Last name: Power

This interesting surname has two distinct possible origins, each with its own history and derivation. Firstly, the name may be locational from the Old French "Pohier", indicating a native of Pois, a town in Picardy, North France, so called from the Old French "pois", fish, because of its well-stocked rivers. Locational surnames were originally given to the lord of the manor, or as a means of identification to those who left their place of origin to settle elsewhere. The surname from this source was introduced into England after the Norman Conquest of 1066. It entered Ireland in 1170 when a bearer of the name le Poer took part in Strongbow's invasion of Wexford. The name, initially Gaelicized "de Paor", and later Anglicized "Power", became one of the most completely Hibernicized of the surnames introduced at the time of the Anglo-Norman invasion. Poore may also have originated as a nickname for a poor man, or ironically for a miser, from the Middle English and Old French "povre, poure", poor. In the Subsidy Rolls of Sussex, dated 1296 to 1332, the name appears as "le Poer, le Power", and "Power", and Richard le Poor, Poore or Poure (deceased 1237), was successively bishop of Chichester, Salisbury, and Durham. A Coat of Arms granted to the Poore family of Oxfordshire, is a silver shield with three black bars nebulee, over all a gold bend. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Drogo Poher, which was dated 1127, in the "Ancient Charters of Gloucestershire", during the reign of King Henry 1, known as "The Lion of Justice", 1100 - 1135. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Joy McNabb

My Great-grandmother, Ellen Power, and her cousin, Joseph Power, immigrated from Colyton, Devon, UK, to New Zealand in the 1880s. We are lucky enough to still be in touch with a Power cousin in Devon. However, the family tale is that our Power was originally de la Poer or de Poer from France. There is lots of family research online about the de la Poers who went on to Ireland. Does anyone have any information about the de la Poer or de Poer (Power) who remained in Devon? Or a link I can go to? Or website? here's hoping!

Richard Power
Le sire DE Poer which is most likely the first mention of us, invaded England with the Duke of Normandy and is named on the battle Abbey roll..

mercedes powers
My family is all screwy... Wish I could find something out about myself :(

julie power

same here mine are all over the place

The Waterford Power family is related to the American matinee idol Tyrone Power (1914-1958) who was the son of actor Frederick Tyrone Power (who went by Tyrone Power). There was recently a documentary about Tyrone Power on Channel 4 in Ireland.

julie power

wow my dads side come from waterford

Elizabeth Power

So does mine

Dawn Gorman (nee power)
Looking fit information on powe family from kilmacthomas.Dunabrattin, annestown. Relations too michael and ellen mooney

My father's last name was Powe

Rebecca Power
Hi! My maiden name is Power. I am descended from the Alexander Power branch that came over before the American Revolution. I am trying to discover the truth about intermarriage with a native american woman at some point in the branch. Jim "Roe" Power is part of the line about that time and I descended from there directly. Anyone have any info on Powers intermarriage with native americans about the time of the Great Removal?

There is also legend of a marriage between a Power(s) and a Native American woman in my family. I can't find the genealogical link and don't really know where to research this N.A. connection. Family lore says she was Cherokee, and it all would have happened in the same time period you mentioned. (kelliejoholly at gmail dot com if you want to connect)

Carol jansons
I am seeking information on my4th great grandmother..Anna Powers b.15sep1758 m. 28 May 1773 to James Call (1728-1809). She d.30 Jul 1837, Perry, lake co., OH. I have Not been able to verify her birth or any info as to her parents.. Tradition sez she was the dau of Andrew Powers b. 1725 Greenwich,Worcester,MA..m. 27oct 1740 (proven by vital records)Lois (Lowis) Emons. D 1 Jan1807, Woodstock, VT. He was in the American Revolutionary War. Tradition sez he was son of Claude Poire (1700-?) Alenoon, Normandie,France m.1720, Jeanne Duval. Died in Georgia? I would so appreciate any information and location of said documation.

Conan Power
oops - the website never came up - its

Conan Power
Just to let you all know about the planned Power Clan Gathering 2013 in Co. Waterford, Ireland. Sure to be a great time for all the Powers.

