Last name: Tibbs

This name has two possible origins. Firstly, 'the son of Theobald' from the pet form Tebb or Tibb (Theobald was an Olde German personal name meaning 'people-bold'). Tibbs may also be a metonymic 'the son of Isabella' from the Yorkshire pet form of the name Tib(b). In the Elizabethan and Stuart period C. 1600-1700, Tib for Isabella was widely used (Tib for Theobald having disappeared). Isabel(la) was the usual Medieval form of the Hebrew Elizabeth in England - a name meaning 'oath of God' or 'God has sworn'. In the modern idiom three patronymic/metonymic spelling variations appear: Tebb, Tebbs and Tibbs. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John Tibbs which was dated C. 1600 Calendar of Proceedings in Chancery during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1 Good Queen Bess 1558-1603 Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Isom Tibbs

You got the Hebrew part right, and some of this is flattering; but much of the info does not connect or add up to what is really true about the name Tibbs. Though I might be giving info away. Check The New Lexicon Webster's Dictionary of the English Language for the word Tibbus. It is that big fat dictionary in every major in the United States. Only one letter difference. It isn't Rocket science. Tibbus(tibu:)pl. Tib-bus, Tib-bu n. a Negroid(Hamitic) people living in the Tibesti Mtns area of Central Africa || a member of this people. Though I am giving information away that I wish to write about, it goes deeper than that. The question is how did they get to British Isles. Did they come with William the Conqueror in 1066? Were they already there in the Celtic Tribes who African Heritage Bible claims were originally among the Kushite Tribes of Africa. The word Kush is another name for black(see The African Heritage Study Bible). The song, from Celtic Woman, "The shores of Tripoli" Or were they among the Canaanites who would not leave parts of Israel when the various tribes were commanded by God to cast them out or destroy them? Think of the town Thebez(the Greek spelling) in West Mannesseh, Israel Judges 9:50. Also called Tubas or another variant Tubas. The various names and different extensions added to the word Tib. Were they Assyrians? Look in a Assyrian Biblical Dictionary for the word Tibu or Tebu. The name is deeper then the British Isles. It is a name scattered across the globe in one form or the other. Think of St. Maurice from Mauritania or Thebes in Egypt around 200 to 300 A. D. Thebes( Tibbs another variant of the word Thebes which is the Greek form of the city No-Ammon). The variants of that name are all over Africa. It just didn't get there by accident or when the British or Germans appeared in Africa. My point. There is a deeper history besides the arrogance of the British or the pride of being from Europe or the British Isles, and it is just as much of an African name as it is a British name. The root word "Tib" could be anywhere from Assyrian/Canaanite/Hebrew in Origin. There is a something someone is not saying that should be said. Maybe they are too scared to say it or acknowledge it.

Isom Tibbs

Have you ever seen that Sidney Potier film, "They call me Mr. Tibbs", Laughing, who were the original Tibbs, but if we can agree that the Tibbs were always pretty much of mixed origin heritage that will suffice.

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