SDB Popularity Ranking: 7294

Last name: Chatto

SDB Popularity ranking: 7294

Recorded as Chatto, which is the original and popular form, Chattoe and Chettoe, this is an ancient Scottish locational surname. It originates from an estate known as the lands of Chatto, on a river called the Kale Water, in the parish of Hounam, in the former county of Roxburghshire. It was one of the very first Scottish surnames to be recorded, with William de Chetue being a charter witness in the year 1198. Shortly afterwards we have the recordings of William de Chatthou in about 1214, these early charters were rarely accurately dated, whilst Alexander de Chatto was the constable of Roxburgh in the year 1255. This was the highest civil authority at that time, showing the standing of the family in this very troublesome Border country between England and Scotland. Other early recordings include William de Chattoue, who was the vicar of Ederham in 1298, whilst in 1322 the famous King Robert, the Bruce, more correctly Robert 1st of Scotland, confirmed certain lands in Roxburgh to John de Chatto. The surname continued to appear in the various national and regional charters right up to the time of the joint monarchy in 1603, when James V1th of Scotland also became James 1st of England. Effectively from there on the two countries gradually grew together, and this action to some extent curbed the power of the Border families, of which this clan were prominent members.

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