Adrian Power
Where and when is there a Power get together ? would really be up for that.

ella gallacher
My mums maiden name is power and i know my grandad john power (born 1911) was from wexford so just next door really! Would love to trace my family tree (john moved to Yorkshire) anyone think they have any info email me xxx

Hi. My name is Margaret Am trying to find my husband's family in Ireland. His great grandmother was Marie Josephine Power, born in Queensland Australia. Her parents were William Power & Marie Josephine Bourke, at least one of whom we believe was born in Waterford. This is the extent of our knowledge and we would appreciate any info.

Declan Power
Hi, I live in Waterford city, and there are lots of Powers here! Those of you around the world should come and visit your ancestral home. My mothers name was Power also ! She wasnt related to my father!! but i suppose if you go back far enough maybe theres a small percentage of it! I have become more interested in the name and what I have gathered so far is that the original Powers settled in Co Waterford. They were origianlly from South West England and were given land as a payment for service they provided. I also think going back further we would have an element of french in us. I need to do further research!

Richard Power
Hello declan would your mum be frfrom ferrybank and your DAD from faithlake.. good to see some of us are proud of the name cousin.. take care

John Power
I am from Dublin and my Father was born in Dublin. But my Grandfather Patrick Power was born in Kilkenny in 1870 .His Father was a Farmer. His Sister Anastatia was Baptised in St Colmans Church Clara about 5 km from Kilkenny City in 1871. The Grandfather Patrick came to Dublin and married in 1895 and had three children ,my Father Joe,A brother Willie,and a daughter Elizabeth.Then he died in 1900rds possibly 05 around the age of 30 ish years old. His wife my Grandmother lived until 1956 when I was around 4 or 5. His Sister died in 1962 in Sandymount. So everyone of them is dead including my father in 1972 and so it is hard to get any more information on them. I thought we came from Wexford but only found out it was Clara in Kilkenny about a year ago. I was on a Cycling Tour around Waterford years ago and was struck by the amount of Power names I seen,particularly on memorials to Road accident victims on little wooden crosses at the side of the road between Tramore and Waterford City. I visited Kilkenny City about twice but did not know there was a connection with the family .So this I will rectify the next time I visit,I will check out Clara.

Bob Powers
hello all- My name is Robert (Bob) Powers Jr. I live in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. My family line traces back to Irish Immigrants who moved to Prince Edwards Island Canada and then made their way to Chicago. We have been here ever since. My great great grandfather worked for the wealthy and powerful Isham family. He was their coachman. The Isham family was great friends and business partners with the Lincoln family (yes, honest Abe's family). Abe's son Robert was a lawer in Chicago for a period of time. If anyone has any information on James Powers b1850 PEI Canada d 1892 Chicago. He was married to Louisa Powers (nee Slattengren) of Sweden. They have 5 children. Please contact me at

carol powers
hi ,i am a powers by marriage , i know my husbands family were irish immigrants but thats all i know, i would love to find out more, since i have 2 son and 3 grandson to keep the powers name going , we live in florida .my email is

Richard Power
I am Richard Dean Power, a native Texan now living in Southern California. Many years ago I traced my family back to the early Texas settlements around Goliad and up to the Brazos River 1824-1833, when James Power was an Irish Empresario who had been granted Mexican title to issue land in Texas around the area of Mission Refugio (Goliad, TX). We know we came to Texas with James Power in 1834 from Ireland with a total of 350 Irish immigrants and most likely from the County Wexford, James Power home. My grandfather was Joseph Power from the area of Conroe/Cleveland, Texas; born 1886. I am continuing to research material to make connections with family in Ireland and hope one day to visit and catch up on the last 2 plus centuries.

