Last name: Rowe

This ancient surname recorded as Rowe and Row, is English. It has at least three possible origins. The first is topographical, and as such it may have described a person who who lived either by a hedgerow, or possibly a row of houses. Eitherway it derives from the Olde English pre 7th century word "raw" meaning row. Secondly, and more likely we think, it may derive from either the medieval given name Rou or Roul, both from the ancient Germanic personal name Rolf, or from a short form of the given name Rowland, a Germanic or Frankish personal name of the time of Charlamagne the Great in the 8th century a.d. Rolf translates as 'renowned wolf' whilst Rowland means 'renowned land'. The surname in England is late 12th century (see below), making it one of the very first of all surnames. Other early recordings include Richard le Rowe, in the Assize Rolls of Cheshire in 1226, and Walter le Rowe in the Pleas of the forest of Epping, Essex in 1246. Early surviving examples of church recordings include Gedeock Rowe who was christened on March 13th 1552 at Allhallows, in the city of London, and Anne, the daughter of William Row, who was christened on July 29th 1556 at St. Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey. Maria Rowe, aged 30, was an Irish famine emigrant, who sailed from Liverpool aboard the ship "John-Robert" bound for New York, on June 1st 1846. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Geoffrey le Ruwe. This was dated 1195, in the Pipe Rolls of Leicestershire, during the reign of King Richard 1st of England, and known to history as "The Lionheart", 1189 - 1199. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Constance M Rowe
I recently did an internet search on my whole name. There are an awful lot of Constance Marie Rowe's out there!! I am in North Carolina. I know that Nicholas Rowe is an ancestor of mine from England. An Aunt of mine has traced the family all the way back to Germany in the 1200's, but can't seem to get any further.

Rachel Rowe
i'm in Norfolk England, I know I have family in America (my fathers cousin) and some in Germany, my grandad came from Newcastle, England and his brother still lives up there :)

Linda Rowe Johnson
My grandfather Albert Rowe was the son of the village blacksmith in Golberdon, Cornwall.

Kirsten Rowe
My great-great grandfather came out to Cape Town, South Africa from Kent, England probably at the end of the 19th century :) I'm so grateful, as I still live in the beautiful city of Cape Town.

crystal rowe
hey. i too have done some research on my name.... i think that crystal rowe is one of the most famous rowe's out there. i don't know much about my family just my dad which is obviously not that much. i was hoping that i could find some more information about my origin.

Glenn Rowe
My family are all from Rural North Buckinghamshire, England. My family has been there for hundreds of years.

Lindsey rowe

I hate when people don't pronounce my last name correct. Everyone assumes it's pronounced like "row" and it's not :(

Delsin Rowe

I'm from the Akomish Tribe.

jordan Rowe

This is Awesome i love my last name i love finding out new things about it

Family moto

Ashley rowe
I strangely am related to two different Rowe. One being related to the 13 president Millard Fillmore, Ruth Rowe, being the great great grandmother to him. The next is a little more confusing. I am adopted. By William Rowe son to George Rowe (1911-1967) and Susanne Fiedler. George Rowe parents were Stanley Rowe and Edna Zanis Rowe. There is then a George Zanis,(1865) and a petronella paplauskas. (1868) other Rowes include Stanley William Leo Peter Ernest then there is Anna Azanis Nola Cassie Zanis Wanda Zanis strimaitus among other names. Supposedly One of these people (I believe George Zanis and petronella?) came over illegally and worked a farm owned by ROWE in Manchester ct. Although I was told the last name was Goubagitz (spelling is not right) ( sounds like goo-ba-gits I think) if any one has any info, or even any info on my grandmother fiedler(I cannot find a thing) I need to know!! Apparently there are gypsies in my family and everything, and I can't trace anything back!!!