Last name: Wiley

This unusual name recorded in the spellings of Willey, Wiley, Wyley, Wylie, and Wyly, is of English locational origin. It derives from the places so called in the counties of Cheshire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire, Devonshire and Surrey. The first five of these villages share the same meaning. This is from the Old English pre 7th "wilig", meaning "willow" and "leah", either a fenced clearing in a wood, or in some places a "water meadow". The village of "Willey" in Surrey derives its name from a different source. This is from "weoh", meaning a pagan temple, plus "leah", which in this case clearly means a clearing in a wood. The first recording of a placename is that of the Surrey village which appears in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles as early as 909 a.d. in the spelling of "Weoleage". Locational surnames were given either to the original Lords of the Manor as in the first recording below, or later to those who left their original homes to (usually) seek work elsewhere. Identification by their former homestead name being easy and convenient, although it often lead to distorted spellings. Early examples of the recordings include William de Wylly of Sussex in 1296, and Richard de Wyleye of Essex in 1390. Edmund Willie of Somerset was recorded in 1595, and Francis Willey in London in 1621. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John de Wylegh. which was dated 1201, in the Pipe Rolls of the county of Wiltshire, during the reign of King John, known as "Lackland", 1199 - 1216. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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denzel battie

my mother matin name is wiley I have family members from south caolina arkansa, Mississippi,Virginia,boston,california,ohio,new york,Philadelphia,texas if uour name is wiley and your from those states im trying to find out our family hisyory so of you no any tjing hit me up on fb


My mother's maiden name is Wiley as well. We're from Pendleton and Fortville Indiana and have lived here for well over 100 years.

J. Thorne

I am looking for anyone with knowledge of " Wiley, Moses; Rosswell, Lincoln Co., New Mexico 1888" I am also in search of the family papers during this year. In particular a letter sent from O.P.Temple to Mosses Wiley just before September 22 1888".

Bruce Wiley
I was always told Wiley was French in origin.


Wiley's aren't French, we're Scottish.

Bre Wiley
Oh, i'm young and i'm really intrested in my family origin I did a project on Ireland and I found out that we were forced out of England when we wouldn't give up our homeland and then we had to separate in to 2 different countries Ireland and Scotland and then the Wiley [or other ways to spell this origin name] they all had to leave due to a terribly bad disease in their crops and that is when they has left to go to America and I currently live in Canada, Eastern Canada that is, the weird thing is that my grandfather's last name is spelt Wylie and then my dad had to change his last name because his REAL parents weren't suited to raise him and his sister so he had changed his name to Wiley. We believe we are Irish due to research and my family sure feels so Irishy [I know it's not a real world in case my distant family would've pointed it out] Eh? ;D

Ashton wiley
Hehe my last name is Wiley to

Don Wiley

Wiley is also from Northern Ireland so this being English only isn't correct.

John Wylie
My Wylie ancestors emigrated from Kilmarnock, Scotland to America in 1770. The Wylie/Wiley surname originated in Lowland Scotland and Northern England and any Wylie living in Ireland descended from Ulster Scots.

Richard Wylie
I recently had a cousin do some research of our family origin. According to what he found out, the Wylie's were English but were run out of England by the royal family for not giving up their land. The families split up, some went to Scotland and some went to Ireland. Also the first Wylie to come to america was William H. Wylie, He was a war hero and has a monument built after him in either North or South Carolina I cant remember, I will have to get that information again.

Leigh Wiley
My fathers side of the family came to England in the early 20th century from Ulster. I was always led to believe it was an Irish name.

Justin Wiley
In my family we Scots Irish is what I have been told. And my family came to the united states we dropped the o from o'wiley and became wiley . Our crest has two black griffins a helmet and a silver rose. Anybody similar to that

Ashton Wiley
Same here

Lori Wiley
I am told we are of Scotch-Irish descent. Somewhere along the line, it was rumored that Wiley originated from the clan Gunn.
The Wiley story I found was: A messenger was sent to take a message to the king. It was a dangerous undertaking in those days as oppositionists would do everything they could to thwart the monarchy's efforts. When the messenger got to the king he retrieved the message from a hollowed out compartment in his walking stick. The king said, "My, aren't you wily." and that is how the Wiley name came about.

