Last name: Winter

Recorded as Winter, Wynter, and the patronymics Winters and Winterson, this is a "European" surname. It was originally a nickname or byname for someone of a frosty or gloomy temperament, the derivation being from the pre 7th century Olde English, Middle High German, or Danish-Viking word "wintr", meaning winter. It may also be an Ashkenazic "ornamental" surname denoting the season, which were distributed by German government officials in the 18th century, to immigrants from other countries. Finally it may be of Irish origin deriving from the pre 10th century Gaelic Mac Giolla Gheimhridh, meaning the "son of the servant of Geimhreadh", itself a byname also meaning "Winter". The surname in England dates back to the late 12th Century, whilst early examples of church recordings taken from the diocese of Greater London include William Wynter, who was christened on November 14th 1571 at St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, John, the son of John and Elizabeth Winters, who was christened on January 1st 1633 at St. Mary's, Whitechapel, Stepney, and Georgii Winterson, a witness at St Martins in the Field, Westminster, on August 5th 1677. John Winters, aged 18 years, was an Irish famine emigrant sailed from Liverpool aboard the "Cambridge", bound for New York on January 4th 1847. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Winter, which was dated 1185, in the Knight Templars Roll for the county of Warwickshire, during the reign of King Henry 11nd of England, 1159 - 1189. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Dylan winter
If anyone has information on the winter clan I would humbly ask if you could share with me. My grandfather I only met twice before he died never told me anything about the winter family in Boston Massachusetts except that we were part of the winterhill gang at one time.


What proof is there for the definition that the the surname of Winter is derived from 'someone of a gloomy visage!!! Other websites say it is derived from farmers who paid their dues in winter or folk born who came from cold climes or children born in that season. It is of Germanic origin . I wonder what German studies on the subject say??

Anne Winter Williams
The Family DNA website falls for that unproven''LEGEND' about the name Winter having come from a white castle( of which there were a few) 'Gwyntour in Wales for which there is no proof whatsoever. There were Winters in Brecon and an Archbishop of Carmathen also all on record.. This site also mentions a De Lacy (their Arms compared to most Winter Arms is as chalk is to cheese) the stuff of imagination all of which is shown on the Sri Lanka website which my sister. Wendy Garcia and I donated to ,as it was mentioned by a lady called Joan Simon (whose papers we have)who also claims descent from the Admiral's family saying her surname of Simon was from a Winter family of Channel isles(Jersey) and one Simon Winter who migrated to Wales and dropped of the surname Winter and took first name, Simon as surname??If anyone is aware of such habits in Wales do let me know as the the Winters of Brecon never did the same?? The Admiral , Sir William Wynter as a Capt. did sail around the Channel islands before the Armada battle and also went off to Leith in Scotland to do battle for Queen Eliz. 1st. IThe SL genweb site is a collaboration of several fine genealogical researchers re: the family of the Winters of Huddington where the two Gunpowder Plotters came from. They were Robert & Thomas Winter/Wintour . Some well known personalities with surname Wintour claim descent from this family and earlier members have even assumed the Arms of Adm Wm. Wynter/Winter not Wintour! who fought in the Armada battles.and proudly displayed them on their tombs. A very thorough researcher in this same family found that their ancestor had come from Cumbria? where his ancestor were just plain Winter.,one of whom went south ,over extended himself, got into financial trouble and changed the spelling to Wintour!! There is also a family convinced they are descend from a 'secret' child of Thomas Wintour, the Gunpowder Plotter. A thorough researcher of the same family has found NO proof to date. The work of Robert Cooke, the Herald cannot be fully trusted either and the Admiral William Winter's father, John Winter of Bristol & Deptford is tagged onto the Huddington Winter Tree for Worcs, & Gloucs.both differing at this point. John Winter,who was Surveyor of the Navy just before his son ,William the Admiral, is said to have been born in Brecon in the Dictionary of National Biography but no source given and no proof . This 'guess'' maybe due to his Will which mentions land that was a Welshman's of which two are he MAY have been born in Wales but no PROOF available. The Family DNA site mentions that there are no Vinteners in the UK which could be due to that surname having been reduced to Vynter of which there is proof of such a family in Northants in Phillimores Publications. Also in later period. There are several who believe they are descended from the Winters of Huddington and from those of Lydney & Dyrham descended from John Winter of Deptford & Bristol but the male line of both families appears to have come to and end in both cases. Those of Dyrham thru Wm. Blathwayt ,who married sole Winter heiress, Mary Winter ,descended from Sir George Winter (Clerk of Maryne causes) in reign of Queen Eliz 1st and brother of Sir Wm. the admiral, both sons of above John Winter of Deptford & merchant of Bristol. Would be grateful for any new research to throw light on above LEGEND of Gwyntour??

Carl William Winter Jr.
Just getting some facts of my heritage because my present relatives are dumb! Lol

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