SDB Popularity Ranking: 21786

Last name: Frickey

SDB Popularity ranking: 21786

Recorded in the spellings of Fritchley, Fritchly, Frichley, Frickley, and Frickey, this is an English surname. It is locational and almost certainly from the small village of Fritchley near the town of Belper, in the county of Derbyshire. The place name, and hence the surname, probably translates as either the "Frisian's farm" (leah), and relates to members of the Anglo-Saxon tribes known as the Frisians who entered England in the 6th and 7th centuries, or possibly describes a "frip-leah" or a farm fenced for agriculture. Locational surnames were amongst the first to be created in the medieval period. They were usually given to people after they left their original villages and moved elsewhere, often in search of work. When this happened, they took or were given, as their surname, the name of their original homestead. In this case the surname, whilst rare in most parts of the country, is reasonably well recorded in Derbyshire itself. Recordings taken from the early surviving church registers include examples such as John Frichley, who married Cicilia Oates at Darley Dale, in Derbyshire on June 1st 1569, George Fritchley, the son of Richard Fritchley, who was christened at South Wingfield, also Derbyshire on April 30th 1685, and Thomas Frickey, who was christened at the church of St Mary Lambeth, in the city of London, on February 17th 1832.

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