Last name: Rowe

This ancient surname recorded as Rowe and Row, is English. It has at least three possible origins. The first is topographical, and as such it may have described a person who who lived either by a hedgerow, or possibly a row of houses. Eitherway it derives from the Olde English pre 7th century word "raw" meaning row. Secondly, and more likely we think, it may derive from either the medieval given name Rou or Roul, both from the ancient Germanic personal name Rolf, or from a short form of the given name Rowland, a Germanic or Frankish personal name of the time of Charlamagne the Great in the 8th century a.d. Rolf translates as 'renowned wolf' whilst Rowland means 'renowned land'. The surname in England is late 12th century (see below), making it one of the very first of all surnames. Other early recordings include Richard le Rowe, in the Assize Rolls of Cheshire in 1226, and Walter le Rowe in the Pleas of the forest of Epping, Essex in 1246. Early surviving examples of church recordings include Gedeock Rowe who was christened on March 13th 1552 at Allhallows, in the city of London, and Anne, the daughter of William Row, who was christened on July 29th 1556 at St. Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey. Maria Rowe, aged 30, was an Irish famine emigrant, who sailed from Liverpool aboard the ship "John-Robert" bound for New York, on June 1st 1846. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Geoffrey le Ruwe. This was dated 1195, in the Pipe Rolls of Leicestershire, during the reign of King Richard 1st of England, and known to history as "The Lionheart", 1189 - 1199. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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jordan Rowe

This is Awesome i love my last name i love finding out new things about it

Delsin Rowe

I'm from the Akomish Tribe.

Lindsey rowe

I hate when people don't pronounce my last name correct. Everyone assumes it's pronounced like "row" and it's not :(

Glenn Rowe
My family are all from Rural North Buckinghamshire, England. My family has been there for hundreds of years.

oh wow that is so awesome so does that mean that I am ken to you Rowe's in Buckinghamshire, England.. I have always felt drawn to England I wounder if thats why its crazy..

crystal rowe
hey. i too have done some research on my name.... i think that crystal rowe is one of the most famous rowe's out there. i don't know much about my family just my dad which is obviously not that much. i was hoping that i could find some more information about my origin.

Kirsten Rowe
My great-great grandfather came out to Cape Town, South Africa from Kent, England probably at the end of the 19th century :) I'm so grateful, as I still live in the beautiful city of Cape Town.

Linda Rowe Johnson
My grandfather Albert Rowe was the son of the village blacksmith in Golberdon, Cornwall.

Rachel Rowe
i'm in Norfolk England, I know I have family in America (my fathers cousin) and some in Germany, my grandad came from Newcastle, England and his brother still lives up there :)

Constance M Rowe
I recently did an internet search on my whole name. There are an awful lot of Constance Marie Rowe's out there!! I am in North Carolina. I know that Nicholas Rowe is an ancestor of mine from England. An Aunt of mine has traced the family all the way back to Germany in the 1200's, but can't seem to get any further.

yes Im in Georgia and my sisters name is lisa marie rowe lol

Heather Rowe
also located in georgia

James L Rowe
I live in NC as well out to the coast. My dad was James H., granddad was John C. My dad did research and found as far back as England with a relative being a minister in the Church of Canterbury.

Megan Rowe

Too funny. I have a cousin in illinois, Lisa Marie Rowe and the rest of her family is in Georgia. Our grandpa is originally from West Virginia and it seems a lot of theUS Rowe family were originally on central eastern US. Very cool site!

Robert Rowe

I'm from West Virginia too. There are a lot of Rowe's in McDowell county in West Virginia.

Tom Rowe
On my Father's side I have a very large family of Rowe's all from Cornwall, mainly the Penzance/Lands End area. My grandfather recently had his DNA examined and quite unusually it has been confirmed he is atleast 3 generations pure Cornish. I have been brought up to know Rowe as a Cornish name. I now live in Exeter, Devon and also know of lots of Rowe's here so it is quite a common name in the South West of England. On my Mother's side however they are all Hepworths, and I am the great, great nephew of Dame Barbara Hepworth. Would love to know more about my anscestory!

Dave Rowe
I live in the U.S. but my father's line came over from Lamerton and Tavistock, Devon, England in the 1650s and landed in Gloucester, MA..eventually being one of the founding families of Gloucester, ME.

Brian Rowe
I was raised in Cambridge Massachusetts. So wasn't my father. But his father. Eliot Rowe is from Gloucester. I traced my ancestry back to a Soloman Rowe who was a fishing captain and Civil War veteran. I think his father died at sea. I don't have anymore info beyond. Just wondering if we are related and you have any more ancestry data

Donald M. Rowe
I was born in Gloucester Ma(1958) . My family has been there for quite a while. Dave I think perhaps you and I are related.

