Last name: Pearson

This distinguished name is of early medieval English origin, and is one of the patronymic forms of the medieval given name Piers, itself the usual vernacular form of the male given name Peter. Piers was adopted by the English from the Old French "Pierre, Piers", introduced by the Normans after the Conquest of 1066; the Latinized form, "Petrus", is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086. The name is ultimately of Greek origin, from "petros", rock, stone, and was very popular among Christians in Europe during the Middle Ages, mainly because it was the name bestowed by Christ (as a byname) on the apostle Simon bar Jonah; the name was chosen by Christ for its symbolic significance: "Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church". In England, the personal name was an early favourite, and consequently has generated a large number and variety of surname forms, among them the patronymics Pearson, Pierson and Peirson. Early recordings of the surname include: John Pierisson (1332, Warwickshire); Robert Peresson (1395, Yorkshire); and William Pierson (1412, Lancashire). One Cutbert Peirson was an early emigrant to the American colonies; he was listed as living at "the Indian thickett" near Elizabeth City in Virginia in 1623. A Coat of Arms granted to the family depicts per fesse embattled gules and azure, three suns in splendour ore. The crest being: out of a ducal coronet ore, a paroquet. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Richard Peresone, which was dated 1327, in the "Exchequer Lay Subsidy Rolls of Somerset", during the reign of King Edward 111, known as "The Father of the Navy", 1327 - 1377. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Jamie Thomas
Hi Ben, my ancestors originated in Oxford, New Zealand. I believe I'm somehow related to Joseph Pearson the settler, who started out settling in Goulburn (Australia) before moving to NZ, and his son William Fisher Pearson, the NZ politician, although I'm not sure how exactly. My Great-Grandfather Kenneth Pearson was born down there (I think his father was Thomas Pearson, who one lead suggests was born in Goulburn to John Pearson and Mary Henderson), Kenneth moved to the north island, got married, and hence why I end up here. Do you know any of the details? I'm struggling to prove anything...Cheers Read more:

Charl Pearson
HI Does any one know who were the 2 Pearson brothers that emigrated originally from Ireland to South Africa?

William Pearson
Hi. I am a Pearson, son of Bill. I live in South Africa.

Harry Pearson
I am dated back to out of the civil war out of southwestern pa usa union troops

Julie (Pearson) Clark
Hello, My father's name was Albert Pearson III, His father Albert Pearson II, etc. They lived in Marblehead, MA and Albert Pearson II was a commercial fisherman. My father moved to Yarmouth ME and was a civil Engineer.

Eric Pearson
I am trying to find my ancestor originating in Virginia, around the beginning of 1500.

konthoujam pearson
m glad to find out dat i hav many brothers out der frm different countries sam as my name..maybe we havnt met each other but watever you do good or bad my name wil olso be stick in high five to ol my brothers..

Blain Pearson
I am Blain Pearson, NC, USA

Blain Pearson
I am Blain Pearson, of North Carolina, USA

Maria Dorothea Muir nee Pearson
My father was George Thomas Pearson. His father was James Hendrikson Pearson called Jimmy. I don't know a lot about us but I do know that I got psoraises they said that it was a genetic thing. LOL but it is nice to hear of other Pearson all around. Is there other Pearson's that also have psoraises ? my mail addy is

Troy Alexander Pearson
Any family related to Samuel Ronald Pearson from the Mullins area of South Carolina?

Jessica Irene Pearson
From California here. Relatives go back to SC and GA mostly. Looking to fill more connections- please check site.

helen janet cairns
my mother was inez may pearson. her father was john esmond pearson and his father was john wesley pearson and he migrated to australia from yorkshire, england when he was 18 years old. he was an engraver by profession but died at 33 years of pneumonia, leaving 3 small children, 5years,3years and 18 months and a wife. my grandfather began his working life as a photographer and later went into timber business. his son, my uncle, george esmond pearson migrated to usa from australia in about 1922. he married an american, mabel and they lived most of their like in new orleans, mobile and other southern cities in america. he was also in the timber business.

