Last name: Wynne

This very interesting name is generally considered in modern times to be of Welsh origin, but in fact there are at least four possible origins. These are "Gwyn", Old Welsh, and possibly as it translates as "Fair", a descriptive nickname for an Anglo-Saxon invader. Next is "Wine", an Olde English pre 7th Century word and personal name meaning "the Friend". Then there is the Norse-Viking pre 9th Century "Hvin", translating literally as "Gorse", but probably a nickname for a prickly person, and finally "Wynn", an Olde English baptismal name which translates as "Joy". All early recordings are in England, these include Thomas filius Win (1255, Shropshire). Agneta, daughter of Willmi Wynne, was christened at St. Andrew's, Enfield, London, on March 2nd 1577, and Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Wynne, was christened at St. Margaret's, Westminster, also in London, on August 12th 1613. One George Wynne, together with his wife Mary, daughters Anne and Cathleen, and sonsPpatrick and James, sailed from Liverpool aboard the "Pacific" bound for New York on January 20th 1847. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Osketel Wyn, which was dated 1199, in the "County Pipe Rolls of Suffolk", during the reign of King Richard 1, known as "The Lionheart", 1189 - 1199. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Christopher Mark Wynne

Hi, my name is Christopher Mark Wynne and I am from Liverpool, my mum and her mum are both Wynne's but I would love to find out more of my family tree if anyone has any information!

jeanette Wynne
Hi my name before I got married was Jeanette Wynne from Cardiff S wales the Wynne family lived there for many generation. My father Douglas Wynne has now passed away however when I was growing up I remember him doing a family ancestry.

Hello, I am a descendant of the Wynne family that goes all the way back to the Wynne Castle in, Wales. My full name is: Brandon Roy Lee Shaw. My Grandmothers maiden name is Robison which somewhere along the lines ends up back to the Wynne name. I go by my middle name now (Roy) and I have been searching for my lineage so that I may trace it all the way back to the Wynne family. But I am not good at searching information on the web and know even less about my ancestors. If anyone can help get me started I would be forever grateful. You can reach me anytime at:

My name is Derold Lee Wynne I am third generation in USA my great grandfather John Wynne from Co. Sligo Ireland & my great grandmother Winifred Hennessy from Co. Cork came here in 188O's. My ancestors came to Ireland from Wales in 1524.

Michael Wynne
try conwy wales you may be amused to see the wynn house in that town after 500 years its still one of the finest houses in the uk

Pat Hamilton

My Grandmother was Anne Josephine Wynne, b. 1885 in Mohil, Leitrim, Ireland. She was the daughter of Ellen Tate and Farrell Wynne. My understanding is that they were descendants of the High Sheriff of Leitrim and Sligo. There are still numerous Wynne family in Ireland and Toronto.

Billy Wynne
My name is William Wynne My great great grandfather came form Ireland To Philadelphia Pennsylvania I still live in the area . There are allot of Wynnes in this area . William Penns best friend was a Tomas Wynne from Wales .There's towns around here with names like Wynne wood Wynne feild These places get there names form Wynne Estates even New Castle Delaware can be traced to the Wynne. But I got the luck of the Irish ! Yes we're poor no towns come my side of the family. LOL The Wynne name can be found any place you find Celtic people France & Spain too.

Cathrin Wynne
My name is Cathrin Wynne, I was born and raised in northern Germany because my mother is german. My father was Gordon Wynne from Guildford in Surrey, England and my grandad is Daniel Wynne from Wrexham in northern Wales.

Jean Wilde
My name is Jean Wilde daughter of Marian Wynne sister to your grandfather Daniel Wynne. Your Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother were Edward Daniel Wynne and Frances Maud Wynne. If you are interest I would be delighted to give you any further information.

Michelle Wynne
Hello Cathrin and Jean. I am a relative of Dennis Wynne. I am trying to do a family tree for Dennis but not getting very far and would love to hear from you. My e mail address is

Michelle Wynne
Dennis is brother to Marian and Gordon

Carol Chang
My Grandmother was Miriam Wynne, Welsh, living in Liverpool when she came to America as a WWI Bride. At least one brother also came over and settled in St. Louis. I know there are family left in Wales and England but alas, don't know any more than that.

Wynne Johnston
I know my post is different, but I wanted to comment. My middle name is Wynne and I've always been called that by my family. I've never met anybody else with that name, first or last. I've just now started googling my name out of curiosity and found y'all. It's amazing what you can learn these days with all the technology we have. BTW, my family roots are, indeed, English; but my mother chose my name simply because her favorite brother's nickname was Win, short for Winford. :)

Josh Wynne
My name is Josh Wynne. From georgia, USA. an i have been trying to find my ancestors. my grandfather i Jerry P Wynne, he was a marine in Vietnam (KIA in 1967). id like to find out how far back i can trace my family to. i think it would be cool to find out where my family name traces to.

Ashley Smith
Hi Josh, I think we may be related. I believe my mother and your grandfather were cousins. I actually have a picture of your grandfather's name from the Vietnam wall in Washington DC that I took for her. She remembers being teased by him as a child...he would hold her upside down by her feet, lol. If you still check this site and would like to get in contact with me or my mother please let me know. I hope we can figure out that we actually are related. :)

R Wynne
My Name is Rich Wynne. Im Bristol Born and Bread and my family has been here since 1936 we originated from all small town called Bedwas in wales that goes back to 1822 but that is as far as we go so far

Jacob Wynne
my name is jacob wynne and i dont know much about my surname due to the fact that my grandfather died when my dad was young. we don't know much about his parents other than the fact that they came from wales to america in the 1890's, and settled in the mississippi area.

thomas wynne
I'm Thomas Wynne, from Georgia in America.

Daniel Wynne
There is also a few branchs of Wynne's down here in Australia. I can trace my line (unofficially due to my ancestor being born out of wedlock) to a convict named Robert Wynne.

Don Wynne
I'm descended from a man that returned from Australia, having been sent there as a punishment for a crime(don't know what) then returning to Liverpool in the 19th century.

Kerry Timony
My mother's maiden name is Wynne, and I know my grandfather was at least second generation American so the Wynnes they descend from have been here for a while. I would love to find other Wynnes I'm to which I'm related.

There are several branches of the Wynnes here in the US. Where was your grandfather from?