SDB Popularity Ranking: 18868

Last name: Pitbladdo

SDB Popularity ranking: 18868

Recorded as Pitblado, Pitbladdo, Petblatho and possibly others, this is an ancient Scottish surname. It is locational and quite rare, originating from the estate known as the lands of Pitblado in the parish of Cupar, in the county of Fife. The meaning is unclear but may be literally "black pit," and if so a reference to a dark valley or deep hollow. The meaning would probably become clearer on visiting the place. For such a rare name the recordings over the centuries are quite precise. At some point in time probably in the 15th century the sept were dignified by the monarch and allowed to be known as "Pitblado and all that Ilk," in effect minor gentry. The first name holder with the title was Peter Pitblado, recorded in charters as being one of the jurors at an inquest on the disposal of the lands of Hough and Pitconnochky, Fife, in 1505. Particularly in the late medieval period the surname spelling underwent a number of vissitudes being recorded as Pitblawds in 1517, and Potblade in Dundee in 1552!

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