Dean Wang-phat Power
Hello, fellow family members I am Dean Power, son of Michael William Power, son Of Phillip Power Co. Waterford.. I do believe are name means 'the poor' but not in the common sense from what I have read the name is a voluntary made poorness, meaning our ancestors had no need for riches beyond their needs, I'm planning soon to take a trip to the village of Picardy where Ive followed the name and see what I can find out. Any family who can shed light to my family Ill be happy to share bread and shelter with. At present I reside in Co,Galway Ireland

Sean Powers
Hello! fellow Powers! I have the surname of powers, and all I can say is this is so awesome! My Heritage is that of Irish/Welsh Decent. Everything I have read seems to have come full circle. My Family are farmers in Michigan, although sadly most are gone...I really love this History about our name, and it's origins. Although it seems to be associated with poor, that often meant a form of piety, and giving more than taking...Caring people. I am proud to carry the name of this clan!!!

John Francis Power
I live in Louisiana. My great-grandfather was Philip Power and my grandfather, Francis Robert Power. My father was Anthony Philip Power. Siblings: Anthony, Jr., Tyrone James Power, David Lynn Power, Gerald Joseph Power. Philip Power was a American Civil War Confederate soldier in the Point Coupe Artilary of Louisiana.

Anthony Power
Hello the Powers. My name is Anthony Power from Waterford. Funnily enough the combination is common enough and I personally have known two other Anthony Powers here in Waterford. I've heard several of the theories of the origin before and we still argue the point to date. Another theory was a Norman religious order that took a vow of poverty (pauvre) and came over here with the invading Norman forces. I must admit though, the theory about an Indian origin is one I haven't heard before. Still, great to see such an interest in the name.

Robert Powers.
This surname comes from Poher, Brittany, France. The surname is from the Normans or Mercenaries that took over Wales, England and Ireland under the service of their Norman lords. Pohers [Powers] became prominent in Ireland and southern England probably because these were the lands their ancestors were granted by Henry II. Some Breton leader, the one who led the fleeing Bretons from England during the Saxon invasions was married to St. Patricks daughter. It is not surpising that Bretons invaded England and the British Islands with the Normans. They did it to reclaim stolen land. Robert dePoer was the Knight Marshal of Ireland...appointed by the King of England back then. This was a high position and meant that at one time the Powers family was infact nobility and the Kings right hand in Ireland sort to speak. The Powers family were Breton-Norman it would seem because they intermarried with the Normans before invading Ireland and England. Then they invaded these places and inter married with the English and Irish and became todays people of both countries. Our root identity is somewhat gone but we are a clan that finds our selves descended from an old ruling house. Pretty neat.

R Power
Hello fellow Powers - Rick Power here from Bucks,England.My grandfather Thomas Joseph Power, from Cork, came over to London in the 50s,married a beautiful girl from Limerick, and the resultant blooming Power clan is now centred around Twickenham and Hampton,Middlesex. My dad (Matthew) and uncles (Thomas, Peter and John) are IMO four of the funniest men on the planet, and two of the three aunties definitely have a screw loose! Love being a Power, really interesting to read everyone's stories and the origins of our great name.

Dawn (Nee Power)
i traced my power family back living in Annestown, Boatsrand 1901 1911 anyone else connected too this area of waterford.

My name is John B. Powers, and i've been told that my family has had a son with the first name John dating back for a very long time. I wish I could figure out how far back the chain goes! Good to see all the Power(s) !!

Hi everyone, my maiden name was Power, my father was Nicholas Power, his family came from Piltown, Co. Kilkenny, Nr Waterford, Ireland, great to hear from people with the same surname.

william j Power
Hi everybody, I'm William Joseph Power ( Liam de Paor when at school. ) I was born in Dublin, lived in Bray co,. Wicklow until I was about 20yrs old, my father was from co,. Waterford, been out of touch for years as I've been on the go around the world ever since, ended up in Greensboro N.C. usa.

Andrew dePaor

Thats my dads name!!!! But you're not him. He grew up in bray near the blind lane. We just scattered his ashes on the dargle in october. He was related to the cullens and metcalfes of bray/wicklow. We have been living in Melbourne Australia since 1989. It'd be weird if u knew of him.

