Last name: Robinson

This is one of the most interesting and evocative surnames of the British Isles, whilst being recorded throughout the English speaking world. It is a medieval patronymic from the given name Robin, itself a diminutive of the popular Anglo-Saxon pre 7th century personal name Robert. This was originally a compound name with the elements "hrothi", and "berhta", meaning "fame-bright". As such it is first recorded in England in the famous Domesday Book of 1086. It is said that the name was originally made popular by Robin Goodfellow, whose mischievous tricks were later described in Shakespeare's, "Midsummer Night's Dream", and perhaps even more so by Robin of Locksley, otherwise known as Robin Hood, who it is said (without too much evidence) stole from the rich to give to the poor. The surname was first recorded in the latter half of the 13th Century (see below), and one Margaret Robines appeared in the Hundred Rolls of Cambridgeshire, dated 1279. In the modern idiom, the surname can be found recorded as Robyns, Robins, Robens, Robbings, Robinson and Robens. Recordings from early surviving London church registers include: the marriage of Helen Robinson and Thomas Grene on October 1st 1548, at St. Leonard's, Eastcheap, and the marriage of Christopher Robinson and Jone Millman on November 4th 1565, at St. Mary Abchurch, London. An early settler in the New World Colonies was John Robinson, aged 26, who sailed from London on the ship "Peter Bonaventure", bound for the 'Barbadoes' in April 1635. The Coat of Arms most associated with the name is a green shield charged with a gold chevron between three gold bucks standing at gaze. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Dera Robins, which was dated 1273, in the Hundred Rolls of Cambridgeshire. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Tim Court

My grandfather, Henry (Harry) Robinson was born near Londonderry of Scots-Irish Ancestory but he emigrated to Canada over 100 years ago.

Dave Robinson

I have ancestry from sherwood forest and norway., my great grandad was George Stanley Robinson from London England

John robinson

Sounds like it originated in England. I am trying to do my own geneology research now, I have always been interested in this ever since I saw a painting of a Robinson at a ancient weapons museum in Louisville Kentucky.


John, I am researching a Robinson line from Muhlenberg and Hopkins Counties in Kentucky. Please email me if you have any interest in comparing notes.


Where did this name originate


Well then. Now I can go on the theory that Robin Hood was an ancestor of mine.


Looking for Bill Robinson or William? Hello to all my name is john, I started my life February the 4th 1962 as John Berry Goin in Toledo Oh. My Mother was born Leona may Whit the real family name was Johnson at the time my Mother was born in Tn. Down around Knoxville, My grand father, lovette McKinley Johnson, was running from the revenue agents for making Shine. Right now I am looking for my Genetic father, his name was Bill Robinson or William this is every thing I know about him. He lived in Toledo OH He is Irish and Catholic in 1962 he was married and had two Daughters he sold used cars and wanted to do right by me, He also liked to drink. He wanted to provide my mother and me a house and make sure I had what I needed to grow up right. When my Mother found out what he had in mind she didn't want any thing to do with it. When Bill found out how she felt, from what I under stand, he tried to get custody of me. And my mother took me away to never see him again, at that time I was About 1year old. Bill was friends with my aunt Juanita Johnson and Uncles Clyde, Herbart, & Paul And J.D. Johnson if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time, my e-mail is

Barbara Sanders

Looking for any info on Robert or James Lyle Robinson of South Carolina.

Jim Robinson

Jim Wengler (robinson). Info on Robinson Maine to share

Jim Robinson

There is a town named Robinson in Maine near Mars Hill. My ancestors on my fathers side come from this place. Would be willing to share info if any one is interested. One of the names is William Robinson among others. Jim Robinson (Wengler)

Luke robinson
If you think about it, we are all linked, email me to exchange info

Hi, I have Robinson familythe furthest back I have is George born 1793 Midddlesex, it appears the family lived St Giles In the Fields and later moved to Northamptonshire, does anyone have any info/connections?? would be great to hear from you :)

Joseph Robinson

I am also a Robinson, and I know that this is a name for success.

I've often read of the second possible root of the Robinson being "rabbi". There are Jewish Robinsons around today. Any thoughts?

Christopher Robinson
The root is from the Anglo saxon God Robin (Greenman) who use to be worshipped as a fertility God.....and later demoted from God to being a type of forest fairy "Robin Goodfellow" the more Christianized the family became. BUT there is a family of Jews who took the name on arriving in America.....I believe they mostly populate the Ohio area. I run into them from time to time while researching our English/ Scotch family. But they are unrelated.

coquette robinson
I am looking for my biological father, David Michael Robinson, and any other family out there that might know this man. God Bless!!

