jack David pearce
I'm a pearce from Southampton there is a few down here

Ben Pearce
Strong contingent of Pearce's here in the Pennines. My old man and his family are cockneys from London. He's Vern Pearce which I've always thought was a cool name. It fits his London swagger. Even named my cockerel after him but he recently got killed by a fox. RIP Vern

Cheyne Pearce
Well stone the flamin crow's!! We are a motley bunch of "Pea" Pearce's arnt we?!! Im looooving the global feed back, Keep it up Pearceys!

john ronald pearce

Pearce from newfoundland Canada family is mostly Irish as far as i can tell and to the Pearce's in texas right on

Callum Pearce
Our family is in devon, England, and there's quite a few of us. The family moved down from bristol though about 100 years ago, and continued to grow.

Rebecca Pearce
I married into a Pearce family. We live North Florida, USA. Me and my husband recently ran into a nice woman vacationing in our part of Florida from Ireland. She asked if we had family there, and added that it is a very common name in some parts of the country. We clarified with her...Pea Pearce...not Pie Pierce. She confirmed yes, Pea Pearce. Pretty cool!

Rick Pearce
I am Rick Pearce from central IL in the US. My father, Frank Pearce, has done a ton of genealogy and found that George Pearce came over to Rhode Island in the the mid 1600s. We love having the less common spelling and often quip that we are the Pea Pearces, not the Pie Pierces.

David Pearce
Pearce and proud. From Pennsylvania. English by descent.

Jonny Pearce
I'm Jonny Pearce. I think it's a cool name but not as cool as my brother Phil Pearce and even cooler his son Charlie Pearce. We are from the Swindon area. My Dad's family is originally from the Sunderland area

Lynne Pearce
I am a 'new' Pearce - only 10 months and am getting used to the name. We are from the UK - my husband is originally from Sheffield!

Suze Baker
My Grandfather was Albert George Pearce and a very proud man, he had 2 Children both daughters, my Mum Beatrice Ruby Jessie and my Aunt Pamela. Sadly my Mum has passed away but my Aunt is still going strong. We are proud to be Pearce descendants and we all live in Nottinghamshire England.

My family's a little group of Pearce's in Texas. It's kinda neat to read about other people with the same name.

Oops i meant ancestor..

Im a proud Pearce from Australia. My bro lives in the british isles and one of our decendants came from U.K to St. Peters Port and his son moved to OZ. So there you go.

Mark Pearce
I am a Pearce too but Im black and th name has been our family name for approx 200 jamaica until my parents came to England in 1957 and the name is still going strong... I would love to know how i got my name (can anyone help me)...but don't get me wrong I'm proud of my name. Mark

Daniel Pearce
My dad is mark pearce. we're white rastas

Nicki Pearce
I'm a Pearce from Devon UK. I know a few Pearce's who I have meet at school and college but most of them spelt their's with an ( I) pierce.

I was a Pearce, from Bath, Somerset.

Cheyne Pearce
I am a Pearce. We are the best. Better than all the rest.