Lori Wiley
If nothing else, it makes a good story. :)

I was told we were from Castle Coole & Fermanagh... Ireland and that Wiley in Gaelic was O'Hualleigh. Info passed down to me from family. Could be your cousin Brian (above) I had an uncle Walter, one of ten children. And I'm pretty sure we are cousins.

Diana Wiley
My last name is Wiley, my oldest known ancestor is Henry Weilly or Wyly born in England migrated to Ireland. He died there in 1690 most likley at the Battle of Boyne. My understanding is the English Wileys came to Ireland during the Plantation period. But the first recored Wyle is a Scot by the name of Donald Wyle of Dalwinston in 1355. My ancestry is Scots Irish.

Prentis Wiley
This is very possible from what i have studied. There were Wiley 's that did go to Austrailia. The "O" on the sir name mearly ment "son of" and if i am correct came from the Ulster scott part of our hereatage..

My surname is Wiley. From what I understand, my Grandparents were supposedly from Ireland. My Father,who passed away when I was 7, was born in Austrailia. My father's parents, who were also in Austrailia, died when my Dad was 4 years old. My father had to come to live with his closest relatives in Canada. My Dad didn't really know much about his parents or his background. From what my Mother told me, his parents were from Ireland and my Grandfather was sent to Austrailia as a guard to look after prisoners from the war. I was told that my Grandparents had to drop the "O" off of O'Wiley from thier last name. Has anyone ever heard of this? I'd love to hear from anyone !! Thank you

Michela Wiley
My father always told me that the name Wiley came from a distant grand-father that emigrated from Scotland in the 1740s. He was never really sure if the Wileys were from Scotland originally, or if just Brits who lived in Scotland. This is the first time I've heard of Wiley being considered Irish.

samantha Wylie
My surname is Wylie , my dad id ninety and his Father was .They are from Ulster.

Prentis Wiley
There is also a fainly crest which has three griffins on a shield below a helment crowned by a large cat. and the word Fides. the colors are gray trim with red.

Prentis Wiley
I too am a Wiley and have plan a trip back. I was alway's told by parent's that i was of irish decent on both sides if my faimly. so far it seems my research has brought me to ulster for my Wiley witch is suppose to be a veriation on Wylie. i did find a Tartan for this family clan. It is blue with red, white and Gold stripes. the scource was S,B.Wylie of Lothian.

I am in Scotland now visiting from CA, USA, my surname is Wiley and I am trying to find a tartan but the closet I can get is Mac Farlane or Gunn tartans. There is a Wylie tartan but its a family one and hard to find. I am told that my Wiley roots came from Ireland but the Scots don't have info on that and am told that most of the Wiley's came from Scotland and changed their names from either Mac Farlane or Gunn.

my sir name is weily cant find any archive of this spelling any help is wanted. cheers. irish and jewish are in the family - 5% jewish.

Ellie Whiley
Hello :) Erm , my last name is Whiley && most of my dads side is Scottish??!!??!! We have are own tartan flag named 'Whiley' with this. This goes back up to my great, great,great,great,great,great,great grandad too. I have been trying to find the origin what is seems FOREVER! I am a 12 year old Girl too. Cab youu please help , thank youu. Elliee :D xx

Many Irish surnames actually have English origins. In the late 16th and early 17th century there was a Plantation period in Ireland. Many English families moved to Ireland under lords who had been granted very large amounts of land. One would think I am Scottish or English given my last name--Hamilton, but my most recent European ancestors actually came from Ireland. They were part of the Plantation settlement of Ulster. Lainey

Brian Wiley
I always thought Wiley was from Armagh and Fermanagh, however after some research through census we have found that a William Wiley travelled to England from the Boston area of America at the age of 11 in 1871. It is not known if his parents travelled with him or he had a guardian. (we are still researching!) but he settled in the Midlands. They could well have left Ireland for America and returned to England. Willliam was my Grandad Walter Wiley's Grandad. Walter was 1 of 10 siblings and is the last surviving of them all. I will post here again when I get more information.

Shannon Leming
My maiden name is Wiley and I was always told it was a English last name. This is the first time that I've heard of it being Irish.