Last name: Welch

This interesting surname is of Anglo-Saxon and Northern European origins. Recorded in the Isles of Britain as a surname in the spellings of Walsh, Walshe, Welch, Welsh, Walch, Welshman and Walshman, it is or rather was, the word used by both the invading Anglo-Saxons of the 5th century a.d. onwards, and the later Vikings of the 7th century, to describe the local "natives" of the area that they were seeking to conquer.. The derivation is from "waelisc", meaning a stranger or foreigner, the word in its various spelling forms being found throughout Northern Europe. Early examples of the surname recordings taken from authentic rolls and registers of the medieval period include Margery Wellis in the Subsidy Rolls of the county of Essex in the year 1327, and Roger Welch in the 1334 Court Rolls of the borough of Colchester, also in Essex. In the late medieval period the word could also have been a nickname for a person from Wales, as in the example quoted by Geoffrey Chaucer in his famous book "Piers Plowman" as follows - "and Rose the Dyssheres, Godefram of Garlekhithe, and Griffyn the Walshe ..." The surname, although not in a hereditary spelling, is also found in early Irish recordings with Haylen de Walsh of Waterford, being the son of Phillip the Welshman, one of the invaders of 1170. The first hereditary holding of the family name is probably that of Simon Welsche, which was dated 1279. This was in the "Hundred Rolls" of Bedfordshire, England, during the reign of King Edward 1st, known as "The Hammer of the Scots", 1272 - 1307.

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Gregory Welch
I would like to know my full family history

Andrew Welch
born 1984 in Manchester England. Father David 1957 also from Manchester. grandfather Norman born1920 isle of white, settled in Manchester post 1945. before that its a bit sketchy, His father we believe was called William was one of nine children (or his grandfather we can't be sure) was from Kilkenny Ireland

Kimberly baumann
my mothers madien name is welch. My grandfathers names was charles w welch. We were told that his mother was choctaw and were not sure who his father is he died when my mom was very young. He was a drinker and had a heart attack. So we never really knew anything about him. My grandmother I guess doesnt really remember.

janet welch abercrombie
my fathers name was billy carl welch born in harland co ky his father was otis welch my father married della rosetta bray she was of indian decent any one with infomation please send me an e-mail at

janet welch abercrombie
i was told we are from wales and of irish decent

Jerry Welch
Any family in Florida. My grandpa from Fort Green Florida , birthplace 1916

nick welch
from upstate NY

John Welch
My ancestor was John Welch of Ayr , who married John Knox's daughter. John Knox was the founder of the protestant church. John Welch of Ayr is refered to as the son of the Lard,or Lord of Colleston. We are from SW Scottland, Ayrshire.


We're Welch's from Leicestershire, only know that we've been around this area for around 100 years. Not much knowledge of before that.

Leigh Welch

Welch by marriage. Oliver being my maiden name. Not too many Welch's around this neck of the woods. Shropshire/Herefordshire. I do know a few of my husbands family moved to USA.

annie welch
born 1880's Northampton England mother was Carla Pate father was Fredrick Welch

David Welch
Father, Frederick, born in Biddeford Maine 1907. Frederick's mother, Lena Hooper married Charles Welch lived in Biddeford, Maine. Charles father Timothy Welch. I have no more information.

Janice welch
My maiden name is welch.Im from maryland. My grandfather was from west virginia. His name was charles Robert welch. My dad was Lewis welch and other than that I don't injure anything about my history I wish I did

Kirk Gruenewald
I am a descendant from a Peyton Young Welch from Bedford VA and Jemima Rider. They were bonded (marriage) in 1803 and he was a circuit preacher and then moved to Allen Kentucky. I am trying to trace back where they came from and having a hard time. Can anyone help me?

Sandon Godwin-Welch
I've always been intrigiued by the surname Welch. However, Walsh is another variation that I have found to be more common.

Missing Welch Family
I was adopted at birth from Central General Hospital in Plainview NY. It has appeared on my original birth certificate that my original last name is Welch. All I know is that my biological birth mothers father was a piano repair man. According to my adoptive mother I wasn't born in New York. That's all I know of except my birthday. If anyone could help me with my finding my much needed information would be most helpful. My birthday is December 18, 1981.

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