Last name: Robinson

This is one of the most interesting and evocative surnames of the British Isles, whilst being recorded throughout the English speaking world. It is a medieval patronymic from the given name Robin, itself a diminutive of the popular Anglo-Saxon pre 7th century personal name Robert. This was originally a compound name with the elements "hrothi", and "berhta", meaning "fame-bright". As such it is first recorded in England in the famous Domesday Book of 1086. It is said that the name was originally made popular by Robin Goodfellow, whose mischievous tricks were later described in Shakespeare's, "Midsummer Night's Dream", and perhaps even more so by Robin of Locksley, otherwise known as Robin Hood, who it is said (without too much evidence) stole from the rich to give to the poor. The surname was first recorded in the latter half of the 13th Century (see below), and one Margaret Robines appeared in the Hundred Rolls of Cambridgeshire, dated 1279. In the modern idiom, the surname can be found recorded as Robyns, Robins, Robens, Robbings, Robinson and Robens. Recordings from early surviving London church registers include: the marriage of Helen Robinson and Thomas Grene on October 1st 1548, at St. Leonard's, Eastcheap, and the marriage of Christopher Robinson and Jone Millman on November 4th 1565, at St. Mary Abchurch, London. An early settler in the New World Colonies was John Robinson, aged 26, who sailed from London on the ship "Peter Bonaventure", bound for the 'Barbadoes' in April 1635. The Coat of Arms most associated with the name is a green shield charged with a gold chevron between three gold bucks standing at gaze. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Dera Robins, which was dated 1273, in the Hundred Rolls of Cambridgeshire. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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michael robinson
My dad's name was Wilfred Alexander Robinson. He was born in the parish of Portland April 30 1914. His father's who was a member of the R.A.F in World War I was Robert Robinson. probably we could be related.

lewis robison
i love the fact that my last name has loads of poeple connected to it

Steve Robinson
I love learning about my family origin

roger robinson
Cool been telling my mrs for ages i am from good anglo saxon stock!

Pamela Robinson
I've done some research on this surname, and found out that English Robinsons and those of Irish and/or Scottish decent had different bloodline roots. My family is of Scottish descent, and our family crest is different colors than that of the green and gold crest of English Robinsons. Additionally, I found out that most Robinsons from Scotland can be traced back to Jewish roots, and the Scot meaning of Robinson is a derivative of older language that means "Son of Rabbi". My Scottish ancestors were pre-Civil War plantation owners from Tifton, GA (southeast of Atlanta, GA). They were reportedly one of the few families that owned slaves that treated their slaves well, so most of the slaves stayed on the plantation after the war and share-cropped the land took on the Robinson surname. This is one of the reasons why there are so many African Americans with the name "Robinson". One famous African American that has roots in that area is Ray Charles Robinson (Ray Charles), which I am nearly certain can trace his surname back to my Scottish ancestors. Some of the Scottish Robinsons are believed to have been in the same clan and supporters of "Robert the Bruce", who picked up the freedom gauntlet from William Wallace, and won Scotland's freedom from the English. My Great Grandfather's name was John Robinson (a common first name in the Robinson family). I don't know much about the rest of the family in Georgia, because my Great Grandmother and John Robinson divorced when my Grandfather, Arthur D. Robinson, was just a little boy. (long story about that) My Great Grandmother won custody of my Grandfather and left the state and settled in Tennessee...completely severing all ties with the Georgia Robinsons (they tried to take my Grandfather away from her, she said). If anyone has roots in Georgia, specifically Tifton, please leave a message here. I will check back here. Or you can find me on Facebook with the user name PJRobinson59. I have a Scottish Robinson crest incorporated into my Timeline banner. We DO have an awesome surname, but it is advised to check which country you are from to know what it's origin and true meaning is. I had to go through many geneology sites, and family crest sites, to eek out most of the information I gave here.

Hi I am Gerald Robinson son of Edwin Robinson of Jamaica my father had several brothers who came to England in the early 60s. I believe my fathers father was a man of the cloth in st Anns Jamaica, my father married to a woman with the surname of Simon or Johnson who is my mother as we don't get on my mother and I hardly talk.

Gerald Robinson
Hi its Gerald robinson i forgot to add my fathers brothers came from jamaica in the 60s and lived in dudley birmingham , my email is

Hi i have Robinson connections ,would anyone like to swap information etc . from Heather

David Robinson
I'm from Durham and I have looked into my history and surname and I'm of Viking and Norse ancestry with links to the king of Vestfold Norway and Robin Lockley AKA Robin Hood.

