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Last name: Muddimer

SDB Popularity ranking: 29658

This is a variant spelling of one of the great surnames of history, Mortimer. Introduced into England by the Normans in 1066 in the person of Roger de Mortemer, he was the son of Hugh, see below, and one of Williams commanders. Such was his success that he was rewarded by William with major land grants, mainly in the Welsh Marches, in addition to his holdings in Normandy itself. In the famous book "Patronymica Brittania" it is recorded that "the castle and barony of Mortemer lie in the arrondissement of Neufchatel in Normandy. Certainly from this time onwards the "Mortimers" played a considerable part in British history, the peak perhaps being in 1327 when Roger de Mortimer, Earl of March, forced Edward 11 to abdicate in favour of his son, Edward 111 (1327 - 1377). Early recordings include Ralph de Mortimer of Lincoln, and Hugh de Mortuomari (a latinised form), both in 1273. Other recordings include Sir Robert de Mortimer of Norfolk in 1381 and Willelmus Mortimer in the Poll Tax Rolls of Yorkshire in 1379. We are uncertain when the transposition to the existing spelling took place, however an example of the "new" development is that of Maria Muddimer, who on July 10th 1809, married Samuel Winter at the church of St Ann's Soho, Westminster. Finally it is said that the name is a description of the "Dead Sea" in the Holy Land, but applied to an area of Normandy which was low lying and swampy. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Hugh de Mortemer, which was dated Circa 1005 - 1065, Bishop of Coutances, France, during the reign of King Henry 1 of France 1031 - 1061. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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