Last name: Perkins

Recorded in the spellings of Parkins, Perkins, and the rare Purkins, this ancient surname is medieval English, but of Old French and ultimately Greek origins. It is a patronymic from the personal name 'Piers or Pierre' through the later Peter or Peterkin. Introduced into Britain at the Norman Invasion of 1066, and also by the Crusaders of the 12th century on their return from the Holy Land, it consists of the basic 'Per or Par' with the two additive diminutives, 'kin', indicating close relationship, such as son, or nephew, and the plural 's', a shortened form of 'son'. In its full length it is often recorded as 'Parkinson' and less so as 'Perkinson'. There is an occasional secondary origin from the French 'parc'. As such this was an occupational surname for a keeper of royal hunting grounds, known as 'The Parks'. Early examples of the recordings include Robert Parkyn of Stafford in the County Rolls of 1327, and John Perkyn of Somerset, in the Hundred Rolls of 1380. Later recordings included John Perkins who married Penelope Vaughan at the famous church of St Dunstans in the East, Stepney, London, England, on March 24th 1599, and Sir William Perkins (also spelt Parkyns) who was executed on Tower Hill in 1696, for planning to assassinate King William 111 of Orange and England. The first of the name into America was James Perkyns, aged 42, who sailed from London to the colony of Virginea on January 2nd 1634 in the ship 'Bonaventure'. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was sometimes known as the Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Mitchell Perkins

My father was born in New Zealand ( Julian perkins) where my side of the family currently resides. His 2 older brothers live in northern england , and his younger brother lives in Australia. So we have spread out quite far! Ii wonder if all peoples of the world with the surname Perkins are related in some small way.

trinitey perkins
im a little curious about my history so ya my dad is Justin perkins and im related to the blue singer carl perkins

Amy Cantu
i am doing research on my grandmothers ethnicity which i know nothing about but her maiden name is perkins. She lived in chicago so it has to be some eruopean anyone have any ideas? it would really help


My grandmother last name was Perkins born in Mississippi and later lived in Chicago. Her father John Perkins was half black and half European. His father was a slave owner

Channy Perkins
My dad was Wayne Perkins, grew up in Macomb, Il., and Chicago. He never knew his real father, but thought his name was Elmer Perkins, who I can find nothing about. We're the lost Perkins's :-D probably late.

Heather Perkins

My name is Heather Perkins, I was born in 1979 in Springfield, Illinois. My biological fathers name is Wayne Perkins. My mother left when I was 6 months old and I have had no contact with him. My mother told me I have a half sister who would be older than me. Ur post sparked my interest for obvious reasons. I would like to know if I have more siblings, also I gave my son my last name. I am curious if you are related

Billy Joe Perkins
Norman French huh? North men, vikings,that suites me. I have always lived outside and earned my living in a physical manner.Our branch have always been farmers here in the America's. Citizen soldiers when we have had to be also, participating in all the major wars.Thanks for the information!

Yolanda Perkins
Thank You

Jerry L. Perkins
Perkins, this information IS NOT CORRECT, as far as the first recorded Perkins to come to America? I was John Perkins married to Judith Gator-Perkins. John was born in Hillmorton, England in 1609 and with his wife, 3 sons and 3 daughters immigranted to the Americas in 1631 aboard the ship LYON. According to (now named passenger list. John died in Ipswich, Mass in 1686. He was related to four kings of England, John lackland, Henry III, Henry II and King Henry I.

Donna Perfect
Jerry you are so correct. That's my family line. My aunt (before she past away in 2010) gave me a website to check out. I found it interesting.

Dwayne Perkins

I am also an descendant of John Perkins from Ipswich, Mass. My ancestors eventually moved to York county in Maine and that area is where all my living relatives still reside. Are you aware of the DNA study they are doing to try to trace the origins of everyone named Perkins?