Ancestral DNA

When you hit a brick wall researching your family tree, or perhaps when you just want a quick leg up to get you started, ancestral dna tests can be a great source of inspiration and information. One of the current leaders amongst the companies offering genealogical DNA tests is 23andMe. We have ordered a test of our own and we will be sharing information on the results here when we get them.

Discover yourself at 23andMe

What is 23andMe?

23andMe is a personalised DNA service providing information and tools for individuals to learn about and explore their DNA. They use the Illumina HumanOmniExpress-24 format chip which consists of a fully custom panel of probes for detecting genetic variations selected by our researchers. The selection was made to maximise the number of health and ancestry features available, as well as offer flexibility for future research.

How does it work?

Order your DNA collection kit which includes detailed instructions on providing your saliva sample. When your kit arrives in the post, register your specific bar code number on the 23andMe website so they can process your information. Send your kit back in the pre-paid packaging provided. You'll receive an email confirmation when your sample arrives at the lab and also when your reports are ready. Once you’ve been notified that they’re ready, sign in to see your health and ancestry reports displayed on your personal homepage.

What information will I receive?

After 23andMe process your saliva sample, you will receive specific information about your DNA in your reports. Find out about your health risks, inherited traits, and even your ancestral origins.


23andMe is the largest DNA ancestry service in the world with over 850,000 genotyped members. This makes it more likely for you to find matches, data and discoveries on DNA relatives, ancestry composition, maternal and paternal lineages and even neanderthal percentage! You could find out what percentage of your DNA comes from populations around the world, finding relatives across continents or across the street ranging from close family to distant cousins.


Our genes are a part of who we are, so naturally they impact our health. By knowing more about your DNA, you may be able to take steps towards living a healthier life. Find out things like potential inherited conditions, genetic risk factors, drug responses and traits. Finding this out could help you stay one step ahead, plan for the future and engage in your health care.

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