Emma Jean Pierson Ward
I am the sixth generation of Piersons in my family. I have been searching for James Patrick Pierson born 1773, he first appears in New Kent Co Virginia. He died in 1865 in Scott Co Virginia. His granddaughter who lived to be 105 said he stowed away on a ship from Ireland and was caught and worked his way as a bound boy. If anyone has any information that might connect me to his parents please email me at

Not many people saying their Pearson heritage is French... I'm northern English and as Scandinavian looking as they come, as are my dad (Andrew) and brother (William/Billy)...

Matt Pearson
I agree with Sam. My name is Matt Pearson and I suck. I suck so bad that I cant even ice skate, and im Canadian!

velica pearson
hi i am related to Turner Lloyd Pearson (grandfather) Michael Lloyd Pearson (father) also related to Arthur Pearson (Australia), Anthony Pearson (Jamaica), Richard Carl Pearson (Australia), Turner Langbridge-Pearson, Arthur Langbridge-Pearson, Arthur Owen Pearson (RIP - Commonwealth War Dead). If you are related please write to me:

Lina Sorunda
About Hendrikson name it MIGHT be a swedish surname or finnish. But about the name Pearson, it doesn't have to be a french name. You know,some Swedes Americanized their surname Persson to Pearson or Parsons maybe. A celebrity has the name Parsons and she is of swedish origin.

Michael Ray Pearson
My name is Michael Ray Pearson, My Father is Raymond Earl Pearson, My mother is Betty Jo Stephens, My family has been in South East Texas going back 100 years or so, Most of us have black or blond hair, brown, green & a few blue eyes. fair skin. Greetings, to any of my blood out there.

Tom Mears
Hi my names Tom mears my great grandad was a pearson and Married Helena Pearson they have one daughter living in north London and a daughter and son living in Canada trying to find out info from the pearson side of the family for my family tree can anyone help me

John Pearson
Hello to all the Pearson family out there,getting near Hogmany (new year) here in Scotland and thinking of you all,HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Ammy Pearson
Hi Pearson family. So cool to see so many Pearsons from Great Britain and South Africa.
I am from Nevada and hail from a huge family. My grandfather, Jesse Pearson, who was from Eastern Texas, has over 100 descendants and still counting!

daniel pearson
Hi guys just want to no if there's any relations between us pearsons??

Johnny D. Pearson
I'm Johnny from Billings Mt. Grandson of Alfred Walter Pearson, been trying to find my family history. But were we come from I don't know right now. ?

Hi my Great, Great, Great grandpa's name is Anton Pearson married to Charlotte Pearson from Sweden. I'm trying to find out who Anton's parents are? By the way my name is Elijah Pearson.

breanna pierson

Hi my name is breanna pierson I was wondering if anyone knows if my surname I another variation to this one, I have heard that it is from another site but wish to confirm or deny that theory can anyone help me?

James Pearson

I’m James, son of Thomas, son of Edwin, son of Will Henry. From NJ

Chris Pearson

My great-grandparens, Freeman Howard & Hellen Marvel (Stuart), were Nazarene evangelists many, may years ago who traveled the Ohio Valley and southern United States. Earlier ancestral Pearsons originated in the Carolinas/Appalachian mountains and moved west. Also, the variation "Pierson" is said to have ties to my bloodline. That story has to do with relatives working the railroad in west Texas. But I don't know much past that.

Cindy S.

My great grandfather was Samuel Pearson - a general in the Boer war. His wife was Mary Jane Stopforth. The family came to Scranton, PA in about 1903.

Joyce " Pearson" Wahlert

I will look up the spelling of Pearson on the Ellis Island archives, but I think it was spelled Perrson when my father arrived in 1923. His father was Theodore Perrson and he had several brothers that came to the United States but I was told they changed their names to Peterson.

