Last name: Hopkins

Recorded as Hopkin, Hopkins, Hopkinson, and since the 17th century much associated with Wales, this is an English patronymic derivative of the original pre 5th century Germanic warrior name Hrod-berht, translating as ‘renowned-fame’. ‘Borrowed’ by the French around the time of the Emperor Charlemagne in the 8th century, its spelling was slightly changed to Robert and became equally popular. In that spelling that it was introduced into England, Scotland and ultimately Wales, after the famous Norman Conquest of 1066. Over the next four hundred years Robert, perhaps as a result of its interesting meaning was so popular that it developed a wide range of surname variations, many not obviously connected with Robert - including this one. These variants now recorded as surnames in the own right include such short forms as Dob(b), Hob(b), Hop, Nob(b) and the most direct Rob, Robb, Robin, Robbins, and Robinson. Not surprisingly with such a pedigree, Hopkins is one of the earliest recorded surnames with examples in English records such as Nicholas Hobekyn of the county of Cambridge in the Hundred Rolls of England in 1273, Rychard Hobbekynessone in the Putname rolls of Cheshire in 1354, and Walter Hopkin of Warton, in the wills record of Lancaster in 1563. Surnames were much later in Wales than the rest of the British Isles, and when first recorded and given due allowance for both a change of language as well as dialect and (indifferent) spelling, it was as ab Popkyn, or the son of Hopkin. An early Welsh example was Johannis ab Popkyn in the rolls of the county of Monmouth in 1610. Over the centuries there were several coats of arms granted to name holders. The first was probably Hopkinson of Alford, Lincolnshire, in the time of Queen Elizabeth 1st (1558 – 1603) although the most unusual - is to Hopkins of Maryland, in the American colony of that name, in the year 1764. This was about ten years before official US independence. The basic blazon has a black shield, a gold chevron in chief between two pistols, and a silver medal inscribed with the head of Louis XV, the king of France. This suggests the family were much involved in the defeat of the French during the Seven Year Wars of around that time.

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Lynne Pringle-adley
I am descended from John Hopkin, born in 1801 in Roscommon,Ireland. He married Hannah(?) and they had Patrick(1821), Michael(1826), Ann(1828), Jeremiah(1831, died 1949 in Dukinfield, Cheshire). They are all on the 1841 Census in Dukinfield, Cheshire, England living at Kenworthy Street. They had 2 other children Winifred(1834) and Bridget( 1838) born in Dukinfield which mean that they must have come over to England in between 1831 and 1834. Ann Hopkin married Samuel Simkins from Birmingham at Manchester Cathedral in 1848. Their son John was my great-grandad. I would love to find out some information about where they lived in Roscommon so I could go over and do some research.

howard hopkins
my branch originates from bromley kent & also canada,would like to hear back from anyone who thinks they could be connected.

michael hopkins
I have been told that I am somehow related to lisa dobriskey on my mothers side. my father was born albert -henry-george hopkins. he had 1brother ( maurice) - but was called mick, and has one surviving sister ruth hopkins( now tanner) my grandmothers name was roseina.can anyone help me trace further relatives

Patrick L Hopkins
Hi Hopkins, our surname has a long and storied history.I'd love to connect with fellow researchers. My present focus is on the Hopkins of Ireland, especially in the western area. Since paper records are scant in some areas of the world, I enlisted the aid of Y dna to help solve some of the mysteries. Recently, we were able to link 3 Hopkins to each other.They are now matching paper trails. Ones in Idaho, ones in Canada, ones in Dunoon, Scotland. The one from Canada, John, has a paper trail to 1600 in Glamorgan, Wales ! Contact me through Skype, hoppytalks or e-mail patricklhopkins(at)yahoo(dot)com

Michael D Hopkins
Scotish (formerly English) (and oddly Mryland) Hopkins Ancestry Link(work in progress but accurate) "Among the First" - Inter Primos - First settlers of Western PA and Maryand

Damage inc
Hopkins is an English, Welsh and Irish patronymic surname. The English and Welsh derivations mean "son of Hob". It derives from the Germanic warrior nameHrod-berht, translated as "renowned-fame". It was 'borrowed' into French, where the spelling was ...