Paul Power
Paul Power here, from Dublin, family from County Tipperary. For anyone that wants to check out their roots, they can access the 1901 and 1911 census online if you already have some info. If any of the folk on this message board marry, it would mean the lady wouldn't have to change her name, which would be neat as it's the coolest surname going, been told that loads of times. :)

Fergus Power
Fergus Power here from Dublin but both parents are from Waterford. Lovely to hear the comments form fellow Powers. I am the last of this branch of Powers and as I have no kids it ends with me, but the name will live on with pride...

Robert R. Power III
If anyone named Power ever swings through Las Vegas, let me know. I'd love to say hi and get a picture or two, maybe visit a bit.

Jim Power
James Hooker Power lll here. Live in Arkansas , but my family is originally from Mississippi. I can trace them all the way back to the 1800's when William H. Power settled in Choctow County Miss. Would love to trace my family back farther. Would love to meet Irish relatives !

Sean Frederick Power
Sean Power here, so far I only know that my grandfather Fred Power came from Ontario and then moved to British Columbia with his family, his wife Ruth Raccicot and 8 children, one of them my father. I don't know a whole lot about my grandfather's side of the family but I do know that his father had the same name as him, and they were both fantastic, great men that loved their families. My grandfather really lived up to the Irish family stereotype... Large and well-loved.

Jacquelyn power bowen
Jacquelyn Power Bowen here. Live in Texas now, originally from Mississippi. Hope to visit my homeland of Ireland soon to research Power surname.

Robert R. Power III
Well, James, oddities occur in any group. I don't know about narcissism, but, the Irish are genetically predisposed to laughter. We have great senses of humor, historically. I have ended up as a comedian and an actor. Started out trying to be a loner and quiet person, but, who among us can resist his genes? My only brother married many times, I once. We aren't abnormal, but, indeed, we are unique.

James Powers
I believe my lineage came to Grand Rapids, Michigan from New Hampshire and can trace it back to Ireland. But how can we be sure? The DNA is interesting. There are a lot of "crazy" Powers' around. Many of us aren't normal. I'm guessing there is narcissism, and just different behavior. Many Powers' don't get married and a few marry several times. And, like myself, many marry later in life. I am wondering how many have noticed this among the Powers'.

Hi James i'm a power on my dads side. My dads dad was from waterford. There is a group of powers in scotland and most of them are crazy. The men def are anyway. They do marry several times and are wuite wild and spread children all over the place. Alot of my cousins here are quite violent when drunk and they take drugs aswell. I do not however, think i must have got my mothers genes. lol. but yes a few of us over here in edinburgh have acknowledged the fact that we aren't normal. xx

Michael John Power
Michael John Power, another member of the clan checking-in. Interesting observation, I have noticed a certain quirkiness about myself, not to the point of being certifiable, but different in that I march to a different beat. Am interested in parapsychology and things that go bump in the night. My brother, some years ago, traced our roots back to County Cork. I was born in St. John's Newfoundland, in January, 1950, but grew up in Montreal. I would be interested in hearing more about your observations.

Thomas Powers
Thomas Powers: You post is interesting as to the DNA and the "crazy" Powers' around. My later brother Harold married twice - two the same woman. I married a second time at age 66. My late middle brother, MIchael, never married and passed away at age 60. My youngest brother and I did have problems with drinking in our younger years. I quit at age 40, but my brother Harold only lived to age 34. I know that my great grandfather, Michael Powers(b.1843 somewhere in Ireland, d.1914 in Hancock, Michigan), came to Hancock, Michigan about 1875; and my grandfather, Thomas Richard Powers, was born in Hancock August 16, 1876. I haven't been able to find out where my great grandfather originated, but I remember my father mentioning Cork Country. I have taken the DNA test though Ancestry,com. Through this I discover 8 first cousins I never knew existed on March 28, 2010, at which time I was 64 years of age. That was something! Also, aside from a first cousin, Jerry Alan Powers, who tested on, neither of us has any relatives named Powers, Power, or Poore that we are genetically linked to any closer than an estimated 6 generations. It would be great if we could finally unravel the puzzle of the origins of our great grandfather Michael Powers.