Donald M. Rowe
JOHN ROWE was born in 1607 at Tavistock, England. He came to America between 1620 and 1640 and landed in the Salem, Mass. area. He was married in 1640 to BRIDGET JEGGLES (JIGGLES or JEEPLES) daughter of WILLIAM and MARY JEGGLES of Salem who lived near where the Hotel Hawthorne is now (1995). Bridget was born 10 June 1616 at England. He came to Gloucester, Mass. before 1651 and was the first settler at the Farms (Joppa). He bought land there in 1651 of Thomas Drake into whose possession it passed from Nicholas Norton of Weymouth, who bought it of William Vinson, to whom it was sold by George Norton, the original grantee. The Registry of Deeds in Salem, Mass. Vol. 1, No. 81, p. 201, lists a deed of land bought by
"John Roe of Gloster" from Wm. Vinson of "Gloster, pottmaker" who in consideration of 16 pounds sell unto John Roe, of the said Gloster, my farme lying in Gloster, which I bought of George Norton, and given by the towne to the sd Norton namely forty acres of upland and twelve acres of salt marsh altogether-lying neere little good harbor......."Vinson signed it with his mark the 28th day of the 10th month 1651.
He was the first settler on this remote and lonely spot. a dense forest surrounded him, separting him on one side from the ocean, which was not far distant, and on the other from his townsmen, most of whom were more than two miles off. He did not, however, find repose in this retired place, and seems far from satisfied with his farm. On the 26 June 1656, he was presented in court for " saying if his wife was off his mind he would set his house on fire and run away by ye light and ye devil should take ye farme and speaking the same a second time added he would live no longer among such a company of hellhounds". For thus relieving his mind he was find twenty shillings and ordered to make a confession at the next town meeting in Gloucester. He continued there, nevertheless, till death relieved him from a earthly trouble. He died 9 March 1662. His widow Bridget married William Coleman on 14 Nov. 1662. She died 2 May 1680 or 1690.

David Lauristan Rowe
I am from this line as well

David Lauristan Rowe
(Dave Rowe)

Gabrielle Rowe
When I did my family tree of the Rowe family it originated in Germany having ties to the German nobility. Also my Great-grandparents moved here from Germany. So I still would like to know where we The Rowe's really came from.

Emir Starshyne
I am trying to find the true origins of Rowe family and the text os fhis site is, as you say, conflicting, since the origin of the Rowes I know is germanic. I wish I could get more details about this origin, if you could help me sharing what you know, send me an email to . Thank you for the patience.

Reneve Rowe
I dnt think my name has an origin.

jamie (Roe) Rundall
I am a Roe. No w anything I have found on my family so far does not have a w. I guess the New York Roe's spell it without the w. We are of English descent.


the Rowe with a w comes from England not new York

Nicholas Rowe
Hey Courtney - Many of those 'English' Rowes could be of Scandinavian decent. I have seemingly come full circle though: Rolf / Rollo from Kvenland (@ Ostrobothnia, Finland) > 'Normandy' - Rohaut / Fitz Rohaut > England / le Ruwe - de Rowe > plain old ... Rowe. I can trace by name back to 1650, but then it gets sketchy. The way I approach it, is that it's pretty unlikeley we come directly from Rolf, but highly likely we come from the wider 'clan', which the name &followers come from. Strangely enough, I married a Finn, moved to Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland & found I may well have come back to pretty near where Rolf started out ... small world, but at least nobody fell off the edge on the voyage through time :-) Nick Rowe

Debra Pine
There's info on the net that places Rollo an ancestor of the Rowes. Rollo became Roe in French.,%20Melvin%20Books/Hearts%20Content%20Shipwrights/Edition%202/HCS%20Complete%20ed2%20v2%20web.htm#Illus01 You have to scroll down the page.

Louise Grant
My friend has the second name 'Rowe' however her dad originates from Jamaica.

courtney rowe
I am a Rowe, with definite ancestors from Lærdal, Norway. It derived from the spelling Råa, which changed to Rowe upon arriving in America, due to the way it was pronounced. I know my family has done a lot of genealogy, but I never knew the majority of other Rowes were English. Is anyone else of Scandinavian descent?

My surname is Raae and I'm from Norway. The name originates from Sogn, around Lærdal and Brekke. It could possible be related to the English surnames Rae, and thus MacRaes, and Roe, through the norse conquest of upper Caledonia.

Hi Bryan, my grandfather was Jim Rowe from Belcher, KY (near Pikeville). He was married to Gypsy Looney. He died in 1972. I think John and Eveline were his parents, but I'm not sure.

bryan rowe
Hey Rita, from Wat I was told he had four kids 3 boys an one girl, Paul dean , an charles I think , an my grandfather who was Ralph rowe. John was from greasy creek .

bryan rowe
John also delivered newspaper for pikeville in the 60s.

Deanna Rowe Smith
My grandfather's name was John H. Rowe from the Phyllis (Grapevine) area in Eastern Ky. My dads name is Jimmy L Rowe and I named my oldest son Jimmy Rowe too. I don't know much about my family further back than my great-great-grandmother ( whom I knew when I was little ) I think we come from a different set of Rowe's.

bryan rowe
My fathers last name was Rowe ,my great grandpa was john rowe from pikeville kentucky, any more information would greatly be appreciated. He was married to eveline ,I think is how you spell it ,from Wat I understand she was cherokee Indian . I think he came from Virginia

My father's last name was Rowe and from what I have found out through my family our ancestors immigrated to America from Germany.