Monique Robinson
My father's name is Walter J Robinson III. My father was born in New Orleans, La. I have a very large family with the last name of Robinson. My grandfather (my father's father) was Walter J Robinson Jr. and was from Mobile, AL and grandmother's name (my father's mother) is Dorothy M Robinson (maiden name Rhodes) from Jackson, MS. My great grandfather's name was Walter J Robinson Sr. (my father's grandfather), and was also from Mobile, AL. My great grandmother (my father's grandmother) name was Gertrude Rhodes (I don't know her middle initial but her maiden name was Carter), from Jackson, MS. That's all I have right now. I would appreciate any help I can get on tracing the original roots of my Robinson family.

My dad was Ernest Walter Robinson of Hinckley in Leicestershire. All my ancesters came from Hinckey back to Thomas the Tanner born 1640 (that's as far as I can get back). They were mostly farmers and Thomas Robinson born 1717 was a yeoman and made trustee of the town of Hinckley. If anyone else has a connection to these Robinsons, I would love to hear from you.

Lindsey! Hello! I believe I could be related to you by marriage. Let me explain. Firstly, I married Arthur Davis. My maiden name is Alexander but anyways irrelevant here. Anyways, my husband Arthur, his great grandmother's last name was Tanner, I know we have a long family history going all the way back to Scotland. My husband is a clan member of the Kennedy's. His great grandmother Tanner is who linked them all to that clan. Also included in this is that his mother's maiden name was Robinson. So yea, please contact me back and I'll go look up all I can to find anything I can to make certain that we're linked somehow.

Hi Julie. Sorry for taking so long in replying to you only I don't look at this site very often but will do from now on. Could you tell me the first name of your husband's mother and I will see if I have her on my Robinson tree. Non of my Dad's sisters were married to a Davis but she could be a cousin. I haven't got the name Tanner in my tree - Thomas Robinson born 1640 was a tanner by profession not by name. I look forward to hearing from you again.

George robinson

George robinson of komoko, Canada and minnesota

Luke Robinson
Hey my Robinson family is also from Leicester, I live there to my dad is Neal Robinson, but that's all I know I wanna find out more

I have robinsons in my family who are from Hinckley. Do Smith Ghent or Bennett surnames mean anything to you?


Sorry for the delay in replying Pat. Those names don't mean anything to me but if you could give me the names of the Robinsons in your family, perhaps I may know them.

Joyce Robinson Gray

I had an uncle named Ernest Robinson. My dad was Stanley Orville Robinson. His father was Charles Robinson. Do these names sound familiar to you?

Tom C
My Robinson line left Londonderry and arrived in NY on the William and Mary of NY in 1804. Parents were John and Jane Robinson (DOB 1764). They had about 8 children, one being James Samuel Robinson who I descend from. James (DOB c 1792) ended up in what is not Summit Co, OH (Akron) by 1810 and served in the war of 1812. James remained in that area until he died in 1863, his son William and descendants continued living in the same area. I have not been able to trace John or Jane so cannot determine if they also were in that same area of Ohio as I would suspect. Anyone on the list familiar with this branch of the Robinson family?

Mary R
Hi Tom, I believe to have the same family as you. My Robinson came from Scotland and later moved to Antrim County, Ballymoney, Londenderry Ireland, then to the US. the names I have are: James, William, George, Wilson, Nelson, Neql, Hester, Samuel and some of the wifes names are: Jane Archer, Margaret, Mary and a husband with the last name of Borland. Contact me if you agree with having the same family link.

Mary R
you can contact me via email, if you wish. I would LOVE to go to Ireland to visit the land my family is from, but too scared to go alone lol

My mother-in-law's maiden name was Robinson and all of her family still lives in the Akron area. Her mother's name was Louise Adele Tanner (maiden name). Not sure if this is a link or not but being that all live in the same area I wonder.

Tom Chrisman
There were several Robinson lines living in the Akron area in the late 1800's thru mid-1900's. My ancestor who settled in Summit CO was James Samuel Robinson. James had 3 sons (William, Randolph, and Andrew) and 2-3 daughters (Ruth, Elizabeth, and ?). Wm had 2 sons: Harley and William James R. Harley had 1 daughter (don't recall her name w/o looking), William had 2 sons and 1 daughter. If your mother was from this line, she would have gone thru Randolph or Andrew most likely. Would need to know more to determine that. My direct email is

Adora Robinson
Hello Tom,
This is my first time ever on this site. I am actually trying to do a research paper based on my heritage in which I have no knowledge of. All I know is that my fathers family resided in Akron, Oh for many years and most relatives live in NY, NJ, and Pennsylvania. Some relatives first names were, Frederick, Chick, William, Earl, Theodore, Hazel, and Marian. Im not sure if any of these names ring the bell but if so, please reply.