Mark Power
Haha well i am a Power living in England one of my uncles has been married many times has a few kids my other uncle committed suicide at a young age when he had money everything aunts with that name do not really get on, i thought it was just my family haha. Though i have been known to be loud outgoing and people do remember me lol i do not hope to end like my crazy uncles though. i have yet to meet another power though it may be because i live in england i know my dad and me are the first to be born in england the rest are all irish as far as i know.

barney power
hi mark my name is barney power i two dont know a lot about the name power i would interested in chatting about them .

Michael John Power
Michael John Power--born in St. John's, Newfoundland. I find your observation quite interesting. I have often wondered about my own behaviour and the choices that I made--definitely not mainstream! I have a theory as to why the possessors of the name Power(s) are a different kettle of fish--we carry the "CRAZY" gene, and you'll find a whack of crazies on "The Rock"--that's Newfoundland for uninitiated. But crazy in a nice way. I'm different and I know it and I don't fight it any longer.

James Powers
Hmm strange. Most Irish and English descendants with Norman surnames are not all descended from Normans. The surnames were invented in the 13th the Normans for tax purposes. So they knew who was giving the realm money for military and other public services or the crown. Anyway, I highly doubt Im descended from vikings or some Anglo-Norman noble who conquered Ireland in the 10 century. Majority of us are descended from serfs. Most people couldnt think of a surname back then or didnt belong to clans so they adopted a surname of a famous knight or noble or named themselves after a trade they did like their surname would be smith, etc... Its quite interesting to find this sort of stuff out but I highly doubt everyone is related to those who create the surname.

Cavan Power
I'm a Power born in California to a long existing clan from St. Louis, MO. Apparently my great great grandfather was born in Newfoundland and then snuck across the border into the US around the civil war. Puts the word "border-hopper" into a new perspective for all the minutemen reading this post.

Robert R. Power III
Howdy! I am Robert Roosevelt Power III. Originally from Tacoma, Washington, I now reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. My father was from Great Falls, Montana. His father was from Power's Lake, North Dakota. The story of Power's Lake is interesting, as is the story of my Great-great grandfather, John Joseph Power, who landed in Virginia aboard the Britannia. He had been with the 3rd Scottish Dragoon, a master horseman and swordsman. He was employed by U.S. Grant, to teach these skills to the union army. I would be interested in the genetic history of Clan Power. I've been to Powerscourt, but, would have loved to meet some Power people in Ireland.

Jackie Power
You're my cousin! My father (George) and your father (Robert Roosevelt) were brothers. Would love to compare geneology notes

laura Power
anthony from limerick. hello i tihnk i am your actual cousin as i have a cousin anthony who stays i limerick but i've never met him. i went over to ireland and my brother wet out with anthony to a rave. he was alex power and if it is you you will know julie, who is my dad alex powers cousin and kathy and eddie who own the bed and breakfast. they all stay in waterford. lol. let me know if it is you Read more:

Hi Laura, ... We may be cousins, but if so distant cousins. No, I live in Massachusetts, USA. Never been to Ireland. Don't know a Julie or an Anthony. But, I bet down the line, all Powers are related.

Thomas Powers
Hello, My name is Thomas Powers and I am from Detroit, Michigan born July 1945. My father, also named Thomas Powers, was born in Hancock, Michigan in November 1902 and passed away in February 1969. My Dad lost his mother in July 1903 when he was only 8 months old and last saw his father at the age of 5, perhaps about 1907 or 08. I signed up on in March 2007 and found out in March 2010 that my paternal grandfather, after he left Hancock, Michigan in 1908 or so that he remarried and had another daughter and son, half siblings of my father that he never knew about - and this from a lady who turned out to be my first cousin that I didn't know existed before March 28, 2010. My paternal grandfather's name was Thomas Richard Powers and he was born August 16, 1876 in Hancock, Michigan and died in May 1951 in Vista, California. His father and my paternal great grandfather was named Michael Power and I believe he was from Cork, County, Ireland. The only thing I have been able to come up with is two families named Power with similar first names for the children to the ones of some of my more recent relatives. This has proven a dead end; but if I am lucky perhaps someone here will see a connection or have a suggestion. Thomas Powers

Thomas Powers
What I didn't mention but should have is that I found these two Power families in a document from the 1851 census in Cork County, Ireland. Though the names and dates do not match up with any of my known relatives the names of the children, as I mentioned, were all one that occurred in my family among my more recent relatives. I know that many records were lost in Ireland in the 19th century and am hoping that someone here may be able to trace his or her family tree back to Cork Count, Ireland and that we may be able to compare notes.

