SDB Popularity Ranking: 2826

Last name: Guthrie

SDB Popularity ranking: 2826

This famous Scottish surname has played a large part in the history of the country since the early medieval period. It is claimed that a Guthrie accompanied Sir William Wallace to France in 1299, and certainly Sir David Guthrie of Guthrie was the armour bearer to King James 111 of Scotland in 1479. The name is locational deriving from the barony known as "The lands of Guthrie", in the county of Angus. It seems that the clan had four main branches and a rhyme of the 17th century quotes as follows- Guthrie o' Guthrie and Guthrie o' Gaigie, Guthrie o' Taybank an' Guthrie o' Craigie. Early examples of the surname recordings taken from surviving rolls, charters, and registers, of the post medieval period include: William de Guthrie, an Alderman of the town of Forfar in 1461, whilst in 1584, John Gotheray, in a varied spelling form, rented the lands known as the "Kirktoun of Blair". John Gottraw in yet another spelling, was jailed at Glasgow in 1659, for beating his younger brother Richard in such a way as to "commit blood". Evidently the blood letting was not considered to be too serious as he was released. In a more medically approved manner, Samuel Guthrie in about 1810, was one of the group who discovered chloroform. The first known recording of the surname is believed to be that of Adam de Guthrie, who in 1348 witnessed a charter granting lands to a burgess of Dundee.

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