Last name: Barnett

Although this famous surname is of early Anglo-Saxon pre 7th Century origins, its longevity in Ireland is such, and its spread through the country so embracing, that it may also be regarded as Irish in its own right. Found in the spellings of Barnet, Barnett, Barnatt, Burnet, and Burnett, the name is either topographical for one who lived on "land cleared by burning" (Baernet) or is a derivative form of the personal name "Bernhard" meaning "brave-bear". The earliest recordings are those of Brictnod de la Bernet in Sussex, circa 1200, and John Barnet, Bishop of Worcester and Treasurer of All England, who died in 1373. The early recordings in Ireland include Steven Barnatt of Templemore, Derry, christened on May 20th 1660, whilst other recordings include: John Barnett of Macroom, on May 4th 1773; Denis Barnett of Rosscarbery, on November 6th 1864; and Cornelius Barnett, and his wife the former Ellen Hurly, who were witnesses at the christening of their son, John, at Skibbereen, County Cork, on May 2nd 1866. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Jane Barnett, which was dated January 29th 1656, marriage to James Davison, in County Derry, Ulster, Ireland, during the reign of Commonwealth, 1649 - 1659. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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I am Sara, maiden name Barnett. I am just starting my search. Trying to trace the earliest records, I am getting conflicting information that we are from Ireland, Scotland, or England. Does anyone know if these clans all have common ancestors?

Steven rodgers
My name is steven i am from ohio my dads name is richard barnett just wanted to put my name out there with his so if any of my kids try looking up where we come from

heather barnett
My name is Heather Barnett and I am a direct grand daughter to Pocahantas. As most of you probably know the Barnetts are full of Native Americans. I am cherokee, powatan, choctaw and creek, and probably some for tribes. I am a member of Piqua Shawnee Tribe

Brian Binding
My mum was a Barnett and I have traced them back to 1690 in Stogursey Somerset UK. I have always been told we originate fron County Cork in Ireland but can,t find a connection yet Any ideas

Lisa Bragg (Barnett) Leavitt
My biological father was Charles Barnett (from West Virginia-believe he was in the military) he and my mother met and he is my father though I apparently only met him when I was a baby or toddler. He later (?) had a son named Mitchell and a wife named Hazel from his obituary -- to my knowlege he died in 1979. If anyone has ANY information about him I would love to find a half-brother that probably doesn't know I exist. 208-604-5472. Thank you!

Martha Sofronsky
My great grandfather is Andrew Barnett live in Jamaica W.I from Scotland,early late 1800. any information would be helpfull

carole Barnett
My name is Carole Barnett and my father is/was Willilam Adolphus Barnett who was born in St Ann Jamaica. Anyone related to him?

My name is Tashann Barnet. My Grandfathers name is Winston Barnett- Cumberbatch he is from Barbados. I am aware he had an Irish Grandfather this is all I know.

ann shackleton
If you have any relatives with the surname Barnett born in County Antrim Ireland, please contact me

my names Johnathan Barnett i live in Ohio i'm the son of Jerry Barnett who was born in PA near Waterford he has to brothers named Michel (Mike) we also have family in the Dallas taxes area if i have any relatives out there or people who have qustions that are reading this please contact me @

Braxton Barnett
I was born in Idaho, father is Vance Barnett, he was born in Utah. in 1913, He's 99 this year and going for 100+

Roger Barnett
Whilst I now live in Melbourne Australia I was born in Sutton Coldfield England. Sutton Coldfield is a town just outside of Birmingham. My family tree goes from Birmingham through Nottingham where my great grandfather was a licensed victualler to Shepton Mallet in Somerset in the early 1800. My ancestor Samual Barnett was in the Napoleonic war as he was absent from the family between 1803 - 1812. Samuel was married to Susannah Adams. The name Adams does suggest an Irish link but I can find no information prior to 1803. I do know they were independent churchgoers. Please contact by email if you have any information

Paul Barnett
I also live in Ohio! My family primarily lives in Tennessee and moved north for work in the middle 1900's. Although I have not been able to recover any records, my family always told me that our Barnett's came from Ayrshire. Is there anyway of being able to trace this? All our old family documents had been destroyed years ago.

Don Webster
My grandmother, Alice Maud Trollip married a Barnett in the eastern Cape, South Africa, in about 1904. I am trying to trace his origin.