Ken Power
Might be too late to reply to a message posted a year ago, but my middle name is Thomas (Power) and I now know that my grandfather gt grandfather and gt gt grandfather were all Thomas Power. I have lived in New Zealand since 1965, but was born in England, and my fathers family were from Liverpool and Manchester. I am aware that the Power we came from settled in Manchester from Ireland in the mid 1800's, as did the other families who provided the female halves of the unions. Without specific information as to where they came from or where, I hit the wall in my researches.

Sara Allan
Hello! My mother is a "Power" from Yorkshire, England. Sadly she has no relations on her side of the family. Grandpa Power was an only child. And Robert (her brother) is now in America and doesn't have any children. It seems like the male "Powers" don't like having children? It is so sad that my mother's surname will die out. I take my father's surname (which equally came over in 1066 and is French). Both Mum and Dad adore France and there's a reason. I love France and Paris is my favorite city on earth. My mother is also amazing with horses and there was a Robert Power that raced in the Grand National today - same name as my Uncle. A lot of the "Power's" seem to be called Robert? I would LOVE to see some of your literature. All I know is that my mother is a very special person. She has an amazing connection to some animals (horses, dogs, cats). However, she is petrified of rats and all rodents (including kangaroos). She prefers horses to humans. I understand why! She also loves cheese and chocolate. She couldn't live without them and neither could I. If anyone could send me anything I would love to be able to show my mother lineage back to France. It would make her so happy! Kind regards, Sara (Power)

laura Power
Hi Sara that s soo weird that you mention your mum is a special person, as my mum nora power from scotland, edinburgh also has a strange affinity with animals and believes she know what they are thinking. she is also very scared of anything rodent like. I know that all the females in my family, including me have some sort of psychic ability and infact i read the spirit and destiny magazine and one of their psychics is called joe power. weird eh? lol.

I am looking for information on the Powers last name. My husband has an ancestor by the name Maacah Powers who was born in 1777 in North Carolina. She married a man by the name of John Davis who was from South Carolina.

Michelle Powers Cox
Michelle Powers here looking for any distant relatives and info on our lineage. We are out of North Carolina 1779.

Wayne A. Power
Hello POWER clan above. Yes, Wayne A. here in western Canada. In the last two years, I have been able to trace my lineage back to Woolwich England....and India. A first cousin (who I did not know existed) traced me out online. Turns out his grandmother and my grandfather were siblings in the mid 1800s. I was not aware of my Woolwich connections in the ammunitions field. His wife (my grandmother) was born in India of the British East India Company. The name Pawar was a new discovery. My son is 25 and my daughter is 33 are of mixed racial background, as my wife is Japanese from Kyoto. That makes for an interesting genetic code now. MOKURAI sounds Japanese...hmmmmmmmmmm..keep in touch on here. I studied genetics in university and would like to purse this `haplogroup` identity.

Lori Harris
I too am a Power PROUDY. My sister and niece are tracing our family lineage was well. Most of my family is from Ohio. Sister also set up a tree on My father had one brother and one sister. My Uncle gave birth to one son and he has two boys. Sure hope they have plenty of sons to continue our wonderful name....So proud to be a POWER! Happy St. Patty's day to all! I'll see if my sister can post more useful research on their findings!

catherine power
another power here,i was born in tramore in waterford,can trace my relatives back to 1850s,love my name never want to change it

Gavin Power
Hi Catherine the majority of my family were born in in Waterford, some born in Tramore. Small world! I live in Yorkshire, Otley.

