SDB Popularity Ranking: 21388

Last name: Cassimer

SDB Popularity ranking: 21388

This very rare and interesting surname is recorded in the surviving registers of the diocese of Greater London from about the time of William of Orange (1688 - 1702). It is possibly English, and if so probably locational from a place such as Cashmoor in the county of Dorset, for which the meaning is believed to be the "Cats moor". This is believed to be a reference to wild cats which roamed in the area for many centuries. However another and more exotic suggestion is that the name derives from the Slavonic phrase and surname 'kazic mir'. This translates literally as "The peace spoiler", and as such was given to the early Polish royal family. This commenced with Duke Casimir who reigned from about the year 1015 to 1058. He is credited with bringing together the various tribes, which hrough his effortswere ultimately united to become the Polish nation. The surname would seem to be recorded in various spellings which include Cassimer, Cassimir, Casimer, Casimize, Casimro, Kazmier, and Kazmierczak. The surname would seem to be first recorded in England on January 3rd 1693, when John Cassimer married Elizabeth Peirson at St Mary Magdalene in the city of London, whilst on January 10th 1723, Sarah Cassimize as spelt, married Thomas Bradshaw at All Hallows church, London wall.

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