Barnett CAN be Irish but my family is of Anglo Saxon origin near Abergavenny which is on the border between Wales and England. I have felt that the Barnett's were originally from Ireland. The male Y chromosome id I1 m-253 and this implies Anglo-Saxon or Viking origin. For those that truly want origin,beyond traditional research,pay some money and have the genetic testing done. It will clarify a lot. My mother's MTDNA is H8,which is rare in a woman with primarily Northern Irish roots. Best of luck,but in my humble opinion,to ultimately do it right,you must eventually check the DNA! Brad Barnett

Taylor Barnett
I was wondering if any of you may live in (or near) Arkansas/Mississippi as I live in Arkansas and know i have family in both of the 2 states. The oldest relatives I know are Virgil Barnett, Vera Barnett (Watson), Hazel Barnett.

Shelley Barnett
I have been a Barnett all my life and live in Toronto Canada. My parents are from Swansea Wales. And the icing on top, we are Jewish. When I was young I thought that Barnett was a Welsh Jewish name - because that were all the Barnetts I knew. It was a shock to me that another Welsh person that I meet didn't even know that there were Jews in Wales. So a big shout to my other Jewish Barnetts..Shalom

Glacer Brittany Barnett
My father is Graham Barnett and he comes from New Zealand but he has told me that his father's (my grandfather's) roots trace back to England while his mother's (my grandmother's) roots trace back to Scotland. Any help on this, please?

Sandra Drayton
Trying to trace my G/G/G Grandfather John Barnett c 1770, don't know when or where he was born, married hephzibar Barker on 14/2/1791 at St. Nicholas Cole Abbey, London and they had 10 children, Susannah b 1791, Ebenezer b 1794, Josiah b 1796, George Caleb b 1800, John Barker b 1801, Hephzibar b 1803. Samuel b 1805, Jane b 1807, Elizabeth b 1809 and Samuel b 1811.All children born in Spitalfields, Clerkenwell. Any info. would be gratefully received. I live in Australia. e-mail Thank you

Jacob Barnett
My fathers great great grandfather was a native american. He was taken from his family and out into a boarding school and they changed his last name to Barnett. He was so young he never remembered what his real given last name was.

David Pacovsky
Hi everybody.
We have found Sidur (The Jewish prayer book) that was dedicated to Eric Hyman John Barnett, sodier of Royal Artillery, 140th Medium Regt by his friend. Eric has died in Italy during the WWII on 30th June 1944. We already know that Eric is burried in Assisi War Cemetary in Italy. We would like to give the Sidur in commemoration to anyone from his family and we hope there is still anyone living. What we have found is, that mother of Eric was Dorothy Pauline Etty Simmons-Barnett of Maida Hill London. We have found some other records of his mother, but it doesn't help us in looking for his relatives. Can you help us to find anyone from his family? If so, let me know on my e-mail:


My GGrandpa was Joseph James Barnett born in Kentucky died in Arkansas Ggrandma was Nancy Johnson. I have heard that they were Cherokee but have been unable to find proof. if anyone can help with that I would appreciate it.


My grandfather was Steven Barnett and his family lived in Berwick up on tweed in the uk


My grandfather is supposed to be half Cherokee and half English. He lived in Whitwell TN.

Stephen Barnett

It was interesting to read many of these posts. My father who is now deceased was Robert Eugene Barnett. He was born in Indiana. His father (my grandfather) was John Thomas Barnett. I was told that my grandfather was an orphan so tracing my family roots would be difficult if not impossible. My grandmother (Sylvia) was a Crawford before marrying my grandfather. I have noticed talk on here about Native American Barnett's. Got me wondering about my father's coal black hair especially since my grandmother's hair was red? Anybody here know any Barnett's from Indiana (Rushville)?

Gary barnett

Hi my name is Gary Barnett and i am 11 and my father is Troy barnett


Greetings, fellow Barnetts! My name is Joy Barnett, and I'm researching my father's side of the family. His name was Lee Roy Barnett, his father's name was Jim Barnett, and his mother's name was Sarah Barnett. His great paternal grandfather's name was Jack Barnett (who I believe was from East TN), who married a Polly (I don't know her maiden name, but according to census records, her family was from Indiana). My father had jet black hair, blue eyes, and had told me that he had Cherokee blood. I am awaiting my DNA test results, have reached all I can find from, and would appreciate any other hints as to how to proceed to find out more about my family.