I'm a Robinson from derry

Does anybody have any information on Ann E Stark who worked as a domestic for Elizabeth Robinson and her daughter Harriet in the Hull area of Yorkshire? This would have been around 1900. Any link appreciated. Thankyou.

John Robinson
I have been looking into family history and are directly related to Edwin born Burton Upon Trent Stafford married to Mary Batterman Guildart, son of Danial Robinson and I believe mother was Hannah Fish I would be pleased to gain further Information Regards John

David Robinson
I'm from Durham and I have looked into my history and surname and I'm of Viking and Norse ancestry with links to the king of Vestfold Norway and Robin Lockley AKA Robin Hood.

sherrie robinson
Hi David
Iam hoping you are Auntie Veras David its Sherrie, Carole and Stanleys daughter can you email me again i lost your email address.

Joseph James Robinson
My family is from Durham. My Great Grandfather, Thomas (b.1852) migrated to U.S. With family including my Grandfather William (b. 1880), settling in western Pennsylvania. I have traced back to Thomas and his wife, Emma (Wilson), both born in 1756 in the Durham area. Perhaps we are related. My E-mail is "" if you would care to communicate.

anyone related to the Robinson family from garstang, lancashire. trying to trace my grandfather's grave - christopher robinson. Died ?? 60s 70s i know he had a few children & had 2 wives . would welcome any info


Laura Robinson
Robinsons Rock. My family originated somewhere in ireland. We are now in Oxford and there are loads of us. My dad Robert Robinson is one of 6 children and my grandfather was also named Robert.

Laura Robinson

Hello to someone with my same name. I know my ancestors came from England to South Carolina, cannot trace further back. William Robinson in 1813 landed in South Carolina, I cannot go back further. Anyway just wanted to say hello to you.

C. Robinson
My Grandfather Robinson had around six siblings- what a coincidence! My family roots stretch to around England on the Robinson side of my family... Wish I could find out more!

Hi i have Robinson connections ,would anyone like to swap information etc . from Heather

My interest is in Robinsons From Stafford

kay erickson
my great grandfather was George robinson from komoko Ontario, Canada and came to minnesota

robert robinson
my fathers middle name is king, his mother lived in toronto canada,i cant remember her name now. it was so long ago, i met her when i was fathers ,father name was roy which is how i got my middle name.we robinsons are from scotland ,and ireland also england father i beolieve ,was born in pennsylvania about 1931 .died in 2007, of a stroke in ny state. i have a sister pam,and a brother michael.our family crest is a green shield ,with a chevron or arrow and three bucks gazing into the distance his wifes name was gloria, died in 2003 of pancreatic cancer .i have not done to much research, into our family tree. but would like to in the future.

Gerald Robinson
Hi its Gerald robinson i forgot to add my fathers brothers came from jamaica in the 60s and lived in dudley birmingham , my email is

Hi I am Gerald Robinson son of Edwin Robinson of Jamaica my father had several brothers who came to England in the early 60s. I believe my fathers father was a man of the cloth in st Anns Jamaica, my father married to a woman with the surname of Simon or Johnson who is my mother as we don't get on my mother and I hardly talk.

jenni R_M
Hi Gerald we are robinson family from St Ann. My maternal great-grandparents were from a very large Robinson family. Would love to hear from you.

Linton Robinson
My father was called Edwin Robinson and he was born in Cedar Valley, St Thomas Jamaica. I have never really done any work to trace my ancestry however, if anyone can help me I would be grateful. He Married Ida Warren and moved to the UK round about 1962; leaving two children in Jamaica (me being one of them).

She Robinson
Wow! Quite interesting. I don't know my family. My father is from Kingston Jamaica. His name is Leon Robinson. His father name was Allen Robinson. His mother's name was Mary Richard. His mother was maroon and father Panamanian. That's about all I know. I am curious to learn more on my history, lineage and ancestors.