John Robinson
I have been looking into family history and are directly related to Edwin born Burton Upon Trent Stafford married to Mary Batterman Guildart, son of Danial Robinson and I believe mother was Hannah Fish I would be pleased to gain further Information Regards John

Does anybody have any information on Ann E Stark who worked as a domestic for Elizabeth Robinson and her daughter Harriet in the Hull area of Yorkshire? This would have been around 1900. Any link appreciated. Thankyou.

Tom C
My Robinson line left Londonderry and arrived in NY on the William and Mary of NY in 1804. Parents were John and Jane Robinson (DOB 1764). They had about 8 children, one being James Samuel Robinson who I descend from. James (DOB c 1792) ended up in what is not Summit Co, OH (Akron) by 1810 and served in the war of 1812. James remained in that area until he died in 1863, his son William and descendants continued living in the same area. I have not been able to trace John or Jane so cannot determine if they also were in that same area of Ohio as I would suspect. Anyone on the list familiar with this branch of the Robinson family?

My dad was Ernest Walter Robinson of Hinckley in Leicestershire. All my ancesters came from Hinckey back to Thomas the Tanner born 1640 (that's as far as I can get back). They were mostly farmers and Thomas Robinson born 1717 was a yeoman and made trustee of the town of Hinckley. If anyone else has a connection to these Robinsons, I would love to hear from you.

Monique Robinson
My father's name is Walter J Robinson III. My father was born in New Orleans, La. I have a very large family with the last name of Robinson. My grandfather (my father's father) was Walter J Robinson Jr. and was from Mobile, AL and grandmother's name (my father's mother) is Dorothy M Robinson (maiden name Rhodes) from Jackson, MS. My great grandfather's name was Walter J Robinson Sr. (my father's grandfather), and was also from Mobile, AL. My great grandmother (my father's grandmother) name was Gertrude Rhodes (I don't know her middle initial but her maiden name was Carter), from Jackson, MS. That's all I have right now. I would appreciate any help I can get on tracing the original roots of my Robinson family.

coquette robinson
I am looking for my biological father, David Michael Robinson, and any other family out there that might know this man. God Bless!!

I've often read of the second possible root of the Robinson being "rabbi". There are Jewish Robinsons around today. Any thoughts?

Hi, I have Robinson familythe furthest back I have is George born 1793 Midddlesex, it appears the family lived St Giles In the Fields and later moved to Northamptonshire, does anyone have any info/connections?? would be great to hear from you :)

Luke robinson
If you think about it, we are all linked, email me to exchange info

Jim Robinson

There is a town named Robinson in Maine near Mars Hill. My ancestors on my fathers side come from this place. Would be willing to share info if any one is interested. One of the names is William Robinson among others. Jim Robinson (Wengler)

Jim Robinson

Jim Wengler (robinson). Info on Robinson Maine to share

Barbara Sanders

Looking for any info on Robert or James Lyle Robinson of South Carolina.


Looking for Bill Robinson or William? Hello to all my name is john, I started my life February the 4th 1962 as John Berry Goin in Toledo Oh. My Mother was born Leona may Whit the real family name was Johnson at the time my Mother was born in Tn. Down around Knoxville, My grand father, lovette McKinley Johnson, was running from the revenue agents for making Shine. Right now I am looking for my Genetic father, his name was Bill Robinson or William this is every thing I know about him. He lived in Toledo OH He is Irish and Catholic in 1962 he was married and had two Daughters he sold used cars and wanted to do right by me, He also liked to drink. He wanted to provide my mother and me a house and make sure I had what I needed to grow up right. When my Mother found out what he had in mind she didn't want any thing to do with it. When Bill found out how she felt, from what I under stand, he tried to get custody of me. And my mother took me away to never see him again, at that time I was About 1year old. Bill was friends with my aunt Juanita Johnson and Uncles Clyde, Herbart, & Paul And J.D. Johnson if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time, my e-mail is


Well then. Now I can go on the theory that Robin Hood was an ancestor of mine.


Where did this name originate

John robinson

Sounds like it originated in England. I am trying to do my own geneology research now, I have always been interested in this ever since I saw a painting of a Robinson at a ancient weapons museum in Louisville Kentucky.

Dave Robinson

I have ancestry from sherwood forest and norway., my great grandad was George Stanley Robinson from London England

Tim Court

My grandfather, Henry (Harry) Robinson was born near Londonderry of Scots-Irish Ancestory but he emigrated to Canada over 100 years ago.

ruth ann
ruth ann robinson got married in collinsville, illinois. what is ruth anns' married name

Simon Robinson
And if your black with this last name, you got this last name from the slave master who removed your entire past from existence and forced his last name upon you.

