SDB Popularity Ranking: 997

Last name: Hewson

SDB Popularity ranking: 997

This surname is English and one of the patronymic forms of the male given name Hugh. Introduced into Britain by the Normans, after the Conquest of 1066 as "Hue" and "Hughe", perhaps surprisingly the true origin is pre 7th century Old German. It is a short form of the various compound names with the first element "hug", meaning heart or spirit. This includes such names as Hubert, from "Hugberht", heart-bright, or Hubble, from "Hugbald", heart-brave. Hugh was a popular given name among the Normans because of the fame of St. Hugh of Lincoln (1140 - 1200), who established the first Carthusian monastery in England. The patronymic surnames generated include Hughson, Huson, Hewson, Hooson, Hoosun and Howson, and the earliest recordings are those of William Huggesone of Worcestershire in 1327, Henry Howsone of Cumberland in 1332, and Michael Hwesone of Essex in 1378. Later recordings include the marriage of Rodger Hooson and Alice Clarke, at the Church of Allhallows, London, on September 30th 1670, and Elizabeth Hughson, aged 22, who earlier left London on July 23rd 1635, bound for Virgina, New England. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Richard Hughson, which was dated 1310, in the "Letter Books of the City of London", during the reign of King Edward 11, known as "Edward of Caernafon", 1307 - 1327.

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