Pamela Robinson
I've done some research on this surname, and found out that English Robinsons and those of Irish and/or Scottish decent had different bloodline roots. My family is of Scottish descent, and our family crest is different colors than that of the green and gold crest of English Robinsons. Additionally, I found out that most Robinsons from Scotland can be traced back to Jewish roots, and the Scot meaning of Robinson is a derivative of older language that means "Son of Rabbi". My Scottish ancestors were pre-Civil War plantation owners from Tifton, GA (southeast of Atlanta, GA). They were reportedly one of the few families that owned slaves that treated their slaves well, so most of the slaves stayed on the plantation after the war and share-cropped the land took on the Robinson surname. This is one of the reasons why there are so many African Americans with the name "Robinson". One famous African American that has roots in that area is Ray Charles Robinson (Ray Charles), which I am nearly certain can trace his surname back to my Scottish ancestors. Some of the Scottish Robinsons are believed to have been in the same clan and supporters of "Robert the Bruce", who picked up the freedom gauntlet from William Wallace, and won Scotland's freedom from the English. My Great Grandfather's name was John Robinson (a common first name in the Robinson family). I don't know much about the rest of the family in Georgia, because my Great Grandmother and John Robinson divorced when my Grandfather, Arthur D. Robinson, was just a little boy. (long story about that) My Great Grandmother won custody of my Grandfather and left the state and settled in Tennessee...completely severing all ties with the Georgia Robinsons (they tried to take my Grandfather away from her, she said). If anyone has roots in Georgia, specifically Tifton, please leave a message here. I will check back here. Or you can find me on Facebook with the user name PJRobinson59. I have a Scottish Robinson crest incorporated into my Timeline banner. We DO have an awesome surname, but it is advised to check which country you are from to know what it's origin and true meaning is. I had to go through many geneology sites, and family crest sites, to eek out most of the information I gave here.

magda robinson
Hi my ancestor was Stephen Robinson from Thornton Yorkshire, England married to Ann Grentree. If you have such names in your ancestor line, I would like you to contact me please.

Mary R
Hi Pamela, My Robinsons originated in Scotland then went to Ireland. The names I have are: Nelson, Mary, Wilson, George, Neal, James and John. Some of the wifes are: Jane Archer and Margaret. Mary Elizabeth Robinson married a John Borland. If you have these in your line, please email me at

Deborah Brown
Hi Pamela,
I have been building my ancestry tree (public) on and have been able to trace most of my ancestry lines quite far back. The one I have been very challenged with is my great grandmother Jane Robinson, born July 15, 1871 in Ireland. I have no idea where in Ireland. When she immigrated to Verdun (Montreal) Canada at about age 19 she indicated her nationality as Scottish because her father was Scottish and her mother Irish. I read with much interest about your family and that you have delved deeply into the Robinson surname. I am hoping that perhaps somewhere along the way you came across Jane aka Jennie Robinson. She married James Clarke in Verdun Quebec, Canada. Any tips are appreciated. I have posted photos of Jane Robinson in my tree.

T. Robinson

My family is originally from around Carrolton, Ga not far from Atlanta. Even though I was born in 1959 in Northeast Al. My father is from Ga . His father was Roy Lee Robinson. Lot of red heads and tempers in my tree.


My 2x great grandfather is Henry Samuel Robinson and I know they came from Scotland. Found this on census in Leon Cnty. It appears they came from Georgia & Tennessee area before moving to Texas. Many robin sons fought in the Civil war & Battle of Jacinto.

roger robinson
Cool been telling my mrs for ages i am from good anglo saxon stock!

Steve Robinson
I love learning about my family origin

lewis robison
i love the fact that my last name has loads of poeple connected to it

michael robinson
My dad's name was Wilfred Alexander Robinson. He was born in the parish of Portland April 30 1914. His father's who was a member of the R.A.F in World War I was Robert Robinson. probably we could be related.

hi i have Robinson connections.we could swap information. from Heather

K.A. Robinson
Hello I'm Kevin Robinson, I'm looking for my relatives... My grandfathers name was Lawrence "Larry" Robinson from Portland, JA. I believe in either Belvedare, or Buff Bay. He was a farmer who'd owned a lot of land, b4 his death in the 1980's. He had many children, like my Dad Albert "John-Bull" Robinson, my uncles, Linton, Gasford, Windell, James.. & My Aunts Vinette, Joyce, & Elrette, to name a few. If you have any info. Please let me know...

Laura love
Any robinsons in the pittsbürgh, Pennsylvania area? My gg grandfather, John lewis Robinson was in Pittsburgh but the census records that I have seen state (usually) that his father was brn in ireland and that his mother was either born at sea or in Ireland.

Hi, I'm looking for a Maggie Robinson from the Pittsburgh area. Robinson is her maiden name, I'm not sure what her married name is. She would be in her early to mid 50's.

Sorry, forgot to give you my email address

Noel Robinson Looking for relatives, heard my family came from UK to Jamaica back in the early 1900, My grand-father was Noel Hugh Robinson and his sister is Gertrude who now lives in New York. My grand-father married to Beatrice Clarke and they have 11 children together, but I would really like to know if anyone here know of the Robinsons who immigrated from Europe to Jamaica, back in the days. One piece of important info, I heard that my great-grand-father died in a hospital in Kingston, Jamaica.

Sheree Robinson
Looking for relatives of Stivel Arthur Robinson who was born in Montego Bay Jamaica.He moved to England in the late 50, early 60's. I was told he was an only child, and I think his mother was called Gertrude. I am a family member and would be very interested to find any connection/s.