Althea Craig
I am descended from the Rowe's down to Hugh's daughter Ruth who wed Nathaniel Day. I want to thank all of you for all the info you have given me about the name Rowe. Thanks to all my "cousins" I have discovered in the net also. grama37 aka Althea

Lindsey Joyce
My Mother's maiden name is Rowed.My late Grandfather George Thomas Edwin Rowed was born in 1900 in Devon.Is this surname a derivation of "Rowe"or do I have to try a different route to find its origin?

It's ancient alright. Many variations from English and Ireland for sure. Ever seen the Chi-Rho symbol? Pronounced Cairo hmmmm. The letter P with an X at the bottom. This Ancient Rune symbols means Christ which were commonly used back then. Rho pronounced Row-Rowe etc... Was borrowed from The Chi-Rho symbol.

Desde Rollon
Fanakapan is close; the surname "de Rowe" is the same as "Rohaut" according to Family Names and Their Story. Jim is possibly right also. So, the ancestry of the earliest Rowe (that I've found) would be this: Fitz Rohaut (living in 1000), Hasculph Rohaut (Viscount of Nantes), Ruald Fitz Rohaut (follower of the Conquerer), Ruald (or Rohaut), de Rowe (or Rohaut), Sir Everard de Rowe (born 1160, died after 1216)

Another origin of the name is from Rollo, the Viking conquerer. I'm not sure those with the "Rowe" name are related to Rollo though.

Debra Pine
No Rollo' descendants were the King William the Conquerer .

One of the earliest "Rowes" is Sir Everard de Rowe, a crusader who was granted land by Richard the Lionheart after "noticing" Everard's bravery in the Third Crusade.

M. Butt
I am seeking contact with anyone with information about the rather large Rowe family in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, specifically from the small town of Craigsville. rmb

Jeff Row
My family comes fron the Staunton VA area

Rowe Family of the Shenandoah Valley

I have been trying to make a connection between the Rowe Family (1619) of Gloucester Co, Va to the Rowe Family of the Shenandoah. I know that part of my family from Gloucester Co. Virginia moved west to Spotsylvania Co in the early 1700s and am trying to find a connection. What I have found so far is, the Rowe family of the Valley are probably German, the name may have been Rau or Wroe and was spelled in earlier days by the way it sounded to the English ear. If you or Jeff Row can shed any light of the on this family, I would appreciate it

Megan Rowe

My grandpa was Paul Rowe, his father was Armor Paul Rowe. They were from West Virginia- at least my grandpa was. Maybe a relation???

Name is derived from De Rohaut, a follower of the Conqueror, hailing from Brittany, having been granted lands in Devon/Cornwall at some point the name evolved into Rowe.

Debra Pine
That's more plausable. Yet wasn't he given an estate near Cornwall by the King. Rollo a Viking Conquerer settled in Normandy and the name perhaps became De Rohaut.

Kev Rowe
Im an English Rowe, who knows that his family lived at Gt Massingham and Castleacre in the county of Norfolk for at least 300 years going back to at least 1700, and during that time some of my ancestors spelt the name Row, some Roe and mostly Rowe,,,,bearing in mind that a fair few of them couldnt spell and it was left to the parish clerk or vicar to decide how the name should be spelt...I was allso informed that Rowe/Row is one of the oldest suenames recorded and is Anglo/Norman in oragin.

Hazel Green
My grt grt grandfather was George Rowe who Married Elizabeth Ann Hall. He was born around 1844 in Cornwall, England. I am looking for help in finding his parents and so on.... does this ring a bell for anyone

Rowe/Rau, New York to Michigan Descendant
Gayle Rowe, daughter of Calvin Richard Rowe and Patsy Ruth Goward, gdaughter of Ross R Rowe (1892) and Theresa Reynolds(1894) (Hillsdale, Michigan), g granddaughter of (Thomas) Spencer Rowe (1848, Stuben, Indiana) and Charlotte Van Scoit (1852, Carroll, MD), gg granddaughter of Peter Clare Rowe (1808, New York) and Emma Goodman (1824, New York), ggg graddaughter of Philip Rowe (1791, Tewksbury, Hunterdon, NJ ) and Jane Johnson (1785), gggg grandaughter of Philip Rau (1753)??? Any info is appreciated, email:

Gayle Rowe
Daughter of Calvin Rowe (above posting). I am in my 60's, and trying to find European connection, my father made me memorize our nationalities: English, Cornish, Welsh, Flemish, Irish, Scottish, and Pennsylvania Dutch. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Keith Rowe
Hazel, we are probably cousins. My grandfather, Richard, was born in
Penzance in 1902. His father and grandfather both named George.