SDB Popularity Ranking: 7072

Last name: Adnet

SDB Popularity ranking: 7072

Recorded as Adnet, Adnett, Adnit, Adnitt, Adnut this is an English medieval surname. It is currently recorded as Adnett in some English six counties, and with a total of fifteen nameholders. The origin is obscure, although the claim is that it originates as a diminutive (-et) of the personal name Adam. This may well be so as the first known recording anywhere is that of Adenet le Wayder, a fisherman, in the Medeval Occupation list, for the year 1293. Certainly in ancient times the letters m and n were almost interchangeable, particularly so given the minimal education available to the mass of the people. Early examples of surname recordings include those of Robert Adynet of Leicester in 1366, and Robert Adenot of Surrey in 1428. Later examples taken at random from surviving church registers from the time of King Henry V111th (1510 - 1547) include firstly John Adnet who married Brigitte Wilson at St Margarets Westminster on June 20th 1546, and Jone Adnett as recorded, at the same church when she was christened on July 29th 1547. The parents name are not given but are almost certainly the same John and Brigitte shown in the first recording.

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