I am looking for any relatives of George Barnett (now aged 39) from Northern Ireland

Anne Barnette Wittenburg

my father is Jefferson Barnette. Born in Harlan KY. My grandmother was Myrtle Barnett....great grandma was Sarah Shackelford. My grandfather was William Barnett. Middelsboro KY is where most of my relatives live. Any news on these Barnettes would be awesome.

Anne Barnette Wittenburg

My people Are Barnetts from around Middelsboro kY. My grandmother was Myrtle Shackelford Barnett.... Her husband William Barnett. My father is Jeff,his sister Helen and brothers Lonnie and Cecil. Any information on this family would be great!

Beverly Barnett
My papa, William Charles Barnett was born in Paisley Scotland from Irish parents he left for canada at the age of 4. He was the youngest of 7. I'm sure there were other family that came with them.. Anyone have a similar story?

Dave Barnett
The majority of my ancestors, That I have known information on, Come from central Missouri. Miller, Osage and Maries counties being the main areas. My great grandfather was James Lee Barnett. He married Dora Martin who I was told was a cherokee. James had a couple brothers, Andrew whom I never heard much about and Clint, who lived in Arkansas. James Lee Had two sons My Grandfather, Leonard and Charlie. Leonard married Mable Patterson. Mable's father, George Patterson was a Judge in Miller County MO for several years. Leonard and Mable Had Louie (My father), Dennis, Harry, and Vernie. I don't know a great lot about the older generations but if anyone has any questions or info maybe we can help each other out. There were also daughters and other family members I know of but are numerous so I will add those if asked. You can e-mail me at

Dave Barnett
The majority of my ancestors, That I have known information on, Come from central Missouri. Miller, Osage and Maries counties being the main areas. My great grandfather was James Lee Barnett. He married Dora Martin who I was told was a cherokee. James had a couple brothers, Andrew whom I never heard much about and Clint, who lived in Arkansas. James Lee Had two sons My Grandfather, Leonard and Charlie. Leonard married Mable Patterson. Mable's father, George Patterson was a Judge in Miller County MO for several years. Leonard and Mable Had Louie (My father), Dennis, Harry, and Vernie. I don't know a great lot about the older generations but if anyone has any questions or info maybe we can help each other out. There were also daughters and other family members I know of but are numerous so I will add those if asked. You can e-mail me at

Coral Barnett
My Great Great Grandfather Fred Barnett (born 1887/1889) left Melbourne, Australia for South Africa in 1908 - 1912. Any Australian cousins with more information?

Joey Barnett
I know I have ancestry from Ireland. I don't know anything before my Grandpa because he was an orphan!

Gary Barnett
From what i know i am the youngest Barnett on my dads side.

joshua barnett
whats up my brothers and sisters!!!!

Patrcia Barnett
Hello, all I know is that my great grandpas grandpa was English I believe and the deal is I'm Mexican so if anybody knows anything related to that please tell me, my great grandpas name is Miguel Barnett while my grandpa is Norberto Barnett, where I live some of the local natives are grateful towards us since one of my ancestors who was a Barnett helped them and they've adopted the surname and treat us quite well

Jacob Barnett
I am the third Barnett of my dad's side that I know of And his side Is all Native American and my moms side goes Back to English

Jane Barnett Ohlmeier
Earliest proven ancestor my GGG Grandfather William Barnett born March 22, 1814, near Bowling Green KY, died Mar. 6, 1884, Norwood, MO. Lineage from there: GG Grandfather Peter Sanders Barnett, Sydney Rinks Barnett -my Great grandfather, & so on. Looking for William's parents & on back. We have a family document that says his father died when Wm. was 15 & that makes the fathers credited to him online not work time wise according to their dates of death.

B. Barnett
My ancestors are said to come from scotland and to have lived in Crathes Castle.

valerie barnett
on my father's side, all paternal ancestors back to 1490 in Aberdeen. I was told my father was Cherokee, but I can't find the proof, except the name Barnett on the Drennen Roll from the 1850's in Oklahoma Territory. my dad was from Missouri, his dad and granddad too. then before that they were from Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Londonderry, Ireland, and finally "William, the Immigrant" in 1600, from Aberdeen.