Joan Robinson

My great grandfather was King Robinson from Montserrat. My grandfather name was William Robinson. My dad name is William Nanthieal Richard Robinson he was born September 3th 1936. He has two other brothers, Arthur Robinson who died in 2007. His other brother name is Joshua Robinson who left and went to England about 1964-1966. My grandfather William was married to a woman who is my grandmother Mary Meade Robinson all from Montserrat. My uncle Joshua has two sons Lesroy Robinson and Treavor Robinson. My dad and his brothers was born in Montserrat. They went to Antigua because went to Antigua as farm workers. Anyone with information can email me

carlotta mary (Robinson) Hayes
Christina , You might want to check out this book: discovering your female ancestors by Sharon debartolo carmack. I'm a white Robinson from Bah-stin (as we say it here) though my father and we his children went by the last name hayes since Hayes was my grandfather's stepfather after his real dad, "William b. Robinson from Boston" passed away. All I know about William Robinsion is that he married henriette Estelle varney--my great grandmother --in 1877 and his first and only child was my grandfather Carlyle Robinson --later Carlyle Robinson Hayes, who was born in Providence Rhode island in 1878. Hugs for all my Robinsons near and far and a curtsy to the very special. Robinson in the White House!

Andy Shepherd
Christina - Maureen is quite right! It is really important to collect all the 'family tales' (whether they are true or not - sometimes even the most unlikely story has a valuable grain of truth in it which can lead you to the information you seek). Recording 'interviews' is a good idea, but make sure you have permission to do so, and transcribe into written notes as soon as you can; that way you may pick up something you want to ask more about. Keep all your notes carefully - make sure everything is dated, with details of where/from whom you obtained it. There is no single 'right way' of proceeding. If you can start with present family and work back then good - but sometimes you have to start perhaps with one or more grandparent(s) and go in both directions! Finally (at least for now!) do make sure that, if you come across information about more than one relative at the same time (eg on a census form or in a letter) that you have copies in the files for each of the people concerned - it will save you a lot of hard work later on, believe me! Andy

Christina, begin first with your family. Gather the stories, as they contain important clues. Then begin your hunt! There are many great websites out there, some free, some by subscription. The best free one is Another good one is Jamaica Genealogy, run by a lady named Madeline, whose last name escapes me- I think you could find it by googling it. But do start with your family, as the stories are lost when they leave this world! Best of luck to you- feel free to contact me if you have any more questions at Maureen

Christina Robinson
i am of black background, 18 years old with no clue of how to trace my family. the Robinson name is from my mothers side, Christine Robinson. we were both born in staffordshire, england 1964. my moms mom is Normah Robinson, she was born in Jamaica, which makes me Jamaican-English. She had seven children. Her mom was born there too. i dont know her first name but i know she is Robinson too and had about seven children also. i know nothing more. does anyone have any advise for me to know how to get started? any books or websites to search through? this is something i have wanted to do since i was a child so it would be a great help to me, to set me on the right path. thankyou.

S. Anderson
Does anyone know the Robinson's from Kentucky. There was a lady name Lucinda Robinson (which could be her married name) who was born there around 1845. In 1920 when she was 75 she live in Pulaski, Beaver County, PA. She might have also lived in Canada for a while in the 1800's. Mary Robinson (a twin) who may have been her adopted daughter was born in Canada in 1891. So I am not for sure if Lucinda lived in Canada or just adopted her from them. Mary Robinson was Irish and Scott.

I do! My entire family lived in Kentucky around the 19th and 20th and most of them are still there. My great uncle Walter Eugene Robinson was big on geneology so I have family records dating back to the 18th century. It shows that Charles Robinson Jr had a daughter named Lucinda. She weas born in 1842 and married a man named William Carpenter. I think it says she was born in Breathitt County, KY.My Uncle didn't trace her any further than that but I could probably find out. :)

Laura Willis
Danielle, My great grandmother was Mary Jane Robinson from St. Mary's, Missouri, born in 1830s ? She had a sister Catherine (Kate). My father always thought,from what his mother told him, that Mary Jane and Kate were Indian. They had an Uncle Jack Crow from Tn. Any information will be appreciated. Laura

Jamie Robinson
My entire family is from Kentucky, Morrow Robinson was my grandfather and Evelyn was my gradmothers name. I believe my grandpa had a brother named Frank. but thats about all I know.

My family is from Kentucky also. My grandfather Urah Robinson was born there. My name "Cindora" is a combination of Lucinda and Ora. Ora was my grandmother.

Brenda Emley

What part of Kentucky?

