SDB Popularity Ranking: 311

Last name: Gee

SDB Popularity ranking: 311

This very interesting surname is English. Most frequently recorded in the North of England, it is nevertheless of uncertain origin, and there may be several sources from which it has developed. The first possibility is that it is of locational origns from a place called Gee Cross, a prosperous village near Stockport, in the county of Cheshire. This seems very likely, as it is in that area that the original recordings are to be found. The second possibility is that it derives from pre 10th century Old French "Geai" meaning the Jay bird, and would thus have been given as a nickname name to someone who was "a bright chatterbox". Early church registers recordings include examples such as: Thomas Gee, who was christened on June 9th 1560 at the church of St. Gregory by St. Pauls, in the city of London, Margarett Gee, the daughter of Edward Gee, who was christened at Gawsworth, Cheshire on May 26th 1568, and Sara Gee, who was christened on January 11th 1572 at St. Martins, Ludgate, also in the city of London. Mary Gee, aged 20 years, was an emigrant to the new United States of America. She sailed from Liverpool aboard the ship "Shenandoah" bound for New York, on March 27th 1846. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Dicon Gee. This was dated 1494, in the register of the parish of Stockport, during the reign of King Henry V11, Henry Tudor, 1485 - 1509.

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