Rachael Barnett
Hello to my fellow Barnett family. I am Australian and am posting some info about my Great Great Grandfather who was a convict sent to Australia. If you are directly related I would love to hear from you, but if you are not we are all kin here : ) Personal Notes: George Barnett arrived in Australia as a convict in 1826. He was sentenced to “Transportation across the Seas” for seven years, and completed his term by 1833. The mystery of George’s life between 1833 and 1840 when he married Elizabeth Kennard has yet to be unravelled. The conviction of George Barnett. The Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle on Monday, 9th January 1826, published the following article: The General Session of the Peace for the Borough of Portsmouth were holden on Thursday and Friday last, before the Right Worshipful David Spicer, Esq, Mayor, William Selwyn, Esq, Recorder, Jas Carter, Esq, Edward Carter, Esq, and Daniel Howard, Esq, Justices, when the following prisoners were tried and sentenced:-GEORGE BARNETT and WILLIAM BRITTEN, for stealing and driving away 8 pigs, the property of George Osborn. It appeared that the prosecutor resided at Tangmere in Sussex, and that a few days since eight pigs were in the night time stolen from his yard, and found the next day in the possession of a pig killer named Burgess, residing at Hyde Park Corner, who proved they had been delivered to him by the two prisoners, in order to their being slaughtered. The prisoner BARNETT was seen on the prosecutor’s premises the night previous to the robbery but the other prisoner having only concerned himself about the pigs after their arrival at Portsea, he was acquitted, but Barnett was convicted to Seven years Transportation. Transportation of George Barnett. George was probably taken to a convict hulk lying at anchor in the harbour before being taken to the ship Earl St Vincent which was to transport him to Van Dieman`s Land, Australia. The ship sailed out of Portsmouth Harbour on 25th April 1826, the ship’s Master being Josiah Middleton. It arrived at Hobart Town on 13th August 1826, after a journey of 111 days. Ships records reveal that George was 22 years old, could read and write, was protestant, married with a wife only, from Langstone, a farmer’s man convicted of stealing pigs. Convict George. George arrived in Sydney on 11th September 1826. The convict indents give the same information as to when and where George was tried, but also adds the following to give a better description:- Age: 22 Education: reads and writes Status: married Family: wife only Native Place: Langstone Calling: farmer`s man Offence: pig stealing Former Convictions: two convictions Height: 5’11” Complexion: ruddy; raised mole on right chin Hair; brown Eyes: brown Sent to Moreton Bay 16th October 1826 His marriage to Elizabeth Kennard (born 1820 at Guestling Green, Sussex) was on 13th December 1840 at Chain of Ponds, New South Wales, Australia. Their children were: Charles John 1839, Eliza 1842, James 1844, DEBORAH ANN 1846, David 1850, George William 1852, Thomas Job 1959 and Samuel born 1863. George continued to lead a very chequered life, he was charged with assault in June1843, in December 1843 he was again in court. The case involved the granting of a slaughtering licence which was declined because of his notoriety - referring to his convict past. In July 1844 George was accused of stealing and killing sheep and was released from gaol in March 1845. January 1846 George was charged with forgery against 3 men. In March 1846 George was before the courts again, this time for stealing corn valued at 15 shillings, he was found guilty of larceny and sentenced to 18 months to be worked in irons at the Newcastle Stockade, thus being due for release in January 1848 The Gaol description Book offers the following: George Barnett - Earl St Vincent 1826; born 1807, 5’11”; stout, fresh complexion; dark brown hair; hazel eyes; scar on lower arm . George continued to have problems with the law regarding a promissory note, The Small Debts Register shows George being sued for 4 pound 5 shillings for 201b wheat. He was arrested and charged with stealing a horse in 1850, he completed his sentence in February 1857 George Remarries Elizabeth died in 1874 and George remarried almost two years after Elizabeth died. His bride was Mary Spain, a widow from Breeza, aged around 66 years. She had 6 grown children. George was around 72. Deborah Ann and her husband, Alexander Bourne, acted as witnesses to the marriage. George was a farmer of Wallabadah according to the certificate and they were married on 4th September 1876 by the rites of the Church of England. Mary Higgins Spain Barnett died at Quirindi on 31st October 1885. She was buried at Quirindi and her daughter was the informant on the death certificate. George out-lived both Australian wives, and died on 26th September 1893. He was buried the following day at Wallabadah. The age given on the death certificate states he was 96 years and 5 months. The informant was his son Job. The age of George is now thought to be is incorrect.

Tj Barnett
i know very little on my grandfather an my dad's side of the family my grandfather's name was Robert Eugene Barnett and he married Mary Strickland i would like to know more i think most of the Barnett's that i know are from Corinth Mississippi

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