Carla Pearson

My Husband's father is Arthur Preston Pearson who was born in 1910, Well he had been married an had 2 children by his 1st. wife Ethel Pearson aka ( Tooty) & Eugene Pearson. Now 19 yrs. later Arthur married his friend's daughter Lila Rison who had a daughter named Debbie @ tht time & she was 16yrs. old they had their 1st. child together James Clifford Pearson, aka (Cliff). then they proceeded to have 3 more kid's together after Cliff. Named: Vickki then Manuel & Harry Pearson. total 4 kids together but 5 in the house her bby Debbie in which he helped raise. Now Arthur's Father was in jail an while in there he had met a woman an guess he fell inlove so he had sent her money to go buy a new dress for he was getting out that day & they was to meet up an then go to the bar from there. Now He Arthur's father had waited an waited so he went on up to the bar there in ky. up in the hill's where he had found her not in a dress that they had decided on, but a pretty riskay kinda dress & she was being like a slut like dancing with other men & when he seen tht..... He killed all 23 ppl that was in there including that woman an when he went home bc I guess he wasn't going to go to prison or what it was,but he had a 9yr. old son Arthur as well as other kid's & IDK if he knew his son was there, but he had taken a shot gun and had used a stick to pull the trigger, literally blowing his head clean off...... Arthur seen that & bc no one believed him he had to put his father's head into a bag & carry it all the way back to town 8 miles so he could give the police his dad's head. Arthur Preston Pearson after that..... He was just never right at all, he died in 1986 dec. 24th. never saying to his kid's, wife's no 1 that he loved them,nor did he have holidays for his kids or even a birthday. This has taken a really bad toll on this family & my husband is 56 & @ the time of his dads death,he was called in florida@ work x-mas eve day & told tht his daddy was dying so Cliff was able to get 1 flight out, by time he got there, his dad had already died & was at the funeral home's morgue, where Cliff was taken too an when he opened tht door..... He seen his dad laying there naked an they had already started prepping him for... U know...:( Well tht wasn't where the horror ended @ for my husband.... He finally after quite a few hrs. of being in shock & jst. stairing@ his daddy he hear's every1 arguing out there about how was they going to get him back there where his grave is paid for,or how they wasn't going out in the snow to dig this grave.... So Cliff ( my husband ) Get's up & he just walk's out those doors, past his brother's,sister's,cousins& all to go an dig his daddies grave. So Not Only Did He have to walk in an find his dad dead an on the table, but he also had to dig his daddies grave on x-mas eve night in the snow & rain. 12-24-1986 & Arthur Preston Pearson was born: Valentines Day, Feb. 14,1910. If anyone know's any more about this story of where My husband's dad's dad his grandpa is burried at as well as his name, if he had any more kid's other then the ones tht Cliff's grandma had by him could you please leave me an email @ my name is Carla Pearson Cliff's wife. Thank You.

Bailey Pearson

Hello everyone :) I'm trying to find out a bit about my father's family and was wondering if anyone had any info on Frank Pearson (Texas), Samuel Pearson (Bristol, England), John Pearson (Virginia/Kentucky), Samuel E. Pearson (Virginia/Texas) or John Richard Pearson (Texas)? Thank you!

carl pearson

i come from the uk father is alan pearson his dad as i recall was christopher pearson i believe from the north east hartlepool region . my fathers brother emigrated to australia little is known about my fathers mother .

Brett Pearson
My ancestor John Pearson sailed from gravesend to South Australia on the John Renwick in 1837. I know nothing of the relatives before him. Anyone else have an idea?

I was wondering if anybody by that hat last name is looking for family in the north east of england

If you think or know your farther may have been Frederick Alfred Arthur

Sean Pearson
Hi I am a Pearson my family was from mostly Boston Ma

Patricia Pearson
Father Tom Pearson and mother Rita From New York

From which side are the Julie family come from in Namibia

Matthew Pearson
My father is Roy Pearson and his is John Pearson from Manchester area just curious to see if there was a history to the family name

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