Naid Robinson
I am a Robinson from South Africa... I don't know much about my family history but from word of mouth I believe my fathers Grand father was Brian or Brett Robinson from Ireland who belonged to the McDugan clan.. arriving by ship he married a Van Der Merwe and the rest is history.. does anyone know the roots of the Robinson surname in South Africa? I would love to find my roots

Barbara Holiff, nee Robinson
My father David emigrated from Ballymena, Antrim County, Northern Ireland in 1909 along with siblings James, Sarah (Sadie), Agnes, Mary and Jeanie (Jennie), landing in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and taking up life in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where new siblings Arthur, Margaret (Pinkie), Arletta (Lettie) and Robert William (Buster) were born. Parents were Arthur Robinson (Nov.16.1873-Oct.8.1955) and Jeanie Bonnar nee Porter. Our branch of the family has been traced back to my great-grandparents James Robinson (1829-1913) and Sarah, nee Arthur; their son Robert, like his brother Arthur, also immigrated to Canada. There may have been other siblings who came to Canada, but some of my ancestors landed in the USA, and reside in Pennsylvania and area. This information was researched by a daughter of Robert, who published a remarkable Robinson family history book. Perhaps it will be helpful to others.

Nico Philip Robinson
what does Robinson mean

My Robinson dates back to early 1600. Rev John Robinson decided that that his church should start a new colony. The Mayflower would make this possible. But since there were too many elderly parishioners, he would stay behind with them. Very Cool!!!

Abdou Wahab Robinson
I have never been told about the history of my family

Ms. Jermaine Y. Robinson
Any Robinsons from the D.C. area.? My grandmother was married to James Robinson, also my dad's name. My grandmother , Ailene Robinson, originated from Raleigh, North CAROLINA. I believe she had 5 siblings, one brother. My great grandmother was Cherokee and my great grand father was angle saxon. His name was Freeland Winters, not sure if I'm spelling it right. Don't know much. About my dad's father though, James Robinson.

Mark Robinson
My grandad was from county louth dundurk in Ireland his name is JAMES ROBINSON any one else with family for there who could be my relatives thank you. MARK JAMES ROBINSON.

Marione Robinson
This is really informative. Its nice to know I'm not the only one with this last name. Technically all Robinson's are family

Shelley Bradford
My grandparents are Robinson from Illinois but their parents came to America from Ireland/Scotland. I'm doing our ancestry heritage and it's so rewarding.

Jorge Horacio Robinson
I am the grandson of Edwin Robinson born in Vienna, Austria on October 25, 1890 ... I'm looking data sister of my grandfather, of British nationality and details of my great-grandfather Henry Robinson

James Scott Robinson
My branch of Robinsons have been traced to Scotland. There Robinson is a sept of the clan Gunn, believed to be founded by a Viking named Eric the Black who settled in northern Scotland in the 8th or 9th century. Gave up raiding and became a crofter (?). My grandfather's name was John Donald Robinson from Gallipolis Ohio. Don't have the funds to explore further. Anybody who would have info on this I would love to hear it.

Laurie Robinson
I am having no luck tracing my Irish Robinson family. My grandfather, William John Robinson, was born in Scotland to Irish parents 15 SEPT 1897. They moved back to Ireland where he grew up. They lived in Enniskillen and he apprenticed as a tailor. He emigrated to Canada with 2 siblings (Betty and Joseph) in 1928. My understanding is his other siblings names were: Margaret, Elizabeth, James, Sam and David. I don't know what his parents names were though so it is very hard to track the family down. Would love to make some headway on this part of my family tree.

Billy Robinson
Anyone have a information on the history of Robinson's of Pikeville KY

Anthony Robinson
I found out alot

Gina Lynn Robinson East
I am looking for my Robinson's, any help would be appreciated. My father was Walter Edward Robinson 1951-2008, Tx. My grandfather was Floyd Vaughn Robinson 1926-1993, Tx. My great grandfather was H E Robinson 1900-1962, Tx. And my great-great grandfather was Hubert E Robinson, born 1868 Illinois, died 1936 Texas.

Charles Bower
Trying trace back aboriginal heritage surname Robinson. Great Great Grandmother was Josephine Robinson born 1876 in Ogdensburg NY. Parents Alexander & Emily both from QC Canada full blood First Nation Ojibwa. Finally settling in Longford Mills Rama township. I am north of Toronto Canada. Anyone with Aboriginal roots name Robinson?

Mark James Robinson
Just like to find out my long lost family my grandfather was James Robinson from dundalk Co louth he married my nan edith Robinson then moved to Wednesbury England love to from any one from my family

Dolores Jane Robinson
Just curious if there is Indian in my family bloodline

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