Brenda Emley

My mother was a Robinson and they were from the Pikeville Ky area. Her father was Hi (Hiriam) Robinson he married Virgie Hall and they had 9 children 7 sons and 2 daughters. He was raised by a cousin with the last name of McCoy. Not sure what happened that he wasn't raised by his parents. He had reddish blonde hair and was a small man of stature. I was always led to believe he was of Irish descent. If anyone has any information I would love to hear from you. There were also ties in the Virginia area near Pike County Ky.

im a robinson from england. i have a long lost sicling who ive never met called richard supposedly from scotland. my dad john fartherd him at a young age :)

S. Anderson
Thanks Andy for your information. The part of Canada my great grandmother Mary Robinson was from is Niagara On the Lake in Ontario, Canada. She was Irish and Scott and had a Twin Sister who looked just like her who remained in Canada but my grandmother moved to the U.S. I am not for sure if Robinson was her adopted name or birth name. But the twins did know of each other and took a picture together when they got older, but the picture got lost. I am looking for anyone in Canada who may have heard a story about twins in that area who were separated. The twins birth could have been in the late 1800's or early 1900's Any information will be helpful. Thanks in Advance

S. Anderson
Does anyone know of the Robinson's from Canada around Niagara Falls. My great grandmother was an identical twin and both was adopted out to a different family either in the late 1800's or early 1900's. She went by the name of Mary Robinson and I don't know her twins name or the rest of my family there. If anyone knows anything please post something

Andy Shepherd
I have (at least two!) Robinson relatives living in Canada today who are descended from John Walker Robinson who emigrated from Westmorland, England c1895. My Canadian geography is not that great - the current relatives are in Ontario and Alberta. The Jamaican link is via (a) Revd Robert Robinson, an SPG missionary resident 1837-1854 (b) John Robinson of Perrins Estate Vere, roughly the same period and (c) his sister Mary Ann Robinson GIBB same era,. Their brother Joseph Robinson went to Jamaica in 1857 and is thought to have died there shortly thereafter - cannot trace any evidence though.

Christopher robinson
is this the Robinson sirname which i seek? i have been wondering who my family are what our history is and what they have done royal in anyway famous? its all the things i think of.. i am Christopher Robinson my mom and my dad said that most of our family live in yorkshire and im just wondering what family are left and what of our history ^^ if you are apart of my family and can tell me some of the history i have made an email address just for that :D i want to know lords? ladys? barons? sirs? dr? what of our family made a name for our selfs and is there any coat of arms in england to see.. :D -> i have just set it to tell me of replys as i don't think it is nessercery to say :D

Luke robinson
Email me my Robinson family goes back to Yorkshire, but migrated to Ireland, maybe we have connections

Christopher Robinson
Do you know of any related to those in Morant Bay or Clarendon from the mid to late 1800s? ~Chris

Andy Shepherd
I am a descendant of the Robinson milling family of Cumbria, UK, some of whom went to Jamaica in the 19th century - including Rev Robert Robinson, John Robinson and Joseph Robinson. There were marriages there with the Gibb family, and most of them seem to have been around Vere. I would be very interested to known of any descendants of this family - either in Jamaica or elsewhere. For information: I am organising a reunion of some of the descendants of John & Mary Robinson of Maulds Meaburn mill on 15th October - anyone interested please contact me asap for details. Andy

Christopher Robinson
Hi Andy, When in the 19th century? Did they all stay in Jamaica? Thanks

Andy Shepherd
Arrived from 1830 3died in Jamaica, one returned to UK ill (Revd Robert Robinson. Have tried to post full details but board won't post it. Andy

Christopher Robinson
Do you know of any related to those in Morant Bay or Clarendon from the mid to late 1800s? ~Chris

Hey Chris, I am a Robinson too. My dads family was from Long bay portland but my dad grew up in Seaforth St Thomas. I grew up in Spaldings on the border of Clarendon and Manchester and we do have a huge robinson population there.

Hi KathyAnn, My grandfather was born in 1894 in St Thomas and his mom. Ella Groves, lived there until she passed in the 1930s. His father was James and brother was Ivan. He was very tall. I wonder if there is a connection...

I am not sure about the connection, I will talk to my grandfather a little bit more and see if any of these names fit in our family tree. My family is really tall too, actually I am one of the shortest and I am 5f 10inches. My brothers and sisters are all over 6 feet tall and they are skinny!!!!!

Hi Chris My Dad (Edwin Elijah Robinson), was born in or near Mount Vernon/Cedar Valley. These are the places I remember but definitely St Thomas. If there is any expertise out there that can help me connect my family roots, I am all ears. You can reach me on: I was born in St Margarets Hospital, St Thomas but was raised in St Catherine.

