SDB Popularity Ranking: 8695

Last name: Addeycott

SDB Popularity ranking: 8695

Recorded in a number of spellings including Addicott, Addicote, Addeycott, Edicot, Adiscot, and Adacot, this is an English locational surname, from the village of Addiscott, in the county of Devon. The village name is of Olde English pre 7th century origins and derives it is said from 'Aeddi', a male personal name of that period, plus 'cott', a house with about four acres of land, enough to raise a family upon. An alternative suggestion is that the village name is descriptive and means 'at the cott', which is also quite a logical explanation. What is certain is that the surname has been recorded in Devon since the very begining of public church records, and we understand may also be recorded in earlier unpublished charters held in the Devon County Reference Library. These first recordings include such examples as Abraham Adacot, who married Christian Hert at the church of St Mary Major, Exeter, on May 16th 1583, and Ann Addicott christened at the church of St Andrews, Plymouth, on September 12th 1619. Other recordings include Mary Adiscote, who married Will Taylor at Totnes, on April 28th 1657, and John Addicott, a witness at St Sidwell's church, Exeter, on March 18th 1792.

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