Matt Power
Hi I'm Matt Power. Interesting stuff here. Thanks for all the research. My father was born in Clonakilty, Cork then the family moved to Dublin. He moved to London around 1970.

jackie twomey
love to trase back to where my family went back to. My dad joe power grew up in riverstown glanmire Dont know much before that. jackie

dean power
hey im one of the youngest an last male of my family unless me or my brother have children . im a power born in london in 88 ' to parents michael power an joesphine o'brien(maiden) . i know very few things of my mothers family as she doesnt not talk much of them an never met them either but i do know her father is a galway O'brien , an her mother from spainish decent .. on my fathers side the power side i know my grandad is a native waterford man an the last of his parental an siblings to live. my grandmother on the other hand is a born and raised mayo O'reilly clan memeber her father a mayo man , her mother a galway women. firstly Mokurai do you have any thoughts on my family tree ? second anyone else on this think they know any more of my family or think they couldbe related ?

D P Power
The Name Power or its Indian lineage name is spelt Pawar has its origins from the Hindu Vedas and direct lineage of the Rajput clan Paramara. Paramara (also known as Parmara and Parmarand Panwar) is the Rajput and Gurjar[1][2] Clan ruling over prominent dynasty of medieval India, which ruled the Dhar and Ujjaini kingdoms from the 9th century to the 14th century.[1] Modern-day Paramara descendants are located throughout northern, western and central India. Paramaras are also spread throughout the nations of the former British Empire, particularly Canada and the United Kingdom, as well as in the USA and in Sindh, Pakistan, where they constitute 40% of the population of the Dadu district; here they are called Panhwars. The Ponwar clan of the Marathas, who ruled the states of Dewas, Dhar, Rajgarh in Malwa and Chhatarpur in Bundelkhand from the 18th century to the mid-20th century, claim the same descent as the Paramaras. source wikepedia

Nina Power
I'm a Power from Newfoundland - very common name there. My ancestors came from Ireland in the late 1700's. They sailed from Waterford, but as I understand, weren't necessarily from there as it was the departure point for a people from a number of areas. Interesting info above. I may have the testing done to determine my family's haplogroup.

I'm also from Newfoundland! St.johns.. Although my father was from dunville, in 1947. He was an only child, and his parents died long before I was even thought of in 1988. My fathers name is stephen power!? He had many cousins, but hasn't seen them since leaving dunville back in 1973ish? His parents were Stephen power, and alita( brown) I believe was her maiden name. Also I know they were related to hickeys. Anyway possibility anyone of sounds familiar??? My dad doesn't like to relive his past, since his parents died when he was about 20, he left everything behind... But I would love to know someone from my power side of the family !!

Harry Murphy
Hello Jan,

I remember Stephen Power on the Lower Road in Dunville, Placentia. When I was growing up , he and his mother ran a little store. It used to be the old Post Office in Dunville before that. Did your Dad work at St. Clare's Hospital? If he did, then he is your father and I knew of him. My mother was also a Power from Dunville and may be related to you.

I'm originally also from Nfld. My father is Anthony Power, b. 1945. Are we related?

Nina Power
Power is a really common name in Nfld. I grew up in St. John's and at one point, Power, Murphy and Ryan had the greatest number of listings in the phone book. Other than my immediate cousins, I'm not directly related to any other Power's in St. John's - at least not in my generation and not that I know of.

noel robert power
hello the power clan .my name is noel power married to gwen .we have 13 grand children one great grandchild we live in england but like all of you i wish to findanyone related to me i was born in dublin as my farther mother and sister but brother born in coventry i was born in 1948 .my mother was mary bridget flinn. my father is harry power born in dublin as mum was my sister and i were.

Karl Power
We were more likely related to commoner like James said, my grandad traced our family history and a majority of us were coal miners and blacksmiths.but one family member hundreds of years back owned his own land.

geoffrey power
live in america. almost no "power's" here. wish i could find where i connect back to ireland. my father was born in coventry -geoff power