Theone Fearon
Do you know if any of them wound up in a place called Thicketts or Ticketts, Jamaica? My mothers family is Robinson, my grandfather was Jasper Robinson and he and my grandmother had a clan of about 6 kids, my mom being the youngest. I just recently begun this pursuit so I haven't asked her anything as of yet. My fathers side is Fearon (Ferron) from Clarendon and from what I know of my grandfather those oats were sown all over the map of Jamaica.

looking for my birthmother, christina margaret robinson. she gave birth to me april 5th 1992 @ standford hospital. birthfather is alberto M. Ques. i am 21 years old. just found out she kept my brother. would love to re connect

Crystal Robinson
Hello i am also a Robinson. I am bi-racial born to my african american father John Robinson and my caucasian mother Mary Finger. My Father was born in Greenville, South Carolina in 1941 to a Annie Ruth Robinson and William Robinson, my father also has 5 sisters and 2 brothers. beyond nmy grandmother i dont have any more info except my great grandmothers name and i dont know how to pronounce that.

Harry Johnson
Jackie, There was a family of Robinsons listed as English protestants who were planted in Ireland. The Robinson name is English and Anglo-Saxon in origin. How the surname came to be in Ireland implies immigration from England rather than starting off as an Irish surname.

Jackie Morville
Hi My Great Uncle George A Robinson born 1913 Woolwich Kent Moved to Bridewell Drive Carrickfergus County Antrim late 1970s I belive there are a few Robinsons in Carrickfergus is this where the Robinson name comes from. I know this is a long shot but he did find new members of the family there. where would be the best place for BMDs for this area I do know that my 3rd great grandfather Verner Robinson born 1819 came from Charlemont County Armagh. Thanks for your Help. Jackie

Tracy Hudson
Hi Jackie Just came across the site as I was tracing the roots of my grandads family Robinson. They are all from Carrickfergus, I believe originally they were from Scotland then moved there later. Any more info you want I would be glad to help

Christopher Robinson
Interesting enough, my name is Christopher Robinson. I live and am from South Carolina. If anyone has info on the Robinsons path to SC from Europe, I'd love to have it. It would mean a lot to be able to trace my family history...especially if it can be traced back to the 12th or 13th century...

Steele Robinson
My Grandfather was Ira F Robinson. Originally from Virginia and a coal miner. I have traced his ancestry through Hon Maj William Robinson who fought in the Revolutionary war his father Christopher Robinson from England and John Robinson from England. Scotland before that Gunn clan

Barbara Sanders

I'm running into the same dead ends you are. My g grandmother was a Robinson, she descended from a Robert Robinson of Chester, Fairfield county, South Carolina. I can't find any info on this man other than that he was a planter, owned slaves, and was married to Jane or Jeanette Elliott. They had a son named James Lyle Robinson. Don't know if you and I are related, but feel free to email me at

Bernardine Robinson
Not so extravagant as many posts, however, my grandfather Reverend JH Robinson resided in Meridian, Jackson and then Starksville, Mississippi through the early 1900s. He was born in 1896. As I remember him, i used to think he was native american because early pictures of him, he had long, slightly wavy black hair. I remember he had a brother Nathaniel, but that's all I know about him.

My paternal grandmother was a Robinson and she was born in Maulden, Bedfordshire. Her father Edward Robinson was a master shoe maker but left Maulden and moved over 100 miles north (with 7 children) to Knottingley, Yorkshire where he worked as a founder. In later life he reverted to being a shoe maker.I have researched the Robinsons of Maulden & Ampthill back to 1769. Re comment from "Puzzle" re the film Robin Hood with Russell Crowe - don't believe what you see! For direct info re Robin & his merry men you need to go to Nottingham, England (castle quite interesting) and also a small town called Edwinstowe,north of Nottingham. Here, in the woods, you can see the actual Major Oak where Robin & men supposedly spent many hours. There is also a visitor centre. The major oak is (for obvious reasons) now held up by metal framing. At Hathersage, Derbyshire, England in the churchyard there is a grave reputed to be the grave of Little John. I have seen the grave and it is indeed very long with a notice that it contained a person of at least 7ft tall. Sherwood Forest stretches from Nottingham northwards up to Worksop - Clumber Park over 3000 acres of woodlands. At the town of Mirfield, Yorkshire there used to be a grave reputed to be the grave of Robin himself. He was supposed to have shot an arrow & where he landed he was to be buried. What he was doing in Yorkshire when he allegedly lived in Nottinghamshire I don't know!

michelle robinson
Im a Robinson originally frm Liverpool, Norris Green, Merseyside England. My dads name is Steven Robinson and his dad is named Micheal Robinon, he married a woman called Joan Green and they had 4-5 children and there all Robinsons... Christine, joan, micheal and steven were all the childrens names.. there all aged 40- 60 yrs old

Marie Robinson
had to smile at this comment, my sister is michele robinson, my dad is michael robinson and my partners dad is steven robinson ( my partner and i have the same surname without us being married).