Jai-lei Hopkins
grandma was Darlene (della) Hopkins married a black man or was the sister of one with the last name Johnson (I was adopted when I was 3 and just found out my real last name and she was deceased and not much other info yet) I do know its a long generation of Hopkins in my family lol

Lisa Marie Hopkins
Hey, just found this site. My dad is a Hopkins so I thought I'd post! All live in Wales, I'd like to see if I can find anymore relations :) My Dad's parents were Joseph Hopkins and Ivy Hopkins [Previously Jones] Joseph and Ivy's Children: Keith Hopkins, June Hopkins, Colin Hopkins, Jillian Hopkins, Gerald Hopkins, Wendy Hopkins, & Alan Hopkins All born in Risca. :)

Hey, just found this site. My dad is a Hopkins so I thought I'd post! All live in Wales, I'd like to see if I can find anymore relations :) My Dad's parents were Joseph Hopkins and Ivy Hopkins [Previously Jones] Joseph and Ivy's Children: Keith Hopkins, June Hopkins, Colin Hopkins, Jillian Hopkins, Gerald Hopkins, Wendy Hopkins, & Alan Hopkins All born in Risca. :)

Patrick Daley
I am looking for any info concerning a Bridgit Hopkins from Gallway, Ireland. I am a descendant from New Brunswick Canada.

Patrick Daley
Oops! Galway, that is.

Bayley Hopkins
Hey, just finding if there were any Australian Hopkins family members :)

Bayley Hopkins
I wondering if there were any Australian 'Hopkins' family members :)

Kandyce Hopkins
Although I was born in Baltimore, the Hopkins side of my family is from South Carolina....low country

Belinda Hopkins
I am a Hopkins from Australia, mine are from Victoria down Sale area.

My family tree reads as
Father : Geoffrey Thomas Christie Hopkins
Grand father: Kevin Hopkins
Great grand father : Albert Hopkins married to Doreen King

There is more but I am still sorting them out as to where they go, one story is though that they come from wales and has something to do with royalty and princes's daring each other to chop of a hand. No idea if it is real or just a story that has gone around my side of the Hopkins family name.

Hester Hopkins

My father is Ernest William Hopkins, from South Africa. Anyone out there with connections. Gran was Hester Hendriena Hopkins.

Kendra Hopkins

I am a Hopkins from texas, my father is David S Hopkins. Currently moved here from England

Terry Hopkins Western Australia

I am aged 63. My father was Rowland Lloyd Hopkins and his father was Lloyd George Hopkins. I think the family was originally from southern Wales.

Frank Hopkins

Frank Hopkins, Son of John Hopkins, and Grandson of William Murray Hopkins. Martinsburg, WV


My name is Harmony Hopkins.. daughter of Thomas Nathan Hopkins and Granddaughter of William Hopkins. Niece to James Hopkins. My grandfather and father lived in Long Beach, CA since 1958 until my grandfathers passing and my father moving our family to Oregon in 1995..

jessica elizabeth white martin

Daughter of donna hopkins and donnie white. My mother's parents were donald dewitt hopkins and ethel hopkins. Irish, scottish, german descent. I live in concord, nc

phil hopkins

Philip Hopkins, from Neath South Wales. My father was Allen Ward Hopkins and mother Eileen Davies. Do I have any lost relatives out there?

Oliver Robert John Hopkins,from South wales
Want to know if there's any family out there in relation to me my father and grandfather. Graham John Hopkins 70

Trying to find my in laws relatives.surname twitt.

im a hopkins from galway

Fernando Gallego Hopkins
My grand grandfather was George Hopkins (1853-1935). He was born in San José, California. He came to Mexico and married with Mariana Serrano. We do not know his father's name or siblings because no register have been found. We are a extended Hopkins family now in Mexico.

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