Last name: Snelling

This interesting and unusual surname is of pre 8th century origins. It is a diminutive of "Snell" and is probably of Norse-Viking descent. It was baptismal and described a person who was active or bold, or in the case of an infant presumably the hope of the parents was that he would grow up to be such an individual. The probable but unproven origination, is from the Viking 'snajallr' to the Anglo-Saxon 'snel'. There are a number of spellings, a tribute to its popularity, these include Snell, Snel, Sneller, Snelgar, Snelling,Snellman, and the extraordinary 'Snowling'. Snell(ing) is a good example of a sizeable group of early European surnames that were gradually created from the habitual use of baptismal names. In this case the name, as a surname, is first recorded in the Knight Templar (Crusader) rolls, see below, although as "Sellinc" ( a given name only pre-dating surnames) it is recorded in the 1086 Domesday Book for the county of Cambridge. Other recordings include such as Andrew Snelling in the Patent Rolls of 1222, and Brithmarus Snelling in the rolls of the abbey of Ramsey, Suffolk, in 1250. Amongst the unusual nameholders was Hannah Snell, (1723 - 1792), who served in the army that defeated Bonnie Prince Charlie in 1745, and Thomas Snelling, (circa 1760) a famous numismatist, who produced the first works on the coinage of England. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Snel, which was dated 1185, in the "Records of the Knight Templars of England", during the reign of King Henry 11, known as "The Builder of Churches", 1154 - 1189. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Mervin Zammit

Very interesting indeed my great grandma came from Norwich England.

jonathan snelling
Iam a snelling living in southampton hampshire england really interested in where my name come from

Mike Brundage-Neill
I am helping a friend of black heritage with the surname "Snelling". She has very little information to begin with. Her father was born in 1947 at Sikeston, Missouri. His name is "Cleother Snelling" His father's name was "Rogers Snelling" and is presumed to have been born in the same place. No birth date for "Rogers". That's it. Not much to work on. This is a shot in the dark, I know. Any info would be welcome. Thank you, Mike

Natalie Snelling
Hi I am a Snelling living in Southend,Essex. Just starting out on my family history, if anyone has any information please contact me on email address Thank you

Ruth Pedler Perth Western Australia
Hello Natalie, My great grandmother's name was Hannah Snelling 1854-1947 from Norfolk England. In 1874 Hannah married a Joseph John Hook and they emigrated to Queensland Australia. I would be very interested to hear from you.

J. Snelling
Hi, we have around 40 Snellings in the Louisville KY area and in southern Indiana. :)

S. Amburgey
I am supposed to have the Snelling last name from my Dad but I got my moms ex-husband last name, but we are also in this area :)

P. Snelling
I am currently here in Indiana for college and I'm originally from Texas. I have never meet any other Snelling besides in my mediate family. I'm happy to see there is several more out there.

Glen Smith
I am looking for some help in locating any relatives of Robert Snelling believed to be living in Essex in 1945. His wife Kate had two soms Robert James and Peter. Both were killed in WW2. So no direct descendants. Robert James is my primary interest and was born 16/10/21 or 22. Peter was younger. Robert was part of Liberator crew shot down over Burma in Jan 45. He was one of four beheaded by the Japanese. One of his crew mates who was also beheaded was awarded the George Cross for valour. I have contacted relatives of all of the nine crew except for Robert James. Would love to make contact with a relative. I'm sorry that is all the details I can provide and which were obtained from the Rangoon War cemetery register

simone watson ( nee snelling)
I have my family tree going back to late 1700 early 1800 my family origianally came from cambridgeshire, Levi Snelling and he was in the agriculture trade, came to holborn london to become a china dealer. Traced family back to Ireland.

Debbie Snellings McIntosh
My father was Thomas Harding Snellings born 1920 in Elbert County Ga. I know very little about our heritage but would love to learn. His mother was Madge Snellings-Snellings and father was Duncan Snellings. Family of 10 children, 8 being deceased, 1 in the VA hospital in Augusta Ga and 1 still alive in Elbert County Ga.

Linda Wood
as above- meant to say dad grew up n Hither Green, not there now as in 'Bromley!

linda wood
my dad now 89, is Robert Ernest Snelling - in Hither Green area of south London and his family I believe, hail from around there and the New Cross area, south London. True to form, we moved to the Bromley area of Kent/south London, where the rest of my family live still. Linda (nee) Snelling

My Snellings are in New South Wales in Australia. Ancestors came from Ramsgate in Kent in late 1800s. Love to hear from any others from the district.

Michael Snelling
My grandfather George Sneling originally came frome Surrey where he still has lots of family of Snellings. I orinally came from Frome in Somerset but now in Paignton Devon. I have a brother brother Daniel Snelling and a brother Nicholas Snelling who has kept the family name going by having a son 'Jack Snelling'.

Michael Snelling
I have just started looking at my ancestry and came across your posting. Is your Grandfather George Alexander Snelling born 1905 in Dorking?

Rachel snelling
We are snellings with roots in Norwich norfolk

Ruth Pedler
Hello Rachel, I was interested to read that you have roots in Norwich Norfolk, my greatgrand mother Hannah Snelling 1854-1947 her parents were Samuel William & Mary Ann Snelling from Norwich. Is this family connected to yours? Hannah married Joseph John Hook in 1874 and emigrated to Australia in 1875 on ss Indis to Queensland.

Rob Snelling
I'm a Snelling in Kent, Uk. Born in Essex, moved to Littlestone, Kent, 10 years ago.

Erica Snelling
I am an African American Snelling , here in the states. I traced my line back 8 generations.. between NJ and Georgia USA

Theresia Snelling
A am also an African American Snelling, living in the USA, with lineage in Georgia and New Jersey

Joanne Snelling
Im a Snelling and were in Lincolnshire, unfortunately though since i only have a sister, it will end with us!

sabrina snelling hameed
well, any african american Snellings I have yet to find one or know of any. I'm also 1/4 Cree Indian.

i am mixed black too and i have this last name :) iv never met a black person with the same last name either

stef snelling
there was also a famous smuggler joss snelling in the 18 th century who was presented to queen victoria when she was 10...he is the only smuggler who was never family are in berkshire!

Peter Snelling
Me and my family are Snellings living in Liverpool.

Shane Snelling

So from what I gather I'm English. Interesting. Greetings from Nevada, USA.