Marie Robinson
Haha another Marie Robinson. My father is emmett Robinson but he goes by his middle name Michael.l

I'm also a Robinson from Jamaica (parishes: St Thomas & Clarendon). My roots go back to James Robinson of the 1800s. Oral history defines the family as Welsh. There aren't a lot of Robinson names in the archives; so often wonder if there is connection to another Caribbean island. Odds are with the low # of Robinsons in Jamaica that there is likely a connection. The earliest record I have found of Robinsons there is early 1800s. What is your connection?

Adrian Stone
What districts are your Robinson family from, mine are from Fort George,St Ann & Crofts Hill in Clarendon

Chris Robinson
The location I've heard is Mocho/Richmond Park from the mid-late 1800s. The Williams' relatives live(d) in the area as well as the St. Elizabeth, and I believe the Marshelleck relatives did also. I have heard these Robinsons were originally from Morant Bay. My grandfather Louis and his brothers Ivan and Edward were born in the early 1890s.

Marco Antonio Robinson
From Britain to Tierra del Fuego. Does anyone know how the Robinson surname reached Chile? My uncle told me that my great-grandfather came from Britain to Antofagasta ( a northern Chilean town) maybe the first decades of XXth century. His descendants settled in the central region of Chile (Aconcagua Valley). My father was a civil servant who lived in a small village in Tierra del Fuego island called Porvenir birthplace...

Edna Robinson.
I want to find my family, I did born in Guatemala, Cental America, I do not know more Robinson family than my father. I want to know the rest of my family. If somebody can help me please contact me. Thanks. Edna Robinson.

Dorothy Robinson-Manthey
I am a Robinson from St Mary, Jamaica. My wather was - Frederick Robinson - his father was Ernest George who was born in St Mary - his father was Rose Bingham (Born 1849) who was from Grier Park in St Ann, married Annie Louise Gray from St Mary and went to live there - his father was George from Grier Park and was active in the community (1826-1895) - his father was Robert Robinson from Lancashire in England. Question - does anybody have any info on Robert or on this branch of the family? Would be most grateful for a response.

Maureen Keillor
Hi Dorothy - My mother-in-law is from Jamaica, her great-grandfather Charles Robinson was a brother of your Rose Bingham Robinson's. I have a bit of a memoir of Charles' daughter Emma Violet Eugenie Robinson's stating that George was from Yorkshire. I would be glad to exchange the little bit of info I do have. Please email me at

hi Dorothy Can we swap information as my Robinson also decend from Yorkshire from Heather

hi Maureen would you also like to swap information

is there a bruce robinson

Robin Tucker
My grandfather was a Robinson from St. Thomas, Barbados. he married in Bermuda and had 4 children. We went to Barbados to meet the Robinsons and learned that that side of the family was from England but not sure where.

Zahra Allen
Hi, my mothers' side of the family is called "Robinson" and my fathers' side called "Allen". The Robinson side of me came from my mothers dad who was from the St Andrew area of Jamaica, his full name was 'Wellington Domingo Robinson' and he had a sister we called 'Aunt Nussey'. His father was Ruben Robinson' or people called him uncle ben and he married a women called 'Morengay/Morenge not sure how it was spelt. They lived in an are called 'Bloxburg' in Jamaica. My grandfather Wellington married a lady called 'Isoleen Andrena Melbourn' and they had 9 children 5 girls and 4 boys named (in order of age) Claudel, Samuel, Windsor, Elaine (my mother), Angela, Paul, Murie, Steven and Miriam. Claudel and Samuel were born in Jamaica the rest in England in 1960 when my family moved to Birmingham England, the last 3 moved back to Jamaica with my grandparents in their early teens but now live in England and Miami. If this sounds familiar to anyone reply and we can discuss this further.

Dorothy Robinson-Manthey
I'm trying to find descendants of Rose Bingham Robinson (British West Indian - White)- 1843-1889. He was from Grier Park, St. Ann, Jamaica and managed Trinity Estate. Some of his kids were born at Mason Hall and some at Trinity. Any feedback would be most appreciated.

Dale Robinson

My father is Ernest George Robinson named after his grandfather. My father is from Oxford, St. Mary. My grandfather's name was Leslie George Robinson. My father told me my grandfather had a brother named Freddie (as my dad referred to him) which I am believing now is your father according to the information you've written. I can be reached at

Chantelle Wilson

My grandfather, Thomas Idonford Robinson, was born in Barbados. His parents were Thomas Robinson and Edith Amelia (Holder) Robinson. I'm trying to find out information about my great grandfather, Thomas Robinson. Family stories say that he looked white.