Last name: Turner

Recorded in several spellings including Turner, Turnor, Thurner, Tourner and Tournor, this is one of the great British surnames. With over fifty entries in the Dictionary of National Biography, it perhaps surprisingly it has at least three possible origins. Firstly, it may be an occupational name for a maker of small objects of wood, metal, or bone by turning on a lather, deriving from the Anglo-Norman French word "torner". Secondly, it may be a nickname for a fast runner, from the Middle English elements "turnen" to turn, plus the fusing of "hare" a hare. Thirdly, it may be occupational for an official in charge of a tournament, deriving from the Old French word "tornei". The surname dates back to the late 12th Century (see below), and early recordings include Ralph le Turner (1191 - 1192) in the Pipe Rolls of Leicestershire, and Bernard Turnehare in the Curia Regis Rolls of Staffordshire in 1224. Examples from the surviving church registers of the city of London include the marriage of John Turner to Amy German on April 19th 1553, at St. Leonard's Eastcheap, and the christening of Thomasyn Turnor, the daughter of Thomas Turnor, at the church of St Mary Aldermary, in the city of London, on November 16th 1599. John Turner, with his two sons, was one of the passengers on the "Mayflower", the ship in which the Pilgrim Fathers sailed from Plymouth to Massachusetts in 1620. The most famous bearer of the name was probably J. M. W. Turner (1775 - 1851), the English landscape painter and master of water colours. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Warner le Turnur, which was dated 1180, in the "Pipe Rolls of London", during the reign of King Henry 11, known as "The Builder of Churches", 1154 - 1189.

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back to doing research anyone have a humphrey turner from kent england born 1593

michael penda turner
I am a Turner, but have no clue of any of my family history other then it being my dads dads last name. hes passed away and my mom and dad divorced when i bearly turned one and have been trying to make contact with him for years with no great out come. id live to learn where i come from and some family history. anyone have any great ideas

Derek Turner
I'm the Turners from england, Germany and other areas and Surnames with my family are Kirchner, Ranger, Forward, amd Jimson is anyone else have one of these surnames in there family Also Im the canadian part of turner

Derek Turner
Derek Turner I'm the Turners from england, Germany and other areas and Surnames with my family are Kirchner, Ranger, Forward, amd Jimson is anyone else have one of these surnames in there family please contact me @ Also Im the canadian part of turner

ellis turner
um i am doing research for a project do any of you know famous people related to us

Jim Turner
Hello - I'm starting a genealogy search and could use some advice. My grandfather was James Monroe Turner from Athens, TX. He died in 1982 in Ft Worth,TX at age 72. I'm at jim21turner at hotmail. Please no spam. Thanks for any help.

Nathan Turner
I don't really know where our name comes from, Could anyone help because people always think My Dad and I look German.All I know is the family came to ireland around the renaissance but I don't know from where.

Hi , my Grandmother on my mothers side was a Turner . Her Name was Hilda May. She married James Aslette . I am from Mackay Qld Australia

Pat Turner
My father was Edward Turner (1902-1975), grandfather was Patrick Turner (1857-1949). Both were born and died in Iowa. My great grandfather was Edward Turner born in Ireland, died in Iowa, dates unknown. I know Edward had one sister named Mary who was a sponsor for my grandfather's baptism. Her death record said her father name was John Turner also born in Ireland. There was a John and Rose Turner living nearby Edward and his wife Margaret in 1860 in Jackson and Jones counties, Iowa. According to census, they both were from Ireland. I found a John and Rose Turner in Kilshannig By Mallow, County Cork, Ireland. Does anyone have a connection to the Turners from Kilshannig By Mallow, County Cork, Ireland?
Thanks for any help.
email: pfturner at

Doug Deschene

i am searching for Turners in my family Robert born 1813 in Ireland married Sarah Children: Adam b.1838 married Jane Hughson 1864 , Elmer b.1843, Sarah b.1848, Agnes b.1850 Rachel 1853


My great great great great great grandfather was Nat Turner (1800-1831) the freedom fighter, leader of the Great Rebellion.

Amanda Turner Worth

I am a Turner from Alabama. My grandfather was born in Cyril, Al. His name was Leonard Odell Turner and his Daddy was George Washington Turner and his grandfather was William N, Turner. I would like to know more about my Turner heritage. Please contact me if you have more info on my family.

Gary Edwin Turner

John is my grandfather 7 times removed. My family has never left New England. It's hard to find information, however I do have a 214 page homemade book from my grandmother who passed away about 10 years ago. They all kept records of marriage and births. I'm so intrigued to find out more.

Michael W.S. Turner
John Turner from weaversthorpe, Yorkshire is my second or third great grandfather.

Jack Turner
The above article doesn't mention the German link to the Turner surname. Many "German Clubs" in (at least) the Ohio River Valley (USA) are called Turner Clubs. I'd love to know more information along those lines.

May m Turner
i was born to David m Turner and Mary Elizabeth Turner on 01/15/1972 in Bakersfield ca, my grandfathers name was David h Turner he was born in down south and he married Mary ellen Turner if i have any living realitives please contact me at

Allie turner
Turner family from Illinois! My father is Patrick turner , his father is John Turner .

Kenetra Barnes
I am an ancester of Nat Turner My mother is a Turner from Southampton County. Her father name is Richard Turner and his father, Great grandfather is John Turner and my Great Great grandfather is Smith Turner. I am researching now. To find out more info past Smith Turner now. If anyone know anything I would love to hear from you.

Hi my name is Turner from mallow co cork fathers name is John Turner from the same place died 20 years 1996 ago age 67. . my grand fathers name is Frank Turner died 1958 granda Frank Turner went to america when he was young he joined the amarican army in california for so many years before he returned home to ireland to farm family farm.

Mary Turner-Parker
My great grandfather was George Washington Turner. His dad was William Turner. His mother was Elizabeth. Still searching for more info.

Le Ann Spillers Tuggle
My great-great grandfather was John Turner of Hancock County, GA. He was taken in by the Spillers family and raised as John Turner Spillers. His descendants have been known as Spillers since the mid 1800s. Does anyone have any information on John Turner Spillers?

My nan was Annie turner she married my grandad Joseph payne in dudley,Wolverhampton.My nan was Irish also as her mother was mary anne turner giles born in Belfast,Northern Ireland & passed away in dublin 1859. She marred Thomas giles & her father was called James turner. My dad always said to me I had Irish & Swedish in me , I'm probably way off just recognised some names I only started looking today through random chance but found myself looking up what I can ever since ha. Can anyone help with any information please and thank you if there's any link I'd really appreciate it,thanks again,lucy😊

my family did some family tree research and we actually date back to thomas jefferson bloodline...pretty neat

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